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Grand Theft Auto.......

Recommended Posts

Vanilla Shake

Great chapter dude.


Keep 'em coming. icon14.gif

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Nice chapter. It wasn't too short. icon14.gif

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great chapter Man


bring in the next one soon

A little birdie told me he's doing an Easter PSA, keep it on the down-low ph34r.gif

really man because i think that litttle birdie is late cause today is easter

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cool story its geting interesting

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yo man it has almost been a month.


bring in the next one soon

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Cubanwhip died...


What have I become?...

Edited by TonyZimmzy

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Cubanwhip died...


What have I become?...

What you Talking About? Fool!!

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Seriously man! Where is the NEXT CHAPTER!!! I'm dyin' of excitement!!! (Not really, but y'all get the point right?)

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Archaon, Lord of End Times

Robby's killed off all the characters I like! mad.gif

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Robby's killed off all the characters I like! mad.gif


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Robby's killed off all the characters I like! mad.gif

so what. i just care if there is going to another chapter

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Archaon, Lord of End Times

Shhh, quiet, n00bs. A real member's trying to speak. tounge.gif Robby know's I'm screwing with him.


Where's that next chapter at, fool? bbq.gif

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Laberto's eating chicken wings right now...he's still dead, though.

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The general2 Prays to God for another chapter soon


Please Roberto bring on a next chapter soon


We need you

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In before Chapter 71!


(yep he's posting it)

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Mmkay, I think you all deserve an explanation. If anyone has ever written anything for this long, then you know at some point you hit writer's block. Same thing happened to me, but I also lost motive to write. Ask Tony, he knows. sarcasm.gif But today, I was going to watch **** wink.gif and then I was inspired! I just started writing and now here is chapter 71!!!! Don't get mad, but I just have to deal with school work, and writer's block, and Tony, so I'm pretty wrapped up. Well here it is!


Chapter 71: Re-Acquainted


Wednesday July 2nd, 2007. 1:16 A.M. Woozie’s Apartment, Calton Heights; San Fierro.

Roberto is sitting inside the Oceanic waiting for Dylan. He looks to his right and sees a long winding road heading down. The garage door opens and Dylan is standing inside, along with a 1997, baby blue Deimos SP. Roberto pulls in and parks next to the car, examining it. He gets out and closes the door.


Roberto: Is that ours?


Dylan: Woozie said it is!


Roberto: (Slides his finger down the car’s length) Woozie is quite generous… (Hears a phone ringing)


Dylan: (Pulls out a black Blzr cell phone) Hello…alright… (Holds the phone to Roberto) Woozie wants to talk to you.


Roberto: (Takes the phone and holds it to his chest) He gave this to you?


Dylan: Yeah. So he can contact us.


Roberto: (Puts the phone to his ear) Hello?


Woozie: Hey there Roberto, it’s time to get to business.


Roberto: (Looks up at Dylan, but still speaks to Woozie) Business?


Woozie: Of course! Dylan has said that to pay for your apartment, you will be doing errands for me.


Roberto: (Glares at Dylan, Dylan shrinking back) Well…oh whatever, I guess.


Woozie: Well, let’s start off with a quick, and easy task. On the north end of Fierro, I have a shipment coming through. It’ll be inside a 2000 Kuruma. I need you to get it and bring it down to the airport. I’ll have my associates take it from there.


Roberto: Why can’t you have your associates do it?


Woozie: Well, we’re a well known gang around here. If cops see my men driving from the docks to the airport, they will know something is going down. You on the other hand, are just a civilian that wouldn’t be as suspicious.


Roberto: D you know who I…


Woozie: You better hurry up. The shipment is in half an hour! (Hangs up)


Roberto: (Hangs up and pockets the phone) What did you get me into! (Walks over and grabs Dylan by the shirt collar and slams him into the garage wall)


Dylan: Nothing! It was the only way he would give us the apartment!


Roberto: What?


Dylan: He knows who you are! He knew he would be better off with you doing errands than collecting rent.


Roberto: (Lets go of Dylan, Dylan falling on his ass) Alright, but this isn’t going to last forever. (Gets into the Oceanic and drives off the northern San Fierro Docks)


Wednesday July 2nd, 2007. 1:27 A.M. Southern Docks, Esplanade North; San Fierro.

Roberto parks the Oceanic and steps out, the moon’s glow reflecting off the hood. Roberto walks over to the edge of the dock and sees a ferry pull up. A ramp slides out and a Kuruma comes rolling off the ferry. A man walks up to Roberto.


Man: You the guy Woozie sent?


Roberto: Yeah.


Man: (Throws Roberto the keys) Don’t scratch it!


Roberto: (Catches the keys) No problem. (Walks towards the Kuruma)


Man: Make sure it’s there in ten minutes! We can’t be having you delaying the shipment!


