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Grand Theft Auto.......

Recommended Posts

Archaon, Lord of End Times

Good chap, Robby. icon14.gif

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Nick Papagiorgio

Great chapter Roberto. Excellent work cookie.gif

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Roflcopters, lawlers, here's a new chap for the soul!


Chapter 58: Beat Down on B-Dup


Thursday June 4th, 2007. 1:59 P.M.

Roberto pulls up to the barbershop and parks the Greenwood. He sees the classic red and white barbershop pole spinning outside. Two men stand outside leaning against the wall. They have a boom box next to them playing Tupac.


Roberto: (Walks up to the men) Any of you know B-Dup?


Thug 1: Naw, I ain’t be knowin’ any B-Dup.


Roberto: (Looks at the other) You?


Thug 2: (Takes a minute in answering) I ain’t no sh*t…


Roberto: Nice use of the double negatives… (Punches one in the face with his left fist and pulls out the 9 mm pistol with his right pointing it at the second thug) Now do you know him?


Thug 1: (Feels the blood dripping out of his nostrils) I told you, we don’t know no B-Dup!


Roberto: You better not be f*cking around with me…


Thug 2: We ain’t!


Roberto: (Puts his gun away and walks into the barbershop to see and old man giving a familiar young man a haircut) Hey, you Old Reece?


Reece: (Continues giving the guy a haircut) Who be asking?


Roberto: Nobody special. (Walks over) Do you know a B-Dup?


Reece: I haven’t heard that name is a while actually.


Dylan: (Speaks up) I do…


Roberto: (Looks down at Dylan whose hair is covering his eyes) Do you really know?


Dylan: Yeah, I know where he lives too. He used to be my dealer.


Roberto: Tell me where he lives.


Dylan: Can I come?


Roberto: No… (Pulls out a cigarette and lights it)


Reece: I’m sorry, but if you’re going to smoke, smoke outside…


Roberto: Shut up old man…


Reece: (Looks appalled at Roberto) Is that how you treat you elders?


Roberto: No, I treat them much worse. I killed my only father figure… (Blows a cloud of smoke into Reece’s face)


Dylan: (Sees Reece getting impatient) Thanks for the cut Reece. (Puts down some money on the counter) I’ll tell you outside… (Walks outside)


Roberto: (Follows Dylan outside) So… (Looks around) Where the hell is my car! (Sees the Greenwood speed off around the corner with the two thugs inside) f*cking assholes… (Looks back at Dylan) So where is he…


Dylan: Why are you so anxious to find him…?


Roberto: Personal problem, none of your business…


Dylan: Fine, you don’t have to go all lone ranger on my ass. (Gets into his pick up truck) I’ll take you to his house.


Roberto: (Gets into the pick up with Dylan and the car starts off)


Thursday June 4th, 2007. 2:24 P.M.

The pick up truck pulls up to a blue apartment building and quickly rolls to a stop. Roberto steps out and heads to the door. Dylan is close behind him. The door is a dark red with yellow paint peeling down the top. The doorknob is round, rusted, and covered in dry blood. Roberto doesn’t care and pulls the door open.


Roberto: (Walks into a hallway covered in graffiti and blood) This place gives off a warm house vibe…


Dylan: Was that sarcasm…?


Roberto: (Ignores Dylan’s comment) Which room?


Dylan: I don’t know.


Roberto: (Stops causing Dylan to crash into him) What? I thought you knew where he lived?


Dylan: I knew the apartment building, not the specific room number.


Roberto: Do you know how long it’s going to take to search all two stories of this apartment building? It looks like it has fifteen floors on both floors!


Dylan: Well then we better start…


Roberto: (Starts walking down the hall a bit and finds a plaque on the wall covered in graffiti) Or not… This has all the tenants listed on it… (Starts reading) But it has their real names! What’s B-Dup’s real name?


Dylan: All I ever heard were his close friend calling him Mark.


Roberto: (Scrolls his fingers up and down the plaque) I found a Mark Wayne and Mark Gardner. Either sounds familiar?


Dylan: Nope.


Roberto: One’s in room 1A and the other is in room 5B. Gardner is closer, him first. (Turns around and looks at room 3A) It’s down the hall a bit more. (Walks down a few more doors with Dylan following close behind) Hey man, are you playing for the other team or something, cause your awfully close to me…


Dylan: No man! I love women!


Roberto: That’s what they all tell themselves… (Grabs the door to 1A and jiggles it, but finds it locked) Figures… (Knocks) Mr. Gardner, FBI…


Gardner: What? I didn’t do anything wrong…yet… (Opens the door and looks at Roberto) You ain’t no FBI! Now what you want?


