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Grand Theft Auto.......

Recommended Posts


Grand Theft Auto: The Conclusion


Yes, another GTA fan fiction. Now, I know what your thinking, "Why the hell is everyone writing GTA fan fictions? They should stop and think of something more creative other than GTA spin-offs." I used to say that too. Now, though, I came up with a great idea. What if I write something that is different, but it brings in the cities and characters. Then, this story was born.


user posted image

(Top: Hunter, 8-Ball. Middle: Reni Wassulmaier, Liberty City L-Train, Millie Perkin's Eyes, Dylan Cole. Bottom: Marissa Mendez, Infernus.)

user posted image


Table of Contents:

The First Saga

Chapter 1: Just a Small Job?

Chapter 2: All Things Become New

Chapter 3: It's Going to Be A Long Ride

Chapter 4: Old Things Are Remembered

Chapter 5: What’s In A Name…

Chapter 6: The Old Routine

Chapter 7: A Friend Redefined

Chapter 8: It's All Down Hill From Here

Chapter 9: New to Some, Old to Others

Chapter 10: The Middle of Where?

Chapter 11: A Fair Request

Chapter 12: Never Trust a Stranger

Chapter 13: It’s Certain Death

Chapter 14: A Meeting Gone Array

Chapter 15: A Considerable Catastrophe

Chapter 16: The Massacre

Chapter 17: The Hard Way

Chapter 18: The Head Honcho

Chapter 19: Outrageous…I Think Not

Chapter 20: An Infallible Plan

Chapter 21: Should Have Done It My Way

Chapter 22: So Much for That

Chapter 23: Not a Chance

Chapter 24: A State of Transition

Chapter 25: A Complete Relapse

Chapter 26: A One Way Ticket

Chapter 27: Inspired By A Dream…

Chapter 28: Federal Reality

Chapter 29: A Little Goes A Long Way

Chapter 30: Set the Wheel in Motion

Chapter 31: The Calm Before The Storm

Chapter 32: The Storm

Chapter 33: One After the Other

The Second Saga

Chapter 34: Burnt Out

Chapter 35: Hell Hath No Fury like a Vercetti’s Scorn

Chapter 36: Warm Welcome

Chapter 37: My Enemy’s Lackeys Are My Friends

Chapter 38: A New Contact

Chapter 39: A Likely Story

Chapter 40: A Burning Desire

Chapter 41: The Making of a Killer

Chapter 42: Analysis…Dead

Chapter 43: Action Fever

Chapter 44: Home Sickness

Chapter 45: An Expected Surprise

Chapter 46: The Search

Chapter 47: Old Acquaintance Be Forgot

Chapter 48: Something Doesn’t Feel Right

Chapter 49: Big Day

Chapter 50: Keep Your Friends Close…

The Third Saga

Chapter 51: The First Day of the Rest of Our Lives

Chapter 52: Getting Tired?

Chapter 53: Hot Action Party Fever

Chapter 54: Separation Issues

Chapter 55: My Life Be Like…

Chapter 56: Run Motherf*cka Run

Chapter 57: Point Blank

Chapter 58: Beat Down on B-Dup

Chapter 59: Paternal Love

Chapter 60: A New Friend Is a Friend In Need

Chapter 61: Wired

Chapter 62: Did I Miss Something?

Chapter 63: Cross Country Road Trip

Chapter 64: A Connection

Chapter 65: Unforeseen Circumstances

Chapter 66: Must’ve Blown a Fuse

Chapter 67: Wanted Much?

Chapter 68: The Sole Survivor

Chapter 69: False Hopes

Chapter 70: Last Man Standing

Chapter 71: Re-Acquainted

Chapter 72: The Beginning of the End

Chapter 73: Welcome Home

Chapter 74: Toward the Climax

Chapter 75: The End



Christmas PSA: Don't Drink and Drive-By

Valentine PSA: True Love


Exclusive Flamewars:

Flamewar with ClaudeTommyCJ_4_LiFe



Chapter 1: Just A Small Job?


Sunday August 10th, 2006. 12:00 A.M.

Snow is falling. It is midnight. Few pedestrians walk the streets. A lone Leone Sentinel turns the curb up Marco's Bistro. It is heading to Joey Leone's mansion. It drives up the driveway and parks up front. A man comes out the car and locks it. He walks towards the mansion. He unlocks the house and walks in, and to his surprise, is greeted by Joey Leone.


Joey: So, did you get the job done Roberto. Is that backstabber dead?


Roberto: If by dead, you mean inside a cube of crushed car and sunk at the bottom of the river, then yes, he is dead.


Joey: Good. This is why I always trusted you. Now go get some sleep. Tomorrow's a big day.


Roberto: What's going on tomorrow?


Joey: You'll see.


Monday August 11th, 2006. 8:07 A.M.

The sun is rising. The house casts a long shadow on the beach. Roberto is then woken up by a gun shot. He immediately gets up and reaches under his bed for his Micro SMG. He loads it and slowly walks into the hallway. He makes his way down the hall, and into the lounge area. He sees Joey sitting on the couch laughing.


Joey: How nice of you to join us Roberto. Come over here and have a seat. I want you to meet a very good friend of mine.


Roberto: (Walks over to the couch and sits down. He sets his weapon on the coffee table and looks at the guest) Who is this Joey?


Joey: Let me introduce you to Antonio Cipriani, or Toni for short.


Toni: So, you're the kid Joey is always talking about. You don't look tough, heck, you don't even look Italian. Hey Joey, who the f*ck is this.


Joey: Calm down Toni. He is a friend of mine that came up from Vice City. Umberto Robina informed me about him. He...


Toni: What?! That dirty Cuban told you about this kid, and you listened. How do you really know this kid is really trustworthy? This f*cking Cuban could be a rat. How do you know that...


Joey: Shut the f*ck up Toni. This kid just killed Claude.


(The room went silent)


Toni: Are you serious? Did this kid really kill him?


Roberto: If you need proof here. (Throws a dark green, blood-stained jacket at Toni) He won't be a problem anymore.


Toni: (Total shock consumes his face) My God. He really killed him.


Joey: See Toni. He is completely trustworthy. I am actually sending him on a job now.


Roberto: (Looks over at Joey) Really. I just got back from a job. Can't I just rest for one day?


Joey: Don't worry. This job should be a snap. Just get over to Claude's place in Staunton and get me money. Last I heard he had over $50,000,000. Here's the duffel bag you can put the money in.


Roberto: Fine. But as soon as I get back, I am getting a day off.


Joey: No problem Roberto. Just get her over there. (Roberto is heard getting in his car and driving off)


Toni: He really killed him didn't he? I just can't believe that that kid could do it.


Joey: He has his ways. He lived in Vice City. If you grow up there, you have to be a born killer.


Toni: Yeah, especially with that Vercetti guy running the place.


Roberto: (Roberto drives into Staunton and heads down the second street on his right. He turns left into an alley. He parks the car and gets out) sh*t, fifty million dollars, this guy must have been doing alot of jobs to get that much money. (He hits the elevator button and the elevator doors open. Someone swings a bat and knocks Roberto out)


Monday August 11th, 2006. 4:34 P.M.

Joey is pacing the lounge area. Toni is still sitting, occasionally glancing at the clock. Joey goes up to the bar and fills himself a shot of Vodka. He drinks it and slams it on the counter.


Joey: What the f*ck is taking him so long. He should have been here hours ago. I mean, how difficult is it to get some money?


Toni: I'll go get him.


Joey: (Stops Toni from leaving) No, wait. Give him thirty more minutes, and we'll go.


Monday August 11th, 2006. 4:46 P.M.

Roberto opens his eyes. He looks around the room. Blood is dripping down his face. He tastes it in his mouth. The room is a dull gray color and has no furniture, except for the chair he sits in. He tries to untie the rope that has his hands together, but fails.


Roberto: Where the f*ck am I? Hey, can somebody explain what the f*ck I am doing here?


Stranger: (A door Roberto did not see slowly opens. A man comes out dressed in a full black attire) Hello there Mr. Garcia. I have been expecting you for a long time.


Roberto: Who the f*ck are you? And how the hell do you know my name?


Stranger: (Laughs under breath) Well, to answer your first question, you can call me Mr. Gray. And to answer your second question, I have been watching you for the past two years now. You have been working for the Leone family. You are the Don's right hand man, a skilled driver, and a deadly killing machine. In fact, we have a body count so far of 107 for you.


Roberto: We? What do you mean we?


Mr. Gray: We'll get to that later. Your most recent murder is that of a man named Claude Speed. He also worked for the Leone's, and managed to kill their old Don, Salvatore Leone. It seems you killed him out of revenge for Joey Leone, correct?


Roberto: Maybe. I'll answer if you tell me who the f*ck you work for.


Mr. Gray: I told you we will get to that soon Mr. Garcia; I just need you to...


Roberto: No! I will not do anything until you explain to me, what the f*ck is happening here.


Mr. Gray: Calm down, I just want you to...


Roberto: No! I will not calm down until I...


Mr. Gray: (Walks up to Roberto and beats his face in with a pistol) Now, if you listen and do as I say, I will let you go. Once you do this, I will explain everything.


