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Grand Theft Auto.......


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same here, where did you get the imagination?

Ebay i think.



Nice story. Can't wait for the next part smile.gif

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Yeah, bought it on Ebay. Very cheap, cause no-one really knew its value. So here's.......


Chapter 12: Never Trust a Stranger

Wednesday November 24th, 2006. 11:31 P.M.

Hank is still driving Roberto, Kelsey, and Mike around. They are still in the desert and Roberto is growing real worried. He breaks the silence.


Roberto: (Clears throat) So Hank, where are we, and where are we going?


Hank: (Stares straight at the road ahead) We are going to the nearest hospital, like I said.


Roberto: (Gets a bad feeling about something) Well, you can just drop us off here. I see my house.


Hank: (Still staring straight ahead) What are you talking about. You just asked me where we are. If you lived nearby, you would have known. (Turns and looks at Roberto) Wouldn't you?


Roberto: Yeah... (Tries door)


Hank: (Quickly locks door) Why are you in such a hurry to leave?


Roberto: I just want to go home. I see my house, we are about to pass it.


Hank: Don't lie to me Roberto Garcia.


Roberto: (Stays silent) What did you say?


Hank: I know you. You are wanted. The police are searching for you, and I found you! I am finally going to be able to have a real meal with my family with the reward money.


Kelsey: (Interrupts) Please Hank, can you just let us go? We really need to leave, Roberto has been set up. He needs to be in hiding.


Hank: You know what, you're right.


Kelsey: Really?


Hank: Yeah. (Unlocks door) Go you guys.


Roberto: Thanks for being so understanding. (Gets out, and drags Mike's body out of car) Come on Kelsey.


Kelsey: Coming. (Scoots across the seat) Hey, get your hands off of me! (Truck drives off)


Roberto: Holy sh*t! Kelsey! f*ck, she's been kidnapped! (Runs back over to Mike) Mike! (Slaps him) Wake up! Wake the f*ck up! (Punches him in the stomach)


Mike: Ohhhhhh, what happened? Where am I? Roberto is that you? (Starts to sit up) Where's Kelsey?


Roberto: A guy just kidnapped her.


Mike: (Starts to regain full thinking ability) What? What! She's kidnapped? Oh my god, Tommy is going to kill us! What are we going to do!


Roberto: I don't know. First, we find a place to stay, then we call Tommy, after that, we find some help with some "problems" I have.


Mike: What problems? (Confused)


Roberto: Don't worry, you'll see.

Wednesday November 24th, 2006. 11:23 P.M.

Tommy is taking off in his helicopter with Ken and Umberto. Tommy is very worried and has been silent ever since he left the airport.


Umberto: So Tommy, where we goin?


Ken: We are going to I think... (Looks at tracking device) It looks like San Andreas.


Umberto: I axed Tommy, tu cabeza de mierda.


Tommy: (Looks out helicopters window) Like Ken said we are heading to San Andreas. God knows why they went to that sh*thole. Ever since 1995, that place has been slowly becoming more and more corrupt. I swear that on every street corner, there is a corrupt police officer, or even some gang. So really, we better just swoop in, pick them up, and come right back to Vice. It should be a quick job.


Umberto: People alwayz sez that Tommy, but it alwayz endz up becomin a huge search for them.


Tommy: Well, if it does end up becoming that, then we will need to bring in my organization into the search. We need to find Roberto and Kelsey. (Looks at Ken) When will we be arriving at Las Venturas National Airport?


Ken: It looks about maybe three hours. The jet travels way faster, so they got there in like an hour. If they crash landed at about the point I think they did, and got a ride, I estimate that the farthest they can go is either Las Venturas outskirts, or about maybe one to two miles away from San Fierro.


Tommy: That is way too big of an area. See if you can get some of my organization members to fly out here, and help in the search. (Looks back out window, and starts to think about Kelsey and Roberto) "I really hope nothing happened to them."

Wednesday November 24th, 2006. 10:51 P.M.

Joey has arrived back at his house. He is tired and is worried about the future of Liberty. After the talk with Mr. Gray, he had called a few friends over. They were all going to discuss what they were going to do about this.


Joey: We have a problem. Liberty is going to hell. Already with the destruction of the Callahan Bridge and LCUBC, we are not going to make it. I do not trust that Mr. Gray character at all. I am going to ignore that warning of his. We are going to try and take out his f*cking "business". We are going to finally take control of ALL of Liberty; Portland, Staunton, Shoreside Vale, all of it. We will control Liberty. The Leones will be on top once again. (A man raises his hand) What is it Gianni?


Gianni: I am sorry to interrupt the moment, but what about Roberto. We all know that he is going to try something to stop us. You told us he screwed Tommy over; he may do it to us. What are we going to do with him?


Joey: Good question. That is why we have Alfonso. (Points out Alfonso) Alfonso is now my number one assassin, since Roberto is officially out of this family.


Alfonso: So how will I take him out? He had more skill than me. There is no way I can take him.


Joey: Don't worry. I will figure out something.


Gianni: Okay, now how are we going to take out the business organization?


Joey: (Thinks for a second) I will split you up into three groups, one for each island. (Looks to all the men in the room) Gianni here will be head of the sub-gang in Portland.


Gianni: Aw man. I wanted Staunton.


Joey: Shut up Gianni. Piero will lead his sub-gang in Staunton. This seems to be their main area of operation, so I will give you about double the amount of members.


Piero: Okay boss.


Joey: And finally... (Sighs) Crescenzo will lead a small gang around Shoreside Vale since they have very little influence there.


Crescenzo: Really?! You are giving me a job! Oh thank you Mr. Leone! I have been waiting for this my whole life. (Runs over to give Joey a hug)


Joey: (Pulls back) Gianni, get him away from me.


Gianni: No problem. (Grabs Crescenzo) Don't ever try that sh*t again. (Drags him outside)


Crescenzo: (Yells from outside) What are you doing? Wait! Stop! Noooooo!


Joey: God, I don't even know why I let him into this family. Jesus! Che stato io pensante!


Thursday November 25th, 2006. 12:01 A.M.

Roberto and Mike have been walking around the desert for what seems like forever. It looks as if they are going to die in the desert.


Mike: God! Why did you have to get out of the truck now! You could have waited till we were near a town or something.


Roberto: I am not worried about that right now. I am worried about how I am going to live through Tommy's wrath. Kelsey is like Tommy's baby. He loves her, a lot. I mean, a lot.


Mike: All I am worried about is if we are... (Looks into distance) What is that?!


Roberto: What is what? (Looks in the direction Mike is looking) Holy sh*t! It looks like a town. (Starts running)


Mike: Hey! (Runs after him) Don't you f*cking ditch me!


Roberto: (Arrives at the small town) We need to find a store or something. We need to know where we are.


Mike: (Comes up behind Roberto out of breath) God, you run so fast.


Roberto: Mike, we only ran like 500 feet. You are really out of shape.


Mike: (Out of breath) Shut...the...hell...up.


Roberto: (Looks around) There! It looks like a small convenience store. (Runs towards it)


Mike: Not...more...running. (Starts a slow jog, then gets tired and walks)


Clerk: (Sees Roberto and Mike enter the store) Hello there. Whoa, what happened to you two? It looks like you have been walking around the desert all night!


