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Grand Theft Auto.......

Recommended Posts


finally a chapter man and a great one at that


peace out


and bring on the next one soon

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so cant wait for a new chap i bet everyone $5 its going to be great

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yo come on man. bring on the next chapter. it has been. ten days already and no new chapter.


peace out and don't forget

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This is a fine work of art Cubanwhip! Great Story my pal, great story. Saga 1 was cool, but the ending part really caught me off gaurd. Saga 2 was better, because it had more action and a better storyline. Sag 3 is looking great and is the best saga yet! Rated Good.

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Sorry about the long ass delays. School is becoming a hassle and I keep jotting down ideas in and out, and barely have time on the internet, other than during school. This is one of the only times I've been on at home. And I thought instead of bringing you a boring old chapter, why not bring a nice PSA. Enjoy.


Valentines PSA: True Love


Roberto is walking down the street, hand in hand with Kelsey. Dylan follows close behind playing his PSP intently. Roberto looks into the sky, takes in a deep breath, and looks at the audience.


Roberto: Hey there. I’m Roberto Garcia, protagonist to the popular internet GTA fan-fic, GTA The Conclusion. As you may know, today is Valentine’s day. Celebrated over St. Valentine’s death. Which one, I don’t know, there was about three, but who gives a damn. This time of the year, we take time to show our loved ones how much we care for them. (Kisses Kelsey on the cheek) Of course, back in the good old days, it was known as The Feast of Lupercal. All you had to do was get naked and run around chasing women, but only if you were a guy. But of course, that was changed into what we call Valentine’s Day. Sometimes though, people do too much to show their love. (Turns to Dylan) Hey, hit home and show them that video I sent you.


Dylan: (Looks at Roberto) Dude, I’ve almost beaten the last boss. Just hold…


Roberto: (Stops and stares him down)


Dylan: Alright, alright, jeez… (Turns the PSP so the screen faces the audience. A video flickers)


Somewhere in Little Havana, Vice City…

A man stands in line with about five people ahead of him. In his hand are some flowers. He glances at his watch several times, and starts to hop in place. He looks around and stares at the clerk, the clerk returning his look.


Clerk: Next in line…


Greg: f*ck this! (Shoves his way up the line to the clerk) Ring me up quickly. My girl is waiting for me at home and we got a dinner reservation at five.


Clerk: I’m sorry, but you just have to wait.


Greg: (Smashes his fist on the counter) How about no! You take me now!


Clerk: (Reaches under and hits silent alarm) Sir, just get back in the line and…


Greg: (Runs his finger’s through his hair and gives the clerk a stern look) You take me now, or you’ll regret it…


Clerk: (Hears sirens outside)


Greg: You f*cking piece of sh*t! (Runs out the doors, two squad cars are parked outside, three men hiding behind them, guns pointed at Greg)


Cop 1: Put your hand where I can see them!


Greg: (Looks to his left and dashes into the alley, the cops giving chase)


Cop 2: He’s running! (Looks at the third cop) The alley ends down the street, block it with the car! (Runs into the alley with the first cop)


Greg: (Runs past a trashcan, tipping it over, the trash spilling all over the floor) f*cking cops! Of all days! I paid $300 for those reservations!


Cop 1: Stop! You are under arrest for resisting arrest! (Pulls out the gun and points it at Greg as he runs)


Greg: (Finds a fire escape and starts running up it) You got the wrong guy!


Cop 2: Stop running! You’re only making it look more suspicious!


Greg: (Makes it to the roof, flowers still in hand) Trapped…


Cop 1: (Reaches the roof first, followed by the second cop) Stop running. If you are the wrong guy, then don’t make it more suspicious by running.


Greg: Leave me alone! I just wanted to have a great Valentine’s Day with the woman I love!


Cop 2: And you will. (Starts walking over, gun still in hand)


Greg: Get away from me! (Grabs the gun in the cops hand and points it at him)


Cop 2: (Backs up, his hands in the air) Alright…we can get you some help…


Greg: I don’t need help! I just want my girl! I don’t need help! (Shoots one shot in the air)


Cop 1: (Has his gun aimed at Greg) Alright, you do know we can fire at you at anytime…put the gun down…


Greg: (Starts to tear a little) Oh I will…I’ll put it down… (Starts to back up)


Cop 2: Put the gun down…


Greg: I just wanted to be with her…one last time… (Stands on the edge of the roof and looks over)


Cop 1: You’re being a bit to dramatic. Put the gun down, and step away from the ledge!


Greg: (Mouths the word ‘No’ and takes one step backward)


Cop 1: (Stands there, staring as Greg falls)


Greg: (Stares up at the sky, expanding as he descends) I…love…you…Melody… (The world instantly goes black)


Cop 1: (Walks over to the edge, the second cop right behind him) God, third one this week. There’s never a happy Valentine’s Day in Vice City.


Cop 2: Nope, never. Let’s go down there and get my gun… (Heads back to the fire escape, the screen slowly fading)


On a bench in Liberty City…

Roberto sits there with his arm around Kelsey, and Dylan with a look of horror on his face.


Dylan: What the hell!?


Roberto: Exactly. Holidays are never about being happy and spending time with loved ones. Somewhere, in this god forsaken hell hole we call earth, there’s always someone having a worse day than you.


Dylan: What the f*ck!? That’s the worst f*cking message ever! It didn’t even make sense! He wanted to be with a woman he loved, and he killed himself?!


Roberto: Oh come on Dylan, it’s just to prove a point that not everybody is sane.


Dylan: (Puts the PSP back onto a video game) Yeah, like you.


Roberto: (Reaches around and slaps Dylan in the back of the head) So, from the cast of GTA The Conclusion, we wish you a happy Valentine’s Day. May yours be filled with love from your significant other.


Dylan: And not death!

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That was good! Dylan really cracks me up! biggrin.gif Can't wait for more! icon14.gif

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God, Dylan is such a f*cktard


Even I got it! sh*t!

