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Grand Theft Auto.......

Recommended Posts


That's right, I am going to kill off C.J, then Tommy, then kill everyone in the GTA series, even myself. And only Kent Paul will live... or not. Well guys, here's chapter 18.


Chapter 18: The Head Honcho


Thursday November 25th 2006. 5:30 P.M.

Roberto is playing cards with C.J and chatting about things. Roberto is drinking some beer along with C.J and Sweet.


Carl: (Looking at his cards) So, you really Roberto arnt ya?


Roberto: (Puts down a card) Yeah. You don’t seem too surprised.


Carl: (Picks up a card) Naw, not really. I actually needed ya, but…


Roberto: (Puts down his cards) But what?


Carl: (Puts down his cards) I did some research on ya. Ya seem to have a very messed up past, don’t know if I can trust someone like ya.


Roberto: (Looks down) f*ck. So I am guessing you can’t help me out?


Carl: (Gets up) Naw, I will help ya out, but ya need to do something for me first.


Roberto: (Gets up and looks him in the eyes) What do you want?


Carl: (Sits back down) Well, this new gang just started to form in Las Colinas. Now, they don’t look like a threat, but I don’t want em’ to become a threat. Look for the gang leader and take him out. Make sure they don’t become a threat to us.


Roberto: (Heads towards the door) Which way to Las Colinas?


Carl: (Gives Roberto a map) Use that to get ‘round Los Santos.


Roberto: Thanks. (Walks out and gets into the car) You know Mike, he seemed very nice.


Mike: Whatever, let’s just get out of here. We don’t need his help.


Roberto: (Starts car and heads off to Las Colinas) Well, we need to stop by Las Colinas first.


Mike: (Looks at Roberto) Why are we going there?


Roberto: Need to do a quick “job”.


Mike: What? I told you we don’t need his help. Let’s just go back to Lazlow’s house and see if Tommy calls.


Roberto: (Stops car) Well, you can go and wait, but I need to find her. (Opens Mike’s door) Now go.


Mike: (Tries to shut the door) Never mind, I’ll stay. (Gets pushed out of the car) Hey! What the hell are you doing?


Roberto: (Shuts the door) Go to Lazlow’s, you are going to only slow me down. (Speeds off)


Mike: What the f*ck is his problem? And where the f*ck am I?

Thursday November 25th, 2006. 6:00 P.M.

Tommy is speeding into Richman in Los Santos. Kelsey is trying to contact Roberto through his cell phone, but is not getting through.


Kelsey: (Closes her phone) Dad, I can’t get through. How are we going to find him now?


Tommy: Well, I have to figure that out. I have never been here, so I don’t know my way around.


Kelsey: (Looks around) Why don’t we stop there and ask for a map or something?


Tommy: (Pulls up to a small shop and gets out to talk to the clerk) Hello, do you have any maps of Los Santos? We are kind of new here.


Clerk: Sure. (Reaches under the counter and pulls out an old, crumpled, sticky warn out map) Here you go, pal.


Tommy: (Looks at it disgusted) Do you have any others?


Clerk: No, no we don’t.


Tommy: (Throws the map at the clerk’s face) I would like a better map.


Clerk: Go suck a nut you white piece of sh*t.


Tommy: (Beats the clerk in the face) What the f*ck did you say!


Kelsey: (Screaming from car) Forget the map daddy! Just get back in here!


Tommy: (Looks over at Kelsey) One moment honey. (Looks down at the clerk and beats him in the face again) Don’t you ever f*cking say that again! You here me! (Punches him again) Now where the hell are the maps?


Clerk: (Spits in Tommy’s face) Or what?


Tommy: (Pulls out pistol) f*cking tell me!


Clerk: (Keeping a straight face) You wouldn’t…


Tommy: (Pulls trigger) Yes I would. (Drags body to the back of the store and picks up a map on the way out) I f*cking hate it when people think I can’t do sh*t to them. (Gets in the car) So what now, Kelsey?


Kelsey: (Looks at him) I thought you said you gave up killing for no reason.


Tommy: (Folds map and sighs) I know I did. But something in me lit up. I don’t know what happened.


Kelsey: (Puts her hand on his shoulder) Just promise me you won’t do it anymore.


Tommy: (Starts car and heads to a hotel down the street) I can’t promise anything Kelsey.


Thursday November 25th, 2006. 5:50 P.M.

Joey has just come out of a hot shower and is getting dressed to go down to the casino. He is meeting an old friend and needs to be looking as good as he can.


Joey: (Tightens his tie) Almost six o’ clock. Got to hurry up and meet him downstairs. (Exits his suite and gets in the elevator with a woman) Oh hey there.


Woman: Hello. Why so dressed up?


Joey: Meeting an old friend down in the Casino.


Woman: I’m so sorry to say this, but do I know you? You look awfully familiar.


Joey: (Grins) Well, did you know Salvatore Leone?


Woman: Yes, I had a few chats with him. (Looks over Joey carefully) Are you his son!


Joey: (Puts out his hand) Yep, Joey Leone.


Woman: (Puts out her hand) Millie Perkins.


Joey: Nice to meet you.


Millie: You too. What brings you all the way out to San Andreas, doesn’t your family operate in Liberty City?


Joey: Well, something very important came up and I had to come down here.


Millie: Oh, well that’s a shame. Who brought you down here?


Joey: (Elevator doors open) Well that’s confidential. Maybe we can talk later. I am in suite 6.


Millie: I’ll be there. (Elevator closes)


Man: (Taps Joey on the shoulder) Joey! It’s great to see you again! (Gives him a hug)


Joey: It’s great to see you too Luigi!


Thursday November 25th, 2006. 5:56 P.M.

Roberto is patrolling the streets around Las Colinas. He finds a gang member smoking a joint and pulls up to him.


Roberto: Hey!


Gang Member: ¿Quién? ¿Yo?


Roberto: Si, tu. Prefiero hablar inglés. ¿Le puede?


Gang Member: Yeah I can, holmes. What you want. I got everything.


Roberto: No, I don’t want any drugs. I just want to know where your gang leader is.


Gang Member: (Leans in a little closer) Why do you want to know that esé?


Roberto: (Grabs his shirt) Porque si yo no sé, yo voy soplaré tu cabeza en la pared. (Pulls out a pistol)


Gang member: Alright, alright. He lives up the street. He has a Remington parked out in front.


Roberto: (Throws gang member on the floor and speeds to the house) House with the Remington…Remington…Where the f*ck is…there! (Pulls into the neighbor’s driveway) Now, how am I going to take this puto out. (Checks the back of the car) There’s nothing back here dammit. (Looks up and sees someone getting into the Remington) I wonder if that’s him. (Remington pulls out and drives off) Only one way to find out… (Pulls out and follows the car into the night)

Edited by Cubanwhip

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Awsome but just a lil short but keep em coming rahkstar2.gif

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keep 'em coming!!! icon14.gif

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This chapter was cool, but we waited a long time for a little chapter. smile.gif

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Ok people, I am trying hard to keep up with your demands. If you can cut me some slack and lay off all the demanding of another chapter, or telling me not to kill someone off, then I can make good, long, and entertaining chapters. But with all the demand, I can only give out these short and choppy ones. So I will post the next chapter as soon as I can get it done. Also, just to let you guys know. The big main reason it is taking so long to write the chapter for "this" story is because of "another story". *Hint*

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NEW CHAPter rahkstar2.gif


p.s dont ill cj

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S. Leone

Great Story. PS im serious, kill CJ I HATE HIM mad.gifmad.gifdevil.gifdevil.gifsneaky2.gifsneaky2.gif

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Here is chapter 19. Builds up some suspence. Gets a bit funny at the end. I think the story needed some "comic relief". Enjoy!