Roberto: We have. It's been a long night. Where are we?


Clerk: Well, you are in Las Barrancas. It is about maybe twenty miles away from Las Venturas.


Mike: Holy sh*t! Did you say Las Barrancas! (Grabs Roberto) I know exactly where the cabin is from here.


Roberto: f*ck your cabin. We are going to Las Venturas. (Looks back at Clerk) Which way to Las Venturas from here?


Clerk: Well, you head straight down south down this road, you will pass three intersections. On the fourth intersection, make a right, then head down, and make a left on the first left you see. From there, you should be on the Julius Thru Way South. Then you're in Las Venturas.


Roberto: Thanks! (Grabs Mike and runs out the door)


Clerk: It feels great to help out a couple of complete strangers. (Looks to his left) Holy sh*t! I just let Roberto Garcia leave! Damn it! I could have been rich! Well, better call the police. (Picks up phone)


Mike: Are you crazy?! Why the hell are we going to a major city, when you are a wanted fugitive!


Roberto: (Gets into an unlocked parked car) I need to meet someone in Las Venturas.


Mike: Who the hell do you know in Las Venturas? This is like your first time in San Andreas.


Roberto: Well, I knew him way back in Vice. He is a very well known, I'll give you that. (Starts car and drives off)

Edited by Cubanwhip
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Time for the most action packed chapters. Right after this one. biggrin.gif


Chapter 13: It’s Certain Death

Thursday November 25th, 2006. 3:49 A.M.

Roberto and Mike are cruising around Las Venturas. The streets are empty, but the casino’s look as if they are packed. Mike is wide awake, while Roberto is tired and about to fall over from drowsiness.


Roberto: We have to stop somewhere Mike. (Car makes a quick swerve) I’m really tired.


Mike: How about, I drive. (Reaches over to grab steering wheel)


Roberto: No! (Car makes an immediate left, and throws Mike into the door) We need to pull over. I am really tired.


Mike: Fine! Just don’t get us killed. (Car spins and slams into a parking space on the side of The Strip) sh*t!


Roberto: Okay, I guess this is where we’re staying. (Looks up) Um, “Pirates in Men’s Pants”. What the hell kind of name is that. Oh well. (Gets out and heads to the entrance) Hey Mike, are you coming?


Mike: (Sitting in the car, shocked) Um, one minute. (Unbuckles seat belt and follows Roberto to the lobby of the casino/hotel)


Roberto: (Heads up to the counter to ask the man for a room) Hello, I was wondering if I can get a room.


Man: Yes, there is a room available, let me just check. (Gets on the computer) Well, we have a room open. It has two queen sized beds. Is this good?


Roberto: (Trying to keep himself awake) Yeah, whatever. Can I have the keys to the room?


Man: (Laughs) What? You want the room for free?


Mike: (Interrupts) Here is about $300. Is this enough for one night?


Man: (Thinks) Sure. Okay, your room is on the third floor, room 313.


Mike: Thanks. (Puts Roberto’s arm around his back) Come on. Let’s get to the room. (Almost falls) Jesus you’re heavy. (Walks to elevator) Come on, hurry up. (Elevator opens) Finally, it was taking forever. (Drags Roberto’s body into it)


Woman: Wait! (Runs to the elevator)


Mike: (Puts his arm out to stop the elevator doors from closing) Damn it.


Woman: Thank you so much. I thought I wasn’t going to make it. (Gets in) What’s wrong with him?


Mike: (Strains with the extra body weight) He’s really tired. We drove here straight from Las Barrancas.


Woman: Wow! That’s a long way. Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. (Puts out her hand) My name is Mille.


Mike: I’m Mike, and my tired friend here is Roberto. (Drops body) Oh sh*t!


Roberto: What the f*ck Mike. (Rubs head)


Mike: Sorry.


Roberto: (Gets up) Who the hell is this?


Millie: He is impolite isn’t he?


Mike: Well, he is tired.


Roberto: How much longer until we get to our room? I’m about to fall asleep in this elevator.


Mike: Don’t worry, we’re here. (Elevator doors open) Well, it was nice to meet you Millie.


Millie: You too. Bye. (Elevator closes)


Roberto: I don’t like her.


Mike: What are you talking about?


Roberto: She gave me a bad vibe. (Looks down the corridor) Now what room is it?


Mike: (Looks at the keys) Room 313.


Roberto: That’s like the first room. (Falls on floor)


Mike: Jesus! How long has it been since you slept?


Roberto: It’s not that. I haven’t had a day off yet. It’s always all work and no play, and it’s killing me.


Mike: (Picks Roberto up) Well, hopefully after you solve some of your problems, you will get it. (Reaches the room door and opens it) Finally, we are here. (Places Roberto on the bed)


Roberto: Finally, a nice comfy bed. (Falls asleep immediately)


Mike: See you in the morning. (Lays on other bed and goes to sleep)


Thursday November 25th, 2006. 10:01 A.M.

It is starting to snow in Liberty City. Joey is sitting in the lounge area with a cup of coffee to keep him warm. Alfonso is sitting across from him. They are both discussing what they are going to do to Roberto.


Joey: Okay, so Roberto is in Vice. What are you planning to do?


Alfonso: Well… (Gets up and starts pacing) I am going to try and plant a bomb at his house. I’ll watch it carefully and wait for him to arrive. When he gets there, I’ll blow it up.


Joey: Okay, what if that doesn’t work. What if he knows we are after him? What then?


Alfonso: (Sits back down and thinks) Well…I don’t know.


Joey: Oh come on! (Gets up and throws coffee at the wall) We have to find out how to kill him. He can’t just get away.


Alfonso: But boss, what has he done to us. The only person he ever betrayed is Tommy.


Joey: (Gives him an icy stare) What are you talking about?! He killed Toni.


Alfonso: Yeah, but that was an accident. He was forced to do it by that Mr. Gray guy.


Joey: How do we know he doesn’t work for him? How do you know?


Alfonso: I don’t, but…


Joey: (Interrupts) Exactly. You don’t. I should have listened to Toni. He always knew what was best for this family. Never trust anyone outside of the family. I’ll take care of it myself. (Runs out back) Alfonso, make sure no-one attacks the business members until I get back with Roberto’s head.


Alfonso: Are you sure you should be doing this? Taking on Roberto face to face will be nearly impossible.


Joey: I don’t care. I will kill him. (Gets into a jet black helicopter) He will not survive for more than two more days. (Takes off and heads to Vice City)


Alfonso: He is heading right to his death.

Thursday November 25th, 2006. 2:30 A.M.

Tommy is asleep in the helicopter along with Ken and Umberto. All three are awoken by the pilot coming in.


Pilot: We have arrived Mr. Vercetti. We have a Stretch waiting outside to take you to the nearest hotel.


Tommy: (Opens eyes and looks at pilot) What are you talking about? We need to go and look for Roberto and Kelsey. (Gets up and heads outside)


Ken: (Wakes up and follows Tommy outside) Tommy, you can’t really expect to search for them now. It’s like pitch black. We will never find them.