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S. Leone


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Lol, Dylan is f*cking funny. Just like the Christmas PSA, this could've been a commercial. biggrin.gif

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finally something


any ways that was so funny and Dylan is so funny

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I have'nt read all the chapters but i did read the last chapter and seems like a good story nice work. biggrin.gif

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Made another boxart, only the front this time. I didnt want to resize it, so here's the link to it. Also, new chapter anyone? I think so.


Grand Theft Auto: The Conclusion Boxart (Front)


Chapter 67: Wanted Much?


Friday June 20th, 2007. 1:01 A.M.

The streets are barren. Only one or two cars pass Roberto as he drives around, looking for The Spritz Charleton. He stops at a red light and a cop cruiser pulls up next to him. Roberto looks at the cop, then looks straight at the traffic light. Before long, the cop looks over and realizes it’s Roberto, and it was on.


Cop: (Pulls the radio) Unit 419 to headquarters, Roberto spotted in Downtown Capitol. (Turns on the sirens)


Roberto: (Hits the accelerator and starts to spin the tires) “f*ck…” (Looks at the cop and grins) Catch you later! (Speeds off into the night)


Cop: Unit 419, hot pursuit! (Slams the radio down and speeds off after Roberto)


Roberto: (Looks through his rearview and sees the cruiser pulling up quickly) Oh sh*t. (Drifts around and corner, the cop following closely)


Cop: (Pulls out his gun, keeping one hand on the steering wheel) This punk is going down. (Puts his hand with the gun outside the window, and opens fire on the Manana)


Roberto: (Hears a bullet break the back window) Damn! (Pulls out his pistol)


Cop: (Shoots out the back left tire)


Roberto: (The car spins out and the car faces straight at the cop. Roberto points his pistol at the cop driving and shoots five bullets through the windshield, and into the cops chest) Now this car’s useless! (Gets out and loads the pistol as he walks over to the cop cruiser) There is no way this could get worse… (Opens the door, pulls the cop’s body out, but hears a chopper overhead) Nevermind…


Pilot: (Over a loudspeaker) Freeze! We got you surrounded!


Roberto: (Looks up at the chopper, the spotlight shining in his face) I’d rather fight than give up to you! (Gets into the cruiser and speeds off, the chopper following close behind him)


Pilot: (Talking to the man setting up the min-gun) Take him out, at all costs.


Roberto: (Hits the car into third gear) Stick shift…alright…(Hits a button and the sun roof opens on the car)


Gunner: (Finishes setting up the min-gun) Alright! Lock and f*cking load! (Slides open the helicopters door, pushing out the mini-gun)


Roberto: (Sees the min-gun barrel come out of the chopper) Oh sh*t. (Reaches for a pump shotgun in the passenger seat) This’ll do. (Pumps the shotgun and sticks it out of the sunroof)


Gunner: What’s that?


Pilot: It’s a pump shotgun! (Laughs)


Roberto: (Waits until the helicopter is straight over the car. He pulls the trigger, pumping one round into the underside of the helicopter. The helicopter loses control for a second and starts to scrape on the side of buildings)


Pilot: Oh sh*t! (The blades scrapes against the building and snap) Duck! (The blades snap, bend back, and slice the gunner’s head off) Oh god! (The helicopter falls to the floor in a huge explosion)


Roberto: (Looks through the rearview mirror and sees the building start to collapse from the explosion) I need to get out of here! (Takes out his cell phone and calls Anna) Anna?!


Anna: Don’t call me when I’m in the middle of a meeting with Mike next time!


Roberto: Yeah, scold me later. Where are you?


Anna: At the hotel why?


Pilot: (Another helicopter comes and is already armed with the mini-gun. The pilot pulls out the loudspeaker) Kill him!


Gunner: If I kill him do I get a medal?


Pilot: You get two!


Gunner: (Opens fire on the police cruiser)


Anna: That doesn’t sound good.


Roberto: (Shifts into fourth gear) Oh really?! Mind if I pick you up?


Anna: Aren’t you being chased by cops?


Roberto: (Looks through his rearview mirror and sees three cop cars join the chase) Yeah, so I might bring some company.


Anna: (Pauses for a few seconds) I’ll wait around the back… (Hangs up)


Roberto: (Hangs up and puts the phone in the passenger seat) sh*t…


Cop Cruiser 1: (Speeds up and rams the back of Roberto’s cruiser)


Roberto: (The car shakes, swerving onto the sidewalk)


Cop Cruiser 2: (Swerves past cruiser 1 and onto the sidewalk, behind Roberto)


Roberto: (Sees a metro staircase coming up ahead quick) Oh sh*t! (Swerves at last minute, looking through his rearview)


Cop Cruiser 2: (Sees Roberto dodge at last second heads straight into the metro, crashing down the stairs, through the gates, and into the ticket booth)


Roberto: (The tail of the car swerves left and right as he regains control of the car on the road) One down out of three. (Sees another cruiser catching up) Oh f*ck.


Cop Cruiser 1: (Rams Roberto again)


Roberto: (Maintains control of the car and continues going straight) Sritz Charleton… It’s on this block somewhere! (Feels another ram from the back) God damn! (Sees the hotel coming up and drifts into a nearby alley way, the cops unable to keep up) Where is she! (Sees Anna come out of a door and stands still looking at the cop car)


Anna: (Looks at Roberto in the cop cruiser) This is so not good. (Walks around, getting into the passenger seat, moving the shotgun and phone onto the floor) So, exactly how wanted are you?


Roberto: (Peels out backwards, back into the street) Not sure… (Sees the two cop cars spins around and hurtle back at Roberto) But probably, a lot. (Spins the car and speeds off in the direction he was just coming) Which way to the beltway?


Anna: You want to get out of the city? Now?!


Roberto: Better now than never.


Anna: (Stays silent for a few seconds, sirens filling the air) Make a right here, than go straight down. At the end of the road, merge into the beltway on your right.


Roberto: Alright… (Looks at Anna) I got something very serious I need you to do.