Chapter 19: Outrageous…I Think Not


Thursday November 25th, 2006. 6:01 P.M.

Joey and Luigi are having a few drinks in the bar talking about the good times back in Liberty City. Joey has informed Luigi of the situation over there and is now getting down to the main reason he has met up with him.


Joey: Okay Luigi, now to get to get down to why I’m here.


Luigi: (Drinks down the rest of his drink and puts down the glass) Okay, what is it?


Joey: I hired this muscle a couple of years ago. (Looks around) Well it seems he may be a problem to our future in Liberty.


Luigi: (Leans back in his seat) So what? You need him taken out? It can’t be that hard.


Joey: (Clears throat) You don’t understand. He had killed Claude. Every person we sent out to kill him couldn’t! So we sent this guy and he killed him with ease. It will be nearly impossible just hiring someone to whack him.


Luigi: (Waves to bartender) I need another drink, stat. (Turns back to Joey) So what do you have in mind?


Joey: That’s the problem. I can’t think of anything…at all!


Luigi: (Takes a sip of his drink) Well we have run into a dilemma. I would need some time to think about it. How about you go and talk to that girl in the elevator, get to “know her” if you know what I mean, and I’ll have thought have something.


Joey: You sure Luigi?


Luigi: (Places glass on the bar) Don’t worry Joey, I got your back covered. After what you did for me in ’04, I’d do anything for you. (Pats him on the shoulder) Now go and find that girl.


Joey: (Gets up) Okay Luigi. (Walks around the Casino)


Luigi: Now to f*cking think of something. (Resumes drinking)


Thursday November 25th, 2006. 6:10 P.M.

The Remington stopped at a red light and Roberto pulled up behind him. Roberto is still unsure about it actually being the leader, and needs to find out.


Roberto: (Looks up and down the street) I hope this f*cking works. (Rams the back of the car)


Man: (Comes out of the car) What the f*ck are you doing you stupid pendejo. I just got this car modified! (Pulls out a pistol) Do you know who I f*cking am?!


Roberto: (Rolls down the window) No, who are you?


Leader: (Comes up to the window and puts the gun to his head) I’m the f*cking leader of this gang here, and you just made the worst mistake of you life. (Cocks back the gun)


Roberto: (Leans back in the seat) No, I think it’s you who made the mistake.


Leader: (Pushes gun up against his head) What the f*ck are you going to do?


Roberto: (Switches to reverse and peels back) Carl Johnson sent me. (Switches to drive)


Leader: (Starts shooting at the car) Merda santa! ¿Qué demonios piensa usted que usted hace? (Stumbles towards his car)


Roberto: (Rams his grill into the man’s back) What the f*ck do you think I’m doing. (Reverses and runs over the body again, then reverses and gets out of the car) Are you okay?


Leader: (Coughing out blood) My legs! My f*cking legs!


Roberto: (Looks down at him) Is that all? (Grabs the pistol) Now, either I can leave you here, and make sure you suffer. Or I can shoot you once in the head and kill you now.


Leader: (Tries to move) You’re going to f*cking pay.


Roberto: I know! (Drags the body into the Remington’s trunk) I’ll dump you in the ocean with your car, since you love it so much. (Slams trunk and gets into the car) I am a genius. (Muffled sounds come from the trunk as he drives laughing)

Thursday November 25th, 2006. 6:30 P.M.

Tommy is getting dressed in the hotel room, while Kelsey is taking a shower. Tommy sits on the bed and turns on the television to channel ten.


Chuck: Breaking news! We have captured one of the two criminals responsible for the kidnapping of famed DJ Lazlow. He is currently being held at the Perish Square police station. The police are refusing to release any information and we may not get any tonight. All we know is that he was wandering around East Los Santos. This is Chuck Tèstès saying goodnight San Andreas.


Tommy: (Turns off television and rubs his temples) God, which one did they get?


Kelsey: (Comes out of the bathroom drying her hair) Well it has to be Mike.


Tommy: (Looks up at Kelsey) Why would you say that?


Kelsey: (Sits down next to him) Well think about it, if it was Roberto, they would have made a huge deal of it and everyone would know.


Tommy: (Gets up and starts pacing) You’re right. He said he was found around East Los Santos. So assuming Roberto was with him, Roberto would be nearby. (Heads towards the door)


Kelsey: (Gets up and looks at him) Where are we going?


Tommy: (Turns around) To get Roberto. Hurry up.


Kelsey: (Sits back down) No! I was just kidnapped, can’t I just rest for the night?


Tommy: (Opens the door) You’ve got to be kidding!


Kelsey: Dad!


Tommy: (Comes back into the room) Fine, but first thing in the morning we search for him.


Kelsey: What about Mike?


Tommy: I don’t know. I honestly don’t know.


Thursday November 25th, 2006. 6:34 P.M.

Roberto is sitting in the Remington and looking down a small pier. The muffling sounds continue in the trunk and Roberto is getting tired of it. He slams his foot on the acceleration and speeds down the small pier. At last second, he bails out and watches the car slam into the water. He wipes the sand off his clothes and makes his way to a payphone.


Roberto: (Checks his pockets and finds some change) Now to call Carl. (Dials his number) Carl?


Carl: Roberto, that ya?


Roberto: Yeah. I got the job done.


Carl: Really? How’d ya do it?


Roberto: Ran him over and broke his legs. Put him in the trunk of his “precious” car and rode it right off a pier. You won’t be hearing from him ever again.


Carl: Whew. Wouldn’t want to be him now dawg.


Roberto: Me neither. So, will you help me in my search for his daughter?


Carl: Sure, I’ll send some people over ta pick ya up. Where are ya?


Roberto: Hell I know. (Looks around) I drove down this highway from Las Colinas.


Carl: I’ll have ma people search the beach ‘round the highway for ya.


Roberto: Okay, see you soon. (Hangs up and sits on a bench nearby) I wonder how Mike is doing right now…


Thursday November 25th, 2006. 6:36 P.M.

Mike is sitting in a cell down in a police station.


Mike: (Grabs the bars) Oh come on guys! I didn’t do anything. It was all Roberto. I’ll tell you where he is; just get me out of here! (Shakes the bars) I need to get out of here!


Tough Guy: (Gets up) Hey…you dropped something. (Throws a coin near Mike’s feet) You better get that.


Mike: (Looks down) Oh god! Get me out of here!

Edited by Cubanwhip

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Great story and now u know what i write at the end of my posts ps dont kill cj please

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Got new chapter ready for release but.............just going to hold you all in suspense. tounge2.gif

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Damn ! NICE keep em coming biggrin.gif


Gettin real interesting here!


whats a nickel btw?

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Sorry forgot not everyone lives in the U.S lol. It's a coin here. Should have used a more universal object. Well here's the next chapter.


Chapter 20: An Infallible Plan


Thursday November 26th, 2006. 10:30 A.M.