Roberto: Fine, but what do I get out of it?


Mr. Gray: Let's just say, I know some people that can help you out. What I am trying to say is, I can erase everything off your criminal record.


Roberto: (Roberto's face goes pale. He looks Mr. Gray in the eye, and sees he is not joking around) Fine. I will do what you want.


Mr. Gray: Good! Well I just need you to go down to the Callahan Bridge, and place this explosive here. (Shows Roberto a map of the Callahan Bride, and points out the spot) After you place it, get as far away as you can, almost to like Liberty Campus, and call me. I will then meet you here.


Roberto: (Stares right at Mr. Gray. Mr. Gray hands Roberto the explosive) Hey, why the f*ck does it look like f*cking beer cans?


Mr. Gray: Well, would you like to be seen arming a bomb under a bridge? I hope not! So I disguised it to look like beer. The police won't suspect a thing if they see you. (Points to the door)


Roberto: Okay... (Stands up and heads towards the door. But before he opens it, he turns around) I just want to ask one more question.


Mr. Gray: What is it? We are running low on time.


Roberto: Nothing, it will come back to me later. (Roberto opens the door and exits. The door leads to the alleyway where he parked his car. He gets in the car and drives towards the Callahan Bridge)

Edited by Cubanwhip

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Original GTA Master

wow really good story you have there

i suggest that everyone reads this

its really good


HES #1

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Thanks for the comment. Here's chapter 2.


Chapter 2: All Things Become New


Monday August 11th, 2006. 5:10 P.M.

The sun was setting, and it was getting late. Joey looked very worried, and very intoxicated. Toni was anxious and finally broke the half-hour silence.


Toni: Okay, Joey. Roberto has been gone far too long. We should have left awhile ago, but now I'm leaving.


Joey: (Slurring his words) Toni, take my Sh'entinal outsh'ide. Take a gang member and check out whatsh' taking sh'o long.


Toni: Okay Joey, just rest for now. I'll have Roberto back soon.


Joey: (Falling asleep on couch) Okay. Jush't hurry up.


Monday August 11th, 2006. 5:08 P.M.

Roberto has driven to the Callahan Bridge. He is directly under it, and is arming the bomb. Meanwhile he is thinking of what Joey is doing right now. He finally finishes.


Roberto: (Sweat drips down face) Finally, I though I was going to blow myself up. (He gets into his car and drives down to Liberty Campus. He parks the car and gets out. He finds a payphone and calls Mr. Gray) Hello, I have planted the bomb. Will you clean my records now?


Mr. Gray: Well, I told you after the bomb is detonated, you need to come over here to this apartment.


Roberto: Well just detonate it already. I need to get back to my house. (He hangs up the phone. He walks over to the car, but while he reaches for his keys in his pocket, an explosive falls out) Whoops, can't let anyone see this.


Monday August 11th, 2006. 5:11 P.M.

Toni is now exiting Chinatown and turning onto the Callahan Bridge. He has one other person in the car. It is just a Leone gang member he picked up off the street as back-up.


Toni: I can't believe I have to f*cking "rescue" a dirty Cuban. I bet it is just a trap. He is going to kill me. Then he is going to take over the Leones. I should just pass by Claude's house then leave. Then I'll tell Joey he died in a shooting with the Yardies.


Leone Gang Member: Come on Toni give it up. Ever since your Ma died you have been having a hard time trusting anybody new who joined the Leones.


Toni: Shut your mouth and drive. You have no right to bring my mother into this conversation. I will trust no Cuban in my life, EVER.


Leone Gang Member: Is it because Umberto Robina had killed her?


Toni: (Toni was silent for a second. Then he pulled out his pistol and shot the gang member in the head. Toni quickly grabbed hold of the steering wheel and shoved the dead body into the passenger seat. He jumped into the drivers seat and pushed the accelerator down till the point where he was speeding out of control) No body ever talks about my mother and Umberto Robina in the same sentence. EVER!!!


Monday August 11th, 2006. 5:13 P.M.

Roberto had gotten in the car and driven back to Claude's apartment. He pulled into the alley, but as he pulled in, he heard an explosion. The car was thrown off the ground and into the wall. Roberto luckily was still conscious inside the now destroyed car. He crawled out.


Roberto: (Limping towards the entrance to the alleyway) My god. (The entire area around the Callahan Bridge was destroyed. All the buildings had collapsed and all cars were no nothing but metallic wrecks in the street. A lone car drove up to him. The window was rolled down)


Mr. Gray: Hello there Mr. Garcia. Get in.


Roberto: (Roberto boarded onto the passenger side of the car) How many f*cking megatons was that bomb?


Mr. Gray: That is none of your concern. What should be is this. (Mr. Gray flips a computer monitor around in the car. It showed all of Roberto's criminal records of the past) Go ahead. Delete them. Then I am going to drop you off at the docks near Rockford.


Roberto: (Roberto reaches over and deletes every file kept on record) That's it?


Mr. Gray: That's it. Now, here's your stop.


Roberto: (Roberto opens door and gets out. He turns around) Remember that question I had forgotten before?


Mr. Gray: You remember it?


Roberto: Yes. I wanted to ask you, who are you?


Mr. Gray: (Laughs) Well if you really want to know, I am a friend of Juan Garcia Cortez. (He drove off)


Monday August 11th 6:01 P.M.

Roberto looked over the buildings of Rockford to see black smoke emanating from the city. He boarded the boat parked in the Dock and sped off to Portland Beach. He came up on the beach and got out. He climbed up the slope near Joey's house and entered the house. Joey was sitting watching the television. He looked up with a look of astonishment on his face.


Joey: Oh my god! You're alive. Did you see what the f*ck happened at the Callahan Bridge? Holy sh*t! Wait...Toni was on his way to pick you up. No...(Joey falls on the couch, all feeling drained from his face) Toni's dead.


Roberto: (Look of worry on his face) Umm, Joey. I was responsible for that explosion.


Joey: (Looks up at Roberto) What? What! You did that! But why? I told you to go and get Claude's money, that's it. No more, no less.


Roberto: You are not listening, a guy called Mr. Gray kidnapped me and forced me to blow the bridge up.


Joey: Well, Liberty is in ruin. Liberty is going to be put on lock down until that bridge and all buildings around it are re-built or cleared.


Roberto: He was a friend of Juan Garcia Cortez.


Joey: Are you serious? Well, then we got to get to Cortez.


Roberto: (Look of confusion grips his face) What do you mean.


Joey: You know where we are going right?


Roberto: Don't say it.


Joey: That's right, back to your birth place

Edited by Cubanwhip

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Original GTA Master

lol.gif chap-ter-three



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I could really use some comments from other people to see what people think, but since Original GTA Master wanted it here's chapter 3.


Chapter 3: It's Going to Be A Long Ride


Tuesday August 12th, 2006. 10:47 A.M.

Joey and Roberto are packing for their trip to Vice City. They walk outside and put their bags in Joey's limo, then they left for Atlantic Quays.


Joey: Well, Roberto. This is going to be the last time we'll see Liberty City like this. (To the driver) To Atlantic Quays Mickey, and step on it. (Looks back to Roberto) So, do you have any connections in Vice?


Roberto: Yeah. I was friends with Tommy Vercetti. I'm sure he will let us stay with him. I knew him really well, we were like father and son.


Joey: You know Tommy? Wow! That's amazing. So how's he doing?


Roberto: Well, the way you expected. He practically owns Vice City. He has every gang cowering. Oh, and he's married.


Joey: What?!?!?! Tommy's married? Wow, what's the broads name?


Roberto: I think its Mercedes Cortez, Juan's daughter.


Joey: Oh sh*t. He actually married that slut. I'm surprised. Well, did he have any kids?


Roberto: Well...


Joey: Well what? Does he?


Roberto: I had a crush on his daughter Kelsey, but that was two years ago. I'm sure she has a boyfriend by now or something.


Joey: You pimp. I wanted to ask, how old is he. I'm not good at math. You make him sound like he is in his mid-thirties, low forties.


Roberto: Hell no! He is like fifty-five years old, and people are still afraid of him. Heck, I think he still does some of his own jobs.


Joey: Wow, no kidding. Looks like we are here. (They get out of the car)


Roberto: (Steps out and looks at a yacht) Wow, this is a beautiful yacht. Is this what we are taking to Vice?


Joey: Hell yeah. How are we going to live in Vice, and not have a yacht. It's a 2006 Tropic. It was very expensive and very luxurious.


Roberto: Hey, I'm in no position to disagree.


Joey: (Turns around to Mickey) Okay, I guess this is goodbye. Mickey, I'll leave you in charge of the Leones, for now. Make sure they're still here whn I get back, okay.


Mickey: Sure boss.


Joey: (Turns around and looks at the yacht) Shall we then Roberto (They both board the boat) Okay, let's set sail. To Vice City!


(Sirens start wailing from the dock. Both Joey and Roberto look out the back of the yacht and see police and FBI cars parked around the dock)


Police Officer: (Yells through a mega-phone) Joey Leone and Roberto Garcia, get back to shore. We are allowing no-one to leave Liberty City.