Roberto: Do you go by the alias B-Dup?


Gardner: B-Dup? Oh, you’re talkin’ bout the other Mark in 5B. The damn cops always mix us up.


Roberto: Thanks for your time.


Gardner: What did he do this time?


Roberto: What?


Gardner: It’s always either drugs or petty theft, what did he do now?


Roberto: Murder…


Gardner: Oh sh*t son, seriously?


Roberto: Yeah, now if you don’t mind… We need to make the arrest. (Turns away with Dylan and heads up the stairs)


Gardner: sh*t, gotta warn him… (Closes the door and picks up the phone, speed dialing B-Dup) Hey man, the feds are comin’ up…alright… (Hangs up and reaches under the desk to pulls out a stubby shotgun)


Roberto: (Makes it to apartment 5B and knocks) Mr. Wayne, we need to talk… (Hears a thud and click) Mr. Wayne?


B-Dup: One minute damnit! (Unlocks the chain on the door and looks at Roberto) You ain’t no feds…


Roberto: How did you know… (Hears a blast and sees a hole in the door frame) sh*t!


Gardner: Run B-Dup!


Roberto: (Punches B-Dup in the face and throws Dylan into the open apartment door) Keep him from running… (Takes cover behind the door and another blast smashes into the open door)


Gardner: Get over here you fed! (Starts heading up the stairs)


Roberto: (Pulls out his pistol and looks around the corner to see Mr. Gardner walking up the stairs) sh*t…stubby…


Gardner: (Reaches the top step and slows his walking pace) Show yourself!


Roberto: (Turns the corner and puts two bullets in each shin of the man)


Gardner: (Looses his balance and puts a hole in the ceiling) Oh sh*t! (He takes one step backwards and falls down the stairs, breaking every bone in his body)


Roberto: (Hears a thud and turns into the apartment to see Dylan holding B-Dup down) Now, we can make this easy, or hard…


B-Dup: I don’t know sh*t!


Roberto: Sure you don’t… (Looks around and sees a wooden baseball bat lying on the floor) Dylan, tie him up on that chair.


Dylan: (Grabs some nearby rope and drags B-Dup to a rotting, wooden chair) Come on man, make it easy… (Struggles tying B-Dup up, but finally manages to do triple knots on both his arms and legs)


Roberto: (Slowly walks over to B-Dup tied in the chair with the bat over his shoulder) Now, where does OG keep the money?


B-Dup: OG? Who the f*ck’s OG?


Roberto: Don’t play dumb with me…


B-Dup: Who the f*ck is OG!


Roberto: (Pulls the bat off his shoulder and swings once at B-Dups face causing blood and a few teeth to fly and splatter across the wall) Do you know now?


B-Dup: Mother f*cker! I don’t know any OG!


Roberto: (Swings and hits his stomach causing OG to spit up bloods all over his shirt and lap) Stop playing around, I could do this all day…


Dylan: (Tries to stifle his vomit) Take it easy man! What if he doesn’t know OG?


B-Dup: I don’t know any OG!


Roberto: What about Jeffrey Cross?


B-Dup: Jeffy? I know him.


Roberto: Well, he goes by OG Loc.


B-Dup: Why the f*ck didn’t you ask me his real name. I didn’t know he went by f*cking OG Loc!


Roberto: I don’t care. Does he do business with you?


B-Dup: Business… no man…


Roberto: (Beats B-Dup in the nose with the bottom end of the bat, breaking his nose) Don’t f*ck around!


B-Dup: Yeah, yeah! We did a little dealing!


Roberto: Have you ever handled his money?


B-Dup: He didn’t trust me with no money. I was too unreliable…


Roberto: (Swings him across the face again, causing more blood to spray across the room)


Dylan: (Can not stifle the vomit anymore and lets loose, causing the vomit and blood to mix into one solution) Stop it!


Roberto: (Ignores Dylan) Don’t f*ck with me!


B-Dup: (Starts screaming) I don’t deal with the money!


Roberto: (Raises his voice) Tell me where the f*ck… (Swings again at his face) …the money is!


B-Dup: (Coughs up blood and his head sways from side to side, limply) In…Angel Pine… (His body spasms and goes limp)


Roberto: (Wipes his face from the blood coughed and flung at his face) Tell me you know where Angel Pine is…


Dylan: (Vomits again, the green liquid flowing out of his mouth with the smell of rotten eggs emanating from it) Yeah… I do… (Watches as the vomit mixes with the solution of blood and vomit already on the floor)


Roberto: (Drops the bloody baseball bat and walks out of the apartment) Sorry about that… I mean it… (Walks down the stairs thinking about how many more people he has to kill to set his life straight)


Dylan: (Stands on the top step of the stairs and looks down at Roberto) Why?