Roberto is knocked out and drunk. He is sleeping on a couch. He had been partying for the successful job he pulled. He has started to regain consciousness and was getting a box of cereal.


Roberto: (Rubs his head and pours the cereal into the bowl) My f*cking head. What the f*ck happened last night?


Carl: (Comes out of the bedroom down the hall in his boxers) sh*t, we partied all night. Ya were a f*cking crazy ass nigga.


Roberto: (Puts cereal away and starts to pour milk) Man, I feel like I’m going to hurl. (Covers mouth)


Carl: Well, afta all that drinkin ya did last night, I would expect ya to.


Roberto: (Starts to eat his cereal) So, what are we going to do about Kelsey?


Carl: Well, I was doing some thinking.


Roberto: (Cuts him off) During the party?


Carl: Naw, when ya left. I knew you’d do the job, so I started to think. Why don’t ya just leave that Tommy guy? Forget ‘bout his daughter. It’s easy to get a ho ‘round here. You can stay wit me in Vinewood.


Roberto: I can’t just leave Tommy. He was like a father to me. Plus, he would kill me when he does find me. (Throws the cereal out) That cereal is f*cking nasty.


Carl: Yeah, we don’t touch that box. (Clears throat) Yo, I heard on the TV they caught one of the people that kidnapped that DJ.


Roberto: What?! (Looks up in amazement)


Carl: (Looks confused) Why the hell do ya care?


Roberto: Because I am the other person that kidnapped him. (Turns around and looks out the window) f*ck Mike.


Carl: Don’t worry. I’ll help ya bust him out. I heard he was bein held in the Perish Square Police Station.


Roberto: (Goes over to the couch and picks up his pistol and shirt) Let’s go. (Loads pistol)


Thursday November 26th, 2006. 10:10 P.M.

Joey is lying in bed with Millie laying next to him. He has been up for a few hours waiting for a call from Luigi. He picks up the phone to call him.


Joey: What the hell is taking so long? (The dial tone comes up and dials in the number) Hey Luigi, are you there?


Luigi: (Yawns) Whoa, Joey, why are you calling so early?


Joey: (Sounds frustrated) I told you to think of a plan, and you said you would have one in the morning.


Luigi: (Thinks for a second) Oh yeah! Come meet me downstairs near the bar. I got a solution to this problem. (Hangs up)


Joey: (Gets dressed and heads downstairs) Luigi better have a plan. (Enters elevator and exits at the ground floor) It only pisses me off that people say they are going to do something, and they don’t do it. (Sits at the bar) Now I got to f*cking wait!


Luigi: (Arrives ten minutes later) You’re already here?! What about that broad?


Joey: Like I give a f*ck about her right now. What is the plan?


Luigi: (Tightens his tie and clears his throat) Now, the thing with these plans its that nothing can go wrong.


Joey: Well, what is it? (Is getting anxious)


Luigi: So you know he is in Los Santos staying at this house. We flush him out with bullets spraying everywhere. He will flee in his car and we send maybe five to seven cars after him. We lead him to our trap and blow the sh*t out of him with an RPG. Is that a good enough plan?


Joey: (Leans back and chuckles) That’s the plan? Simple, yet may prove effective. When will it go into effect?


Luigi: That is up to you to decide.


Joey: (Thinks for a second) How about in an hour. Let me just hit that broad once more.


Luigi: (Laughs) That’s my Joey. (Gets up and heads for the blackjack tables)


Thursday November 26th, 2006. 10:31 A.M.

Tommy and Kelsey are downstairs checking out of the hotel and going on the search for Roberto. They get into their car and head for Las Colinas.


Kelsey: (Looks at Tommy) Hey dad, can’t we stop by the police station, bribe them and get Mike? Don’t you have that kind of power?


Tommy: I do, but only in Vice. Things work different here. This place is full of more crooked cops and criminals then Vice and Liberty together.


Kelsey: (Sighs) Can’t we just try?


Tommy: (Looks at Kelsey) It’s out of the question. We first need to get Roberto, then we can get Mike. Roberto is my first priority.


Kelsey: (Looks down on the floor) I understand, but why are you so confident we will find him? He may have been near East Los Santos last night, but he could be anywhere right now.


Tommy: (Pulls over) f*ck, you’re right. (Glares at Kelsey) We should have left last night, but someone was tired, weren’t they?


Kelsey: (Looks appalled) Don’t blame this all on me! This is all your fault.


Tommy: (Starts to laugh) How is this all my fault?


Kelsey: Well, first YOU told Roberto to go to Mike. He was the one who told him he had to leave Vice. Then YOU sent me looking for Roberto. So really, you cause all of this.


Tommy: (Slams his hand on the steering wheel) So what the hell do you suggest?


Kelsey: I say we go get Mike. He was with Roberto the whole time. He will probably know where he is. That is the only way to find him.


Tommy: So where is he being kept again?


Kelsey: (Brightens up) At Perish Square Police Station.


Tommy: (Starts the car and is now heading to Perish Square) You do know I will probably kill to get him right?


Kelsey: (Looks at him with shock) What?!


Thursday November 26th, 2006. 11:13 P.M.

Roberto and Carl are sitting in a car in front of the police station getting ready to raid the station. They each have body armor and AK-47’s. They are trying to figure out their plan to get Mike.


Carl: So, how we going to get him?


Roberto: (Loads the gun) I was thinking a full on assault. We enter the station, kill anyone that gets in our path, and get Mike. You have a better plan?


Carl: I like how ya are full on attack. Naw, it won’t work. We need ta break in an’ make our way in. Maybe we can get inta the underground garage and make our way through the station. We can use the elevator.


Roberto: (Thinks for a second) That sounds a lot harder and involves strategy. Whatever though. We’ll do it your way. Lock and load. (Gets out of the car and notices a another car parked nearby facing their direction. Roberto cats it off though) We need to make our way to the security gate and make our way in.


Carl: We should knock him out.


Roberto: (Casually walks over to him) Hello officer.


Officer: (Looks at Roberto) What in sam hell do you think you’re doing with that gun boy. (Pulls out his pistol and points it to his head)


Roberto: (Turns to Carl) f*ck the whole knocking him out this. (Points his AK to the officer’s head and blows it off) Did anyone see that?


Carl: (Looks around) Naw.


Roberto: (Makes his way through the parking lot and to a small room with another officer) Hello officer. (Shoots his head off) Carl, flip the switch to open the door.


Carl: (Runs into the room and flips a switch and the door slowly open) Now, no mo’ killin unless we have to. We goin to be inside the station now. (Heads through the door)


Roberto: (Looks around) Yeah whatever.


Thursday November 26th, 2006. 11:10 A.M.

Kelsey and Tommy have arrived at the police station and are getting prepared to go in. Kelsey notices something out of the corner of her eye.


Kelsey: Hey dad, who is that?


Tommy: (Looks at the car) It just looks like some black guy in a car honey.


Kelsey: (Looks at him) No, in the driver’s seat.


Tommy: (Looks at the driver) It looks like… (Strains his eyes) …Oh my god, that’s Roberto!


Kelsey: I think he is here to get Mike.


Tommy: Who is he with?


Kelsey: I don’t know, should we go over and get him?


Tommy: (Sees Roberto get out of the car with an AK in his hand) No, it looks like he is going full force into there. Better not stop him.