Tommy: (Goes to Ken and grabs his collar with both his hands) Well, we will try.


Umberto: (Comes out of the helicopter) Come on Tommy. Youze know we won’t find them.


Tommy: (He lets go of Ken) I know. I just miss both of them so much.


Ken: (Straightens collar) So, shall we. (Walks to the Stretch)


Tommy: Fine. (Gets in Stretch)


Umberto: (Thinks to himself) “What you doing Roberto?”


Tommy: (Yells at Umberto) Come on!


Umberto: (Snaps out of thought) Comin.


Thursday November 25th, 2006. 12:46 P.M.

Roberto woke up first. He got up and opened the mini-bar. He had a beer, and woke up Mike.


Roberto: Hey, (Shakes Mike) Wake up. It’s morning.


Mike: (Slowly rises) Oh, its morning already. (Rubs head)


Roberto: Yeah, we got to go. I have to meet my friend.


Mike: (Rubs eyes) Can’t we have breakfast?


Roberto: We can pick some up on a Burgershot on the way. (Gets room keys) Come on.


Mike: Fine. (Gets up and walks with Roberto out of the room)


Roberto: (Locks room) Okay lets go. (Heads to elevator and presses button)


Mike: So who is this friend of yours?


Roberto: Ever listen to the radio?


Mike: Sometimes…why?


Roberto: He works on the radio.


Mike: Well, I probably don’t know him. (Elevator doors open) Hey you.


Millie: Oh hey! We meet again. I trust your friend got a decent amount of sleep.


Roberto: (Gets in elevator with Mike) Yeah I did. (Looks her over suspiciously)


Millie: (Looks back at him) Are you checking me out?!


Roberto: No. I just saw that tattoo on your hip. What does it mean?


Millie: Oh this old thing. I got it way back in 92’. I had a boyfriend and he insisted on me getting it. I think it stood for the gang he was in.


Roberto: Really? What gang?


Millie: It was something like Grime Street Family. I can’t remember.


Mike: (Steps back at the answer) Grove Street Family?!


Millie: (Turns and looks at Mike) Yeah, that was it. How did you know them?


Mike: I didn’t. I had just heard about them. (The elevator door opens) Well, Roberto we got to go. We have to meet that friend of yours. (Drags Roberto out to the front of the casino/hotel)


Roberto: What the hell man. I wanted to know who they are.


Mike: I’ll tell you later. Let’s just get to that friend of yours.


Roberto: Okay, you don’t have to be so pushy about it. (Gets in car along with Mike)


Mike: So where does this friend of your live?


Roberto: Last time I talked to him. He lived at the V-Rock Hotel.


Mike: He lives at it?!


Roberto: Yeah, I guess he’s well known enough to live in it. (Starts car and drives off)

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You demand it, I supply it. Here's...


Chapter 14: A Meeting Gone Array


Thursday November 25th, 2006. 1:33 P.M.

Tommy, Ken, and Umberto are all awake, and ready to go. They all head downstairs to go and check out of the hotel.


Tommy: (Comes up to man at the desk) Hello, I’m ready to check out.


Man: Okay. (Types on computer) What is your name?


Tommy: Tommy Vercetti.


Man: (Looks at computer directory) Okay you’re checking out of room 314. Is this correct?


Tommy: Yes.


Man: Okay, if I can have the keys I will check you out. (Holds out hand)


Tommy: Here you go. (Hands over keys) Have a nice day. (Turns around and walks out with Ken and Umberto)


Man: You too, and thanks for choosing “Pirates in Men’s Pants”.


Tommy: (Gets into the Stretch parked outside along with Ken and Umberto) Okay, so where are we going first. They can now be anywhere in San Andreas.


Ken: (Is a little worried) Not really.


Tommy: What are you talking about Ken?


Ken: (Looks at Tommy) Well, I was watching the news this morning while you were asleep, and a clerk at Las Barrancas gave directions to Roberto on how to get to Las Venturas.


Tommy: What?! (Shocked at the information given to him) They are in this city?!


Ken: Yes. I called the police and told them to bring Roberto, Kelsey, and Mike to you first before any arresting takes place.


Tommy: So, they will be brought to me?


Ken: (Nods) Yes, I made sure they know it was you and your daughter is involved in this. They said, as soon as they see them, they will bring them to… (Looks at a piece of paper)…The Roca Escalante Police Station.


Tommy: (Looks out window) I still want to search for them.


Umberto: (Interrupts) Come on Tommy. We’re in Las Venturas. Lets ‘ave fun.


Tommy: (Thinks) No, I really need to find my daughter. I’m really worried about her.


Ken: (Puts his hand on Tommy’s shoulder) Don’t worry Tommy, Roberto is probably taking real good care of her.


Thursday November 25th, 2006. 2:01 P.M.

Roberto and Mike have arrived at the V-Rock Hotel. They are making their way to the entrance, when they are stopped by a few bouncers.


Bouncer #1: (Blocks their way) Whoa buddy, you can’t come in here. This is a invite only party.


Roberto: (Turns around) Crap. How the hell am I going to get inside? (Thinks about this, then turns back around) But can’t you see who I am?


Bouncer #2: (Looks him over) No, not really. You’re just some punk loser.


Mike: (Looks at Roberto) What are you doing?!


Roberto: (Looks at Mike) You’ll see. (Looks back at the bouncers) I’m Roberto Garcia, you know, that guy who is wanted everywhere for the destruction of Liberty City.


Bouncers #1 and #2: (Laugh) Yeah right!


Roberto: (Gives them a smirk) Really, I am, look behind you. (Points to a poster behind them.


Bouncer #2: Keep an eye on him. (Turns around and goes to look at the poster more carefully) Holy sh*t it is… (Hears a crack and turns around) Holy sh*t…


Roberto: (Places the dead bouncer’s body on the floor) You should have just believed me. (Goes over and breaks the other bouncer’s neck) Okay, Mike, you take his uniform, and then help me drag the bodies into that bush over there.


Mike: (Looks around) What the hell are you thinking?!


Roberto: Just do it. (Drags body into bushes and changes clothes) It’s kind of big.


Mike: Jesus Christ! (Puts the other body in the bushes and changes) Mine fits.


Roberto: Okay, whatever. Let’s just get to him. (Walks inside and spots a man behind a counter. Heads over to him) Hello there, can you tell me where Mr. Jones is staying?


Man: Um, aren’t you supposed to be guarding the front doors?


Roberto: Um, yes. (Looks around and knocks out the man) Mike!


Mike: (Turns around) What now! Did you kill him?


Roberto: No, just temporarily knocked him out. Go around and look for Lazlow Jones on the computer.


Mike: We are going to get into too much trouble man. (Heads behind the desk and searches the computer) It says on the sixth floor, in the luxury suite.


Roberto: Well then, let’s go. (Walks casually to the elevator with Mike) Now, don’t act suspicious, or our cover will be blown.


Mike: Dude, what the hell are we going to do to him? (Elevator opens and they get in) Kidnap him?


Roberto: Maybe. (Elevator closes)

Thursday November 25th, 2006. 1:09 P.M.

Joey is arriving in Vice City, and is descending down onto the Vercetti’s Mansion’s roof. He gets out, and is greeted by a man.