Roberto: It’s a personal problem, none of your business… (And he just walks out of the apartment building, waiting for Dylan)

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Great chapter, as always Rob!


Now, if you'll exuse me..



EmoPat sneaks out of B-Dups bathroom with a pile of OG-Loc's cash, runs down the stairs, gets in his Tampa and speeds off

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Haha, I love Dylan, I hope he sticks around for a while. Another great chapter, Roberto.

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Vanilla Shake

Great chapter, yet again! biggrin.gif

Keep it up!



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Lol. Everyone can't stop calling him Jeffrey. biggrin.gif


Great chapter.

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Gaja 90

Nice one, Roberto icon14.gificon14.gificon14.gif

cookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gif keep it up

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I love Dylan, I hope he sticks around for a while.

yeah same here


and greta chapter man


peace out

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S. Leone

Great chapter Roberto! Thanks for using my name in your story, I'll never thank you enough!

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Nick Papagiorgio

Good chapter, Roberto. More, more, more biggrin.gif

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yeah what he said







please man please you won't like when I cry man you won't cryani.gifcryani.gif

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Great chapter Rob! Dylan is hella funny! biggrin.gif Can't wait for the next chapter! cookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gificon14.gif

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GM Dude

Still as great as ever.

Keep up the good work......

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Archaon, Lord of End Times

Good chap, Robby. icon14.gif

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Here's a new chapter, courtesy of my great internet connection, brought to you by Adelphia cable, "Bringing semi-fast internet, lightening fast!"


Chapter 59: Paternal Love


Saturday June 6th,, 2007. 3:24 P.M.

Angel Pine is a small, country community located at the base of Mount Chiliad. The town rarely gets rain, since the mountain blocks out most weather. Dylan pulls the pick-up to a small corner grocery store. Roberto steps out and signals for Dylan to stay inside. He walks into the store and looks around. He sees a man in the back of the store, looking through the magazines dressed in a black trench coat.


Roberto: (Walks over and starts looking through the magazines, slowly inching his way towards the man) Hey, you know B-Dup?


Man: Who’s asking?


Roberto: The guy who killed him. (Slowly pulls out his nine millimeter and shoves it under the man’s rib)


Man: (Looks at Roberto) Now, now, how do you just assume I’m Mr. Wayne’s connection in Angel Pine?


Roberto: Well, first of all, you know his last name is Wayne and second, this is redneck country. I don’t think it would be common to see you here, especially in a trench coat. (Starts up a sarcastic tone) It’s not like you look conspicuous or something…


Man: How do you know I was here?


Roberto: I didn’t. I wanted some beer. I just saw you and thought all that up on my way from the door.


Man: You’re very smart aren’t you…


Roberto: I tend to think I am… (Feels a hand grab his shoulder and he quickly retracts the gun) Yes?


Dylan: What are you doing? I thought you wanted some beer and that’s it.


Roberto: I think we found out where our money is…


Dylan: (Looks at the man in the trench coat) That’s him?


Roberto: Yeah. (Slowly leads the man along with Dylan to the back of the grocery store, hidden away behind shelves) Now where the f*ck is the money? (Pulls the gun out and shoves it into the man’s stomach)


Man: Well, if you’re really that desperate for it, what would killing me accomplish? The only person who knows where it is, and you’re going to kill him? How smart would that be? And you just said that you were…


Roberto: (Nails the man in the temple with the gun handle) Stop playing around. There’s more at stake than just money.


Man: What, your fiancé, your friend and your friend’s brother?


Roberto: (Tightens his grip on the gun) How the hell do you know?


Man: I’m friends with Ms. Perkins. I’ve been working both sides. Of course, she doesn’t know, but now she does. I sent her the money a few days ago. After the news of Mr. Cross’s death the money went to B-Dup, and B-Dup trusted me, so it came here. If you don’t believe me… (Pulls out his cell phone) …you can call her.


Roberto: (Grabs the cell phone and scrolls down to her number) Alright then… (Hits call and waits for a moment) Hello, Millie…I found you’re little snake here in Angel Pine…yeah I do…friend? I had two. What happened to the other…you bitch! (Hangs up and throws the phone at the wall)


Dylan: What happened?!


Roberto: That whore just killed my friend’s brother! (Walks over to the wall and slams his fist into the wall) f*ck!


Dylan: Dude…


Roberto: (Punches the wall a few times until his fist starts to bleed) You don’t understand… My friend trusted me to find his brother and recover his family. If he finds out at all that I am responsible for his death, I’m dead. You hear me?! D-E-A-D, dead!