Kelsey: (Watches Roberto kill the officer) I am going. (Gets out of the car)


Tommy: Kelsey! Get back in the car. (Watches her slowly walk to the gate) Oh my f*cking god. (Pulls out a Micro SMG and loads it up) This is f*cking crazy. (Gets out and runs over to Kelsey)

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This is very good, there are points i sort of don't get though confused.gif

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Like what don't you get?


EDIT: The story seems to be going inactive so I may stop writing it! Keep posting, or this will go uncontinued. And I know no-one wants that.

Edited by Cubanwhip

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Cuban whip dont stop the writing and if you will stop make final juicy story please man this story is good DONT STOP rahkstar2.gif

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S. Leone

Keep it goin cuban whip, this story is off the hook. Trsut me people are waiting on you!

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Please keep posting Cubanwhip, I love your story, take this cookies



People, please post so that Cubanwhip keeps writing this wonderful story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! biggrin.gifbiggrin.gif

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Well, I got some good news and some bad news. The good news is, here's a new chapter! The bad news is my computer crashed. I now have to write the story from my mom's computer, so I will probably post a chapter once a week. But to hold you up until the next chapter here's chapter 21.


Chapter 21: Should Have Done It My Way

Thursday November 26th, 2006. 11:17 A.M.

Carl and Roberto are heading down a slope that leads down into the Police Station underground parking area. Carl is scoping out the area, while Roberto loads his gun.


Carl: (Turns back to Roberto) Aight, I saw two cops sittin in their car eatin some donuts. ‘Nother one is havin a smoke. How do ya think we can take ‘em out without alertin tha station?


Roberto: (Slams the magazine into his gun) Why can’t we go in full assault?


Carl: (Shakes his head) Naw, we have ta go in stealthy. We may risk ourselves in a full on assault.


Roberto: (Slowly walks down the slope) Fine. Go outside, jack a police car, and bring it in. We will act as cops. We will call them over and when they come over to help us, we will knock them out.


Carl: (Thinks for a second) Sounds good. (Walks out the door)


Roberto: Yeah, f*ck that. I’m going in. (Runs down and opens fire on the car with the cops in it) Say hello to my little friend! (The cars blows up and knocks him backwards) f*ck! (The officer that was smoking runs over and opens fire on him) sh*t!


Officer: (Pulls out his radio) Officer in need of major backup! (Keeps firing at Roberto)


Roberto: (Scrambles to his feet) sh*t, maybe we should have stuck to a more stealthy approach! (Goes to fire his gun) f*ck! The gun is locked! (Hears a screeching come from behind) sh*t, backup has come. (The police car slams into the single officer) Wait, that’s Carl!


Carl: (Opens the passenger door) Wha’ the f*ck is ya problem?! Get in!


Roberto: (Jumps into the car) We need to get to the end of this garage. I’ll kill off the backup. (Grabs Carl’s AK)


Carl: (Looks at Roberto) Backup?!


Roberto: Floor it! (Puts his head and gun out the window)


Thursday November 26th, 2006. 11:15 A.M.

Tommy and Kelsey are slowly walking towards the door Carl and Roberto entered. Tommy has his gun ready and is surveying the area.


Kelsey: (Runs over to a room with a dead officer on the floor) They were here.


Tommy: Obviously. (Looks around) I think they went in there. (Points his gun to the door)


Kelsey: Do you really want to go in there?


Tommy: Yes. They might kill themselves!


Kelsey: Wait there a second. Did you just say Roberto would die?


Tommy: (Thinks for a second) Oh…well…um…(Starts to quiet down)


Kelsey: (Starts to head towards the door) Yeah, just re-think what you said. (Carl slams straight into Kelsey and they both fall on the floor)


Tommy: (Points gun at Carl) Who the f*ck are you?


Carl: Yo dawg. Put that down! (Slowly gets up) I’m Carl Johnson, and if ya don’t mind, I’m in a hurry.


Tommy: (Keeps gun pointed at his head) What are you doing with Roberto?


Carl: How ya know him?


Tommy: I’m Tommy Vercetti, did he mention me?


Carl: Oh… yeah he might ‘ave.


Tommy: Well, what did he say?


Carl: Well… (An explosion echoes from the garage) f*ck! I told him not ta do anything. (A police car comes speeding near them)


Officer: (Rolls down his window) Get out of the way! There is an emergency!


Carl: (Runs over and beats the officer in the face and throws him out of the car) I need this! (Speeds through the open garage door)


Kelsey: (Looks at Tommy) Should we follow?


Tommy: What, you want to stand here and do nothing? (Runs down into the garage)


Kelsey: Wait for me, daddy! (Follows Tommy)


Thursday November 26th, 2006. 11:20 A.M.

Joey and Luigi are arriving via helicopter over Lazlow’s house. From up there, the area looks calm and serene. In about five minutes, it won’t be.


Joey: So Luigi, are the cars in place?


Luigi: Yeah. They are in place. They are waiting for you to tell them when to flush him out.


Joey: (Thinks for a second) Give me the radio. (Grabs the radio and turns it on) Hello?


Leader: (Comes in through the crackling of the radio) Hello? Is this Mr. Leone?


Joey: Yeah it is. I want you to initiate the attack now!


Leader: No problems. I hope you like the show from up there. (Fades out)


Joey: (Looks at Luigi) Are we going to be able to see the plan from up here?


Luigi: Of course! It would be boring on our part if we didn’t.


Joey: Looks over the edge and sees about fifteen people throwing smoke bombs into the house) What are the smoke bombs for Luigi?


Luigi: It’s to confuse him. After a bit, we will start firing into the house. Don’t worry.


Joey: Oh ok. (Looks back over) Hey, it seems you don’t have to waste any bullets. (Sees a gray Sentinel speed out the driveway and down the road) sh*t, send the cars after him before he escapes!


Luigi: (Grabs the radio) Alert! He left the house early, chase him into the trap!


Joey: (Keeps looking out the window at cars pitch black Ranchers chasing the Sentinel) sh*t, the trap is North, not South!


Luigi: (Keeps yelling over the radio) North! North! North dammit!


Joey: (Watches ten Ranchers block off any roads leading South. The Sentinel spins around and starts heading North) He’s heading North, finally!


Luigi: (Starts to calm down) Ok, now just lead him to the trap. It’s near Los Flores.


Joey: (The helicopter makes a 180 degree spin) f*ck! (Holds on) Wait! Where are we going?


Luigi: (Turns off the radio) Well, it’s really all down hill from here. They lead him to the trap and blow him up. We can head back to the casino and celebrate.


Joey: Why don’t we go back to Liberty? Let’s celebrate there.


Luigi: (Looks at Joey) Why go back to there? I heard it’s gone to hell.


Joey: Well, you’ll see. (Tells the pilot to head towards Liberty)


Thursday November 26th, 2006. 11:20 A.M

Lazlow is sitting in his living room watching television. He turns it off and heads for the kitchen for a drink.


Lazlow: I wonder what Roberto is doing right now? (Takes a drink) He’s been gone for a while. (Hears a shattering noise) What’ going on! (Runs towards the noise) What the… (Sees smoke filling the room) I got to get out of here! (Runs towards the garage)


Leader: (Yells from outside) We know you’re in there Roberto. There is no use in running, you’re surrounded!