Anna: What is it?


Roberto: Get out some paper and pen.


Anna: (Opens the glove compartment and finds a paper and pen rolling inside) Alright.


Roberto: Start writing. “Dear child of mine…” (A cop cruiser smashes into the back end the car) Keep writing!


Anna: Alright! “Dear child of mine”, and then what?


Roberto: “If you are reading this…than I am long gone…”


Friday June 20th, 2007. 2:11 A.M.

Dylan hangs up the phone, his face is pale. He slowly gets up and walks into the kitchen. He sits down at the table and swings his head in between his hands. He hears footsteps and looks up to see Salvador walking over. He sits down at the table with Dylan.


Salvador: What’s wrong?


Dylan: Nothing. I need to go to Liberty.


Salvador: Why do you need to go there?


Dylan: A friend needs my help.


Salvador: Well, what are you still doing here? If he really needs help, then go!


Dylan: (Looks Salvador in the eyes) Alright. I will. (Gets up, grabbing his coat and heading outside)


Salvador: (Watches Dylan leave and leans back in his chair) I hope Roberto is okay…


Friday June 20th, 2007. 2:23 A.M.

Roberto is speeding along the beltway around Capitol City. Anna hangs halfway out the window, shotgun in hand. The road is clear and is easy to maneuver about.


Roberto: Any troubles?


Anna: (Blows a hole in the windshield of a cop cruiser, the cruiser loosing control, grinding against the median, and flying through the air)


Roberto: What is that?


Anna: Like the sixth car I’ve done that too. They all like the median too much!


Roberto: Helicopter up ahead!


Anna: (Rotates and looks at the helicopter) Hey, pay attention ahead. The tollbooth is coming up. Get as much speed as possible. Those gates are impossible to break through unless going break neck speeds.


Roberto: (Sees the outline of the toll plaza ahead) Alright, just take care of that chopper.


Anna: (Takes aim at the chopper) Hey, where do I aim?


Roberto: Aim for the glass near their feet. Then shoot off their legs.


Anna: (Blows the glass off the chopper) Thanks! (Blows off one of the legs, it falls and lands on the hood of the cruiser)


Roberto: Jesus Christ! (Swerves and the leg flies off the hood, leaving a blood streak)


Anna: Sorry. (Looks up and the chopper starts to slowly loose height) Hey, I did it!


Roberto: Congrats. Get in here, the tollbooth is like five hundred yards away.


Anna: (Gets back into the cruiser) This is fun. I feel so liberated, free.


Roberto: (Accelerates and the tollbooth comes roaring up) Then I’ll call you libré, it’s Spanish for ‘free’.


Anna: I like it. It has a ring to it…


Roberto: (Smashes through the tollbooth, ten cop cars following) You better get back out there, you still got some work to do.


Anna: Right, but first, where’re we going?


Roberto: The root of everything. Liberty City…


Friday June 20th, 2007. 5:31 A.M.

An airplane is landing in Francis International Airport. Liberty City looks like it has completely recovered. The building in Downtown is now being rebuilt and the Callahan Bridge is completely repaired. Dylan walks out of the airport, he takes a deep breath and looks around. The sun can be seen slowly rising, but it is still to dark for anything or anyone to be up. He hails a taxi and gets in.


Dylan: (Gets into the taxi) Hey, take me to Saint Marco’s Bistro.


Driver: What?


Dylan: Saint…Marco’s…is there a place called that?


Driver: Nope. There was a place called that. But, jeez, that months and months ago.


Dylan: Well, can you take me to wherever it used to be.


Driver: Alright. (Starts driving)


Friday June 20th, 2007. 5:28 A.M.

The police cruiser comes flying out of the Shoreside Vale tunnel. It slams into the ground and continues going along, four cruisers on it’s tail. Anna ran out of ammo halfway to Liberty and it’s just been running and dodging traffic the rest of the way. Roberto drifts past the old Cartel Mansion and continues along.


Roberto: God! It feels so weird being back in this place.


Anna: It must be. You’ve pretty much almost put this city into bankruptcy.


Roberto: (Dodges a car up ahead) Yeah. I wonder if I’ll get a welcome party?


Anna: (Looks back and sees one cruiser crash with the car Roberto dodged) And you don’t think getting chased into the city is enough of a welcome party?


Roberto: I guess it should be. (Speeds along the bridge, the three cruisers following)


Anna: You guess it should be?


Roberto: Never mind. (Drifts and speeds down the hilly street, around a curb all the way down the street, past some billboards and straight past the airport)


Anna: Where are we going anyway?


Roberto: Meeting a friend.


Anna: (Looks at Roberto) Now?! With the police on our tail?!


Roberto: No, I’m going to loose them…somehow… (Speeds up the bridge and hears a dinging) That’s not good.


Anna: (Sees a roadblock up ahead of four cruisers) What do we do now?!


Roberto: (Slams his brakes ten feet away from the roadblock) I don’t know…


Anna: (Feels the car shudder and sees everything sinking) Are…we…going up?


Roberto: (Notices he stopped right on the platform of the raising bridge, along with the four cruisers) A trap…


Anna: What now genius?!


Roberto: (Pulls out his pistol) If it’s a shootout they want, it’s a shootout they’ll get.


Anna: You’re crazy!


Roberto: I wanted a welcoming party, and here it is… (Steps out of the car and looks at the cruisers ten feet away) You want me?


Cop: (Speaking on speaker phone) You are completely trapped, put the weapon down.


Roberto: (Loads the pistol and aims at the cop with the speaker phone) Or what?


Cop: Or we’ll open fire.


Roberto: (Puts one bullet in the cop’s chest) Open fire…

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nervous.gif This is better than Nurse Lavern's stories


How will Roberto Garcia get out of this one? Tune in to find out ph34r.gif

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that was a great chapter man


so much action. action is always a good thing.


keep it up and bring in the next chapter soon ok

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sorry for double posting but it has been ten days

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Sorry about that. At least I'm not like PK where I just don't do anything. Anyways, here's chapter 68!