Joey: Sh*t! They are trying to stop us. Roberto take this M60 and shut them up.


Roberto: Right on it. (Roberto loads the gun. Yells to the police and FBI) How about no you f*cking pendejo's. (Starts shooting the gun. All the cars blew up) That'll take care of them.


Joey: (Looks to his left and sees a few Predators coming towards them) Sh*t! Roberto take them down. (Yells to boat driver) Why the f*ck are we going so slow, f*cking step on it.


Roberto: (Looks up and sees two police mavericks coming down) Joey... it's not only boats we have to deal with.


Joey: Oh my f*cking god! I hoped I didn't have to use this. (He runs down stairs and comes up with a mini-gun) Here you take the mini-gun, and I'll use the M60. Take down the choppers; I'll take care of the boats.


Roberto: (Trades guns) F*ck yeah, lets do this.


SWAT Member in Maverick: Hey you get back to Liberty City right now, or we will be forced to come down and arrest you.


Roberto: F*ck no! (Roberto grips the gun firmly, and puts hundreds of bullet holes into the maverick. It spins out of control and smashes straight into the water.) Yeah, one down, one more to go! How you doing Joey?


Joey: I already took out two of the four boats. (Yells to driver) Hurry up! Try to evade the boats and choppers!


Roberto: F*ck!


Joey: What happened?!?!


Roberto: I ran out of ammo!


Joey: Sh*t! Here, take this gun. (Pulls out a MP5) This should be able to take out that chopper.


Roberto: (Takes MP5) Hey you! I got something for you. (Loads MP5 and takes out the driver of the remaining maverick. It falls straight down and crashes into the remaining boat) Oh yeah, two for one.


Joey: Thanks for taking care of that remaining boat. It was giving me a hard time. Watch out!


FBI Agent: (Climbs aboard the yacht, from the water) You are both f*cking dead.


Roberto: Oh hell no. (Beats the FBI agent in the face) Take this you f*cking asshole. (Shoots the Agent off the boat)


Joey: Nice shooting Roberto. He was this close to killing you.


Roberto: Well, not today. Today, is not the day this Cuban will go down.


Joey: Damn right.


Roberto: (Keels over) Ohhhh, they got me in the leg.


Joey: What? You didn't notice this till now.


Roberto: Well how the hell am I suppose to tell if a bullet grazes me if I am too busy shooting down a couple of choppers and killing an FBI Agent.


Joey: Well, are you okay?


Roberto: Yeah, it's just a graze.


Joey: Okay then. Now let's just sit back, and wait to get to Vice City. (Calls for driver) Hey, how much longer till we get to Vice City?


Driver: About four hours Mr. Leone.


Joey: Decent amount of time. Let's just relax. (Yells for a medic) Hey my friend needs some alcohol and gauze. We need to drink.


Roberto: Yeah, after what we been through, I need a Tequila.

Tuesday August 12th, 2006. 3:14 P.M.

The Tropic pulls up to Viceport. Joey and Roberto unload their baggages and puts them into a limo that is there waiting for them. A man is standing there in a business suit.


Joey: Finally, we have arrived. Damn this place looks like a sh*t hole.


Man: Welcome back to Vice City Roberto, it's great to have you back.


Roberto: Well, it's not great to be back, sir.

Edited by Cubanwhip

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nice job, not too bad. Keep it up.

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Thanks for the comment, here Chapter 4.


Chapter 4: Old Things Are Remembered

Tuesday August 12th, 2006. 3:15 P.M.

Roberto is shaking hands with this man. Meanwhile, Joey is growing impatient while waiting in the limo.


Joey: Okay guys. You had your reunion, now lets get out of this place.


Roberto: Joey’s right Ken, let’s go.


Ken: Yeah. (Gets in the limo)


Roberto: (Gets in the limo) So is Tommy still living in that mansion of his?


Ken: Of course! Why would he move?


Roberto: Don’t know? (Looks out window and watches Vice City)


Joey: So you Ken Rosenberg? Well, my father told me a lot about you. He says you are very reliable.


Roberto: (Thinks to himself) “Wow, Little Havana has changed a lot in two years. They have added that new mall. Oh and we can’t forget about Little Haiti, that place has been a sh*t hole since 1990. Ever since Tommy put that new movie theatre, the Haitians have dwindled down to almost nothing.” (The car turns onto a bridge)


Joey: Yeah, Vice has changed so much. I don’t even think it is Vice City anymore.


Ken: Well, what do you expect? All that disco all rock died out. So Tommy had to stay with the times and changed a lot of places that still had the rock or disco influence on it. He also tried to destroy any remaining gangs left in the areas. This is why Little Havana and Little Haiti are nothing but industrial areas.


Joey: So this is Starfish Island?


Ken: Yep. Tommy hasn’t changed this place much. He bought all the property on this island and gave them to the important people in his organization. He doesn’t like calling it a gang.


Joey: Really? So would I get one?


Ken: (Laughs) No. But dear old Roberto here owns one, don’t you?


Roberto: (Comes out of trance of looking out the window) Yeah… It’s that one there. (Points to first house on the left)


Joey: Damn! Tommy must have really liked you.


Ken: Yeah. He was Tommy’s right hand man. Much like he is to you right now.


Joey: No kidding.


Ken: Looks like we are at the Vercetti estate. (The car pulls into a driveway. All three of them get out of the limo)


Roberto: This place has not changed at all. It looks like it has the same paint and everything.


Ken: Yeah, Tommy really liked the way the mansion looked, so he kept it in its original state. All that has changed about it is the interior. (They enter the house)


Tommy: Welcome! It’s great to have you here Joey Leone, and my dear Roberto. I still haven’t sold your house. I was hoping you would come back.


Roberto: Well, I’m back.


Joey: Wow, it’s great to meet you Mr. Vercetti.


Tommy: Don’t call me that. You’re the Don of the Leones, call me Tommy. (A girl walks into the room) Hey Kelsey, this is my daughter Kelsey Vercetti.


Kelsey: Nice to meet you Mr. Leone. (Looks over to Roberto and blushes) Oh, hey Roberto.


Roberto: Hey Kelsey.


Tommy: Hey honey, can you show these gentlemen to their rooms? Thanks honey. (To Joey and Roberto) Dinner will be ready in a few hours. Take the time to learn your way around my home.


Kelsey: Right this way. (Goes up stairs)


Joey: Wow, this is a huge house. It must be like ten times the size of mine!


Kelsey: I bet it is. (Looks to her right and sees Roberto. She thinks to herself) “Wow, he hasn’t changed a bit. I wonder if he still likes me. Oh how I wish I could tell him myself”


Roberto: (Interrupts Kelsey’s train of thought) Is there something wrong Kelsey?


Kelsey: Oh what, no. Nothing’s wrong. (Reaches the end of hall) Okay, Mr. Leone your room is here on my left, and Roberto’s is on my right. My father has laid out some clothes on your beds to wear to dinner.


Joey: Thank you Kelsey. (Kelsey makes her way back own the hallway and down the stairs) So you still like Kelsey Roberto?


Roberto: Shut up and take a shower Joey.


Joey: (Gives a smirk) Okay, Mr. Touchy. But don’t think this conversation will go unfinished.


Tuesday August 12th 2006. 6:30 P.M.

Roberto is in his room. He had finished taking a shower hours ago. He had sat down on his bed and watched the news.


Anchor: …and in even worse news today, Liberty City is in total chaos. After the destruction of the Callahan Bridge, people have taken advantage of the lack of police officers in some areas of the city. Here is our field reporter Paul with some on the spot news.


Paul: Thank you Jon. Yes, it seems Liberty City is in total chaos. Gangs have taken over and people are robbing stores. Police are letting nobody out of the city, and nobody into it. The police have so far put out a search for Joey Leone, Don of the Leones, and Roberto Garcia, right hand man to Joey Leone. These people were seen heading out from Atlantic Quays in a 2006 Tropic. The police said they had caught a witness, and are interrogating him right now. The most they have gotten out of him is and quote, “I will never tell you, you assholes. I made a promise to Joey which I will never break.” This was said by Mickey Hamfists. This has been Paul, back to you Jon.


Roberto: (Turns off the television) sh*t. I need some advice. (Leaves room and heads to Tommy’s office) Hey Tommy.


Tommy: What is it Roberto?


Roberto: They are so close to finding out the location of Joey and I. What the hell are we going to do?


Tommy: I was hoping you were going to ask. Here is a name and address. Ask for him and he’ll help you out. Go now, I’ll explain your absence to Joey.


Roberto: Thanks Tommy.


Tommy: Don’t worry about it. I’ll always help you out, and you know it. Take my Infernus in my garage.


Roberto: Okay. (Walks out of office and to the garage) Damn! (Looks at the Infernus) It’s a 2007 Infernus. Tommy must have connections to get this. (Gets in and heads to the address)


Tuesday August 12th, 2006. 6:47 P.M.

Roberto pulls up to an apartment in Downtown. It looks to be beaten down. Roberto steps out of the Infernus.


Roberto: So this is it, the Hyman Condo. (Walks up to entrance and rings doorbell)


Voice: Hello?


Roberto: Is this Mike Toreno?