Lazlow: (Stands in his garage) What car should I take? (Looks around) No, I can’t the Turismo. That cost me way too much money. (Keeps looking) No, can’t take the Cheetah or the Stretch. (Looks in the corner) I’ll just take the Sentinel Roberto drove here. (Jumps in and speeds out of the garage)


Leader: (Yelling) He’s making a run for it!


Lazlow: Why the hell do they want me! (Looks through rearview mirror) Oh my god, I’m going to die again. I better look for Roberto. He said something about a gang. Well, there is only really one active gang in Los Santos, and that’s South. (Keeps heading South until Ranchers start blocking all possible paths to go any further) You know what, screw that, I’m going back to the V-Rock Hotel. I’m not going to get involved with Roberto anymore! (Speeds along the highway through Los Flores, but Ranchers block the highway ahead) Why do they want me! (Turns left and speeds west until Ranchers block the road west and east. He is blocked in) No, what are they going to do?!


Leader: (Comes out of the Rancher behind the Sentinel) There is no use in running Roberto. You are dead. (Looks at the roof of a building) Leonardo, kill him!


Lazlow: (Rolls down window) Wait! I’m not… (The car explodes from an RPG. The Ranchers all leave the incinerated car wreck where it is. But from across town, an alarm is ringing)

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S. Leone

What a twist!!!!!!! KEEP IT COMING!!!!!!!!!!!

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Here are some userbars to add to your sigs to get this story known...


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Maybe we can make a banner for the story, I'm not that good at that kind of stuff.

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I like this story although I didn't at first. The story is really strong but it seems that the characters use the f word unatraully and too often. I'll have to add this to my favorites list because everytime I log onto GTA Forums I get sidetracked and it takes me 2 hours to get here. But still it is a great story and it should continue. Just look at the amount of views you got!

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Sorry about the "unnatural" use of the "F" word. Some fan fics I read on the net either say, "To little cursing for it to be a GTA Fan Fic" or , "Too much cursing for it to be a GTA Fan Fic". So I am trying to find a median. So I guess I got to tone down on the usage of that word, but not completely cut it out.

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S. Leone

Come On Cubanwhip, dont give up this fanfic is awesome!

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WARNING: The chapter to be posted may have some very graphic parts. If you have a weak stomach, I would suggest not reading it. But of course you play GTA, so that really won't matter. Enjoy...


Chapter 22: So Much for That


Thursday November 26th, 2006. 2:34 P.M

Joey and Luigi are finally arriving in Liberty City. The city gives off a gloomy aura as Luigi looks out over it. Joey has taken a nap on their way to his home. Luigi wakes Joey up to let him know they are about to land.


Luigi: (Moves Joey around) Wake up we’re here Joey. (Looks back out the window)


Joey: (Slowly wakes) Yeah. It looks just as sh*tty and screwed up as before.


Luigi: Does this place ever just have one nice day?


Joey: Nope. That would ruin this city’s reputation. This is suppose to be a city nobody wants to go to, not a place everyone wants to go to.


Luigi: (Looks back at Joey) Yeah you’re right. It’s just that… I don’t know… I feel this is the last place I’ll ever see ever.


Joey: (Laughs) What are you talking about? You think you’re going to die here? Over my dead body! You don’t have a thing to worry about; Joey has it all under control. (Helicopter begins it’s descent) Well, we’re here at the house.


Luigi: (Looks over at the mansion) Looks a little different. I can’t quite put my finger on it.


Joey: What are you talking about? (Looks at the house) Looks the same as it was when I left. (Looks more closely) Wait a minute… This place looks like it was gunned down! (Helicopter lands and Joey jumps out)


Luigi: Get back here Joey! (Gets out of the helicopter and runs after Joey) It still might be dangerous!


Joey: (Smashes in the back door and pulls out a pistol. He starts yelling to see if there are any survivors) Hello? Alfonso…Piero…Gianni…Crescenzo…anyone! (Looks around the destroyed living room to find a body drooped over the sofa) What the f*ck… (Runs over and finds a dagger planted inside the chest with a note attached) Who would do this? (Rips note and reads it out loud) “Joey, I told you not to try anything funny, but you couldn’t help yourself could you? I had a man on the ‘inside’ to see if you would try anything. My assumption was correct and I had to nip this problem at the bud. I have killed off most of you gang while you were away. I’m sorry to say you missed out on some of the action, but your time will come. Truly yours, Mr. Gray” (Joey crushes the paper in his hand and looks at the body more carefully) No…Mickey…


Luigi: (Bursts in) What happened?!


Joey: (Walks towards the backdoor) We’re leaving Luigi. There is nothing here for us. The Leone’s are history. Let’s try to start them back up in San Andreas. (Hears a thump, then a gun cock and pushed on the back of his head) Luigi…it was you?! (Turns around to see Luigi on the floor) Oh my god…Cres… (Joey is shot in the leg and falls on the floor as he is slowly tied up by the traitor. Joey is then knocked out with chloroform)


Crescenzo: (Rubs his fingers through Joey’s hair) Sweet dreams Mr. Leone.


Thursday November 26th, 2006. 11:20 A.M

Carl is speeding through the underground parking structure as Roberto clears the area of any cops on their tails Carl reaches a dead end and is forced to abandon the car.


Carl: Come on! (Runs toward an elevator) We gots ta get inta tha station. When we are up there, it should be a lots easier. (Pushes the elevator and it opens) Hurry up fool!


Roberto: (Jumps out of car and scopes the surrounding area) What the hell do you mean, “It should be a lots easier,” we are going to surrounded by f*cking cops!


Carl: (Pulls Roberto into the elevator) Well, I though’ ya liked full action assaults?


Roberto: (Reloads gun) I do, but this maybe doing it a little bit over board.


Carl: (Looks up at the numbers as it reaches the star for ground floor) Her’ we go. (The elevator doors open, and bullets start flying. Carl ducks and jumps behind a nearby desk, as Roberto shoots down a few cops and then mirrors Carl, jumping behind a desk across from Carl) Roberto! (Starts screaming over the non-stop fire exchange) We need ta work tagether!


Roberto: (Reloads gun) I’ll take the right, you take the left on three. (Shoves magazine in place) One…Two…Three! (Comes up from behind the desk and starts to open fire on the entire right side of the room. They start to slowly make their way across the room, clearing the way. They finally clear the room and make it to the hallway) Okay, we need to make it to the cells.


Carl: Which was is tha’? (Looks up and down the hall)


Roberto: I think it’s to our left. (Runs down and shoots down a cop hiding around the corner) It’s clear!


Carl: (Follows up behind them and slowly crouch and make their way down a few steps) Wait! There migh’ be some cops guardin’ the cells.


Roberto: (Reloads) Okay, let’s do this quick. (He runs down through an empty room and down another set of stairs to find two cops ready. He shoots them and they slump on the floor in their own puddle of blood)


Mike: (From cell) Holy sh*t! What the f*ck?! How did you?!


Roberto: (Shoots the lock off the cell gate) With Carl’s help.


Mike: Wait…is he here, like right now?


Carl: (Yells from the hallway) Hurry up!


Mike: (Starts to fall) I’d rather stay here.


Roberto: (Picks up Mike and throws him over his shoulders) I’m sorry, but I just went through to much bullsh*t to just come and leave without you.


Carl: (Starts yelling and shooting) Get away from me nigga! (Falls on the floor)


Roberto: (Starts to back up) Well that can’t be too good… (A police officer approaches Roberto with Carl’s AK)


Officer: Put down your weapon. Your friend is temporarily knocked out. If you were smart, you’d put it down.