Chapter 68: The Sole Survivor


Friday June 20th, 2007. 5:35 A.M.

Roberto sat against the side of the car, Anna right next to him. He examined the gun and heard a voice blaring from the other side of the bridge. He look right into Anna’s eyes and then up into the sky.


Roberto: There’s four cruisers and about nine cops. (Sighs) It’s not going to be easy…


Anna: Well, Mr. Most Wanted Man in America can’t figure his way out of this…


Roberto: Well, with only a pistol, it is hard.


Anna: Is the bridge going to go back down?


Roberto: Probably not, the cops have it rigged so it stays up until I’m finally arrested.


Anna: Well…


Roberto: I have an idea, but it probably isn’t too smart…


Anna: And…?


Roberto: Get in the car and you’ll drive towards the cruisers. They can’t shoot you cause they think you’re a hostage. I’ll stay behind the car and take them out.


Anna: Are you sure that will work?


Roberto: I’m not sure, that’s the thing. But it’s the only choice we got! (Pats her on the shoulder) Come on, it’s now or never…


Anna: (Stands up and gets into the cruiser, all the cops taking aim)


Roberto: Alright, go.


Anna: (Starts the car and starts rolling towards the cops, who shift in their places)


Roberto: (Pops up from behind the trunk and aims at a cop at the end) Alright… (Puts two bullets into his chest)


Cops: (Open fire on the car)


Anna: (Screams) Oh my god!


Roberto: (Jumps onto the trunk and points the gun at the middle cop) You want me?! Come and get me! (Kills the middle cop and ducks behind the back windshield)


Anna: (Accelerates a little bit, the car approaching the middle of the lift)


Cop: Open fire! The female is an accomplice! (Takes aim at the tires)


Roberto: (Runs onto the roof of the cruiser and takes out two cops) Anna, drive!


Anna: What?!


Roberto: Do it! (Crouches and takes out another cop)


Anna: (Hits the accelerator, Roberto sliding across the roof)


Roberto: (Plants his feet on the roof and grabs the open sunroof with his free left hand) Drive through the barricade! (Kills another cop as the car quickly approaches the barricade of cruisers)


Anna: Oh my god! (Smashes through the cruisers)


Roberto: (Cover’s his head with his right arm and looks back at the astonished cops) Keep going! (Swings his right arm around and fires at a cruiser, one bullet hitting the gas tank)


Anna: (The front tires leave the ground and she look forward as the cruiser starts to angle itself at a forty five degree angle towards the bridge)


Roberto: (Grabs a hold of the sunroof with both hands as the air rushes past him)


Anna: (Looks through the rearview mirror and watches as the cruisers explode on the bridge)


Roberto: (Turns his head at the lift getting farther and farther away) “That must have been one the greatest escapes to date…”


Anna: (The front bumper of the cruiser scrapes against the bridge, causing it to tear off and fall behind. Anna continues flooring the cruiser, speeding into Staunton Island)


Roberto: (Gets thrown into the air, still clutching at the open sunroof and slams back into the roof, feeling a sudden spasm grip his body) Keep going Anna! (Pulls himself up to the sunroof and looks at her) Drive to Joey’s old place…


Friday June 20th, 2007. 7:05 A.M.

The sun is rising right behind Joey Leone’s old mansion overlooking the beach. Toni Cipriani sits on a bench on the point over looking the vast ocean and the lighthouse. He stands up and rubs the stubble on his chin. He walks back towards the house, one hand in his pocket, holding a gun. He sits inside the living room, covering his face with his hands. He sighs and looks up at the ceiling.


Toni: Is it the same one? The same guy who is related to the killer of my ma? (Closes his eyes) Well, now I gotta make my ma proud. I gotta take him out. (Opens his eyes and stands up) He called from Donald’s, so he must be in Capitol…unless he’s coming here…to try and take me out! (Turns the television on, then a breaking news report comes on)


Anchor: Devastation gripped the Shoreside Vale lift bridge. Wanted man, Roberto Garcia, was trapped on the lift bridge. In an astonishing escape, he stood on top of the police cruiser he stole from Capitol City and his female accomplice drove through the cruiser blockade and plunged fifty feet through the air, landing on the other side of the bridge. Police have shut off Shoreside Vale. The lift bridge is in major disrepair after the explosion of the four police cruisers on top. No survivors have been found…Live footage later today…


Toni: (Turns off the television and starts pacing) sh*t! He’s in Liberty! He’s on his way here now! (Walks outside and sees a white Police cruiser pull up in front of the mansion. Roberto steps out, grabbing his side and looking up at Toni at the top of the ramp leading up to the mansion) You!


Roberto: Me?! Oh really? (Walks to the bottom of the ramp and looks up at Toni) How are you still alive?


Toni: Let’s just say, I’d rather disobey my boss and not help out a relative of the killer of my ma.


Roberto: So…what are you going to do?


Toni: Kill you, and take over the Leone’s. I’m the last one alive!


Roberto: (Slowly lifts his arm off his lower ribs and claps) Well congratulations. You finally made it to Don. How does it feel?


Toni: (Scowls at Roberto) Not as good as it will be to kill you… (Runs down to Roberto pulling out the pistol in his pocket)


Roberto: (Grabs Toni’s wrist with the pistol and swings the hand over their heads) How about we fight like men. No weapons… (Struggles with the power over the gun)


Toni: You’re uncle never gave my ma the choice!


Roberto: (Digs his nails into Toni’s wrist, causing Toni to drop the gun) Face it! You hide behind guns cause you can’t fight for yourself!


Toni: (Knees Roberto in the stomach, sending him falling onto the floor) No, I just prefer to end you’re suffering quickly… (Bends down and picks up the gun)


Roberto: (Swipes Toni’s feet as he bends down, knocking Toni down) I’d rather suffer, than die at the hand of a gun!