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Original GTA Master

the story is going good but why would Mike Torreno give up all the sh*t he had in SA for the Hyman Condo in Vice City?

post the next chapter please

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That's why there is.......


Chapter 5: What’s In A Name…


Tuesday August 12th, 2006. 6:37 P.M.

Joey has just awoken from a nap. He walks downstairs dressed. He reaches the dining room.


Joey: Hey, where’s Roberto?


Tommy: He is out. He should be back shortly.


Joey: I need him now though. We need to discuss something important.


Tommy: Don’t worry. Sit down and eat. It has been a long day for you.


Joey: Fine. (Sits down and starts to eat his dinner)


Tuesday August 12th, 2006. 7:01 P.M.

Roberto is sitting in a slummy apartment. The paint is falling off the walls and the floor is made of rotten wood. Mike Toreno walks in with two glasses of water.


Mike: Here you go. (Hands glass to Roberto)


Roberto: Thanks.


Mike: So, you’re the man Tommy always talks about. How old are you, nineteen?


Roberto: Actually, I’m twenty. I was born in 1986.


Mike: That was about the time Tommy was starting to take over. Yeah, I remember then. But then the CIA hired me. I had to leave Vice and go to that f*cked up state of San Andreas.


Roberto: (Takes a sip of his water) Sucks to be you.


Mike: Indeed! Then I had to deal with this arrogant man named CJ. He was so f*cking annoying. Complained about every assignment I gave. Then, in 1993, CJ turned me in. He was rich because he worked with that rapper. So even if he ratted me out, it wouldn’t affect him because he could bribe the police. So I was detained, and bailed by my good friend Tommy. Unfortunately, Tommy couldn’t risk being seen with an ex-corrupt CIA agent. So he gave me this sh*t hole. But enough of me, why are you here?


Roberto: Well, you have seen the news for Liberty City haven’t you?


Mike: Yeah. Liberty is going down the drain. I saw the police have put a search for you and Joey Leone.


Roberto: Yeah, I was the cause for that explosion.


Mike: Holy sh*t! Are you serious? Wow, Tommy said you were good, but not that good!


Roberto: Yeah, but I need help looking for this guy. He called himself Mr. Gray. I am not sure…


Mike: Oh sh*t, you got yourself involved with him.


Roberto: Not involved, he kidnapped me.


Mike: That doesn’t matter. If you are in any way associated with him, you will be killed. I used to work with him in San Andreas. He is the reason I became corrupt. He taught me that I can get more money being bad, than good. So I did what he said for a few years, and then, before I can think, BAM!


Roberto: What happened?


Mike: What do you think? We were in the middle of an important deal with the Aztecas. He shot down all the Aztecas and shot me in the leg. I was in extreme pain as you could imagine because he caught me off-guard. He ran off with their money and left me there with the drugs. Luckily, before the police came I managed to crawl away into an alley so they couldn’t find me.


Roberto: So this Mr. Gray is a backstabber.


Mike: More than that, he will stab you in the back and get all your information. He will use your information against you to make him do what he wants.


Roberto: sh*t!


Mike: What?


Roberto: He said he would erase all my criminal records if I blew up the bridge. I made sure it was deleted, I even read over the information to see if it was mine.


Mike: And…?


Roberto: I deleted it.


Mike: Idiot! I thought you were smarter than that. He is just going to go into the computer and recover it. He is going to add to it that YOU are responsible for the explosion.


Roberto: How? He has no proof.


Mike: Well, where did you meet?


Roberto: If by meet, you mean kidnapped, in Claude Speed’s Staunton hideout.


Mike: Then it’s too late. He has that place rigged with cameras. He has videos of you leaving the area with the bombs and…


Roberto: But even if he uses those videos, the videos show him giving me the explosives.


Mike: Okay, step back in time with me here. Remember back to that moment when he gave you the explosives, what did they look like?


Roberto: (Starts thinking. He visualizes the explosives in is head) Oh sh*t!


Mike: Exactly, he disguised the bomb so it didn’t look like a bomb. That way, when he shows the video, it looks like he is innocently giving you…


Roberto: …beer.


Mike: If I were you, I would stay low for a while. Sit back and relax for a few months. Let the search die out, and then go back to Liberty. Then, make sure you kill him.


Roberto: What do I tell Joey?


Mike: Don’t tell him anything. Tell him that you should lay low for a while until the heat dies down.


Roberto: (Gets up and heads towards door) Wait.


Mike: What?


Roberto: Who does this guy work for?


Mike: I don’t know. He quit the CIA shortly after the drug deal. He could be with anyone.


Roberto: Thanks, that’s all I needed to know. (Heads out door and to the Infernus downstairs)


Tuesday August 12th, 2006. 7:33 P.M.

Roberto pulls up to the Vercetti Mansion. He parks the car in the garage and goes inside. Joey is pacing back and forth in the entrance to the mansion. He sees Roberto enter.


Joey: Where the f*ck have you been? I was worried sick. The police could have seen you.


Roberto: Don’t worry Joey. Just sit back and relax.


Joey: Sit back and relax? Are you crazy?


Roberto: Maybe I am. Just relax for now. I need some time to think. (He goes upstairs to his room. He lays on his bed and stares at his ceiling) A lot of time to think.

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Original GTA Master

Mr. Gray 50 years in prison for giving beer to a "minor"

story done Mr. Gray got pwned by the Cuban lol

next chapter please

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Is Original GTA Master the only person who reads this? How many chapters do I have to post before other people read it. Oh well.


Chapter 6: The Old Routine

Wednesday November 24th, 2006. 9:34 A.M.

The sun is glowing in the sky and spreading light all through Roberto's house. It has been three months since the incident at Liberty City. Police are still searching for Joey and Roberto. Now with the information of Roberto blowing up the bridge, they have spread the search to Vice City, San Andreas, and even Carcer City. Roberto has moved back to his house, and let Joey live in with him. Roberto is up and brushing his teeth.


Roberto: f*ck, it's so boring here. All this town is filled with are old people and golfers. I need to get out of here. (His cell phone rings) Who the f*ck calls at this hour? (Goes over and picks up phone) Hello?


Stranger: I need you to do something for me.


Roberto: (Roberto slumped on the bed; all mobile abilities left his body. Only his mouth moved) f*ck you. You lied to me. You said you would leave me alone. You said you would erase...


Mr. Gray: Oh come on. You would really think I would let you off the hook? I mean, you made Liberty a disaster area.


Roberto: After YOU told me to. And now, you gave my records to the police. With the added information of me blowing the bridge. And if Joey finds out about my record...


Mr. Gray: What, that you are traitorous, that you betray anyone that hires you?


Roberto: I haven't done that for years now. Leave it out.


Mr. Gray: You really do care about Mr. Leone don't you? Well, I have some valuable information about Mr. Leone that will interest you. Come by the Harrison Hotel on Washington Beach. Ask for, Albert, and the man at the counter will show you to my room.


Roberto: And what do I have to do for the information? Blow up the entire West Island?


Mr. Gray: You will see, just come over. (He hangs up)


Roberto: f*ck! (Throws phone into the wall)


Joey: (Runs into the room with a look of panic) What happened?


Roberto: Nothing, someone called, I need to meet them somewhere.


Joey: Hey, wherever you go, I go.


Roberto: I think it's better for you to stay here. I don't want anything to happen to you. (Grabs car keys, a pistol, and heads out of the house)


Joey: What's up with him? He seemed a little startled. (Picks up broken phone pieces) sh*t! I let him borrow this.


Wednesday November 24th, 2006. 10:13 A.M.

Roberto pulls up to the Harrison Hotel. He parks his car, and heads in. He sees the man at the counter and goes up to him.


Roberto: Hello, is there an Albert staying here?


Man: (Stares Roberto in the eyes) May I ask who is asking?


Roberto: An old friend.


Man: (Picks up a phone and heads into a backroom. Comes back out) Yes, let me show you.


Roberto: (Follows man to the end of a long hall) How far is this room?


Man: He requested a room that is near the rear of the hotel.


Roberto: Odd request. (Stops at door)


Man: Well here it is. I hope you have a nice day sir. (Walks away)


Roberto: (Knocks on door) Hey, I am... (Gets hit in the head) Oh sh*t, not again... (Drifts off)


Wednesday November 24th, 2006. 10:23 A.M.

Joey had decided he needed to ask Tommy a question. He headed over to his house.


Joey: Hey Tommy.


Tommy: Joey! Good morning. Che cos'e?


Joey: Roberto flipped out this morning. He seemed to have received a telephone call, and had to go.


Tommy: Well maybe it was an old friend. You have to remember he grew up here. He could have flipped out because he hasn't seen them in a long time.


Joey: No. He said I couldn't go because he doesn't want anything to happen to me.


Tommy: Well I hope it didn't have to come to this. Here. (Pulls out a device) I put trackers in all my vehicles to keep track of where they are. Just input Roberto's ID code and it'll show up on the mini-map.


Joey: Thanks.


Tommy: No problem. Now, I got some work to do, hurry up and find Roberto, I am expecting to have a guest tonight.


Joey: Really? Who?


Tommy: It's going to be a surprise.


Wednesday November 24th, 2006. 11:37 A.M.