Man: (Puts out hand to give Joey a handshake) Mr. Vercetti isn’t here right now, he has gone to San Andreas to search for his daughter.


Joey: (Doesn’t shake hands) Do you know when he will be back?


Man: (Puts hand down) I have no idea. All he went on saying was, “How he could let those two out of his site.”


Joey: (Looks at man in the eyes) Wait, what? What two?


Man: (Thinks for a moment) Well, his daughter seemed to have stole his jet, along with two other men. I don’t know who the other two men are. All I know is that one of them is a wanted felon.


Joey: (Fury grows within him) f*ck! He’s in San Andreas!


Man: (Looks at him perplexed) That is what I just told you.


Joey: (Ignores him) He thinks he can escape me. Well, I got news for him. Walks back to his helicopter)


Man: (Runs after him) Wait! Do you want to leave a message for Mr. Vercetti?


Joey: (Turns head around) Yes, tell him, it was for his own good. (Gets in the helicopter and takes off) To San Andreas! (Speeds west)


Man: (Looks at the helicopter leave) What was his problem?


Thursday November 25th, 2006. 2:18 P.M.

Roberto and Mike approach the door to Lazlow’s room. Roberto knocks.


Roberto: Hello there Mr. Jones, room service.


Lazlow: (Opens door) What, I never ordered…Oh no! (Tries to slam door)


Roberto: (Stops door) Come on Lazlow, let me in.


Lazlow: f*ck no, get away from me! (Tries to push harder)


Roberto: (Pushes against Lazlow’s strength) Oh come on, it was a long time ago. (Finally pushes door open)


Lazlow: (Falls on floor) Jesus, get away from me! (Gets up to try to find a place to hide)


Roberto: Lazlow, just calm down. I won’t hurt you unless I have to. (Tries to corner him)


Mike: What did you do to him?! (Looks at Lazlow’s scared face)


Lazlow: (Runs under Roberto’s arm and makes a run for the door) Secur…


Roberto: (Yells at Mike) Block the door!


Mike: (Slams the room’s door shut) Roberto, what the hell did you do?!


Lazlow: (Makes a run for the balcony) Poli…


Roberto: (Grabs Lazlow’s mouth and drags him back into the room) Shut your mouth, I’m not going to hurt you.


Lazlow: (Tries to struggle free of his grips, then bites Roberto’s hand. Yells to Mike) Help me!


Roberto: (Beats Lazlow in the back of the head) Fine, we’ll do this the hard way. (Picks up body and puts it on his shoulders) Mike, get a car ready round the back.


Mike: (Staring stunned at Roberto) We are going to kidnap a celebrity?! I am not going to help until you explain this all to me.


Roberto: I’ll explain it to you in the car, just get…


Room Service: (Knocks on door) Mr. Jones, people heard screaming, are you okay?


Roberto and Mike: (Under breath) sh*t!


Room Service: (Keeps knocking) Mr. Jones?


Roberto: (Making hand jestures to Mike to hide in the closet next to the front door. Tries to act like Lazlow) Yeah, I just…um…cut myself.


Room Service: Well, Ms. Perkins told me to bring you this bottle of wine. (Puts a key in the lock of the door)


Roberto: (Places Lazlow on the couch and jumps behind it) You can just leave it at the door.


Room Service: (Opens door) Now why would I do that, it’s very expensive wine. (Places the bottle on the coffee table in front of Lazlow) Are you okay?


Roberto: (Starts getting nervous) Yes, just leave the bottle, I need to…um… (Runs out of ideas)


Room Service: Mr. Jones? (Slowly walks over) Are you… (Falls on floor)


Roberto: (Sighs) Took you long enough Mike. (Stands up)


Mike: Sorry, got caught up in the dramatic moment.


Roberto: Well hurry up and get the car. The party starts in a half hour, and if we don’t leave this building by then, then it’s too late.


Mike: Fine. (Runs out of the room)


Roberto: (Sits on the couch next to Lazlow) It never it ends. (Looks at Lazlow) You didn’t have to make it so hard. (Waits for Mike)

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waiting patiently for next chapter. If only more members visited this part of the forums, you would make a hit.
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It probably would be a hit if they did come, but it seems they are not. So probably until chapter 50 comes out, will they realize it was a good story.


Chapter 15: A Considerable Catastrophe

Thursday November 25th, 2006. 2:46 P.M.

The Limo with Tommy, Ken, and Umberto has been driving around Las Venturas for what seems to be an endless amount of time. Umberto has fallen asleep, and all Tommy does is staring out the window.


Ken: Oh come on Tommy! Let’s do something. We are in Las Venturas and you want to sit in a Stretch. Let’s go to a casino or bar.


Tommy: I don’t really feel like it. (sighs) I am really worried about them.


Ken: Tommy, let’s just have some fun. That will take your mind off of them.


Tommy: But what if I don’t want my mind off of them?


Ken: (Calls to driver) Take us to the Emerald Isles.


Tommy: (Looks at Ken) What’s that?


Ken: It’s a casino. I want to enjoy myself. You can stay here and be a little pussy and whine about them all you want.


Tommy: (Stares at Ken) Did you just call me a pussy?!


Ken: (Stares right back into his eyes) Yeah. What are you going to do about tough guy?


Tommy: (Leaps across seat) I’m going to kill you. (Starts to strangle Ken)


Umberto: (Wakes up to all the ruckus) Wha’ the f*ck is goin on?


Ken: (Making choking sounds) Tommy…is…a…little…upset…


Umberto: (Grabs Tommy) Tommy, let him go. If you want, afta’ we goes to wheresever we’re goin, we can go and look for ‘em.


Tommy: (Leans back into his seat) Fine. Now where are we going again?


Ken: (Straightens his shirt) To the Emerald Isle’s Casino.


Thursday November 25th, 2006. 2:40 P.M.

Roberto, Mike, and Lazlow are all in a Sentinel. Lazlow is still knocked out in the back seat of the car. Roberto and Mike have been chatting for a while.


Mike: So that’s what happened. (Looks back at Lazlow) Jesus, if I were him, I would be dead scared of you.


Roberto: No sh*t. (The car is silent. Then Roberto remembers something) Hey, why did you freak out when that girl talked about that gang?


Mike: (Stayed silent and kept driving) It’s a long story; you wouldn’t want to hear it.


Roberto: (Sits up) Oh, now I want to hear it. What is it?


Mike: Well… (Sirens start wailing from behind them) sh*t. What should I do?


Roberto: Well, (Starts a sarcastic tone) We have just kidnapped a celebrity, and I am a wanted felon. Let’s just stop and see what he wants.


Mike: (Stares at Roberto) I’m no stranger to sarcasm Roberto.


Roberto: (Looks back at the police car on their tail) Well, then floor it.


Mike: (Steps on the gas) sh*t, this car has tremendous acceleration.


Roberto: (Keeps looking back) Well, you can admire this car all you want, just get us out of here.


Lazlow: (Starts to slowly wake up) Oh…where am I? (Looks at Roberto) Jesus! (Tries to move arms, but they are tied) Oh god! Don’t hurt me!