Roberto: (Slowly places the gun on the floor but notices something behind the officer) Wait, before I go, can I say something?


Officer: (Keeps gun pointed) Go ahead.


Tommy: (Beats the cop over the head) Death is God’s way of telling you, you’re not such a wise guy, asshole.


Roberto: (Picks up gun and walks over to Tommy) Nice one. Come on Mike.


Mike: Fine…


Roberto: Hey Tommy, would you mind picking up that black man on our way out. He’s a good friend of mine.


Tommy: Sure, any friend of yours is a friend of mine, except for Mike. (Stares at Mike) When we leave here, I never want to see or here from you again. Capiche?


Mike: (Takes a big gulp) Yes sir, Mr. Vercetti. (Runs out of police station)


Roberto: Hey Tommy, what about the police?


Tommy: Don’t worry about them. Let’s just take your friend home and go back to Vice and just finally relax. Everything is fine. Kelsey has the car ready outside.


Roberto: Well, I’m glad this is all over. Finally, I can get a day off.


Thursday November 26th, 2006. 3:44 P.M

Joey is sitting, as always with his meeting with Mr. Gray. The room is smelly, moist, and makes him want to puke. His leg has been completely numb from all the blood-loss and is still trying to get a feel for the place after the chloroform. Mr. Gray walks in with a look of disappointment. He comes in holding only a saw and some needles. Joey is struggling as Mr. Gray comes closer and nearer to him.


Joey: (Starts to sawy back in forth in the chair) Get away from me you lunatic!


Mr. Gray: (Takes the cover off one of the needles and taps it) Well, Mr. Leone, I really hoped it did not have to come down to this. I hoped you would at least try to abide by my wishes, but no. You completely stabbed me in the back and left your defenseless gang in this disgusting state. Now, I am going to ask you once more, because I like you so much, to try to cooperate.


Joey: (Looks at the needle, then the saw and starts to tremble) Or what…


Mr. Gray: (Starts to chuckle) Well, since you betrayed me once, I am not letting you leave here with four limbs. I am letting you choose which one I get to cut off.


Joey: (Looks at Mr. Gray) You have got to be kidding me!


Mr. Gray: I’m afraid not. I told you the consequences, and now you must pay for your little rebellion. Now choose, or I will.


Joey: (Looks Mr. Gray in the face) You’re bluffing. You wouldn’t do it at all.


Mr. Gray: Oh really, Mr. Leone. You don’t believe that I would do it? (Walks over and injects Joey in the right arm with anesthesia) Now, let the drug take effect, and then we can proceed with the amputation.


Joey: (Keeps looking between his arm and Mr. Gray) Oh my god, no…


Mr. Gray: Now, as we wait, would you like to actually cooperate this time, or will I be forced to kill you now?


Joey: (Still shocked) I…will…cooperate.


Mr. Gray: (Strikes a smile) Good choice my good chap. (Picks up the saw) I thinks it’s that time. (Slowly places the saw on Joey’s arm) This won’t hurt a bit. (Slowly saws his arm off as the blood starts to drip over the arm and onto the dirty floor. The bone can be heard breaking as the saw saws it. Joey is screaming at the top of his lungs as Mr. Gray finishes cutting off his arm. The arm falls off and hits the floor) Now you see Mr. Leone, that didn’t hurt me at all. Now, will this teach you not to mess with me?


Joey: (Looks down at his stump arm and can not speak. He nods his head)


Mr. Gray: Good, good. (Unties Joey and opens the door out of the room) You can rest while that heals up.

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S. Leone

f*cking brutally brilliant, I honestly didnt like the outcome for joey but hey, its all the way you want it.

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I had this long and very detailed thing that I typed but then the damn computer crapped out. Basicly what I said was; good plot twist, characters seem to speak more natraully now, new smileys out, use the Notepad to write then copy + paste, and good job way to push the envelope. Damn thing!

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I decided to surprise you all with another chapter! Surprise! Might not be as good as the last one, but it is still interesting.


Chapter 23: Not a Chance


Thursday November 26th, 2006. 3:46 P.M.

Joey is limping out of an alleyway without an arm, and a bullet wound to the leg. He thought this is where his life would end. He limped a few more steps until he reached the streets. He noticed the hospital across the street and as quick as he could, limped into it. He was greeted immediately by a nurse.


Nurse: Oh my word! (Puts Joey’s left arm around her shoulders) You need immediate attention! We need to get you to ER, stat! (She drags Joey into a long corridor. The corridor had bleached white walls. The hospital gave off an aroma that really made Joey feel uncomfortable. The nurse reached a room and laid Joey on a stretcher) Everything will be alright sir. We will try our hardest to make you comfortable!


Joey: (Stares into the nurse’s eyes and strains to talk) Thanks…a lot… (He looks up and sees the fluorescent lights pass overhead as he slowly drifts off into unconsciousness)


Thursday November 26th, 2006. 12:03 P.M.

A Regina is seen coming through a gate at an airport. It makes its way to a closed hangar that seems to be locked. Tommy steps out of the car and shoots off the lock. He opens the huge doors, only to reveal a jet sitting inside. He signals for Kelsey and Roberto that the coast is clear, and it is alright to come inside.


Tommy: (Opens the jet’s door) Hurry up, we can’t be seen.


Roberto: Why can’t we be seen? You bribed the police, didn’t you? (Walks into the jet)


Tommy: (Adjusts collar) Well, not bribed, exactly…


Kelsey: (Pops her head out of the jet) Yeah, you should have seen what he said to the police to get you out of there, alive!


Roberto: (Grins) Well, that should be something interesting to hear while we take off. (Looks off into the distance) Well guys, it’s time to say goodbye to San Andreas.


Tommy: (Hops into the jet) Hopefully never to come back again. (Slams the door shut) Now we are off back to Vice City. (Gets into the cockpit and starts the plane. He drives it onto the runway and takes off without any problems)


Roberto: (Remembers something) I wonder if it was a good idea to leave Carl sleeping on his brother’s front lawn with that note attached?


Tommy and Kelsey: (Both look at Roberto) Of course it was!


Thursday November 26th, 2006. 12:15 P.M.

Carl is stirring and waking up on the front lawn. He lets out a long yawn, and then realizes where he is exactly.


Carl: (Looks around) Roberto? What the hell happened? (Notices something pinned to his shirt) “Sorry to leave you so soon Carl. I have gone back to Vice with Tommy, and that ‘hoe’. Your friend, Roberto.” (Looks at the paper incredulously) Tha’ mothaf*cka ditched me, and he’s goin to Vice with tha’ Vercetti guy. (Sits for a bit thinking) Well, migh’ as well surprise ‘im. (Gets up and knocks on Sweet’s door) Sweet! Sweet! Sweet, you there?


Sweet: (Opens the door) Wha’ tha f*ck you doin here nigga. Though’ ya met a new homie, and ditched me for ‘im.


Carl: (Pulls Sweet out of the house) Naw bro. He’s ditched me ta go ta Vice. I’m thinkin of goin. Ya wanna come?


Sweet: (Looks at Carl) Wha’? Wha’ the f*ck you talkin ‘bout fool. Ya goin to do this sh*t again aren’t ya? Ditch the hood?