Roberto is lying on the floor of an apartment. It is decorated. He gets up and rubs his head.


Roberto: (Moans) Oh god. Why do you have to always knock me out man?


Mr. Gray: (Walks into room) I don't know. It seems to be my way of saying "hi".


Roberto: f*ck that. (Continues to rub head) Now what do you want?


Mr. Gray: Right down to business! Good. Last time was such an ordeal, and...


Roberto: Just shut up and tell me what to do.


Mr. Gray: I need you to fetch me a suitcase.


Roberto: Okay. Now what's the catch? Is it in the middle of a military base, or is this a setup to get a reward for the police search?


Mr. Gray: No no no. (Starts to chuckle) I don't need that money. What I need is in that case. Now be a good boy and fetch.


Roberto: (Walks up to Mr. Gray and stares him in the eye) Stop treating like a dog, and I will think about it.


Mr. Gray: (Continues to chuckle) Or what? You have nothing to threaten me with. I have you in my grasp. I pull the strings, and you dance. Easy as that.


Roberto: Oh really. What is preventing me from beating you in the face and taking my records and deleting them?


Mr. Gray: (Comes out laughing)


Roberto: What the f*ck is so funny?


Mr. Gray: (Tries to stifle his laughter) I left a message at your house. It explains everything about your past. I have the house completely locked down. I have the key to open the new lock on the house, and so does Joey. If you don't get the package, you won't be able to get in your house and stop Joey from listening to the message, and your friendship is ruined. How's that?


Roberto: (His face is flaring) Why you f*cking backstabber.


Mr. Gray: Now now, just get me the suitcase at the airport. It's is in luggage claim. Give them this ticket and bring it back. See, it's that easy.


Roberto: Fine. I just want to get one thing straight though.


Mr. Gray: What is it?


Roberto: This will be the last job I'll do for you. (Walks out of the room)


Mr. Gray: That boy is so funny. He actually thinks I am not going to bother him again.


Roberto: (Walking out of the hotel) I will never see that f*cking smirk again. Once I get his "suitcase" I know exactly where to take it, or at least I know someone who knows where to take it.


Wednesday November 24th, 2006. 11:43 A.M.

Joey is parked outside the Harrison Hotel. He spots Roberto getting into his car and speeding off. Joey turns on his car and speeds off with him.


Joey: Where the hell is he going in such a rush? It's like he has to do something in like five minutes or something is going to blow up. (Gets a flashback of Roberto returning to his house after the bridge explosion) Maybe something will blow up. (Picks up cell phone and dials Tommy's number) Tommy...Roberto may be planning something big...Yeah...Turn around...Why?...Okay. (Hangs up) Well, I guess Tommy doesn't want me involved. (Looks at wristwatch) Oh sh*t, my show is coming on! (Speeds all the way to Roberto's house)


Wednesday November 24th, 2006 12:03 P.M.

Roberto is inside Escobar International Airport. He is waiting for the woman to retrieve the suitcase.


Woman: (Comes out of back room) Here you go sir. Hope you did not mind the wait.


Roberto: (Smiles) Nope. Thanks and have a nice day.


Woman: (Waves goodbye) You too!


Roberto: (Exits, and enters car) Now that I have this I need to make a phone call. (Gets out of car and leaves suitcase inside. Finds a nearby payphone) Okay...here it is. (Puts in change and dials number) Hello.


Mike: What do you need now Roberto?


Roberto: Mr. Gray has surprised me with a job.


Mike: No kidding. He does that. So what did he want you to do, blow up Prawn Island?


Roberto: No, he wanted me to pick up a suitcase for him at the airport.


Mike: Have you opened it?


Roberto: No. Should I?


Mike: Did you just ask me "should I", because if you did, you are an imbecile.


Roberto: Fine. One minute. (Quickly runs to the car and returns with suitcase) Okay, I have it, but it is locked.


Mike: Break it open. Use a knife or something.


Roberto: There's nothing here.


Mike: Then just bust it open.


Roberto: Fine. (Puts suitcase on the floor and breaks open the lock with the sole of his foot) There. That thing was f*cking made of steel or something.


Mike: So what's in it?


Roberto: Oh my God...

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Chapter 7 pliz.--GTASA Rules

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damn this good! Continue..

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yea please continue with the next chapters It's a good story

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Thanks for all the comments! Well, demanded by everyone, heres...



Chapter 7: A Friend Redefined

Wednesday November 24th, 2006. 12:15 P.M.

Joey has pulled up to Roberto's house. He gets out, and tries to open the door.


Joey: sh*t! The key won't work. (Looks at note on the floor) What's this... (Reads note) "You're early." What the hell does that mean? (Key falls out of note) What the... (Picks up and unlocks door) Okay...Roberto didn't tell me about a change of locks. (Walks into house) God I can't wait to just sit down and watch my show. (Passes phone) What's this? (Looks at answering machine) I guess we have a message. (Pushes button)


Machine: You have one message. Wednesday November 24th, 2006. 11: 45 A.M, from anonymous.


Joey: Okay... (Presses play button)


Mr. Gray: Hello there Mr. Leone...


Wednesday November 24th, 2006. 12:40 P.M.

Roberto is sitting in his car. Mike is next to him. They have been talking over what to do with the suitcase.


Mike: We can't give this back to him. You do know that.


Roberto: I have to. There is something on stake here.


Mike: That does not matter. Do you know what he can do with this?


Roberto: I know. Maybe I can just give him the same locked suitcase with a different lock, therefore he can not open it and I get what I want.


Mike: Oh yeah, let me tell you. He is really not going to check. No, he is going to try and open it, and if it doesn't he will kill you. Right there on the spot.


Roberto: Well, I can't just come back. I have to bring something or he will get suspicious.


Mike: No, you are too involved. You need to leave, before he takes you down completely.


Roberto: Are you kidding?!?! I can't just leave Tommy and Joey.


Mike: I already told Tommy everything. He agrees with me. He will tell Joey.


Roberto: Well...fine. But let me go and explain this to Joey myself. (Hands suitcase to Mike) Here, I'll be back in an hour. Then we can leave.


Mike: Don't take long. (Gets out of car)


Roberto: I won't. (Drives off)

Wednesday November 24th, 2006. 1:06 P.M.

Roberto pulls up into the driveway. He sees Joey's car parked outside. Roberto remembers about the message on the machine. He jumps out of the car and into the house. The house is a wreck. All the furniture is messed up. The house is in complete darkness. Roberto turns around to see it's bright out, but sees it is dark inside.


Roberto: This is not good... (Hears a noise and turns around. Looking into the living room) Is anyone there? Hello? (Takes a step towards the room)


Joey: Hold it right there Roberto. (Cocks back the hammer of his pistol)


Roberto: Joey is that you?


Joey: Yeah.


Roberto: (Tries to act dumb) Why are you pointing that gun at me?


Joey: Don't act dumb with me. I just got a message on the answering machine explaining everything. How you worked for Tommy and killed his clients behind his back, then just blamed it on the other gangs, just to go up the ranks. You are a worthless piece of sh*t.


Roberto: (Still acting) I don't know what you are talking about. Are you sure it wasn't a call to get you to turn me in?


Joey: No. He left your record here. (Throws a folder at Roberto) Got any last words?


Roberto: (Drops the facade) Well, I know I did all that stuff, but I changed. I stopped doing that when I got to Liberty.


Joey: Likely story, but today's the day where this Cuban dies.


Roberto: Wait!


Joey: You're only prolonging the inevitable.


Roberto: Um...(Starts to think of something, and remembers his pistol) Think fast. (Throws pistol at Joey's head)


Joey: (Hits floor form recoil) Jesus Christ!


Roberto: Sorry Joey. (Runs out of house)


Joey: (Gets up, his head throbbing with pain) Get back here. (Gets outside) Don't you run away from me! (Starts shooting at Roberto and his car)


Roberto: sh*t! (Ducking the bullets flying at him, gets in car, and pulls out of the driveway) I got to get out of here.


Joey: Get your cuban ass over here! (Tries to chase down car) Get...back... (Runs out of breath) I've got to tell Tommy.


Roberto: (Speeding towards Old Little Havana) sh*t I got to call Tommy. (Picks up Mike's phone he left in car) How could Mike forget? Anyways... (Dials Tommy's house) Tommy...Joey is going crazy...This Mr. Gray guys got me pinned...He's got Joey convinced that I'm a traitor...Okay...See you later. (Hangs up) Now I got to find a safe place to hide for a little while. Oh yeah!


Wednesday November 24th, 2006. 1:23 P.M.

Joey arrives at Tommy's mansion. He runs into the house and into Tommy's office.


Joey: Tommy!


Tommy: Yeah? It looks like you were in a shootout. Do you need ice for that huge bump on your head?


Joey: No, but that's not what we have to worry about. Roberto is a traitor. He always was. He even betrayed you.


Tommy: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on Joey; listen to what you're saying. You're saying Roberto betrayed both of us. Has he ever done that?


Joey: Yes! He killed all your clients and blamed the kills on gangs. He also killed Toni.


Tommy: Okay. First of all who gave you this information?