Roberto: (Is now looking at Lazlow) Crap, I thought he would be knocked out for another hour, oh well.


Lazlow: (Starts looking around nervously) Where am I? What are you going to do to me? (Hears the police siren) Is that the police?! (Starts screaming) Help! There is a psycho murderer trying to kill me!


Roberto: Oh shut up. I think it’s painfully obvious that there are chasing us because they knew we kidnapped you.


Lazlow: What do you want with me?


Roberto: (Starts to think) Well first… (Looks confused) Actually, I don’t really know why I kidnapped you.


Lazlow and Mike: (Shock consumes their faces) What?!


Roberto: (Gives a little smile) Well, I was going to ask Lazlow to just help us hide, but Lazlow started freaking out and everything went by so fast…


Mike: So, we have kidnapped a celebrity for no reason?!


Roberto: I guess. (Looks through sunroof) Holy sh*t, they have choppers on us!


Mike: (Looks up) Are you serious?! (Floors the car to do ninety miles per hour)


Lazlow: Holy sh*t! I’m going to die!


Roberto: (Looks at Lazlow) No we are not. (Looks ahead) Okay Mike, make a left here, and head to The Strip.


Mike: (Looks at Roberto baffled) Are you nuts? Why can’t we just stay on the highway?


Roberto: Well, we may lose the cops easier.


Mike: (Looks hard at Roberto) Are you sure?


Roberto: Trust me.


Lazlow: (Starts to whine) I’m going to die!

Thursday November 25th, 2006. 2:39 P.M.

Joey is arriving at Las Venturas. He is heading to The Caligula casino to get some people to help in the search for Roberto.


Joey: (Looking at Las Venturas below) Look at it. It’s so calm and peaceful. They are probably unaware about the backstabbing murderer running around their city. (Looks straight ahead) Damn it, where the hell is the casino? (Looks at radar) sh*tty radar, you look the same way as you did twenty minutes ago. (Slams his fist against it) f*ck! Now I have to find a place to land. (Takes a look around) I don’t even know where the hell I am. Maybe I can just radio for directions. (Picks up radio) Hello, is anyone there? (It’s just crackling) Hello?


Man: (Crackling stops) Hello, who is this?


Joey: (Thinks for a moment) This is Phil, I seem to be lost. Can you give me the location of The Caligula’s Casino?


Man: Well, let me just pin-point your radio-wave location. (Goes off the radio, then returns) Well, if you head due southwest, you should reach it. Anything else I can do for you Phil?


Joey: No, I just needed that location. (Turns radio off) So I just… (Gets cut off by a police maverick) f*ck! What the hell’s that guy’s problem? (Looks down at the road below) Holy sh*t, it’s a high speed chase. (Stops for a moment) I wonder. (Picks up radio) Hello, this is flight Unit-5567; I seem to have forgotten who the criminal is.


Police Officer: (Sounds confused) We have a Unit-5567?


Joey: Yeah.


Police Officer: Oh, well, how can you forget? It’s Roberto Garcia, the guy who just kidnapped Lazlow Jones. How did you manage to forget?


Joey: (The rage is building up inside) Oh, well, I have a lot on my mind. This is flight Unit-5567, over and out. (Turns off radio) I guess, I’m going in. (Points the cockpit at a twenty-five degree angle) Qua io vengo.


Thursday November 25th, 2006. 2:50 P.M.

Tommy’s Stretch is heading up The Strip to The Emerald Isle’s. Tommy is watching the casino’s go by as he looks out the window.


Tommy: How much longer until we arrive?


Ken: (Looks at the road ahead) Maybe no more than ten minutes.


Tommy: Okay. (Hears something) Do you hear that?


Ken: (Tries to listen) Hear what?


Tommy: (The noise gets louder) It’s sounds like sirens.


Ken: (Looks back at the road) Holy sh*t, the police are in hot pursuit of a car. (Looks more carefully) And it’s coming down here! (Yells at driver) Get off the road!


Tommy: (Look of confusion and surprise) Right now?! (Looks and can now tell it’s a Sentinel) It’s coming at us way to fats, we can’t move that fast.


Ken: (Starts hitting driver) Get the f*ck out of the way!


Driver: I can’t! (Points the light) It’s red.


Tommy, Ken and Umberto: (Stare at the driver) Are you kidding me?!


Driver: Well I don’t want to be arrested.


Tommy: (Knocks out the driver) Quick Ken hit the acceleration!


Ken: (Jumps over the unconscious body and hits the acceleration) Oh sh*t! (The Sentinel smashes into the side of the Stretch. The Stretch flips over and everyone is knocked out)


Thursday November 25th, 2006. 2:53 P.M.

The Sentinel takes damage from the crash into the Stretch but it keeps going. Roberto is yelling commands at Mike while Lazlow is in the back screaming.


Roberto: No! Make a left here! (Passes turn) You dumbass! Where the hell are you going?


Mike: (Makes an immediate right onto the highway) I’m trying to get out of Las Venturas alive.


Roberto: Well, once we get out, how are we going to lose the cops tu idiota.


Mike: (Makes a left onto a road that goes over a river) Well, let’s see if we can lose them in the country then?


Roberto: Are you sh*tting me?! (Looks ahead) We are seriously going into the country?


Lazlow: (Still whining) Please, just take me back to the V-Rock Hotel. I won’t press any charges. Just let me go!


Roberto and Mike: (Both yell at Lazlow) Shut up!


Lazlow: (Slowly stops whining) Fine.


Roberto: Where are we really going?


Mike: We are going to Los Santos.


Roberto: Los what?


Mike: It’s the city we will be hiding in for awhile.


Roberto: (Punches door) sh*t! We are screwed. I knew I should never have listened to that Mr. Gray guy.


Lazlow: (Looks at Roberto) You know that guy too?

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Maybe if we get a gold star on this topic, people will know its good. Vote good guys! But to keep you guys on the edge of your seat, here is the most suspenseful chapter yet!


Chapter 16: The Massacre

Thursday November 25th, 2006. 3:00 P.M.

Kelsey is sitting in a chair tied up and gagged. A wooden table is in front of her. It is rotten and about to collapse. A single light-bulb hangs above her head swaying side to side. She had just woken up from the anesthesia forced onto her. She struggles to break free, but to no avail. Hank walks in with a bowl of hot soup.


Hank: (Places soup on the table) Well, you finally woke up. I brought you some soup. You have been knocked out for awhile so I thought you would be hungry. (Looks at her) Now, when I take this rag out of your mouth, will you scream?


Kelsey: (Looks back and shakes her head)


Hank: (Shakes his head) Well, I have seen enough action movies to know you would. (Walks over and slaps her across the face) Now, answer honestly.


Kelsey: (A tear streaks her face. She shakes her head again)


Hank: You better not be lying to me. (Slowly takes gag off her mouth)


Kelsey: (Takes a mouthful of the dank air) Why are you doing this?


Hank: (Sits in chair across the table) Well, for one I am not married. I just want the reward money. (Looks Kelsey over) So I knew I couldn’t just kidnap this famed killer. I had to take something dear to him. So I saw you, and thought, “Why don’t I just kidnap his girlfriend instead.” I thought it was ingenious.