Carl: (Carl turns away from sweet and heads to Johnson garage across the street) Whateva’ bro. (Gets into the parked ZR-350) Damn, wha’s wrong wit ‘im today? (Speeds off to the airport)


Thursday November 26th, 2006. 5:00 P.M.

Joey is slowly waking up and finds himself lying in an empty room. He starts to freak out thinking he will meet Mr. Gray, but remembers he went to the hospital. The nurse that is caring for him walks in with a bowl of soup and some water.


Nurse: (Places a tray on top of Joey and places the bowl and cup on it) Good your awake, Mr. Leone. I have brought you some warm soup and water to eat and drink. After that operation, you must be hungry.


Joey: (Reluctantly looks down at the stump he has for a right arm. He tries to speak, but it comes out raspy) Yeah…just a little bit.


Nurse: (Rubs his chest) Don’t talk. You just rest.


Joey: Well…couldn’t you just…put in one of those…fake arms?


Nurse: Those are hard to come by here in Liberty. The mayor refuses to let any hospital in Liberty hold plastic limbs because it is, “a waste of resources”.


Joey: (Talks under his breath) I should have that…asshole whacked…


Nurse: What did you say?


Joey: Nothing… (Takes a sip of the water and shuts his eyes)


Nurse: (Gets up and walks back over to the door) Just rest for now Mr. Leone. (Shuts off the lights) Sweet dreams. (Closes the door)


Joey: (Opens his eyes and slowly sits upright) I got to get out of here, out of Liberty. I need to find Luigi and get back to San Andreas. (Pulls out the IV’s) Damn that hurts. (Gets up and puts on his clothes lying on the chair) Now, for my great escape. (Opens the window and notices he is on the second floor) Damn it. (Looks around the room) How the hell am I going to figure this out? (Looks at the bed) God damn it. It’s going to be like all those movies I watched. (Goes over to the bed and ties the sheets together to make a rope. He ties it to the chairs and shoves the chair under the bed, so it acts like and anchor) Hope this works… (Climbs out the window and climbs down to the floor. He finds himself looking at a supermarket) Might as well get something good to eat. (Walks over and enters the market)


Clerk: (Walks over to Joey) Welcome to the Supa’ Save, sir. Please look around.


Joey: (Talks under breath) Yeah, bite me. (Walks over to the candy isle and picks up some chocolate bars) Finally, something sweet to eat. (Walks over to the clerk to pay)


Clerk: (Rings up the candy bars) That will be… $2.56. (Looks at Joey)


Joey: (Checks his pockets) Oh sh*t, the hospital still has my wallet. Damn it. (Slams his fist on the counter)


Clerk: (Picks up the candy bars) Well, I’m sorry sir, but no money, no candy.


Joey: (Glares at the clerk) I just got my arm cut off today.


Clerk: (Looks down at his stump) Oh…um…really?


Joey: (Still glaring) Oh yeah, and I am still in immense pain. Now if you don’t mind, I would just like to have these candy bars please.


Clerk: (Thinks about it) Fine, but just don’t expect this kind of service again.


Joey: (Snatches the candy bars) Don’t worry, I won’t. (Walks out of the store) How rude are the people in this city. My arm gets cut off, and they can’t even give me a break. (Spots a Sentinel approaching him) Who the hell could this be?


Mr. Gray: (Rolls down the window) Hello there Mr. Leone. How’s that arm doing?


Joey: (Drops the candy bars and starts to back up) Oh no, not again. I am not going near you anymore! (Turns around to try and make a run for it)


Mr. Gray: Okay Mr. Leone, make it harder on yourself. (Rolls up window and accelerates)


Joey: (Runs behind the market and runs a few feet before turning left. He looks forward and sees a long, lightless, foreboding tunnel. He looks back and sees the Sentinel turning around the market corner. Joey dashes down the tunnel) I’m going to die! Why me! (Looks behind himself and sees the Sentinel accelerating right behind him) Oh my god! I’m trapped! (The Sentinel rams into his back once then decelerates a little)


Mr. Gray: (Rolls down window) Mr. Leone, I told you not to play around with me. Now you are starting to upset me. (He rams Joey in the back. Joey flips onto the hood of the car. Joey clutches onto the hood ornament with his only arm as Mr. Gray accelerates through the tunnel) Now Joey… (Opens the sun roof) You can either be a good ‘ol boy and get into the car, or I will smash this car through the fence at the end of the tunnel, killing you instantly.


Joey: (Looks ahead, and sees the tunnel exit approaching quickly. He looks behind himself, and sees the open sun roof. Only one thought was running through his mind the entire time) “Either die right now, and never have to endure this man ever again, or get into the car, live, but be tortured by him.” (Joey turns around and goes head first into the car) I’ll…do whatever you say…Mr. Gray…


Mr. Gray: (Closes the sun roof and smashes through the fence) Good choice my boy, good choice. (The car makes a turn and heads into Harwood and makes a left going into Saint Mark’s) Hope you don’t mind, we can stay at my place.


Joey: Why Mr. Gray, why? (Mr. Gray is silent. Joey lies down and doesn’t say another word. He lies in the backseat of the Sentinel awaiting his arrival at the Devil’s home)

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OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH WEEEE that was good carl johnsonn 4 ever rah.gifrahkstar2.gif

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I know, I'm good like that. GTAForums is starting to get me a bit angry because I tried to post a chapter this morning, but it wouldn't let me get to my story. angry.gif So, if it happens again, I may have to move this story guys.


Chapter 24: A State of Transition


Thursday November 26th, 2006. 4:17 P.M.

A jet is seen coming through the clouds and releasing its landing gear. It slowly descends upon Escobar International Airport and comes to a stop inside a hangar. A few people wait inside with tools and paint cans. The jet comes to a stop and the passengers slowly walk out.


Roberto: (Stretches arms) Well, that didn’t take as long as I thought it would. Don’t you think Kelsey?


Kelsey: (Looks at Roberto and rolls her head around to get the kinks out of her neck) You practically slept the entire time!


Roberto: So what? (Rolls eyes and looks at the slowly setting sun) Wow, nothing beats a Vice City sunset, don’t you think Tommy?


Tommy: (Looks at the sun also) Of course not! That is one of the reasons I love it here. (Snaps his fingers and a Stretch comes around) Now, we can finally go home and rest. (He gets into the Stretch with Roberto and Kelsey. The Stretch starts to make its way to Starfish Island)


Roberto: I’m so glad everything is back to normal. Nothing can go wrong.


Kelsey: (Leans back) Yeah, you’re right.


Tommy: (His cell phone rings and picks it up) Hello? Oh hey Ken, haven’t heard from you since Las Venturas. How are you and Umberto doing?


Roberto: (Interested by the phone call, starts to eavesdrop) You brought Ken and Umberto to San Andreas?


Tommy: (Covers the phone’s microphone and speaks to Roberto) I thought it was appropriate at the moment. (Takes his hand off and resumes talking) So, like I was saying, how have you been…Really…Wait what happened…You’ve got to be kidding! (Hangs up and stares at Roberto) I can’t believe it…


Roberto: (Looks at Tommy) What happened Tommy?


Tommy: (Rolls down the divider window that cuts off the back of the Stretch and the driver’s seat) Get over to the Little Havana Hospital, pronto! (The Stretch accelerates rapidly and is sent hurtling through the streets)


Thursday November 26th, 2006. 5:29 P.M.