Dylan: It wasn’t your fault!


Roberto: (Turns around and looks at Dylan) Even if it wasn’t, there’s no proof proving I wasn’t involved!


Dylan: You’re other friend!


Roberto: He might as well be dead… (Walks past Dylan and towards the freezer in the back of the store)


Dylan: What the hell is wrong with you?!


Roberto: (Pulls a pack of beers out of the freezer) What are you talking about…


Dylan: I’ve known you for no more than three days, and I can tell you’re a self centered, cigarette addicted alcoholic. Just learn the fact that everybody dies!


Roberto: (Takes one beer out of the pack a pops it open) I learned that a while ago. When my parents were f*cking killed in my house! You know what I did to stop the killers? Nothing! (Takes a swig from the drink) So don’t even tell me that sh*t! (Walks up to the front counter and slams the pack onto the counter)


Dylan: (Follows Roberto up to the counter) Fine! I don’t even know how I put up with you! This entire trip down here, all you did was clam up and never talked. I would have had more fun reading an autobiography on Helen Keller! (Storms out of the store and peels away from Angel Pine)


Roberto: (Looks at the door as it closes and then narrows his eyes on the clerk) How much?


Clerk: So… you’re parents died?


Roberto: Shut the f*ck up and give me the total…


Clerk: Alright there kid… just wanted to start small talk…


Roberto: Does it look like I’m a kid that wanted to start small talk…


Clerk: Well, whenever I’m upset, I usually want someone to talk to… like a father or something.


Roberto: Well good for you. Go talk to your dad. Mine died…


Clerk: How did he die?


Roberto: I don’t know. He got shot in the chest. (Looks at the cash register and reads six fifty) So, that’s $6.50?


Clerk: Yeah…well that’s really sad, how long ago was this?


Roberto: I don’t know! What’s with all this badgering!


Clerk: I don’t know, you remind me of my son… he died about…how long ago? I think it was maybe five to six years ago…it’s been a rough time…


Roberto: (Looks up at the clerk and examines him closely) Do I know you?


Clerk: (Looks back at Roberto) That isn’t the question. The question is do I know you?


Roberto: Probably. I’m Roberto Garcia, most wanted criminal in America…


Clerk: (Goes into a coughing fit) Roberto Garcia?!


Roberto: The one and only…! (Raises his eyebrows as he flips through his wallet for money)


Clerk: Son?


Roberto: (Looks up at the clerk) What?


Clerk: It’s me…your father…


Saturday June 6th,, 2007. 3:59 P.M.

Now, when you find out your father is really alive after five or six years of being dead, you tend to go into complete shock. Sitting here, inside his father’s house, Roberto can not do anything but look forward and stare at the wall. His father is in the kitchen making two grilled cheese sandwiches, Roberto’s favorite back when he was young. When his father finally comes to the living room with the sandwiches, Roberto finally snaps out of it, and looks his father in the eyes for the first time.


Roberto: (Grabs one of the grilled cheeses and looks at his father) You’re…not him…are you?


Salvador: Yeah. Salvador Garcia…


Roberto: So… (Takes a bite of the grilled cheese)


Salvador: So…what have you been up to since…you know… (Takes a grilled cheese)


Roberto: Well, have you ever watched the news?


Salvador: Enough to know that you’re a dangerous criminal… So tell me, how did you come about that? You were such a good…


Roberto: (Cuts him off) It’s been too long dad… Things have changed way too much… After I was told you, moms, and sis were dead things changed, a lot. I was put up for adoption since I wasn’t eighteen. Seems as though I caught Tommy Vercetti’s eye and he decided that I would make a great ‘son’. So I spent about three years with him, working, training, doing jobs, becoming more of a criminal… From there, I went to Liberty and worked for Joey Leone, newly appointed Don of the Leones and close friend to Uncle Umberto…


Salvador: How is Umberto anyways…?


Roberto: Dead… Tommy killed him…


Salvador: (Stays quite for a second and takes in the news) How did he die?


Roberto: Not to sure… I found his body in a bathtub full of his own blood. I assumed Tommy sliced him up good and dumped him in there and let the tub fill itself with his blood.