Roberto: (Yells back at the man as he gets in) Yeah, sure, whatever! (Sits inside and looks in the backseat, seeing five duffel bags) sh*t… (Pulls off the dock and starts towards the airport)


Wednesday July 2nd, 2007. 1:35 A.M. Airport Security Gates, Easter Bay Airport; San Fierro.

Roberto pulls up to the gate and an oriental man checks the Kuruma out. He looks Roberto and makes a signal to proceed. As Roberto drives through the open gate, he sees an unconscious body lying in the security booth. He drives a few feet and three men dressed in security uniforms stop the Kuruma.


Seiji: Alright, this is as far as you go Mr. Garcia. Tell Woozie, Seiji says delivery successful…


Roberto: (Gets out of the Kuruma and throws the keys to Seiji) Alright… (The name Seiji sparks a though) “Seiji…why does that sound so familiar…”


Seiji: (Starts the car up and speeds off)


Roberto: (Slowly walks out through the security gates) “Where have I heard that name?” (Finds a taxi idling nearby) How fortunate. (Walks and takes the taxi, speeding off to the apartment)


Wednesday July 2nd, 2007. 1:58 A.M. Woozie’s Apartment, Calton Heights; San Fierro.

Roberto pulls up to the apartment and parks the taxi a block away. He walks over to the apartment and finds the garage still open. Roberto pulls out his pistol and runs into the garage. He slowly makes his way to the button and the garage slowly closes. He kicks in the door, leading to the laundry room. He makes his way through the apartment and finds Dylan standing in the kitchen.


Dylan: What happened?!


Roberto: You left the garage open! I thought someone broke in!


Dylan: (Rolls his eyes) Jeez, I left it open incase you bring the Oceanic back…


Roberto: (Puts the pistol back in pants) Well, that went well.


Dylan: Really or sarcastic?


Roberto: No really. If that’s what I got to do to pay for this sh*thole, then we’re good.


Thursday July 2nd, 2007. 11:01 A.M. Woozie’s Apartment, Calton Heights; San Fierro.

Roberto’s arm is hanging off the side of the bed, with his gun in hand. The Blzr phone starts to ring and Roberto drops the gun on the wooden floor. He sits up and picks the phone up, rubbing his eyes.


Roberto: Hello?


Woozie: I need another favor…


Roberto: Another? I thought it was going to be like a ‘once a week’ thing.


Woozie: (Laughs) That is quite funny. It’ll be more like two or three a week.


Roberto: (Grunts and rubs his temples) What do you need? Another delivery?


Woozie: (Chuckles) Well, no. You won’t be getting no more of those. I just needed that done quickly. That would be something a person trying to be part of my gang would do. You, well, you’re just paying me back.


Roberto: What?


Woozie: Nothing. Anyways, at Easter Basin docks, we got some trouble; seems like this Yakuza is trying to one up us in the whole drug importing/exporting business. I need you to go down there, and make sure they know that they are not welcome in my city. (Hangs up)


Roberto: (Flips the phone shut and shoves it in his pocket) I knew it… (Bends down and grabs his pistol)


Thursday July 2nd, 2007. 12:21 A.M. Easter Basin Docks, Easter Basin; San Fierro.

Roberto is sitting in the baby blue Deimos SP watching over the Yakuza. The Yakuza bustle around and looks like busy workers from the distance Roberto is watching from. He sees four cars start to pull away. They look like 2003 Stingers with a white body and a red front end. Roberto looks at these cars and knows exactly who they are.


Roberto: Liberty Yakuza… (Hears a knocking on the back of the car) What… (Roberto pulls out a pistol and slowly opens the door. He slowly steps out of the car and looks over the trunk. He sees a man ducking behind the Deimos) Who’s there!


Man: Hey, holmes…it’s me…


Roberto: (Ducks and walks over to the man) Cesar?!


Cesar: Hey, I found out you’re working for Woozie. Do you know what you’re getting yourself into?!


Roberto: How do you know Woozie.


Cesar: Carl used to work for him. So Carl introduced him to me. Since then, we’ve been tight. Bad news for you though.


Roberto: What?


Cesar: (Sighs) Carl is dead…


Roberto: (Looks at Cesar) So? Asshole is finally dead. He deserved it…


Cesar: Well, that ‘asshole’ was so close to Woozie, he was like a brother. Woozie wants you dead.


Roberto: Dead?!


Cesar: Yeah, there is no deal. This is a set up! Once you charge in there, you’re dead. They have a few snipers posted around the area.


Roberto: (Looks at Cesar) Why are you telling me this? Carl was a friend of yours, why don’t you hate me?


Cesar: (Puts his hand on Roberto’s shoulder) Listen…Carl was a brother to me. I dated his sister, therefore he was my hermano, but after ’92, fame and glory got to him. The man I once knew he was gone. He was replaced with some fake, money hungry tycoon.