The Sentinel pulls up to an apartment building that Joey seems to recognize immediately. Mr. Gray opens the door for Joey and leads him into the apartment complex.


Mr. Gray: (Points to the sofa) That is where you will be sleeping, for now Mr. Leone. I will get you a pillow and some blankets. (Walks into the other room) I heard it is going to be cold tonight. (Comes back in and places the pillow and blankets on the sofa) Will you be comfortable?


Joey: (Looks up at Mr. Gray) Why are you doing this to me? Why not one of the other gang leaders?


Mr. Gray: (Looks at Joey) Because you have something I want.


Joey: And what is that? Is it money, power? Because it seems when I left you took it all away from me.


Mr. Gray: (Chuckles) No, no, no Mr. Leone. I want Roberto.


Joey: (Laughs) What are you talking about? I killed him in Los Santos.


Mr. Gray: Oh really? (Pulls out a video cassette and slips it into the VCR) Watch this.


Chuck: Hello San Andreas, this is Chuck on channel ten. Terror gripped the city of Los Santos when famed Radio DJ/Talk Show Host was brutally blown up. Police are trying to figure out exactly what happened, but even they are stumped as to what happened. We have Chris who is at Los Flores at the scene of the accident. Take it away Chris.


Chris: Thank you Chuck. Yes, it is true. Everyone’s beloved DJ/Talk Show Host has died. It seems as if the car he was driving in exploded. (Walks over to the blown up Sentinel) As you can see, here are the left over skin deposits after the Ambulance took his body away. (The camera zooms in onto the burnt skin) See how it is crusted and burnt. This car must have been put under extreme heat conditions. (Camera slowly zooms out) The local authorities are still trying to crack this case, but no worries. This is Chris Cross here on channel ten.


Mr. Gray: (Turns off the television) Now you see what you did? You killed my favorite radio figure. I should cut off another limb for that, but I won’t. All I want you to do is lead Roberto to me when he comes looking for you. Do you hear me my boy?


Joey: (Staring at the blank television screen) Yes, I understand. (Lays on the sofa)


Mr. Gray: Goodnight Mr. Leone. Have a good nights rest. (Turns off the lights around the apartment)


Joey: (Starts to mumble) How could I have messed that up? I thought for sure I had Roberto trapped.


Thursday November 26th, 2006. 4:25 P.M.

The Stretch comes to a screeching stop at the hospital entrance and Tommy is the first one out followed by Roberto then Kelsey. Tommy runs up to the nurse at the counter.


Tommy: (Out of breath) Can you please tell me what room Umberto Robina is in?


Nurse: (Starts to look through the computer directory) Oh I’m sorry. It seems you can not visit him right now. Only family members are allowed.


Roberto: (Jumps into the conversation) Hi, I’m Umberto’s nephew. Is that enough to be a family member?


Nurse: Oh, of course. What is you name?


Roberto: (Slows down his heavy breathing) It is Roberto Garcia.


Nurse: (Types it up on the computer quickly) Okay, everything check outs. (She pulls out a lime green sticker that reads “Visitor” on it. She quickly jots down “Roberto” on it) Okay, only you can visit. (Looks at Tommy and Kelsey) You two must wait. (Points to two open seats across the counter)


Kelsey: Okay miss.


Tommy: (Looks at Roberto) You tell me how bad it is, okay? (Pats Roberto on the shoulder)


Roberto: Of course. (Turns towards the nurse) Where is he?


Nurse: He is two rooms down to your left. It should be room number three.


Roberto: Thanks. (Heads towards the room and enters to find Umberto awake) Oh my god…


Umberto: (Looks at Roberto) Roberto! (Coughs) ¿Cómo es usted?


Roberto: I’m doing good, and you?


Umberto: Ya know, the usual. (Coughs a few times) Okay, maybe I lied.


Roberto: What happened to you?


Umberto: (Coughs) Well, some pendejo smashed inta tha side ov our Stretsh while in Las Venturas.


Roberto: (Remembers smashing into a Stretch on the chase with Lazlow) Don’t worry tío, I’ll get him for you. (The Nurse from up front walks in)


Nurse: So how is everything going you two?


Roberto: I just want to know what exactly is wrong with him.


Nurse: (Looks through the clipboard and lets out a sigh) Well…he may not make it.


Roberto: (Shock consumes his face) What…what are you talking about?! He looks fine!


Nurse: He may look fine, but he has a few fractured ribs that cut open his lungs and punctured his heart.


Roberto: (Looks at Umberto, then back at the Nurse) Is there anything you can do for him?


Nurse: We have tried everything. There is nothing we can do. I’m sorry Mr. Garcia.


Roberto: (Leans over Umberto) Don’t leave me, you’re the only family I have left. Please don’t.


Umberto: (Grabs his hand and chuckles under his strained coughs) Wha’ kind ov mang cries over this kind of thang? You ‘ave Tommy. And wha’ abou’ esa chica hermosa? She seems pretty nice. I want ya ta have a good life Roberto. Dont cry ova these kinds of thangs. (Coughs a bit more) Continue ya life like a real hombre, not una chica afeminada. (Coughs out blood) Do tha’ for me.


Roberto: (Grips Umberto’s hand) Don’t worry I will.


Umberto: (Slowly loosens his grips on Roberto’s hand) Tha’ is the only thang I wan’ from ya Roberto. Thas it. Alls I can says now is I ‘ave had a hell ov’a lot ov fun and I 'ave enjoyed every minute ov it. (Slowly closes his eyes)


Roberto: (Stands up and clenches his fists) Don’t worry Umberto, I won’t let you down. (He exits the room as a long beep echoes through the hallway. Tommy and Kelsey look over at him)


Tommy: (Looks at Roberto) So, what’s wrong with him?


Roberto: (Looks up into Tommy’s eyes) Nothing is wrong with him anymore. (Walks out of the hospital)


Kelsey: (Looks at Roberto leave the hospital and follows him outside) What really happened Roberto?


Roberto: (Gets into the backseat of the Stretch while Kelsey follows him in) He died, is that what you wanted to hear? He died right in front of me. That’s not even the worst part. The worst part is that I caused him to die. I just can’t believe it.


Kelsey: (Puts her arm on his shoulder, but he shakes it off) It can’t be entirely your fault.


Roberto: It is though! If I hadn’t kidnapped Lazlow in the first place, we wouldn’t have had to go through that chase that led to his death.


Kelsey: (Looks at him) Roberto, you’re taking this way too hard. Just rest for a few days, and you should feel better.


Roberto: (Looks out the window towards Starfish Island) Maybe I would. Maybe. (The door opens and Tommy comes in)


Tommy: (Puts his head in his hand) God damn it! (Slams his fist into the side of the car) I knew I shouldn’t have left them at that god forsaken hospital in San Andreas. I should have just stayed there.


Roberto: (Calls to driver) Take us to the Vercetti Estate.


Driver: No problem Mr. Garcia. (Starts car off to the Estate)


Tommy: How could I have let this happen?


Roberto: (Looks Tommy straight in the eyes) Don’t worry about a thing Tommy. I will get the person responsible for this. (Looks out the window as they cross the bridge onto Starfish Island) “I’m coming for you Mr. Gray. You shall pay dearly for all the damage you have caused. You better watch out.”

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