Salvador: (Remains quite)


Roberto: Anyways… I worked for Joey for two years, and we became close friends. He was about to break family tradition just for me, and make me, until that fateful day…when it all changed. It always starts with a small job…


Salvador: (Looks at Roberto who has grown serious and lost emotion in his face) Go on…


Roberto: Well, in short, I found out I had a split personality that was trying to take over my body since I was so close to Joey Leone, but I started to mess around with the plans, slowly figuring him out. Eventually, I found this out, but it was too late. Joey turned on me, I killed off most of the remaining Leone members, and destroyed half of Liberty City. I thought it was over, until I got curious. If I had just stayed home, then I probably wouldn’t be here… That’s the day I found Umberto, dead and Tommy confronted me. He put me between a rock and a hard place. I had no choice but to leave and make Tommy my new enemy. Certain events lead to Tommy’s death, and I was left with his home, and empire. I took it for granted, and an old girlfriend came back, and took it all away faster than you can say ‘what the f*ck’. Now, my fiancé, Tommy’s daughter, is kidnapped, one of my best friend’s brother’s just got killed and I’m going to get the brunt of the blame, and now you’re alive. That’s what has been going on.


Salvador: (Takes a minute to soak in the story) You’ve been through a lot, certainly more than me.


Roberto: How did you survive that night?


Salvador: Honestly, I don’t remember. I remember waking up after your sister screamed. I ran to the phone and when I heard the gunshot, I dropped the phone without dialing and ran to the kitchen. I saw your mother, dead. I looked up at the burglars, and then I just blacked out. When I woke up, who knows when, the doctors told me to take it easy because I suffered severe lung damage. Turns out, the burglars missed my heart, and skimmed my lungs. I was lucky to be alive. They told me my wife, daughter and son didn’t survive. From then on, I’ve been trying to cope with the loss. Not until today have I gotten over it, until I saw you enter the store. I knew the moment you walked in, that I knew you from way back. It wasn’t until you mentioned your parent’s death that I knew who you were.


Roberto: (Looks up at his father, with one tear filling one eye) So now what?


Salvador: What do you mean, now what?


Roberto: What do I do! (Stands up) My friend’s brother was just killed, and I’m going to get all the blame, and my fiancés been kidnapped!


Salvador: (Stands up and puts one hand on Roberto’s shoulder) Go find her. If you really love her, then you will die for her…


Roberto: (Wipes his eyes) Alright… I will… (Hugs his father and takes a few steps towards the door) When I find her, I’m going to come back…and introduce you two…and maybe we can finally be a family again… (Walks out of the house and sees Dylan leaning against his pick up truck, looking at Roberto walk out)


Dylan: So, time to look for your fiancé?


Roberto: Yeah… (Gets into the pick up and watches his father’s house disappear behind the truck as Dylan drives somewhere)

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S. Leone

Great Chapter, keep it coming.

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Nick Papagiorgio

Good chapter, Roberto. High quality stuff. smile.gif

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That was a really cool, heart-felt chapter. Can't wait for more!

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Nice chapter, a little weird, but nice none the less

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great chapter man

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20 Pages wow.gif congrats on that. Would you mind If I added you to msn? blush.gif

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Great chapter as always, Rob.

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Archaon, Lord of End Times

Good stuff, Robby. icon14.gif

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20 Pages wow.gif congrats on that. Would you mind If I added you to msn? blush.gif

He won't mind. He didn't with me, or Arch, or anyone else that's added him for that matter. tounge.gif


If you want a few lil' hints to what happens next, you should add him.



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yo cuban can you please post another chapter soon man


peace out man

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Argh, I'm a pirate and avast ye maties, there b a chapter in the near distance. Like right now!


P.S.: f*ck all of you that rate my story bad because it's a script, let's see you write a better one...


Chapter 60: A New Friend Is a Friend In Need


Saturday June 6th,, 2007. 9:13 P.M.

Dylan is coming out of the tunnel around Mount Chiliad. Roberto is leaning his head against the window. The rain slowly pulls off the window, leaving streaks. The rain makes a rhythm as it hits the windshield. The windshield wipers go along and form a beat. Dylan starts tapping the steering wheel with his palms and speeds the beat up by turning the windshield wipers up one more speed. Roberto finally takes his head off the window and leans it against the headrest.


Roberto: (Closes his eyes and rubs his temples with his forefingers) So why’d you come back for me? I thought you couldn’t put up with me…


Dylan: Hey man, I couldn’t just leave you. I mean, you looked like you needed someone…


Roberto: Well don’t worry about it, I found someone…


Dylan: (Looks at Roberto) Who?


Roberto: My pops…


Dylan: (Nearly looses control of the truck, swerving across the wet road) What?! I thought he died?!


Roberto: That’s what I thought… (Opens his eyes and looks at the truck’s ceiling and continues rubbing his temples)


Dylan: So… how did he…


Roberto: (Cuts Dylan off) I don’t want to talk about it… (Stops rubbing his temples)


Dylan: (Turns left at an intersection into San Fierro) Well what do you want to talk about?