Kelsey: (Looks away) You do know who I am right?


Hank: (Chuckles) Why would I care, you’re just a pawn in my game to get millions of dollars.


Kelsey: (Looks right back at Hank) Well, you should care. Really, you should.


Hank: (Gets serious) How important can you be?


Kelsey: (Laughs out loud) Wow, my father is going to have you killed as soon as he finds you.


Hank: (Raises an eyebrow) Are you serious?


Kelsey: (Continues to laugh) My father is Tommy Vercetti, the Don of the Vercetti Crime Ring.


Hank: (Laughs) Good one. You expect me to believe I kidnapped the daughter of one of the most powerful Mafia families?


Kelsey: (Gets serious) Do you see the resemblance?


Hank: (Looks hard at her) Oh my god…


Thursday November 25th, 2006. 3:50 P.M.

The rundown Sentinel arrives at a mansion. Roberto looks out the window to check the address of the house. It matches.


Roberto: (Looks amazed and steps out of the vehicle) Wow, you own this house, and you choose to live in that crap hotel.


Lazlow: (Gets out of the car and takes out his keys) Well, I don’t really have to do any work over there. I pick up the phone and dial room service, and it’s delivered right to my door.


Mike: (Shuts car off and gets out) So, you own a house in Vinewood, and you can’t just hire butlers or maids?


Lazlow: Well, I may be rich, but I’m not that rich. (Opens front doors) Home sweet home.


Roberto and Mike: (Jaws drop open) Holy sh*t!


Lazlow: (Laughs) Is it really that amazing?


Mike: (Comes out of the shock) Yeah. And you said you aren’t that rich?


Lazlow: Okay, maybe I lied. Maybe I just don’t want to hire maids, butlers, and all that stuff. (Heads towards kitchen) Hey you want anything to drink guys?


Mike: Can I have a beer?


Lazlow: What kind?


Mike: Surprise me.


Lazlow: Okay, and you Roberto?


Roberto: Just some Tequila.


Lazlow: You’re lucky; I only have one bottle left. (Looks back at them) Don’t just stand there; take a seat in the living room.


Roberto: (Sits in a recliner) Damn this is comfortable!


Mike: (Lays down on the couch) Damn right it is.


Lazlow: (Comes in minutes later with the drinks) Here you go guys.


Roberto: (Takes drink) Thanks. (Takes a swig from the bottle) That’s good stuff.


Lazlow: It better be, I got that imported directly to me, it cost me a sh*t load.


Roberto: (Takes another swig) Now, to continue the conversation in the car.


Lazlow: Oh… (Looks down) Yeah, I wanted to know. How do you know Mr. Gray?


Roberto: (Leans back) Well, around August, Joey Leone sent me on an errand to retrieve some money. When I reached the location I was knocked out and tied up. I woke up in a room and that motherf*cker walked into the room and told me to blow up the bridge and he would erase my criminal record. So I left and blew up the bridge.


Lazlow: (Looks shocked) Wow, you are the one who caused all the commotion in Liberty City? (Takes a sip of his water)


Roberto: Yeah, so he picked me up after the explosion. So while we drove to the docks for a boat back to Portland he made me erase my files.


Lazlow: (Chuckles) I see where this is going. You thought you deleted them, but he recovered them.


Roberto: Yeah. So Joey and I went to Vice and we stayed low for a few months, until he called for yet another favor. This time if I didn’t do it, he would tell Joey about my traitorous past. He told me to fetch him a suitcase at the airport, so I got it, but decided to not bring it back. So I went back home, but it seems he was going to tell Joey whether I got the case or not. So Joey tried to kill me but I got away.


Lazlow: Wow, you have been through a lot.


Mike: (Interrupts the conversation) Oh yeah. But on top of all that, it seems Tommy Vercetti’s daughter has been kidnapped.


Lazlow: (In the middle of drinking and spits all the water out) What?!


Roberto: Oh, I forgot. We need to find her. (Gets up) Okay, let’s go Mike.


Mike: (Looks at Roberto confused) What? How are we going to find her?


Roberto: (Looks out the window) Haven’t figured it out yet. I’ll find a way out. (Looks at Lazlow) Now, when we find her, will you please let us stay here with you until Tommy comes down?


Lazlow: (Gets up) I’m coming with you.


Mike: (Laughs) Are you kidding? We are probably going to get into more high speed chases, shootouts, and everything you can imagine. I mean, you were whining like a little girl in the back seat of the car when we drove here.


Lazlow: Well what do you expect, I was kidnapped, but now since I’m helping I won’t.


Roberto: (Grabs Lazlow) No, stay here. We will call to check on you. Just make sure the cops don’t find you here, or then we have to find another place to live.


Lazlow: (Looks at Roberto) Fine. Also, should you guys go searching alone?


Roberto: No… (Looks at Mike)


Mike: (Looks confused) What? Why are you looking at me?


Roberto: You remember that gang?


Mike: (Shakes his head) Oh no…


Roberto: (Nods) Yes.


Thursday November 25th, 2006. 3:45 P.M.

Joey is circling Lazlow’s house. He has been following it since he found out it was them.


Joey: (Turns helicopter back towards Las Venturas) Now we’re getting somewhere. Now that I know where he is staying, I can easily kill him. Let him have his last few days. I’ll come back soon for a full out rush on the house. (Picks up radio) Caligula Casino, can you here me? (Radio crackles for a few seconds)


Man: This is the Caligula Casino, who is this?


Joey: This is Joey Leone, is Bruno there?


Bruno: Joey is that you?


Joey: Bruno! It’s so great to hear from you. Listen how fast can you gather up a group of gang members?


Bruno: Well, it depends on the situation. Why do you need them?


Joey: Let’s just say I have a pest problem that needs to be dealt with immediately.


Bruno: (Thinks for a second) Well, I can get a decent amount in maybe about two days, is that good enough?


Joey: Yeah. I’m heading to the Casino right now, can you have a room set up.


Bruno: Oh, sure thing Joey.


Thursday November 25th, 2006. 4:00 P.M.

Tommy is waking up in a hospital bed. He looks around and he sees he has no injuries. He pulls out the I.V in his arm. He sees Ken to his left, and Umberto is in the bed ahead of him. A nurse walks in and sees Tommy sitting up right.


Nurse: Oh! You’re awake.


Tommy: (Is starting to wake up) Wha…What happened?


Nurse: Oh, your Stretch was smashed into by a runaway criminal and you guys were in critical condition, so you were brought here.


Tommy: (Rubs his head) Oh…My head. How are the other two?


Nurse: (Stays silent) Well, you are in the best condition of the two.


Tommy: (Shakes off the wooziness) Ok, don’t beat around the bush, how are they.


Nurse: Well, (Heads over to Ken) He seems to have broken a leg and may be out for a while more. (Walks over to Umberto) This one seems to have suffered the most damage. He has a broken arm, leg, and a few fractured ribs.


Tommy: (In shock) Holy sh*t! Are they going to be ok?!


Nurse: Well, your friend over here… (Points to Ken)… He is going to be fine. He is going to wake up with just a broken leg. The other patient, well he may be here for quite a while.