Roberto: How do I know you’re not setting me up?


Cesar: You’re just…gonna have to trust me…


Roberto: (Looks into Cesar’s eyes) Get in. (Gets into the Deimos and waits for Cesar to get in)


Cesar: (Gets in) Alright Roberto, they have this place blocked incase you escape. Our only way out are those train tracks. (Points to some train tracks one hundred feet away)


Roberto: (Speeds to the train tracks, the four Yakuza Stingers turning and going towards the tracks) sh*t, how are we going to loose them! All I have is this pistol with about nine bullets in it.


Cesar: Give it to me! (Looks through the rearview and sees them gaining feet) Can this piece of sh*t go any faster?


Roberto: (Tries to accelerate) I think Woozie gave me this sh*tty car just for this situation. (Gets onto the train tracks, the car bouncing around and the chassis of the car being destroyed)


Cesar: Take it easy!


Roberto: Brace yourself! (Crashes through a gate)


Cesar: (Looks through the side mirror and watches the gate fly through the air and slam into the windshield of one of the Stingers, sending off to the side and crashing into a wall) Alright, we’re down to three.


Roberto: (Speeds along the tracks, the muffler breaks off and is projected straight backwards) sh*t!


Cesar: (Watches as the muffler smashes across the hood of a Stinger and makes it swerve, but it keeps on their tail) Maybe we can use these tracks to our advantage.


Roberto: Yeah…until the car stops working… (Sees a hill coming up) Holy…sh*t! (The front fender of the Deimos is ripped off on contact with the hill, scraping under the car and launched back towards the Stingers)


Cesar: (Watches as the Deimos leaves the ground and glides through the air) We’re flying holmes! (Looks through the side mirror and sees the front fender catch the front wheel of a Stinger, causing it to swerve and smash into a pillar)


Roberto: Brace for impact! (Feels the chassis of the car scrape the ground as they land) How amny left?


Cesar: (Looks back and sees the Stinger land from the jump) Two.


Roberto: (Pulls the handbrake and drifts around a corner) Where are we?


Cesar: Under the freeway. Watch out!


Roberto: (Swerves and dodges a pillar) You think we can loose them here?


Cesar: (Looks back and sees the barely miss the pillar) I’m sure we could…


Roberto: (Cranks the wheel left and pulls on the handbrake, the car drifting around a pillar) Come on… (Lets go of the handbrake and speeds towards the Stingers) Oh sh*t! (Clips the front corner of a Stinger, the Deimos is sent spiraling the air)


Cesar: (Looks around and watches the world spin)


Roberto: (Roberto feels the roof of the Deimos cave in on impact with the ground. The Deimos scrapes across the ground, sparks everywhere. The Deimos finally comes to a halt after about moving five hundred feet) Uh…what’s that smell…


Cesar: (Puts his hand to his forehead and looks at his hand, covered in blood) Smells like… (Takes a few sniffs) …gasoline…


Roberto: (Looks out the driver’s window and sees the Stinger’s come to a stop and one man steps out) Seiji…


Seiji: (Looks at the Deimos wreck) Who tipped him!?


Guard 1: We are not sure!


Seiji: It’s time Roberto Garcia finally dies! (Pulls out his lighter and drops it in a puddle of gasoline, leading to the Deimos)

Edited by Cubanwhip

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f*ckin amazin chapter as-per-usual, Labertism!


And yeah, writer's block is a bitch. I haven't written anything since about January, I'm f*cked soon lol.gif

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finally a chapter man. And a pretty good one too.


Please bring in the next one soon like by the weekend.

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Great chapter man! icon14.gificon14.gificon14.gif I don't think Woozie is working alone here.... ph34r.gif

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Vanilla Shake

Great work like always dude. Can't wait for the next chapter...



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The chapter was so good i am replying again. to show how much i love this story.

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yo man bring on the next chapter


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Quick update for the people still reading: Laberto's gone on holiday to Washington D.C.

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Grand Theft Auto: The Conclusion


Yes, another GTA fan fiction. Now, I know what your thinking, "Why the hell is everyone writing GTA fan fictions? They should stop and think of something more creative other than GTA spin-offs." I used to say that too. Now, though, I came up with a great idea. What if I write something that is different, but it brings in the cities and characters. Then, this story was born.


user posted image

(Top: Hunter, 8-Ball. Middle: Reni Wassulmaier, Liberty City L-Train, Millie Perkin's Eyes, Dylan Cole. Bottom: Marissa Mendez, Infernus.)

user posted image


Table of Contents:

The First Saga

Chapter 1: Just a Small Job

Chapter 2: All Things Become New

Chapter 3: It's Going to Be A Long Ride

Chapter 4: Old Things Are Remembered

Chapter 5: What’s In A Name…

Chapter 6: The Old Routine

Chapter 7: A Friend Redefined

Chapter 8: It's All Down Hill From Here

Chapter 9: New to Some, Old to Others

Chapter 10: The Middle of Where?