Toni: I admire that…die like a real man! (Grabs the pistol and throws it over the railing)


Anna: (Runs out of the cruiser) Roberto!


Roberto: (Stands up and looks at Anna) Stop, this is between me and him. (Winks) I’ll be with you in a second… (Looks at Toni) Where were we…?


Toni: (Lifts up his fists) Just starting… (Throws a roundhouse punch aimed at Roberto’s temple)


Roberto: (Blocks with his left hand and uppercuts into Toni’s left underside ribs with his right hand) It’s not that I don’t know how to fight…it’s just I’m kinda banged up from the car ride here…


Toni: (Grabs Roberto’s left wrist with the punch he threw and swings Roberto around into a lock, Roberto’s back to Toni’s front and Roberto’s arm wrapped around his neck) You think I’m gonna take it easy on you cause you had a bad car ride? Think again!


Roberto: (Pulls his right elbow back, jabbing Toni in the right upper ribs) Alright! Then it’s a fight we have! (Throws Toni off and runs to the bottom of the ramp and stands in the dirt driveway)


Toni: (Walks over to Roberto) Bring it on! (Punches Roberto in the face, sending Roberto back a few feet)


Roberto: (Tastes the blood in his mouth and smirks. He runs over and punches Toni in the gut the knees him in the face as Toni comes down in recoil)


Toni: (Falls on the floor, but immediately gets back up and uppercuts into Roberto’s stomach and roundhouse punches his left cheek)


Roberto: (Wipes the blood off his face and throws one punch at Toni’s face, Toni blocking it)


Toni: (While holding Roberto’s arm, he hits him a few times in the left ribs and throws him off)


Roberto: (Bends over and grabs his ribs)


Toni: (Walks over, blood coming down his face from his broken nose)


Roberto: (Looks up and punches Toni in the face, then as he steps back, punches his gut, then when he takes another step back, shoves him onto the floor)


Toni: (Falls on the floor and tries to stand up)


Roberto: (Puts one foot on Toni’s chest and looks down) Was that all you could do?


Toni: (Grabs Roberto’s ankle and pulls him to the floor) Not at all kid… (Gets on top of Roberto, pinning both his arms to the side) But I did expect more from the most wanted guy in America… (Punches Roberto in the face)


Roberto: (Feels the blood sliding down his throat) What can I say? I disappoint a lot of people…


Toni: (Punches him the face, knocking a few teeth out) Well, at least your honest.


Anna: (Watching from the sidelines) Roberto!


Roberto: (Pulls his knee up and shoves it into Toni’s back, causing him to lean forward and unpin hi right arm) But it does end now… (Swings his fist and catches Toni’s left cheek, sending blood flying through the air)


Toni: (Falls off Roberto and lies on his side)


Roberto: (Stands up and wipes the blood and dust off on his face)


Toni: (Crawls to a nearby slope) Damn you!


Roberto: (Walks over and steps on one of Toni’s ankles) What’s wrong Toni? Why are you crawling away?


Toni: (Turns his body over and kicks Roberto’s shin, causing Roberto to fall back down) To come back and take you down another day kid! (Stands up and winks at Roberto) You’re a good fighter… (Rolls his neck) But let’s do this when we both have…enough energy… (Runs down the slope)


Roberto: (Stands up and runs to the top of the slope and looks down as Toni runs towards the beach) Damn it…


Anna: (Walks over to Roberto) Are you okay?!


Roberto: I’m fine. Let’s go meet Dylan…


Anna: Where is he?


Roberto: Down the street… (Walks down the dirt driveway, Anna following behind)


Friday June 20th, 2007. 7:45 A.M.

Dylan is sitting inside a bar where Marco’s Bistro used to be. He sits drinking an Appletini. He looks up at the bartender and drinks down the rest of it.


Dylan: Hey, another Appletini… (Slides the glass to the bartender) Easy on the tini.


Bartender: (Rolls his eyes and refills the glass)


Dylan: (Sips on the glass and hears the doors open)


Roberto: (Sits next to Dylan) Tequila, straight up. (Looks at Dylan)


Dylan: (Looks at Roberto) Jesus Christ! What happened?!


Roberto: I got in a fight, and the guy got away, but don’t worry about that. (Pulls out a note) I want you to hold onto that. If anything ever happens to me, read it…


Dylan: Alright…was that all?


Roberto: Well, it was, until right now. (Looks Dylan in the eyes) I need your help to find Toni Cipriani.


Dylan: Alright…


Roberto: (Takes the tequila and downs it, wincing) Then lets go. We need to start planning… (Stands up and walks out of the bar, Dylan staring at him leave)

Edited by Cubanwhip

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J Dizzle style!


Toni's just pissed cos he's obese and can't fight properly these days. Can't wait for next chap, I mean f*ck! It's been TEN DAYS! TEN DAYS!

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Vanilla Shake
Great chapter dude. cookie.gificon14.gif

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fianlly a chapter man d a great one too


peace out and Toni lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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i know you have school and othe stuff but can you please bring in the next chapter soon.

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It's not that I don't love you guys, it's just that, err...how can I put this like sounding like a complete ass. Well, when you start something, you're really enthusiastic, and you really want to do something. This story was supposed to end at chapter 34, end of the first saga. I'm surprised I got this far. I'm not ditching this story. I have come to far for this story to just end it. I will end this story on chapter 75, I promise. It might take a while, but I will. I have about three other things I'm writing, besides this. All GTA fan-fics. Scripts to be more specific. And about four non GTA fan-fics. I'm gonna be taking English AP, a college prep course, literary magazine (class where all you do is write (Journalism IV and V)), so I'm swamped in the writing area. But I started this story more than a year ago, got and lost many fans. Made and lost friends. Had a huge flamewar. Been through a huge percent drop by some jealous member, but brought back up by a close friend. This story is in no way, shape or form ending. And if I do have to end it early, you better believe it will end in the most spectacular way.


Chapter 69: False Hopes


Saturday June 28th, 2007. 2:34 P.M.