Tommy: (Curses under breath) Well, when Ken wakes up, can you tell him I have gone to look for Kelsey. (Gets up and walks towards the doorway)


Nurse: (Quickly runs to the doorway) I’m sorry, but you can’t just leave. You are under the care of this hospital and you are not permitted to leave.


Tommy: (Grabs the nurses arm) You don’t understand, my daughter is somewhere in this city. She has been lost for quite sometime and I need to find her.


Nurse: (Pulls her arm away) I’m terribly sorry, but you’re not allowed to leave.


Tommy: (Looks around and grabs the nurse’s neck. He raises her up a wall off the floor) I really need to find her, now you will let me leave.


Nurse: (Speaking between breathes) Fine…I’ll get…permission…from the…doctor…


Tommy: (Lets go of Nurse) Ok, but make it fast.


Nurse: Okay, I’ll be right back… (Walks out of the room)


Tommy: (Sits down on a nearby chair) In a matter of no time I’ll be out of here and back in Vice.


P.A. System: (Intercom comes on) We have a mentally unstable patient on the second floor, will Dr. DeFarge come and treat the patient.


Tommy: (Looks at the door) f*ck, I should have just killed her. (Runs over to his bed and picks up his I.V) Now, for a sneak attack on the doctor. (Runs over to the doorway and stands next to it)


DeFarge: (Runs in) Mr. Vercetti, did you threaten… (Tommy stabs the Doctor in the neck with the I.V)


Tommy: (Carefully drags body and places him on his bed) Now, what to do… (Takes off his clothes and puts them on) There, now for some protection just in case. (Looks through the cabinets) Here we go. (Pulls out an amputation saw) Holy sh*t! (Puts under his coat) Now, let’s see if I can get out of this f*cking place.


Nurse: (Runs in) Dr. DeFarge, did you calm him down?


Tommy: (Slowly makes his way towards her) Well, he seems to be taking the… (Pulls out the saw and slashes the Nurse’s throat open. Grabs her body and slides it under an unoccupied bed) That should take care of any inconveniences. (Walks outside the room and makes his way to the elevator) Now, I have to act cool.


Patient: (Looks at Tommy) Hey, you’re not Dr. Defarge. I got to go tell someone.


Tommy: (Looks down at his name tag) Wait, I must have accidentally put on his coat. (Elevator door opens. He grabs him and drags him into the elevator)


Patient: Hellllllllp! (Elevator closes)


Tommy: (Grabs his neck) This won’t hurt a bit. (Alarm sounds around the building) f*ck! (Quickly kills the patient) Now I’m f*cked. (Elevator opens) Oh sh*t!


Security Guard: (Pulls out pistol) Hold it right!


Tommy: (Lunges over and hacks off the arm with the pistol) f*ck that! (Picks up the pistol) You f*cked with the wrong man. (Puts a bullet hole in the guards head) Ok, I see the door. (Runs down the hallway)


Police Officer: (Comes around corner) Not so fast Mr. Vercetti! (Shoots Tommy in the left leg)


Tommy: (Stumbles but kills the officer) f*ck! (Gets outside) Now what? (Looks around) There. (Finds a parked Regina and hotwires it) Now to get the f*ck out of here, and maybe somewhere I can get this treated.

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Thanks for the comments. I usually never stick to writing a story, but this is the farthest I ever got into writing one.


Chapter 17: The Hard Way

Thursday November 25th, 2006. 4:15 P.M.

Joey is landing on the roof of the Caligula's roof. Bruno is waiting for the helicopter to land. Joey steps out and is greeted by Bruno.


Bruno: (Shakes Joey's hand) Hey Joey! What brings you all the way to Las Venturas?


Joey: (Takes a deep breathe) Well, I'll tell you on the way to my room. I need food, new clothes, and a shower.


Bruno: (Starts to head for the door) Well, your room is right this way. (Opens door)


Joey: (Looks off into the distance) "Alfonso better not have started an attack on the LCUBC yet."


Bruno: You coming Joey?


Joey: (Snaps out of thought) Oh, coming. (Walks to the door)

Thursday November 25th, 2006. 4:41 P.M.

Roberto and Mike have entered the Ganton district. Mike is looking around nervously.


Mike: (Looks around) You know what, I have re-thought this whole "rescue Kelsey with a group of people" idea. I think we can both get her.


Roberto: (Looks at Mike) Okay, what the f*ck is going to happen?


Gangster: (Runs up to car) Get the f*ck out your ride! (Holds gun up to Roberto)


Roberto: (Gets out of car) Or what?


Gangster: (Keeps gun pointed at his head) Get the f*ck out of here fool. (Looks in car) And you too!


Roberto: (Grabs the gangsters arm) How about you leave us alone.


Gangster: (Struggles to get out of his grip) Hey dawg, get the f*ck off me.


Roberto: (Has a firm grip on his arm and turns to Mike) Hey what's the gang leaders name?


Mike: Forget it Roberto. Lets just go.


Roberto: (Puts pressure on the arm) Just tell me.


Gangster: (Bends under the pressure) Yo, let go of me.


Mike: His name is Carl Johnson.


Gangster: (Looks at Mike) What you be wanting with C.J?


Roberto: (Looks back at the gangster) You know him?


Gangster: (Still straining) Yeah, yeah I know him. Just let go of my arm dawg.


Roberto: (Lessens the pressure) I will let go if you promise to lead us to C.J.


Gangster: (Shakes Roberto's hand off) Fine.


Roberto: (Gets in the driver's seat) Get in the back, and give us directions to his house.


Gangster: (Gets in back seat) And what do I get out of this fool?


Roberto: (Pulls out pistol and points it at his face) How about, you don't die?


Gangster: (Gulps) Good nough. K, head straight down tis street til you reach the cul-de-sac.


Thursday November 25th, 2006. 3:15 P.M.

Kelsey is still sitting in the chair tied up and looking at Hank. Hank is astonished at the task sitting before him. He knows he has made the worst mistake possible. He decides to think of a quick plan.


Hank: (Comes out of the shock) Holy sh*t. Well, this is quite a dilemma we have here.


Kelsey: (Keeps looking) It sure is. What do you propose to do?


Hank: (Thinks for a second) Do you have a cell-phone on you? I know a lot of you kids have them these days.


Kelsey: (Just remembers about her phone) Oh yeah, but I need you to untie me in order to get it.


Hank: (Laughs) Good one. You want me to untie you?


Kelsey: (Looks at him sarcastically) That's right, once you untie me I'm going to miraculously pull out a gun and kill you.


Hank: You may not do that, but I would think the daughter of Tommy Vercetti would know some self defense.


Kelsey: You're right, I do, but what am I going to do? Get out of here, and then be lost in the middle of an unfamiliar place? I don't think so. So just untie me to get my phone. Please.


Hank: (Gets up and unties her hands) There, now get it.


Kelsey: (Reaches in her pant pocket and pulls out her phone) Here it is. (Flips it open) Oh, I have two unread messages.


Hank: (Grabs the phone) They are from Kristie and... (Keeps looking) ...your father. (Clicks Tommy's message)


Tommy: (Voice recording) "Hey Kelsey, I am wondering where you are. You have been gone for nearly five hours. Just wanted to check on you, and see if you found Roberto. Call me as soon as you get this message."