Chapter 11: A Fair Request

Chapter 12: Never Trust a Stranger

Chapter 13: It’s Certain Death

Chapter 14: A Meeting Gone Array

Chapter 15: A Considerable Catastrophe

Chapter 16: The Massacre

Chapter 17: The Hard Way

Chapter 18: The Head Honcho

Chapter 19: Outrageous…I Think Not

Chapter 20: An Infallible Plan

Chapter 21: Should Have Done It My Way

Chapter 22: So Much for That

Chapter 23: Not a Chance

Chapter 24: A State of Transition

Chapter 25: A Complete Relapse

Chapter 26: A One Way Ticket

Chapter 27: Inspired By A Dream…

Chapter 28: Federal Reality

Chapter 29: A Little Goes A Long Way

Chapter 30: Set the Wheel in Motion

Chapter 31: The Calm Before The Storm

Chapter 32: The Storm

Chapter 33: One After the Other

The Second Saga

Chapter 34: Burnt Out

Chapter 35: Hell Hath No Fury like a Vercetti’s Scorn

Chapter 36: Warm Welcome

Chapter 37: My Enemy’s Lackeys Are My Friends

Chapter 38: A New Contact

Chapter 39: A Likely Story

Chapter 40: A Burning Desire

Chapter 41: The Making of a Killer

Chapter 42: Analysis…Dead

Chapter 43: Action Fever

Chapter 44: Home Sickness

Chapter 45: An Expected Surprise

Chapter 46: The Search

Chapter 47: Old Acquaintance Be Forgot

Chapter 48: Something Doesn’t Feel Right

Chapter 49: Big Day

Chapter 50: Keep Your Friends Close…

The Third Saga

Chapter 51: The First Day of the Rest of Our Lives

Chapter 52: Getting Tired?

Chapter 53: Hot Action Party Fever

Chapter 54: Separation Issues

Chapter 55: My Life Be Like…

Chapter 56: Run Motherf*cka Run

Chapter 57: Point Blank

Chapter 58: Beat Down on B-Dup

Chapter 59: Paternal Love

Chapter 60: A New Friend Is a Friend In Need

Chapter 61: Wired

Chapter 62: Did I Miss Something?

Chapter 63: Cross Country Road Trip

Chapter 64: A Connection

Chapter 65: Unforeseen Circumstances

Chapter 66: Must’ve Blown a Fuse

Chapter 67: Wanted Much?

Chapter 68: The Sole Survivor

Chapter 69: False Hopes

Chapter 70: Last Man Standing

Chapter 71: Re-Acquainted



Christmas PSA: Don't Drink and Drive-By

Valentine PSA: True Love


Exclusive Flamewars:

Flamewar with ClaudeTommyCJ_4_LiFe



Roberto Garcia: The Protagonist of the story. On his last job for the Leone Family, he is sent spiraling into the criminal underworld and sent across the country.

Kelsey Vercetti: Daughter to mob Don Tommy Vercetti. She is engaged to Roberto and is unaware of his betrayal to the ones he loves.

Tommy Vercetti: Don to The Vercetti Crime Ring and adoptive father to Roberto. He dies from first degree burns.

Joey Leone: Don of the Leone Crime Family and was in charge of Roberto for the two years he spent in Liberty City. He dies at the hands of Roberto.

Mr. Gray: Roberto's sadistic split personality.

Umberto Robina: Only known relative of Roberto. He is head of the local Cuban gang in Vice City. He dies from massive blood loss.

Carl 'C.J' Johnson: Former friend to Roberto after the death of his brother. He blamed the death on Roberto from neglect and never forgave him.

Cesar Vialpando: Friend to Roberto and dissapeared after the death of Sweet Johnson.

Antonio 'Toni' Cipriani: Does not trust Cubans after the death of his mother at the hands of Roberto's uncle, Umberto Robina.

Claude Speed: In charge of Mr. Gray's corporation while Roberto was elsewhere. He was supposedly dead from the beginning, but turned out to be alive, only to killed on a rooftop shootout.

Mickey Hamfists: Makeshift Don of the Leones after all other runner ups are taken out. His whereabouts are unknown.

Ken Rosenburg: Consigliere to The Vercetti Crime Ring and is a recovering drug addict. He dies in an automobile accident involving Roberto shooting out the tires.

Mike Toreno: Friend turned foe and is now the president of the United States. He hates and fears Roberto.

Sweet Johnson: Brother to Carl Johnson and is supportive of the 'family'. He dies at the hands of Millie Perkins.