Roberto is driving down the street in a stolen Banshee. It is black and has a red stripe running down the middle. He looks around and sees the Chinatown banners hanging from the windows. He parks in front of a small restaurant and steps out of the Banshee, putting on a set of sunglasses. He clicks a button and the Banshee locks itself. He walks inside and sits at the bar. The owner of the restaurant approaches Roberto, cleaning a glass.


Owner: Anything I can get you?


Roberto: What’s you’re strongest?


Owner: The Shanghai Twister.


Roberto: Sounds perfect. Two of those.


Owner: (Looks around) Both for you?


Roberto: Yeah… (Spins in his stool and sees a black Leone Sentinel pulls up and park behind his Banshee) Well, he got here quick…


Toni: (Steps out of the Sentinel and walks into the restaurant, taking a seat next to Roberto) So?


Roberto: (Takes one drink and passes the other to Toni) How are we going to end this on going feud? I know one of us has to die. It’s always that way with you Italians. Uphold the honor and last man standing thing…


Toni: (Sets down his glass and looks at Roberto) Shut your mouth. And yes, one of us is going to die. But as you can see… (Leans back and moves his hands up and down his body) I’m not in fit shape to fight you one on one.


Roberto: And? That didn’t stop you last time. You dove in right away and you really got in there.


Toni: (Chuckles) Well, I was kind of flustered and the only thing going through my mind was killing you. But now, I see, it isn’t going to be that easy.


Roberto: So what do you propose?


Toni: A nice shootout. I get some men, you get some men, and we meet in the alley across the street. It’s open enough, it’s got some stalls for cover, it’s perfect.


Roberto: Five on five?


Toni: Seven on seven. (Picks up the drink and sips it a little) Bit strong isn’t it?


Roberto: (Takes a sip) Just a little bit. (Sets the drink down) Sundown tomorrow?


Toni: Sounds like a plan. (Drinks the rest of the drink and walks out of the restaurant into his Sentinel)


Roberto: (Spins back around and looks at the owner) Another Twister.


Owner: (Looks at Roberto, confused) What was that about?


Roberto: We have a little fight going on, and he wants a shootout in the alley across the street. (Picks up the next Twister and drinks some) Come by tomorrow around sundown, should be a great match. (Stands up, leaving a fifty dollar bill on the bar) You wouldn’t want to miss it…


Sunday June 29th, 2007. 6:47 P.M.

Roberto is leaning against a vegetable stall in a walkway in Chinatown. Dylan is next to him. Roberto looks at his watch then up at the sky. He hears two cars brake in the distance and sees seven men walk down the walkway and stop about twenty feet away. Toni chuckles and tells the men to stay. He walks over to Roberto.


Toni: I said seven on seven. Not seven on two.


Roberto: Well, unlike you, I don’t have a gang to back me up. But don’t worry, I have this fight covered…


Toni: Alright then. (Looks at Dylan) Looks like it’s just going to be you alone. Like this kid can do anything… (Walks back towards his men)


Dylan: (Takes one step towards Toni, but is stopped by Roberto’s arm) Why I outta…


Roberto: Easy there tiger, this fight is going to be over in about fifteen minutes. (Pulls a Tec 9 out of his pocket) This is yours. (Gives Dylan the Tec 9) This is mine. (Pulls out a Desert Eagle)


Dylan: You think this is all we need?


Roberto: Anna is on the roof with a sniper rifle. He said seven people, he never mentioned what position to play. (Grins)


Dylan: (Looks out of the upper corner of his right eye and sees Anna setting up a sniper rifle) Wow, we really have this fight covered.


Roberto: You take out the two on the left, Anna takes out the two on the right, and I get the three in the middle. (Yells at Toni) You ready Toni?!


Toni: (Yelling back) I’m always ready! (Talks to his men) Aim all your guns at Roberto and take him out. When he’s good and dead, kill off his colleague…


Roberto: Now!


Anna: (Hears Roberto’s cue and fires at one man, putting a bullet through his head)


Toni: (Looks up at the roof) Sniper! (Yells back at Roberto) You f*cking rat! (Talks to his men) Two of you, get up on that roof and take him out! (Watches two of the five remaining men run off)


Roberto: (Looks at Toni and the three remaining men) Well, well, well… Dylan, we just increased out chances of winning. You take out the three henchmen, I’ll get Toni… (Slowly walks towards Toni)


Toni: Kill him! (Points his 9MM at Roberto and opens fire)


Roberto: (Ducks behind a stall, avoiding the bullets from the 9MMs) sh*t…


Dylan: (Points his Tec 9 and opens fire, killing one man) sh*t! I killed someone!


Toni: (Looks at Dylan) Kill him! I’ll get Roberto! (Puts his 9MM in his jacket and pulls out a sawn off shotgun)


Roberto: (Hears Toni’s footsteps)


Toni: (Approaches the stall) This is it…


Roberto: (Shoots Toni in the foot and stands up, looking at him) Not quite yet… (Swings his right elbow, and catches Toni in the jaw)


Toni: (Stumbles back one step and fires the gun, the bullets grazing Roberto’s head)


Roberto: (Covers the right side of his face, blood pouring between his fingers)


Toni: (Pumps the shotgun again and looks Roberto in the eyes) Come on, what’s a little graze?


Roberto: (Takes his hand off his face, revealing a few gashes across his right cheek and the top of his right ear missing) You’re right… (Points his pistol and shoots Toni in the left shoulder)


Dylan: (Opens fire on the two men, both of them ducking and hiding behind a stall)


Man 1: What are we gonna do? He has a automatic weapon, and we got these sh*t pistols!


Man 2: Well, just shoot! (Looks over the stall and starts shooting at Dylan)


Dylan: (Sees a man come up from behind a stall and start firing) sh*t! (Fires at the man)


Man 2: (Fires and sees Dylan fall) I got him! (Looks at Toni, who just got shot in the shoulder) Let’s help Toni! (Stands up and runs towards Toni, the other man following)


Roberto: What now Toni?