Hank: (Hands phone to Kelsey) Call him. He wants to talk to you.


Kelsey: (Grabs phone) Fine. He won't be too happy about this. (Dials Tommy's number and it rings)


Tommy: (Answers) Hello?


Kelsey: Daddy?


Tommy: (The line is silent) Holy sh*t! Kelsey is that you?! What the hell happened? Where the hell are you? Is Roberto there?!


Kelsey: (Sounds a bit worried) Well, this man�


Hank: (Grabs phone) Hello?


Tommy: (Sounds confused) Hello? Who the f*ck is this? Put my daughter back on!


Hank: Holy sh*t, it really is Tommy!


Tommy: Who the f*ck is this?!


Hank: Oh, this is your daughter's kidnapper.


Tommy: (Erupts) What?! She's been kidnapped?!


Hank: (Laughs a little) Yes, her stupid boyfriend got out of the car when he wanted to leave, and that gave me the perfect opportunity to kidnap her.


Tommy: (Screaming and cursing) What the f*ck! Why the f*ck would you kidnap my daughter?!


Hank: Well, I didn't know it was your daughter actually. I was planning on baiting in Roberto so I can turn him in for the reward money, but this could be so much better. You would probably pay more for your daughter back.


Tommy: (Goes quite) Well, you should rethink that. I will not be the one paying, but you. You will be paying in your own blood. See you in Fort Carson. (Hangs up)


Hank: Wait, how did he know we are in Fort Carson?


Kelsey: (Laughs out loud) My dad is always paranoid about my safety. So he put a tracking device in everything I have, even that phone.


Thursday November 25th, 2006. 5:00 P.M.

It is starting to get dark and Roberto pulls up to a run-down cul-de-sac. All the houses seem to be falling apart. Roberto looks around and then gives a look at Mike.


Roberto: What the f*ck? This is where the leader of this major street gang lives?


Gangster: Actually, he lives in Vinewood. He works wit tis rappa. Don't know his name though; some rappa he found and thought could be good. Afta that Madd Dogg guy started to lose major sales, C.J kicked his ass out and lived alone for a few years. Now he workin with tis new rappa.


Roberto: (Turns around and looks at the gangster) Well, then why the f*ck is he down here?


Gangster: His bro don't want to live wit him up there, so he still lives here. Can I go now dawg?


Roberto: (Unlocks the door) Get the f*ck out. (Gangster runs off into the distance) So Mike, you ready to confront him?


Mike: (Looks at Roberto) No.


Roberto: (Gets out of car) Too bad. (He walks up to a run-down house and knocks on the door. Looks back at Mike) Hey Mike, are you coming?


Mike: (Yells from the car) I'm good over here.


Roberto: Fine. (Looks back at the door as it opens) Hi is Carl here?


Man: (Looks at Roberto and pulls out an Ingram) What the f*ck you want wit C.J?


Roberto: (Backs off) Easy there, I need his help.


Man: (Still pointing the gun at Roberto) C.J don't know you. Now get the f*ck out of here. (Pushes gun into Roberto�s chest) Get!


Roberto: (Grabs his arm and twists it behind his back) How about now?


Carl: (Comes out of house) Yo, easy on my bro man. What do you want?


Roberto: (Throws Sweet off to the side) Sorry, I need your help. My friend over there, (Points to the car) he said that you could help me in a search.


Carl: (Looks at Roberto) Why the f*ck would I want to help you out fool?


Roberto: Do you know who Tommy Vercetti is?


Carl: (Thinks) Yeah, heard of him. Why?


Roberto: Cause we are searching for his daughter. She has been kidnapped.


Carl: Well, what's in it for me?


Roberto: How about some cash?


Carl: Naw, got plenty of that.


Roberto: How about a favor?


Carl: (Thinks again) How would you be of assistance?


Roberto: (Grins) You know Roberto Garcia?


Carl: Yeah, why you be bringing him up?


Roberto: (Keeps grinning) You're looking at him.


Thursday November 25th, 2006. 4:45 P.M

Hanks is in the living room watching T.V while Kelsey eats her soup through a straw in the other room. Hank has been waiting to see if Tommy would arrive. So far he hasn't.


Hank: (Yells to Kelsey) Your dad sure takes a while to get here, doesn't he?


Kelsey: Well, he is in Vice. So he does have to fly here.


Hank: (Looks back at the television) Yeah whatever. What's on? (Flips through the channel and lands on a news station) Well, what's happening here in San An?


Chuck: Hey, this is your number one news anchor here on channel ten, Chuck. Today, in Las Venturas, there was an intense police chase. It seems famous DJ and talk show host, Lazlow Jones, was kidnapped by famed killer Roberto Garcia, and his accomplice, Mike Toreno. The police lost track of them while they drove around Red County. They are believed to be in Los Santos, so the police have the town shut off from Red County and Flint County. In other news, a massacre has occurred in Redsands West. The don of The Vercetti Crime Ring, Tommy Vercetti, is now also being searched for. He has killed about five people in the hospital. (Looks to the side and whispers something that can still be heard) What the hell is wrong with San Andreas, we have all these fugitives. Why does anyone live here? (Looks back at the camera) So now, to our on the field reporter, Chris, who has set up an interview with Downtown, San Fierro Burgershot manager, Fred Hobbs. (Cuts off to Chris)


Chris: Thanks Chuck. Well it seems that Burgershot is being sued by an unhappy parent saying that their child found a piece of rubber in his burger. When later analyzed, it seems that it was a used condom. So, Fred, what do you have to say about this, since this is the Burgershot being sued?


Fred: Well, it really isn't our fault. I have fired our employee who was in charge of burger on that shift.


Chris: Well, good. But why was there a condom "in" the sandwich? (Fred doesn't answer) Well?


Hank: (Turns off the television) This state is a bunch of crap. Once I get that money from Tommy, I'm moving. (A knock comes on the door) Finally he's here. (Starts to get up)


Tommy: Are you there?


Hank: Yeah. I'm coming. (Bullets come flying through the door and kill Hank. His body slumps against the back wall and falls to the floor. Kelsey is just staring at this)


Tommy: (Kicks in door) Are you here Kelsey?


Kelsey: I'm over here. I'm tied up.


Tommy: (Runs over and unties her) Where's Roberto?


Kelsey: He is in Los Santos. I heard it on the news when Hank was watching it

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CANT WAIT MAN BUT PLEASE I LOVE THIS STORY DONT RUIN IT BY kiLLING CJ BEACausE BY CJ BEING a character im happy so dont kill him please or ill suicidal.gifdie.gif kidding more please rahkstar2.gif

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I LOVE THIS STORY DONT RUIN IT BY kiLLING CJ BEACausE BY CJ BEING a character im happy so dont kill him please or ill die.gifsuicidal.gif kidding more please

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Cubanwhip, please update the story, I can't wait for chapter 18!!


P.S.This topic got a star.

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Don't get your hopes down, I will post it soon. It's better to have a really good chapter, then for me to slap together a chapter in ten minutes. Don't worry, the next chapter is worth the wait.

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