Joey: I don't know. I came back home, and I checked to see if we have any messages. There was one of a man explaining everything about Roberto's past. He told me everything he had done. Then he told me to go to the mailbox to find a folder with his records. (Gives Tommy the folder) See.


Tommy: Joey, anyone could have made this record, a corrupt police officer, CIA agent, anyone that has access to a computer with records on it.


Joey: Wait, where was Roberto the day we arrived here in Vice? You told me he had to go somewhere, but you never told me.


Tommy: (Tommy thinks. He remembered where he told Roberto to go) Well, I think he needed a day off. So I told him the address of this great club.


Joey: (Looks Tommy in the eyes. He sees he is lying) Okay. I think it's time I left Vice. I need to get back to my gang in Liberty.


Tommy: What about the search?


Joey: I'll pay my own reward, but I will make sure Roberto pays for this. (He walks out of the office and enters his car) He will pay dearly for this. (Drives off to Viceport)

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Original GTA Master

good chapter chapter 8 please....yeah

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Chapter 8 please.--GTASA Rules

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That's a f*ckin nice story!


I usually give criticism on writings, but here - i can't give any. Can't wait until the next chapter wink.gif


Have some cookies biggrin.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gif


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I'll give you cookies Cubanwhip cookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gif--GTASA Rules

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Hey thanks for the comments and cookies. They were delicious.


Chapter 8: It's All Down Hill From Here


Wednesday November 24th, 2006. 5:13 P.M.

Roberto pulls up to a broken down building. It is all tagged up, and dilapidated. He gets out of his car and walks up to the front door. The street is abandoned, no one is in sight. The sun is starting to go down.


Roberto: It's been forever since I've been here. I'll call Mike once I get in. (Rings doorbell) I hope he's home.


Stranger: (Yells to self) Quien estas a mi puerta? (Walks to the door) Who is it?


Roberto: It's me Roberto.


Stranger: Que?!?! It can't be. He live in Liberty now, mang.


Roberto: Just open the door Uncle Umberto.


Umberto: Fine. (Opens door) It is you! How've you been doing, mi sobreno?


Roberto: Horrible. Joey now hates me, and probably has put a hit on my head.


Umberto: Well, that ain't good. (Chuckles) Come in, come in.


Roberto: (Walks in) Can I use your phone, I need to call someone.


Umberto: Yeah, mi casa est tu casa. Second room on the left.


Roberto: Thanks. (Heads into room and picks up phone) Okay, what was his number again? Oh yeah. (Dials number) Hey Mike.


Mike: Where the hell are you? You said you wouldn't take long. It's been like five f*cking hours!


Roberto: Sorry. That asshole Mr. Gray told Joey about my past.


Mike: Well that sucks. Anyways, where are you? We need to leave as soon as we can.


Roberto: I'm at my Uncle's house.


Mike: I'll pick you up in an hour, is that good for you?


Roberto: Yeah, it'll give me time to shower, eat, and rest.


Mike: Okay, see you soon, I hope. (Hangs up)


Roberto: Uncle, where's the bathroom?


Umberto: It's 'cross the hall.


Roberto: Thanks.


Wednesday November 24th, 2006. 5:20 P.M.

Tommy is pacing his office. He is worried about Roberto's well being, and what Joey is going to do. He finally decides on something.


Tommy: Kelsey, get over here.


Kelsey: (Runs into the office) Yeah daddy, what do you want?


Tommy: I need you to find Roberto. He is still somewhere in Vice. I have a list of possible locations, go there and search, and see if you can find him.


Kelsey: Okay. I'll be right back. (Runs out to garage)


Tommy: Be careful honey. (Turns back around) Ken! I need you here.


Ken: (Dashes into room) Yeah Tommy, what do you need?


Tommy: Cancel the dinner appointment I had tonight, it seems I will not be able to attend.


Ken: Right away. (Runs back out)


Tommy: (Looks out window and thinks to himself) "Where are you Roberto? Is what Joey's saying really true?"


Wednesday November 24th, 2006. 5:42 P.M.

Roberto has finished taking a shower and has eaten a quick snack. He is sitting in his Uncle's living room talking.


Umberto: Wow, you've been through alot in the last few months.


Roberto: Yeah, and now the Don of the Leone Family hates me.


Umberto: Well, forget'a bout him. You 'ave Tommy. You know Tommy loves you, and he'll do anythang to help out his number one mang.


Roberto: Yeah, but what about this Mr. Gray person.


Umberto: You said you 'ave that suitcase, well, use it against him.


Roberto: How?


Umberto: Activate la bomba, and put it right on his doorstep, then, BAM. He'll get what he deserves.


Roberto: I thought about that, but I know he will somehow drag me down with him.


Umberto: So where you and this tipo Mike going?


Roberto: I don't know. He just said we need to leave. He never specified a place.


Umberto: Well, if I were you, don't go near Liberty.


Roberto: That is clear.


Umberto: Yeah, so when he getting here?


Roberto: He said in an hour. I don't know.


Umberto: Okay. Well, I need to go take sh*t. Just say your leaving when he 'rrives.


Roberto: Okay.


Wednesday November 24th, 2006. 5:36 P.M.

Kelsey has gone to three of the six locations given to her. The next on her list is Umberto Robina's home.


Kelsey: Damn, I hate going into Old Little Havana. (Speeds off to Umberto's house) I wonder why Roberto left. I know he is a gang member and all, but he is always busy. He needs a day off. (Arrives at the house) Well I am here. (Gets out of car and knocks on door)


Roberto: (Opens door with a look of surprise on his face) What?! Kelsey what are you doing here?


Kelsey: My dad told me to come and look for you. He gave me a list of potential places I can find you.


Roberto: Well I can't... (Gets cut off by tires screeching) Who's that?


Mike: (Rolls down window) Roberto! Quick get in!


Roberto: I'm sorry Kelsey, I can't talk right now. (Runs into car)


Kelsey: Oh no you don't. (Jumps into the car's back seat)


Roberto and Mike: What the f*ck are you doing?


Kelsey: I'm not letting you guys go where ever you are going alone.


Mike: Jesus Christ! (Police sirens come wailing down the street) Oh sh*t! I almost forgot. (Accelerates)


Roberto: What happened now?!


Mike: I was packing the car, and some cops found me and asked if they could help. I denied, and they insisted. They picked up the "suitcase" and it popped open. You should have seen their reactions. I knocked them out, jumped into my car, and sped off.


Roberto: Damn it! Where are we going?


Mike: Escobar International.


Roberto: Are you crazy?! They won't let us in. The cops are on us.


Kelsey: We can take my dad's private plane.


Roberto and Mike: (Both turn around and look at her) When the hell were you going to tell us!


Kelsey: Well you two were too busy arguing...


Mike: (Interrupts Kelsey) sh*t! Roberto, take that Micro SMG and shoot down any Police Cars chasing us.


Roberto: (Picks up gun) Why do I have to do all the work?


Mike: Cause I am driving and Kelsey is a girl.


Kelsey: Hey!


Mike: Oh sh*t! (Smashes through a police barricade) That was way too close.


Roberto: Yeah, took one out, two more to go.


Mike: Good, keep going. We are almost there. Kelsey, where is the jet?


Kelsey: Apologize for that rude remark.


Mike: Are you kidding?


Kelsey: Apologize.


Mike: No! Just tell me now!


Kelsey: Apologize!


Mike: (Swerves out of a police cars way) Fine! I'm sorry.


Kelsey: That's better. Take that entrance on the right.


Mike: (Turns right, using the handbrake) Oh sh*t!


Kelsey: (Smashes into the left side of the car) Ow, that hurt!


Roberto: sh*t, I ran out of ammo!


Mike: Don't worry, I see Tommy's jet. (Brakes at a jet) Damn, that thing is huge.


Roberto: No time for staring Mike, we got to get the hell out of here.


Mike: Yeah. (Gets out of car along with Roberto and Kelsey) How the hell are we going to fly this thing?


Kelsey: I have a pilots license.


Roberto and Mike: What?!


Kelsey: (Opens planes door with a punch-in code and gets into cockpit) Come on!


Roberto: Wow, this caught me off guard completely. (Runs in)


Mike: You're telling me. (Follows Roberto)


Roberto: Oh sh*t, look! (Points to the Police Cars heading at the jet) Start it up!


Kelsey: I am! (Jet engine starts) There!


Mike: Now get this thing in the air!


Kelsey: (Accelerates the jet) Hold on.


Roberto and Mike: (Fall backwards) Crap!


Kelsey: (Slowly guides plane around airstrip) I need a clear area to take off on.


Mike: There! (Points to an area with no police vehicles)


Kelsey: (Jet starts to lift) It's working!


Roberto: Yeah! Where are we heading Mike?


Mike: Hell I don't know. Somewhere not near Liberty and here.

Edited by Cubanwhip

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Original GTA Master

San Andreas here we come!!!

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That read was great! I'm waiting for chapter 9!


It's either San Andreas or Carcer City, I can say.. -Nipa

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I am really throwing out these chapters lol lol.gif, and they are all turning out good. So here is...


Chapter 9: New to Some, Old to Others


Wednesday November 24th, 2006. 6:45P.M.