Roberto: How I’m going to break the news to my friend about his brother and family…


Dylan: Oh…


Roberto: Drive to the hospital in Juniper Hills…


Dylan: Uh… where’s that?


Roberto: Continue up this road and make a right on the seventh right turn…


Dylan: How did you know that? Do you know this place by memory?


Roberto: I’m good with places, plus, I went on a high speed chase through San Fierro. So I know my basic way around.


Dylan: Ah! (Passes his fourth right) Why were you being chased?


Roberto: Set-up for a dead body in the trunk of my car.


Dylan: Oh… (Passes his sixth right and turns onto the seventh right) Now what?


Roberto: Follow this road down, around the corner.


Dylan: (Heads down the road and around the corner) Have you thought of what to say?


Roberto: I just figured I’d wing it. Cause everything up to now, I’ve winged. So why stop now?


Dylan: (Goes across the street and parks the car in the hospital parking lot) But everyone has an outline of what to say.


Roberto: Mine is try to convey the point that his brother is dead… (Gets out of the truck, leaving Dylan inside) Wait here for about ten minutes. If I’m not out in ten, something’s wrong…


Dylan: Wrong? Why would something be wrong? You said he was shot nine times.


Roberto: Yeah, but that won’t stop him from doing something… (Roberto walks away from the truck and heads into the hospital. He walks up to the nurse, reading a magazine and twisting her hair around her right index finger) Excuse me?


Girl: Yeah… (Continues looking at the book)


Roberto: Can you tell me the room Carl Johnson is in?


Girl: (Stops curling her hair and looks up at Roberto) Who’s visiting?


Roberto: A good friend…


Girl: (Goes back to reading, but doesn’t twist her hair) I’m sorry, only family members are allowed at this point…


Roberto: Look, I’m going to visit him…


Girl: Um, no you’re not… (Slowly reaches for the security button)


Roberto: (Looks around for security cameras, and only finds one) Don’t you even try… (Pulls out his pistol, shoots out the single camera, and points the gun at the girl) Give me the visitor sticker…


Girl: (Stares at the gun and drops the magazine) Uh…uh…uh… (Takes a sticker from a pile) Uh…name…?


Roberto: Roberto…


Girl: (Writes the name down on the sticker) ‘The’ Roberto?


Roberto: (Grabs the sticker and pockets the pistol) Yeah, ‘the’ Roberto… (Walks off towards the elevator, but not without hearing the alarm start ringing) “sh*t…” (Feels the elevator jolt to a stop and a voice come on the speaker)


Speaker: Attention, code white. We repeat, code white, please exit the building in a calm and orderly fashion…


Roberto: “How the hell are you suppose to exit the hospital stuck in an elevator?!” (Roberto looks up and finds the elevator trap door. He jumps and knocks it aside. He jumps once again and manages to climb up onto the top of the elevator. He sees the elevator doors one floor above him slowly pry open)


Officer: He’s in the elevator! Let’s jump him from above! (Opens the elevator door completely and looks down to see Roberto seven feet below) sh*t, the surprise attack isn’t going to work! (Jumps down the seven feet and pulls out his police baton) This is the end for you…


Roberto: (Sees the officer lunge at him with the baton, but he grabs the baton and is stuck in a stalemate) sh*t…


Officer: You think I’m just another police officer? I’m just another average Joe? (Struggles to gain control, but fails and is stuck in the stalemate)


Roberto: (Knees the officer in the stomach, gaining the baton) Yeah… you all are… (Looks up and sees another officer jump down) f*ck…


Officer 2: (Pulls out a stun gun) You got no chance…


Roberto: (Roberto sees the officer with the stun gun charge him. He jumps to his left and beats the cop at the base of his neck with the baton. He waits until the officer is on the floor before looking at the other) Come on…


Officer: You’re dead punk! (Runs at Roberto and tackles him to the floor)


Roberto: (Feels the cold metal of the roof of the elevator make contact with his back) Not yet I’m not… (Swings the baton around and smashes it on the officer’s back)


Officer: (Feels a spasm go through his body) Oh sh*t! (Arches his back in pain)


Roberto: (Throws the officer off him and stands up) So long officer… (Feels two arms clamp around him)


Officer 2: (Keeps a good lock on him) Go on Larry! Take that f*cking baton and beat the sh*t out of this gang banging punk!


Larry: (Stands up trying to right himself) Alright… (Walks over to Roberto) Didn’t think it would go out like this, did you?