Toni: You die, punk! (Points the loaded shotgun at Roberto as the two men run up behind Toni)


Roberto: (Starts pointing his gun at all three at them)


Dylan: (Comes out behind the stall and opens fire on the three men)


Toni: (Ducks and grabs Roberto’s legs, taking him down)


Dylan: (Kills the two men and stands up, running towards Roberto)


Roberto: (Bashes Toni in the back of the head with the handle of the pistol) Get off of me!


Dylan: (Comes up to Toni on top of Roberto and points his gun at Toni) Get off of him…


Toni: (Slowly stands up, dropping his gun) Alright… you two are good, I admit… so kill me…


Roberto: (Hears a scream and a body fall from above, landing between Toni and Roberto and Dylan)


Toni: (Takes off running as Roberto looks at the body, one of the two men Toni sent to kill Anna)


Roberto: Get him! (Runs after Toni, Dylan following)


Toni: (Gets into his Leone Sentinel and burns out in a cloud of smoke)


Roberto: (Gets within ten feet, before being blinded by the cloud of smoke) Dylan… (Starts coughing) I…can’t…see…him!


Dylan: (Hears Anna scream and looks up) Anna!


Roberto: (Looks up at the roof and sees Anna struggling with one of Toni’s men) Anna, be careful!


Dylan: (Hears a gunshot and Anna falls off the roof, falling into a dumpster, the top slamming shut) Anna!


Roberto: (Stands still, staring at the dumpster) Anna…


Dylan: (Runs to another Leone Sentinel nearby) Hey! We need to follow Toni!


Roberto: (Walks backwards, still staring at the dumpster)


Dylan: (Gets into the passenger seat) You drive. I got the sub-machine gun!


Roberto: (Gets into the Sentinel and speeds off after Toni)


Sunday June 29th, 2007. 7:00 P.M.

Toni pulls up to a factory located somewhere in Chinatown. He runs out of the Sentinel and heads into the factory. Shortly after, Roberto arrives and gets out with Dylan, guns in hand. Roberto walks up to the factory entrance and kicks in the door. Toni stands across an enormous room, tables line the floor, machines line the walls, and men with M4’s stand near the tables. Toni looks Roberto in the eyes and grins.


Toni: This! (Lifts his hands and widens them) This is the end!


Roberto: (Takes a few steps forward with Dylan) Wow Toni. First it was seven on three. But now two on twenty…well…I think this is going to far.


Toni: If the two of you can take out five men so easily, then twenty should provide a sufficient amount of difficulty! Get them!


Roberto: (Pulls out his Desert Eagle and cocks the hammer) You ready Dylan?


Dylan: Ready for what?


Roberto: The end…

Edited by Cubanwhip

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$hiiiittt!!!! This is gonna be quite a [email protected]$$ battle here. I can't wait til the next chapter! icon14.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gif

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Awesome chapter, laberto!


Dylan is starting to be helpful! biggrin.gif


And it's okay that you take breaks between writing, nobody will hate you for it colgate.gif I hope your other projects are still coming along nicely icon14.gif

Edited by TonyZimmzy

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nice chapter


one hack of a battle man


bring in the next chapter when ever you want


peace out

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I haven't tracked this story in some time but this was a great chapter. icon14.gif

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Great chapter Roberto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep it going and good luck biggrin.gifbiggrin.gif


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I'm sorry for the short chapter. Course selection sheets came for next school year, and I must say, I'm committing suicide. Tomorrow is going to be a tough year. I'm only a junior (11th grade) and I'm take four AP (Advanced Placement [College Level]) courses. So wish me luck, that way I can still write, and not drown in the work!


Grand Theft Auto: The Conclusion's Boxart Back


Chapter 70: Last Man Standing


Tuesday July 1st, 2007. 3:04 P.M.


News Reporter: After the events of Sunday, the Roberto chapter finally comes to a close. With Chinatown in ruins and Roberto dead in the ruins, the city can finally rest. What caused the explosion is uncertain. The rumor going around is that a shootout occurred inside a factory between Roberto and mob boss Toni Cipriani. The factory was full of gasoline and explosives and is believed that a stray bullet set it off, causing Chinatown to explode. The entire district is nothing but dust and rubble. Officials have shut off Portland from the rest of Liberty City for construction. The damage extends throughout Chinatown, up to the Red Light District’s subway station and the Callahan Bridge. Liberty City hasn’t been in this much turmoil since the terrorist attacks on the Callahan Bridge approximately one year ago. It seems as if history is repeating itself once again…


The sun was casting a shadow of the diner under the Callahan Bridge. A single car was parked in the parking lot, and just stalling. Only a few cars pass the diners, some fire trucks, some police cruisers. Dylan sat in front of the steering wheel, examining his finger nails. He bites his right index finger nail off and sees Roberto walk out of the diner. He walks over and gets into the Picador. He grabs a hand full of chips and shoves them into his mouth, handing the bag over to Dylan.


Dylan: (Takes the bag) How’s it like being dead?


Roberto: Pretty fun. Nobody suspects I’m me. The news and police say I’m dead, and everyone believes it.


Dylan: (Eats some chips and hands the bag back to Roberto) I still can’t believe we got out of there alive.


Roberto: (Finishes the chips and throws the bag outside the window) Well, God forbid we actually die. If he wants to kill me, I don’t think he wants it to be that easy.


Dylan: True. So what next?


Roberto: Well, we need to go back to Capitol.


Dylan: (Looks at Roberto) Are you crazy? That place is still hot from when you were there last!


Roberto: Well, then what do we do? I need to take out Mike by the twentieth. We have less than nineteen days.


Dylan: Well, Portland is completely blocked off. I heard it on the news. Seems the only way off is on boat.


Roberto: So, unless you got a boat parked off the coast of Portland, waiting for us, we need to somehow find a boat and steal it.


Dylan: It shouldn’t be that hard. I mean, remember those other times we just found a boat.