A Tropic is seen from a distance. It is heading to Portland Beach. Joey Leone is on, anxiously waiting to make it to land. The Tropic docks on the beach.


Joey: (Stretches arms and legs) It feels good to be back in Liberty.


Mickey: Yeah, it's good to see you Joey.


Joey: Mickey! When did the cops let you go?


Mickey: (Thinks about the question) Well, they let me go around a month after you left. They gave up on me because I refused to leak any information.


Joey: (Claps hands together and laughs) That's my Mickey, never rats anyone out. So I trust the gang is alright?


Mickey: Well it's not as strong as it was before. After that incident at the bridge, street gangs started forming, and the other previous gangs invaded St. Mark's. We tried to hold them off as much as we can, and we did. We lost a lot of men in the war.


Joey: sh*t! Well, now that I'm back, we can get this gang up and running again.


Mickey: Yeah! That's the old Joey I remembered.


Wednesday November 24th, 2006. 6:13 P.M.

Mike and Roberto are looking out of the jet's window at the airstrip below. They can see all the cops flustered at their escape.


Mike: (Breaks out laughing) I really didn't think we would make it, I guess I was wrong.


Roberto: Yeah. (Yells over to Kelsey) Kelsey, where are we headed to?


Kelsey: Well, my daddy was going to pick up an important client in this jet, so he had a place already marked on a map.


Roberto: What is it?


Kelsey: I don't know. It's marked "Ca. City".


Roberto: Well that doesn't really help.


Mike: Well guys, I'm tired as hell. I'm going to sleep. (Yells to Kelsey) How long until we arrive?


Kelsey: Not sure.


Mike: You coming Roberto? We both need to a nap after all the sh*t we have been through in two days.


Roberto: Yeah. (Follows Mike into a cabin)


Kelsey: (Talks to self) Disengage manual flight, engage auto-pilot. Now I can rest.


Wednesday November 24th, 2006. 7:29 P.M.

A loud noise is heard around the jet. Roberto is awoken by it. He looks over to mike to see him asleep, like a rock.


Roberto: Kelsey! What is that noise?


Kelsey: I think you should come over here.


Roberto: (Walks over to the cockpit) What is it?


Kelsey: (Points to a blinking light) That's what's wrong.


Roberto: (Takes a closer look) Holy sh*t! We're out of gas?! How the hell are we out of gas?


Kelsey: Well, the jet must have been filling up when it was just sitting there, and I was too busy starting up the plane to notice the "Gas Filling" light.


Roberto: So what now?


Kelsey: I don't know... (Jet shakes)


Roberto: Well that is not good at all. (Runs back to Mike) Mike, wake up. Wake up! Damn it, he's like a f*cking rock. (Looks around room) Well, that could work. (Puts Mike in the closet, along with some pillows) That should keep him safe after we crash. (Runs back to cockpit) Okay, Mike's safe.


Kelsey: But what about us? (Points out of the jet's window shield) We need to take cover right now!


Roberto: f*ck! We are like two minutes away from crashing. Follow me. (Runs to the back of the jet) Let's see. (He looks at floor and sees a trapdoor) What is down there?


Kelsey: Oh, that is where my dad would go if he were under attack, like a hiding spot.


Roberto: (Grabs handle and opens it) Get in!


Kelsey: What about Mike?


Roberto: He will be okay.


Kelsey: No he won't! Go get him!


Roberto: Are you kidding me, we are about to crash and you want me to...


Kelsey: Just do it!


Roberto: (Looks her in the eyes) Fine. (Runs over to closet and drags Mike out. Catches a glimpse of a window and looks out) Oh my... (Throws Mike into the trap door. Roberto slides in after Mike)


Kelsey: What happened?!


Roberto: We are about maybe thirty seconds from crashing. Brace yourself.


Kelsey: Oh my...


Wednesday November 24th, 2006. 7:20 P.M.

Tommy is on the phone with the local police department.


Tommy: Yeah. I need you to look for both of them...They have been missing for about two hours...No, you have to...f*ck the rules...I swear if you don't you will wake up without an arm...Thank you very much, and have a nice day. (Slams phone back onto the receiver) Ken!


Ken: (Comes running in) Yeah Tommy.


Tommy: I need you to go to my armory, pick up some guns, and get a car ready.


Ken: What are you going to do?


Tommy: I don't know, but I'll think of something.


Wednesday November 24th, 2006. 8:56 P.M.

Roberto was the first one awake. All three of them were still in the small compartment in the jet. Roberto tries to kick open the door. Kelsey wakes up, along with Mike.


Kelsey and Mike: What was that?!


Roberto: Nothing, I'm just trying to open this door. (Kicks harder) This thing is pinned.


Mike: How about both of us try.


Roberto: Sure. (Both of them raise their feet) On the count of three we kick it. One...Two...Three!


Mike: (The door comes loose, and Mike jumps out) Finally fresh air. (Takes one look around) No, it can't be.


Roberto: What is it?


Mike: (Drops to his knees) Noooooooo!

Edited by Cubanwhip

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Chapter 10 please. And more cookies for Cubanwhip cookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gif--GTASA Rules

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Original GTA Master

ok first i thought it was SA then you said something about Ca. City which had to have been Carcer City

and now Mike Toreno says noooooo

all of the sudden so now im thinking its SA again

Good Story always leaving me in suspense

Chapter 10 please

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Yeap! That was a nice read!


Keep throwin em on us


"votes GOOD in the topic vote"


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Well, now you will find out where they are. wink.gif Here's...


Chapter 10: The Middle of Where?


Wednesday November 24th, 2006. 7:15 P.M.

Joey has just got out the shower, and preparing to go down to Marco's Bistro for dinner. Mickey is waiting outside in a Leone Sentinel for Joey. Joey heads outside and gets in.


Joey: Okay Mickey, drive me to Marco's Bistro, I need to meet an important client. We need to discuss something.


Mickey: No problem. (Starts car up and heads down the street)


Joey: So, how many new gangs formed? You told me about the some street gangs forming and trying to take over.


Mickey: Oh yeah. Well, the Diablo's separated to form Los Dias and Las Noches. Which, translated from Spanish to English, it means Day and Night.


Joey: Is that it?


Mickey: Well only one other gang formed, but they are nothing.


Joey: I just want to know what gangs are in this city.


Mickey: Okay. This small gang has no name. All they wear are business suits and walk around.


Joey: Really? They don't seem too bad. Are you sure they are a gang?


Mickey: Yeah, they wear the exact same suits.


Joey: Strange. Anyways, we have been chatting for too long. (Gets out of car) See you later Mickey.


Mickey: Sure thing. (Backs-up and drives off)


Joey: These gangs should be easy to take out. (Walks through front doors of Marco's Bistro) Hey, why is no one here? (Falls to floor after a blow to the back of the head)


Stranger: Did you get my message Mr. Leone?


Wednesday November 24th, 2006. 9:27 P.M.

Roberto and Kelsey are watching Mike scream on the floor. He has been screaming for the past thirty minutes.


Roberto: Okay! (Walks over to Mike) You have been screaming non-stop for the past half-hour. Now can you tell us where the f*ck we are?


Mike: I don't want to be here! Kill me! Please!


Roberto: (Kicks Mike) Now where the hell are we?


Mike: Fine. (Coughs up blood) We are in the middle of f*cking no where. How's that.


Roberto: That really doesn't help. Can you specify a bit?


Mike: Fine. We are in Tierra Robada.


Roberto: What? Where the f*ck is Tierra Robada?


Kelsey: It's in San Andreas.


Roberto: (Turns around) How did you know that?


Kelsey: I had to do a project about San Andreas, and its history.


Roberto: (Looks back at Mike) So where can we stay?


Mike: Well� (Wipes blood off of mouth) I had this cabin near by. Maybe it's still there.


Roberto: Well how far is it?


Mike: Not far, maybe two, three miles.


Kelsey: Well how are we going to get there? I can't see any roads around here.


Mike: Hell I don't know, steal a car or something.


Roberto: Well, if we are going to steal one, we need to find a road.


Kelsey: Or not. (Points to a BF Injection jumping off of sand mounds)


Mike: Now, how do we get him to stop? (Looks behind him) Kelsey!


Kelsey: Oh no! Don't even think about it.


Mike: Do you really want to starve and die out here in the desert?


Kelsey: No...


Roberto: Then distract that guy, while we steal the car.


Kelsey: Fine... (Runs over to the BF Injection) Hey, nice car you got there.


Driver: Thanks. What is a beautiful girl as yourself doing out here?


Kelsey: Well... (Has trouble thinking of something) My um... car broke down, and now my friends and I are stranded here. Can you give us a ride?


Driver: (Looks over to Mike) I thought you just said "friends".


Roberto: She did. (Hits the driver over the head) Kelsey, help me drag the body out of the car. (Picks up arms)


Kelsey: You know, he probably would have just given us a ride. (Picks up legs)


Roberto: But that wouldn't be as fun and thrilling as this. (Drops body)


Kelsey: Hey! Don't be so hard on it! (Places legs on the floor)


Mike: So, you guys ready to go?


Roberto: Yeah. Which way to your cabin?


Mike: I think its south. Yeah, go south.