Millie Perkins: An unknown woman, with an unknown amount of power. Not much can be said about her.

Juan 'Colonel' Garcia Cortez: A trusted friend of Tommy's. He was aware of Roberto betraying and after Tommy's death, take motive. It is unknown whether he is alive or dead.

Victor 'Vic' Vance: Old friend of Roberto who helps him out of tight situations. He is still alive, only in extreme health conditions.

8-Ball: Quick friend to Roberto. He tags along only to reveal he was working with Tommy and set Roberto up for his death. Unfortunately, he dies at Tommy's hand and the tables are turned.

Catalina Vialpando: Cousin to Cesar Vialpando and ex-lover to Roberto. After Roberto leaving her to die in a hospital, she recovers and takes ahold of Roberto's empire in Vice City. She is king pin of Vice City.

Salvador Garcia: Father to Roberto Garcia and had been living a life of solitude in Angel Pine. He only finds out his son is alive when Roberto stumbles into his grocery store.

Donald Love: Vice President of America and has a distaste towards Mike Toreno. He is the leader of a small organization called The Corporation.

Jeffrey 'OG Loc' Cross: Stole the money from Millie Perkins and took over Grove Street Families for a short time.

Marissa Mendez: One of Roberto's pre-disaster lovers. She relayed information between Roberto's personalities. She dies from a bullet wound to the head by Roberto.

Luigi Goterelli: A Capo to the Leone Family. He convinced Roberto he would help him, only to later try to kill him. He failed and died in a fight on a street with Roberto.

Crescenzo Cilli: Traitor to Joey Leone. He falsely appeared to be weak and harmless, allowing him to easily finish off the Leones while Joey was absent.

Dylan Cole: Roberto found him in a local convinience store and tags along with Roberto. He has no family and feels attached to Roberto, Kelsey, and Salvador.

Anna Price: Soon to become lawyer who befriends Roberto on his first day in Capitol City. She is advisor to Mike Toreno, and is willing to help Roberto out.

The Boss: Leader of Los Vatos Locos and is known to torture people for information.



Chapter 1: Just A Small Job


Sunday August 10th, 2006. 12:00 A.M.

Snow is falling. It is midnight. Few pedestrians walk the streets. A lone Leone Sentinel turns the curb up Marco's Bistro. It is heading to Joey Leone's mansion. It drives up the driveway and parks up front. A man comes out the car and locks it. He walks towards the mansion. He unlocks the house and walks in, and to his surprise, is greeted by Joey Leone.


Joey: So, did you get the job done Roberto. Is that backstabber dead?


Roberto: If by dead, you mean inside a cube of crushed car and sunk at the bottom of the river, then yes, he is dead.


Joey: Good. This is why I always trusted you. Now go get some sleep. Tomorrow's a big day.


Roberto: What's going on tomorrow?


Joey: You'll see.


Monday August 11th, 2006. 8:07 A.M.

The sun is rising. The house casts a long shadow on the beach. Roberto is then woken up by a gun shot. He immediately gets up and reaches under his bed for his Micro SMG. He loads it and slowly walks into the hallway. He makes his way down the hall, and into the lounge area. He sees Joey sitting on the couch laughing.


Joey: How nice of you to join us Roberto. Come over here and have a seat. I want you to meet a very good friend of mine.


Roberto: (Walks over to the couch and sits down. He sets his weapon on the coffee table and looks at the guest) Who is this Joey?


Joey: Let me introduce you to Antonio Cipriani, or Toni for short.


Toni: So, you're the kid Joey is always talking about. You don't look tough, heck, you don't even look Italian. Hey Joey, who the f*ck is this.


Joey: Calm down Toni. He is a friend of mine that came up from Vice City. Umberto Robina informed me about him. He...


Toni: What?! That dirty Cuban told you about this kid, and you listened. How do you really know this kid is really trustworthy? This f*cking Cuban could be a rat. How do you know that...


Joey: Shut the f*ck up Toni. This kid just killed Claude.


(The room went silent)


Toni: Are you serious? Did this kid really kill him?


Roberto: If you need proof here. (Throws a dark green, blood-stained jacket at Toni) He won't be a problem anymore.


Toni: (Total shock consumes his face) My God. He really killed him.


Joey: See Toni. He is completely trustworthy. I am actually sending him on a job now.


Roberto: (Looks over at Joey) Really. I just got back from a job. Can't I just rest for one day?


Joey: Don't worry. This job should be a snap. Just get over to Claude's place in Staunton and get me money. Last I heard he had over $50,000,000. Here's the duffel bag you can put the money in.


Roberto: Fine. But as soon as I get back, I am getting a day off.


Joey: No problem Roberto. Just get her over there. (Roberto is heard getting in his car and driving off)


Toni: He really killed him didn't he? I just can't believe that that kid could do it.