Roberto: (Roberto lifts one leg and back kicks the officer’s knee behind him, breaking it. The officer buckles and Roberto frees his arms. He grabs the officer’s forearm and flips him over his head, throwing him into Larry)


Larry: (Throws the whining officer off him) You broke my partner’s knee?! You bastard! (Grabs his gun off his belt) Now you’ve asked for it!


Roberto: (Hears one gun shot and ducks) “sh*t!” (Finds the stun gun on the floor)


Larry: (Slowly walks over to Roberto) Just f*cking die!


Roberto: (Turns the stun gun on and hides it behind his back) No…


Larry: To f*cking bad!


Roberto: (Pulls the stun gun from behind his back and shoves it under Larry’s ribs) Yeah, to f*cking bad! (Turns it to full power and feels Larry start to convulse)


Officer 2: (Stays on the floor and sees Larry lying on the floor, convulsing) You killed my partner!


Roberto: (Walks over to the officer) What did you think was going to happen in here? You thought you would win? Go to the station with me in cuffs and become the station heroes?


Officer 2: (Spits at Roberto) You’re nothing but a criminal!


Roberto: Asshole to the end… (Beats the officer in the nose with the end of the baton and swings once across his face, knocking him out)


Speaker: (Comes on through the elevator) Will officer’s please report to the fifth floor, will officer’s please report to the fifth floor. Possible gunfire heard…


Roberto: (Jumps and grabs onto the floor of the fifth floor) “Got to hurry up…” (Pulls himself up) “Was Carl on the fifth floor?” (Starts looking around) “sh*t, he’s on the sixth floor!” (Sees three officers come around the corner)


Officer 1: There he is! Open fire! (Pulls out his pistol and starts firing at Roberto)


Roberto: (Jumps into a room and looks around) I need a gun… (Sees syringe filled with some yellow liquid) …or maybe this… (Picks the syringe up and walks behind the door)


Officer 2: (Comes through the door, gun pointed straight forward) We got you cornered punk!


Roberto: (Swings around the corner, digging the needle into the officer’s soft skin)


Officer 3: Holy sh*t?! Frank! That kid just took out Jon!


Roberto: (Grabs Jon’s gun and puts one hole in Officer 3’s head) That was quick… (Pulls the needle out of Jon’s neck and throws the body to the floor) Now for ‘Frank’…


Frank: (Puts his back to the wall, and has his gun at the ready) Come out with your hands up!


Roberto: (Walks up to the door frame and stops one inch short) How about you come out with your hands up?


Frank: (Radios for back-up) I just called for back-up, you’re dead!


Roberto: (Waits a few minutes and hears footsteps) “How many is that…” (Counts the echoes and footsteps) “sh*t, that’s four…”


Frank: Move in! (Turns the corner)


Roberto: (Grabs Frank’s arm and twists it around his back) You’re f*cked now… (Pulls Frank up in front of his body, like a human shield)


Officer 4: (Looks at the door and sees Roberto come out with Frank as the human shield) Hold you’re fire!


Roberto: (Holds his pistol straight out) Bad move… (Opens fire on the four officer’s, all the bodies hitting the linoleum floor) Now for you, Frank…


Frank: (Stays silent and starts to choke on his sobs)


Roberto: (Beats Frank over the head with the pistol, knocking him out) Now, if you do have a family, you’ll have a story to tell them on how you survived the shootout at the hospital with the infamous Roberto Garcia… (Runs down the hall and up the stairs, one floor)


Nurse: (Opens the stairwell door to the sixth floor and sees Roberto arriving, pistol in hand) Oh my god!


Roberto: (Puts his hand over her mouth and looks straight into her eyes) Don’t say a word… (Spins around the door, onto the sixth floor, hand over her mouth and the pistol in his left hand) Don’t even scream… (Hears the footsteps of officers running down the stairwell to the fifth floor) I’m not going to hurt you. Please, don’t tell them I’m here, or you’ll seriously regret it. Now run! (Takes his hand off her mouth and pushes her down the corridor)


Nurse: (Runs down the corridor, looking back at Roberto mouthing the words ‘Thank You’)


Roberto: (Makes his way down the corridor, gun at his side and opening the door leading into Carl’s room) Carl…?


Carl: (Turns his head and looks at Roberto) Though’ it was ya…


Roberto: (Closes the door and locks it) Sorry I have to bring this news under the current circumstances…


Carl: (Sits up in his bed) Wha’ news…?


Roberto: Carl… (Walks over to Carl) You’re brother Sweet, he’s…he’s…


Carl: He’s wha’ nigga!


Roberto: He’s f*cking dead!


Carl: Wha’?! How tha f*ck did he die?!


Roberto: I don’t know the exact story… I only pieced it together.


Carl: Well?!