Roberto: Well, I don’t think they are going to have boats on the docks around Portland. We’ve escaped on boats before; I don’t think they’ll let us escape by boat again.


Dylan: True.


Roberto: But no worries, drive to Joey’s old place. He has a Tropic docked inside his private jetty.


Dylan: Private jetty?


Roberto: Yeah, near the beach, inside the cliff, he made a hidden jetty for his boats. I think we can ‘borrow’ his Tropic, don’t you?


Dylan: (Starts the car and drives to Joey’s house) Well, then where are we going to go?


Roberto: Well, Vice is out of the question. Capitol would be committing suicide. Carcer might be a good idea. I’m thinking we go San Fierro again.


Dylan: (Stops at a red light and looks at Roberto) You’re joking right? Back to San Fierro?


Roberto: Well, I’m not going to Los Santos. Carl hates my guts and probably has his gang posted looking for me. Las Venturas would be great, aside from the Leone branch located there. The only good place to run to and plan sh*t is San Fierro.


Dylan: (Sighs) Fine. (Drives up the curb by Leo’s Bar, formally known as Marco’s Bistro)


Roberto: (Looks around) Liberty has changed so much… I mean, Chinatown is rubble. Half of Newport is under construction, the southern tip of Torrington is almost completed with it’s rebuild. Who knew I was capable of all this…


Dylan: Capable of what? So much pain? Agony? Suffering?


Roberto: (Glares at Dylan) Yeah…that…


Dylan: (Pulls up in front of the mansion) Hey…I didn’t mean it like that…


Roberto: (Gets out, slamming the door) Oh! How did you mean it?! (Heads down the slope, Dylan following behind)


Dylan: Well, not the way it sounded!


Roberto: (Manages to get down to the beach) What, like an asshole?


Dylan: (Walks up to Roberto’s left side) Man, I’m sorry. You did what you had to do to stay alive.


Roberto: (Stops and looks at Dylan) No, I did what I had to do to fix what I destroyed. The answer to my problem created more problems which I needed to fix, but of course! The answers to those problems created more problems. You see what I’m getting at! (Walks up to a the cliff and feels around for a loose rock)


Dylan: Well, It just always looks like you’re looking out for yourself…


Roberto: (Finds a loose rock and pulls it out, revealing a keypad) Myself?! (Turns at looks at Dylan) I have risked my life to keep you, Kelsey, Salvador, everyone alive! So don’t bullsh*t me with that me being ‘self involved’. (Turns to the keypad, punching in a number and a large slab of rock raise, revealing a Tropic floating in the water)


Dylan: Fine, let’s just drop it…


Roberto: (Walks over and jumps into the Tropic) Fine.


Dylan: (Gets into the Tropic and looks around) Pretty nice…


Roberto: (Starts it up and drives out of the jetty) It’s an 07. It doesn’t matter now though. It’s already 2007. Joey had this back in August of 2006, so it was nicer then.


Dylan: Ah… (Looks around and sees a few helicopters fly overhead and towards Portland) You think we’ll ever come back here?


Roberto: In the past, I’ve always said I will never see this city again. I was wrong. I’ve been here, three of four times. I’m not going to say no, because we just might.


Dylan: The paper’s right…


Roberto: What do you mean?


Dylan: Liberty City is the worst place to live in America…


Roberto: True…that is so true…


Wednesday July 1st, 2007. 11:27 P.M.

The Tropic floats along the western coast of San Fierro. Roberto stirs and looks up at Dylan standing at the wheel. Dylan guides the boat to a dock and docks the boat. He walks to the lower deck and throws the anchor overboard. He notices Roberto starting to stir and rub his eyes.


Dylan: Yeah, we’re here. San Fierro!


Roberto: (Jumps out of the boat, onto the dock) Yeah, finally. Now we need a place to stay.


Dylan: Well, we can just rent an apartment.


Roberto: Sure. (Walks into the beach’s parking lot and finds an Oceanic) You can get right on that. (Rips off the handle of the Oceanic and gets in)


Dylan: (Walks over to the Oceanic and gets in) Did you have to rip off the handle?


Roberto: It was locked. (Looks in the backseat and finds a newspaper) Start looking. (Grabs the newspaper and throws it at Dylan)


Dylan: Man… (Opens the newspaper to the classified section and starts searching)


Wednesday July 1st, 2007. 12:57 A.M.

Roberto sits inside a lobby, reading a magazine. He sighs and puts the magazine down. He looks around and notices the lobby is empty aside from the receptionist. A door opened and Dylan came walking out, followed by another gentleman who looked oriental. Roberto stood up and walked over to meet Dylan. Dylan was beaming and introduced Roberto to the gentleman.


Dylan: Roberto! I want you to meet Wu Zi Mu!


Roberto: Nice to meet you. (Reaches out to shake his hand, and Wu Zi Mu doesn’t do anything)


Dylan: (Clears his throat)


Woozie: Oh, I’m sorry! (Shakes Roberto’s hand) I’m having a bad day today.


Roberto: I see…


Dylan: (Chuckles and straightens up) Woozie said that he has an apartment that is available to us. He said we can move in when convenient.


Roberto: (Looks at Woozie, perplexed) How about now?


Woozie: I wouldn’t mind!


Roberto: Let’s go Dylan…we need to pack…


Dylan: Pack? But…


Roberto: (Grabs Dylan by the wrist and drags him out of the lobby)


Woozie: (Stands and waits for the door to shut) Finally! (Pulls out his phone and dials a number) Hello…yes…they are staying in my apartment…see you soon… (Hangs up and pockets the phone) I’m late for my twenty-one tourney! (Walks back towards the doors he entered)

Edited by Cubanwhip

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angry.gif Woozie is a f*ckin snake!


Good chapter, it was plenty long and filled with adventure. Return to San Fierro!

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great chapter Man


bring in the next one soon

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great chapter Man


bring in the next one soon

A little birdie told me he's doing an Easter PSA, keep it on the down-low ph34r.gif

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