Joey: He has his ways. He lived in Vice City. If you grow up there, you have to be a born killer.


Toni: Yeah, especially with that Vercetti guy running the place.


Roberto: (Roberto drives into Staunton and heads down the second street on his right. He turns left into an alley. He parks the car and gets out) sh*t, fifty million dollars, this guy must have been doing alot of jobs to get that much money. (He hits the elevator button and the elevator doors open. Someone swings a bat and knocks Roberto out)


Monday August 11th, 2006. 4:34 P.M.

Joey is pacing the lounge area. Toni is still sitting, occasionally glancing at the clock. Joey goes up to the bar and fills himself a shot of Vodka. He drinks it and slams it on the counter.


Joey: What the f*ck is taking him so long. He should have been here hours ago. I mean, how difficult is it to get some money?


Toni: I'll go get him.


Joey: (Stops Toni from leaving) No, wait. Give him thirty more minutes, and we'll go.


Monday August 11th, 2006. 4:46 P.M.

Roberto opens his eyes. He looks around the room. Blood is dripping down his face. He tastes it in his mouth. The room is a dull gray color and has no furniture, except for the chair he sits in. He tries to untie the rope that has his hands together, but fails.


Roberto: Where the f*ck am I? Hey, can somebody explain what the f*ck I am doing here?


Stranger: (A door Roberto did not see slowly opens. A man comes out dressed in a full black attire) Hello there Mr. Garcia. I have been expecting you for a long time.


Roberto: Who the f*ck are you? And how the hell do you know my name?


Stranger: (Laughs under breath) Well, to answer your first question, you can call me Mr. Gray. And to answer your second question, I have been watching you for the past two years now. You have been working for the Leone family. You are the Don's right hand man, a skilled driver, and a deadly killing machine. In fact, we have a body count so far of 107 for you.


Roberto: We? What do you mean we?


Mr. Gray: We'll get to that later. Your most recent murder is that of a man named Claude Speed. He also worked for the Leone's, and managed to kill their old Don, Salvatore Leone. It seems you killed him out of revenge for Joey Leone, correct?


Roberto: Maybe. I'll answer if you tell me who the f*ck you work for.


Mr. Gray: I told you we will get to that soon Mr. Garcia; I just need you to...


Roberto: No! I will not do anything until you explain to me, what the f*ck is happening here.


Mr. Gray: Calm down, I just want you to...


Roberto: No! I will not calm down until I...


Mr. Gray: (Walks up to Roberto and beats his face in with a pistol) Now, if you listen and do as I say, I will let you go. Once you do this, I will explain everything.


Roberto: Fine, but what do I get out of it?


Mr. Gray: Let's just say, I know some people that can help you out. What I am trying to say is, I can erase everything off your criminal record.


Roberto: (Roberto's face goes pale. He looks Mr. Gray in the eye, and sees he is not joking around) Fine. I will do what you want.


Mr. Gray: Good! Well I just need you to go down to the Callahan Bridge, and place this explosive here. (Shows Roberto a map of the Callahan Bride, and points out the spot) After you place it, get as far away as you can, almost to like Liberty Campus, and call me. I will then meet you here.


Roberto: (Stares right at Mr. Gray. Mr. Gray hands Roberto the explosive) Hey, why the f*ck does it look like f*cking beer cans?


Mr. Gray: Well, would you like to be seen arming a bomb under a bridge? I hope not! So I disguised it to look like beer. The police won't suspect a thing if they see you. (Points to the door)


Roberto: Okay... (Stands up and heads towards the door. But before he opens it, he turns around) I just want to ask one more question.


Mr. Gray: What is it? We are running low on time.


Roberto: Nothing, it will come back to me later. (Roberto opens the door and exits. The door leads to the alleyway where he parked his car. He gets in the car and drives towards the Callahan Bridge)

Man How do people make Box Art Like That?

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Remember This.

You should probably just have quoted the art, not the entire post. Anyway I think its a simple enough process of getting together various bits of art (Usually old GTA art or vectors that give a similar effect) and arranging them along with a custom made logo of your own, using the Pricedown font for the main title.

Yeah, I'll get back to the reading now, I've got a lot to catch up on.

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Quick update for the people still reading: Laberto's gone on holiday to Washington D.C.

so when is he coming back?

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Quick update for the people still reading: Laberto's gone on holiday to Washington D.C.

so when is he coming back?

He is back, he's just a lazy mother f*cker. Plus he's busy having sexual relations with me.

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Quick update for the people still reading: Laberto's gone on holiday to Washington D.C.

so when is he coming back?

He is back, he's just a lazy mother f*cker. Plus he's busy having sexual relations with me.