Roberto: Next stop, Mike's cabin. (Floors the BF Injection)


Kelsey: Yeah!


Mike: (Sarcastic tone) Can't wait.


Wednesday November 24th, 2006. 7:45 P.M

Joey is starting to wake up. He is inside a dull gray room. It has no furniture, except for the chair he sits in. He tries to untie the rope that holds his hands together. He had no luck.


Stranger: So Joey, you comfortable.


Joey: (Vision is still blurred) Who are you?


Stranger: (Chuckles) The man who ruined your life.

Edited by Cubanwhip

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Damn.. Mr. Grey is something like that guy in Saw and Saw II... x)


Nice biggrin.gif Keep writin em stories


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This is a bit long. It's actually pretty good. It gives alot of important details for the future.


Chapter 11: A Fair Request

Wednesday November 24th, 2006. 10:45 P.M.

Roberto, Kelsey, and Mike are still cruising around the desert. They have been unable to find out where they are. It is pitch black, and freezing cold.


Roberto: f*ck! Mike you got us lost. Where the hell is this cabin?


Mike: I don't know! (Looks around) We crash land, and you expect me to know exactly where we are.


Roberto: Jesus Christ! We are lost in the desert. Isn't that great!


Mike: Shut the hell up. I am tired of your f*cking sarcasm.


Roberto: No, you shut up. We are lost because of you.


Mike: Don't you go and pin this on me! Kelsey is the one who forgot to check if we had gas. (Slaps Kelsey in the back of the head)


Kelsey: Hey! Maybe if I wasn't being rushed into taking off by both of you, I would have probably noticed.


Roberto: Yeah, and it was Mike who got the cops on us.


Mike: (Looks around again) We are going to die. We are in the middle of nowhere and... (A loud, low horn sounds)


Roberto: sh*t! (Swerves and flips BF Injection up-side down) God, I can't feel my arm. I think it's broken.


Kelsey: I don't think I broke anything. What about you Mike? (Looks over at Mike) He's out cold.


Truck Driver: Is everyone okay? (Runs over to the BF Injection) Is anyone hurt?


Roberto: I just have a broken arm. I think everyone else is okay.


Truck Driver: Oh my god! I am so sorry. I wasn't really paying attention to the road. My name's Hank. (Helps Roberto and Kelsey out of the car wreck) Is he okay? (Points to Mike)


Kelsey: Oh no! It's not your fault. It was our stupid driver's. (Shoves Roberto) He wasn't paying attention to where he was going.


Roberto: (Stares at Kelsey, then looks back at Hank) I don't know. Can you give us a ride to the nearest hospital?


Hank: That is the least I can do. Here, let me help you with that guy. (Goes over and picks up Mike) Man he's heavy. (Carry's him to the Truck)


Kelsey: What are we going to do when we leave the hospital?


Roberto: I don't know. Hopefully, you will call your dad. He must be worried sick about you.


Kelsey: Oh yeah, I forgot all about him. I hope he isn't too mad.

Wednesday November 24th, 2006. 10:00 P.M.

Tommy is driving around Vice, searching for Roberto and Kelsey. He has had no luck, nor has the police. He is heading back to his house.


Tommy: Where can they be? I hope they're okay. I hope Joey didn't do anything. Wait! (Remembers about Kelsey's cell phone) She never lets go of that thing. (Dials the number)


Kelsey's Voicemail: Hey! I am sorry, but I am not here at the moment, please leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. (Makes kissing noise)


Tommy: sh*t. Hey Kelsey, I am wondering where you are. You have been gone for nearly five hours. Just wanted to check on you, and see if you found Roberto. Call me as soon as you get this message. (Hangs up) Damn it, where can she be? (Picks phone up again) Let me call Ken. (Dials Ken's number) Ken...Get my jet ready...What!?...It's gone?!...I'll be right there. (Turns car around and speeds to Escobar International) Who the hell stole my jet?

Wednesday November 24th, 2006. 10:16 P.M.

Joey has just finished eating a quick dinner provided by the stranger. The stranger comes back into the room.


Stranger: I hope you enjoyed your dinner, Mr. Leone.


Joey: Who the hell are you?!


Stranger: Do you really want to know?


Joey: Yes!


Stranger: Really?


Joey: Yes! Now tell me!


Stranger: I am the same man who told Roberto to blow up the bridge. The same man who left a message at Roberto's house in Vice, along with a folder. The same man who is in charge of the LCUBC.


Joey: Mr. Gray!


Mr. Gray: Bingo! How did you know? Did Roberto tell you? Oh, like it matters. I need you to do something for me.


Joey: What?! No! Why would I want to do anything for you?


Mr. Gray: You sound just like Roberto.


Joey: (Spits at Mr. Gray) Don't you ever compare me to that backstabber, ever!


Mr. Gray: (Walks over to Joey and slaps him across the face) I will compare all I want. I am in charge now. Slowly, my company is taking over Liberty, and you can't do anything about it. (Starts to laugh)


Joey: (Looks back up at Mr. Gray) What? What are you talking about?


Mr. Gray: Oh, excuse me. Allow me to elaborate. I am in charge of a business operation called LCUBC, which stands for, Liberty City United Business Company. We are slowly spreading out across Liberty City. So far, everybody doesn't think of us as a threat, but soon, we will dominate Liberty. We will take over every business, and have a business monopoly. It�s ingenious.


Joey: (Starts cracking up laughing) You really think you will be successful? What makes you so confident?


Mr. Gray: I don't know, maybe this. (He hits a button. A wall slowly raises, only to show more people tied up in chairs)


Joey: Who are they?


Mr. Gray: Oh, these are the leaders of all the other gangs in Liberty. Say hi. Now, say goodbye. (He hits the same button to make the wall go back up) Now, you are probably asking yourself, "Why the hell is he talking to me?" There is a simple answer. I need your help.


Joey: What the hell makes me want to help you?


Mr. Gray: Well, you are the Don of the most powerful gang in Liberty. So I need a little, favor. I need you, and your "family", to go and take out any remaining gang members in this city. I will split the profits I make here in the city 50/50. How does that sound?


Joey: That sounds a little too good to be true.


Mr. Gray: There are no catches. Just kill all the gangs, except for my business members and your members, and call me as soon as you destroy all the gang members.


Joey: Well, what about the gang leaders behind that wall?


Mr. Gray: They will be dealt with. Just do what I tell you, and you should be rich in no time. Here let me help. (Goes over and cuts rope) Now, if I catch you helping the other gangs, or killing my gang members, then you will be killed, immediately. So don't try anything stupid.


Joey: Fine. Where the hell is the door out of this place?


Mr. Gray: Oh! It's right there. (Points to the door) Oh Mr. Leone, one more thing... Roberto may be a problem in the future. See if you can find someone to "eliminate" him, if you know what I mean.


Joey: Don't worry, I already have that set up.


Mr. Gray: Great! Now have a good night Mr. Leone.


Joey: Okay. (He walks out of the door and ends up in an alley in Staunton) How the f*ck did I end up here? (Looks ahead and sees a Limo)


Limo Driver: Hello there Mr. Leone. The man in that building hired me to take you to the docks, so you can go back to your home in Portland. Come, we have too hurry, your boat leaves soon.


Joey: Fine. (Runs into Limo)

Wednesday November 24th, 2006. 10:37 P.M.

Tommy comes speeding into the runway. There are police everywhere. He sees Ken waving his arms frantically in the air. He stops nearby and runs over.


Tommy: What happened! Where's my jet?


Police Officer #1: Well, we were on hot pursuit of an off-blue Greenwood, when it stopped in Old Little Havana. It seemed to have picked up two kids, and then sped off. We followed it here, and they got on the jet and took off.


Tommy: (Surprised at the story) Can you describe the kids?


Police Officer #2: Well I can. (Pulls out a notepad) Well, the first one was a boy, around the age of twenty, twenty-one. He looked of a Latino heritage, and was about six foot three. The second one was actually a female. She was Caucasian, and around the same age of the boy. She was about five foot eight. Is that a good enough description? I could not get anymore specific, because we were at such a far distance.


Ken: (Nudges Tommy, and whispers in ear) Isn't that Roberto and Kelsey?


Tommy: Yeah, it is. (Looks back at the police officers) Who was driving the Greenwood?


Police Officer #1: We have looked through our records, and we came up with a Mike Toreno. This was told to us by the two police men who had found him to begin with. He was found carrying an explosive suitcase. Upon the finding of it, the police officers were knocked out, and he drove away. Do any of these people sound familiar?


Tommy: No, none of them. (Turns back to Ken) Ken, get the tracking of that jet and find out where it is. Get my helicopter ready.


Ken: Okay Tommy. (Gets in car and drives off)


Tommy: Thanks for all your help officers. I think I can take it from here.


Both Officers: What?!


Tommy: I will be in search of my jet, I do not need your help, so you can leave.


Police Officer #2: Are you sure?!


Tommy: Yes, you are dismissed. (All the police leave. Once they are all gone, Tommy calls Ken) Is the helicopter ready?

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sounds like somthn interesting will hit! o.o


keep it up, man! lookin 4 the next chap smile.gif


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