Roberto: Well, when I went looking for Loc, I arrived and killed him. Turns out this girl, Millie, needed him dead because he stole some money. Turns out, he knew the money’s exact location and I was dragged to look for it. She had Sweet tied up because he was tailing Loc and found out about the money and Millie took him captive as a precaution. So I found the money in Angel Pine, and when I called Millie to free Cesar and Sweet, it turns out she killed Sweet because he pieced together what her organization did. Cesar only survived. I don’t know where he is. I came directly from Angel Pine here. He could fill in how Sweet died.


Carl: (Stays silent for a few minutes) So… wha’ happened ta Grove Street?


Roberto: What do you mean?


Carl: Who runs Grove Street?


Roberto: Well, Loc was the leader, but I killed him. I’m guessing from what I’ve heard that Sweet was the leader of Grove Street, but now he’s dead. Grove Street is up for grabs.


Carl: (Looks at the wall straight ahead) Ya think ya can do me one mo’ fava…?


Roberto: Yeah man…


Carl: Can ya run Grove Street until I get betta. I can’t let some busta off tha street claim it.


Roberto: I would do anything for you Carl, but I can’t do that.


Carl: Why not?! You’re partly responsible fo’ my bro’s death! Tha’s tha least ya could do fo’ me!


Roberto: I’m sorry Carl, but I have some problems of my own right now…


Carl: Ya think ya got problems?! I’m in tha hospital and my bro just died! Don’ bullsh*t me with ‘I gots problems’…


Roberto: (Starts walking out) I’m sorry again Carl…


Carl: f*ckin’ walk away Roberto! Ya pussy!


Roberto: (Opens the door and walks out, closing it behind him) That went a lot better than planned… (Walks over to the elevator and watches the door slowly open) Dylan… (Sees Dylan standing in the elevator, sparks going off and blood dripping from the ceiling) How’d you know I was here?


Dylan: Hysterical nurse…


Roberto: (Walks into the elevator and loads his pistol) So cops are coming up here?


Dylan: (Hits the button for the lobby) You bet.


Roberto: How many you think?


Dylan: When I came in here, I heard about five squad cars come up. So I estimate maybe ten, twelve at most.


Roberto: Easy pickings… (Sees the elevators doors slowly start to open) Play along… (Grabs Dylan by the neck and holds the pistol to his head) I got a hostage!


Dylan: (Taken by the shock) Holy sh*t!


Roberto: I will kill him if you even think about opening fire! (Slowly steps out of the elevator and counts nine cops hiding behind desks, columns, and standing in the open, guns pointed at Roberto)


Lieutenant: Hold your fire! (Waves his hand and looks at Roberto) Let the civilian go!


Roberto: No! Let me out of this building and I’ll let him go!


Lieutenant: You know you’re not leaving alive! We have enough against you to be able to kill you now! Now, let the civilian go!


Roberto: (Walks forward until he counts five feet between the lieutenant and himself) Let me pass, and I’ll let him go! (Moves his mouth to Dylan’s ear and whispers) When I get out of here, I’m going let you go. When you get the chance, meet me at the San Fierro train station… (Moves his mouth away from his ear and continues talking to the lieutenant) So are you going to let me go?!


Lieutenant: Let the civilian go!


Roberto: (Shoots one shot into the air and points at the lieutenant) I will kill my way out of here if I have to! Then you all loose. Nine dead, Roberto still at large with a hostage!


Lieutenant: (Looks at the pistol in Roberto’s hand) You wouldn’t, you couldn’t…


Roberto: You want to test me…? (Points the gun at an officer to his right) Watch… (Fires one shot that skims the officer’s ear)


Lieutenant: Alright! (Moves out of the way) Do I have you’re word you’ll release the hostage?


Roberto: (Starts walking forward, and once he reaches the lieutenant…) Of course. (Walks out of the hospital and when he’s out of earshot range says something to Dylan) Remember, when you can, preferably tomorrow, around noon. (Throws Dylan to his right and sprints to Dylan’s pick-up) Hope the keys are in the ignition!


Dylan: Don’t worry they are! (Hears gunfire inside the hospital and sees the police and lieutenant run out firing at the truck) Hey! That’s my truck!


Lieutenant: I’m sorry, but we’ll pay for the damages if we recover it. (Continues firing)


Roberto: (Speeds away from the hospital, flipping off all the police officers) And I am out of here!

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There ya go lol



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GREAT CHAPTER!!!!!! cookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gif

It woulda been cool to see Roberto run Grove Street. Anyways bring on the next chapter homie!

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Nice Chapter! Sorry I havn't posted earlier, but most of the times I read I had to go right after sad.gif Keep it up icon14.gif

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