Then beat him with a stick

Edited by The general2

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Chapter 72: The Beginning of the End


Thursday July 2nd, 2007. 12:29 A.M. Freeway Underpass, Easter Basin; San Fierro.

Seiji stands over the puddle of gasoline and watches the flames spit up and flow towards the overturned Deimos. Seiji pulls out his cell phone, while keeping an eye on the Deimos. He dials a number and Woozie answers.


Woozie: And…?


Seiji: Yeah, he’s dead. Someone tipped him off though. We had to chase him to the underpass.


Woozie: What?! It’s supposed to looks like an accident!


Seiji: Well, maybe he ‘accidentally’ overturned his car, and it exploded. (Turns and looks at his men)


Woozie: You better not leave any evidence linking us to this…


Seiji: Yeah, no problem… (Hangs up and an enormous fireball erupts behind him) Let’s get out of here… (Gets into one of the Stinger’s and speeds off to Woozie’s)


Thursday July 2nd, 2007. 12:28 A.M. Freeway Underpass, Easter Basin; San Fierro.

As Roberto watches the lighter fall towards the puddle of gasoline that seems so far away, he looks at Cesar. Cesar understands and kicks the passenger door open. He slowly crawls out, and remains low, avoiding Seiji’s sight. Roberto followed and noticed the flame growing closer.


Roberto: Cesar, stay low, and stay out of sight!


Cesar: (Sees Seiji pull out a cell phone) Well, how are we going to stay low and out of sight, without being hit by the explosion!


Roberto: (Watches Seiji turn towards his men) Quick! (Grabs Cesar and they quickly run behind and pillar) Did anyone see us?


Cesar: (Looks around the corner) No…


Roberto: Alright, now… (Watches the Deimos explode and knock them to the floor) Damn it!


Cesar: (Watches Seiji get into a Stinger and speed off, followed by his men) I think we’re good now holmes. (Stands up and brushes himself off)


Roberto: (Walks across the nearby street and starts walking down the sidewalk, followed by Cesar) I need to get to Dylan. (Pulls out the Blzr and calls Woozie’s apartment) Dylan?


Dylan: Hey, what’s up? You get that errand done?


Roberto: Woozie just tried to kill me.


Dylan: What? Why would he do that? You haven’t even thought of backstabbing him…yet.


Roberto: Well, turns out that Carl was like a brother to Woozie. Carl died and Woozie blames me.


Dylan: Well good job, seems like everyone is pissed at you. Do you have any friends aside from me?


Roberto: Well, Cesar is back.


Dylan: Cesar? Who’s that? (Hears a banging on the apartment door) Hold on, someone’s knocking…


Roberto: No! It’s Woozie!


Dylan: (Opens the door) Oh hey Woo-


Roberto: (Hears the phone go dead) Cesar, where can we find Woozie?


Cesar: Why?


Roberto: A friend’s in trouble.


Cesar: He owns a casino down in Las Venturas. We can stop by and I can see what’s up.


Roberto: Alright. (Pockets the Blzr)


Thursday July 2nd, 2007. 5:17 P.M. Four Dragons Casino, The Strip; Las Venturas.

A Feltzer pulls up behind the casino. Cesar steps out of the car and looks back at Roberto. He mumbles something and closes the car door. He proceeds to head to the backdoor of the casino. He knocks a few times on the door and a small slit slides open. Cesar asks to see Woozie and is let in. A bodyguard leads him into the V.I.P room of the casino. Woozies sits there, Dylan tied and gagged.


Cesar: Hey…Woozie. Que pasa?


Woozie: I don’t know Cesar…what is up? (Nods his head and three guards surround Cesar and frisk him, removing one pistol from his waist)


Cesar: Hey, hey! Woozie, what’s going on?


Woozie: It’s seems our little friend here… (Grabs Dylan’s by his hair and shakes him around) …has told me Roberto is still alive! And you tipped him off! (Throws Dylan on the floor)


Cesar: Look…Woozie…I don’t know what you’re talking about. I haven’t seen Roberto since the incident in Los Santos. After he ditched me! He could have gone looking for me, but he didn’t. I have about as big a grudge against him as you!


Woozie: (Picks a gun up from the table) I don’t like liars Cesar. There’s no one else that could’ve tipped him off. Don’t make this hard…


Cesar: (Looks to his right, seeing two guards, then to his left counting three more) Woozie…I would never… (Reaches out with his right hand and grabs a guard by the collar. He pulls him in and uses him as a human shield)


Woozie: Damnit! I knew it!


Cesar: (Pulls the gun out of the guard’s holster) Look Woozie… Just let Roberto’s friend-


Woozie: (Laughs) Let him go?! Why would I let him go? I expected more from you Cesar. We’ve known each other for fifteen years. Fifteen years! You’ve known Roberto for how long, less than one? And you’re siding with him? Bad choice…


Cesar: (Points the gun at the guard’s head) Let him go, or I will kill you’re bodyguard.


Woozie: Go ahead! Watch me care!


Cesar: (The gun is shaking in his hand) I’m serious!


Woozie: (Holds his pistol pointed at Cesar)


Cesar: (Smashes the end of the gun against the guard’s head, knocking him out, and shoots a guard on his right in the knee) sh*t! (Jumps behind a nearby table, avoiding gunfire from Woozie and the three remaining guards)


Woozie: Get him! (Runs to a nearby elevator with his hand outstretched)


Cesar: (Watches Woozie get into the elevator) Stop! (Sees the men start walking to Cesar’s cover)


Guard 1: (Grabs the table and flips it, exposing Cesar) You’re dead!


Cesar: (Shoots the guard in the left ankle three times and kicks him, a crack echoing through the empty V.I.P room)


Guard 2: Open fire! (Starts shooting at Cesar)


Cesar: (Jumps behind another table and starts firing blindly at the two remaining guards) What have I got myself into?! (Looks at sees Dylan trying to free himself) Hold on!


Guard 3: (Fires at the table, putting bullets all over it) Come out! You’re stuck!


Cesar: (Nails a guard with a bullet to the chest)


Guard 2: (Pulls out a radio) We need back- (Falls to the floor)


Roberto: (Holsters his pistol) Cesar! We need to find Woozie!


Cesar: (Looks at the elevator and sees it stopped on the sixth floor) He went on the elevator. Looks like the sixth floor.


Roberto: Take Dylan to the car. I’ll take care of Woozie. (Runs to the elevator and hits the call button) Come on! Come on! (Looks up and sees it not moving) Damn it! (Runs to the stairs and starts running up)


Thursday July 2nd, 2007. 5:40 P.M. Four Dragons Casino Rooftop, The Strip; Las Venturas.

Roberto bursts through the door, his pistol in hand. He sees Woozie getting into the helicopter and the blades start spinning. Roberto takes aim and shoots at the gas tank. A gas starts leaking slowly forms a puddle under the helicopter. The blades slowly come to a stop and Woozie gets out, along with the pilot.


Woozie: R-r-roberto? Is that you?


Roberto: (Aims at the pilot) Get out of here! (Watches the pilot run) Yeah, it’s me Woozie.


Woozie: H-h-h-how unexpected… I hope we can just, you know, forgive and forget?


Roberto: Forgive? Forget? (Laughs) I do not forgive or forget… (Thunder echoes through the air, then a bolt of lightning in the distance)


Woozie: Look, we can talk about this. I was a bit rash and I shouldn’t have done what I did.


Roberto: I think it’s a bit late for that. (Pulls back the hammer of the pistol)


Woozie: (Takes one step backward on hearing the noise) I’m unarmed. You can’t shoot an unarmed blind man!


Roberto: In the beginning, no. Even everything before I met you, I still wouldn’t. But when that blind man betrays me, then decides, since he is losing, to try to make amends with his killer, well, that’s just the last straw. Do you have any last words Mr. Wu-Zi-Mu?


Woozie: (Takes two steps backwards) I’m sorry. I got caught up. I’m not that kind of man. After I heard about Carl’s death and how you were somehow linked, I thought you did it, with your reputation and all for betraying you’re friends.


Roberto: Those are some pretty lousy last words…


Woozie: I’m sorry! (Takes another step backward and feels his foot hanging halfway over the roof’s edge) I didn’t want it to end like this!


Roberto: (Feels the rain fall) How did you want it to end; me dead, in a harbor?! Is that what you want?!


Woozie: Yes! I mean no! I mean… I don’t know!


Roberto: Goodbye Mr. Wu-Zi-Mu… (Aims the gun into the air and fires a shot)


Woozie: (Flinches and slips on the wet edge) No!


Roberto: (Holsters the pistol and starts walking back towards the stairway entrance)


Woozie: (Looks at Roberto leaving) In the end, you shall pay for everything! (Falls off the roof)


Thursday July 2nd, 2007. 5:40 P.M. Four Dragons Casino Parking Lot, The Strip; Las Venturas.

Roberto comes walking out of the casino, past a crowd of people gathered around Woozie’s dead body. He walks over to the parked Feltzer and gets into the driver’s seat. He sees Cesar sitting in the passenger seat and Dylan in the back. They are all quiet for a minute until Dylan breaks the silence.


Dylan: So what now? You got your revenge on Woozie. Now what?!


Roberto: Tie up loose-ends.


Dylan: And that means…?


Roberto: We’re going back to Vice. We’re going to end everything…

Edited by Cubanwhip

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Great chapter man. BUt how long did it take you to write this cause it was like 2 months after your last chapter?


Peace out dude and write the next one soon

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