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Passing Supply Lines mission in SF easy now!

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Controling that plane in this mission is tough so I changed the properties of the Baron(plane) as a heli. I also found a trainer which teleports the character (also the car if he's in and the HELI) to XYZ location which it is wanted. I will be telling here changing GTA data to make plane (Baron) as a heli. Here is what I did. 1)Firstly backup file "\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\data\vehicles.ide", you will use this backup when you want to change the game's vehicle data to default. 2) Opem that file in data folder with a edit program (MS Word,Wordpad). 3) Change the value of 464's last RCBARON field to RCRAIDE and the one before that to RCRAIDER and two before one to heli as in 465. This will make plane to act as heli which is much easer to control than plane. Also if you find teleporter trainer ou teleport the heli to near locations to the couriers. I did like this but with the cheat code "SLOWITDOWN" to guarantee to pass the mission and passed.

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So.... cheating makes things easier?! wow.gif

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lolz... this is like using a teleport software during races.


"omg did it in 5 seconds i so pro try to beat that n00b omg hax" suicidal.gifdie.gif

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Mainland Marauder

If you modded the game enabling CJ to vaporize all the NPCs and extinguish all the fires onscreen just by getting out the dildo, waving it in the air and saying "hocus pocus" then End of the Line would be a real cinch too.


If you modded the Andromeda to move at the speed of a Roadtrain hauling a trailer up Mount Chiliad, it would be easier to not fail "Stowaway" by missing the plane.


If you modded the "Big Smoke" mission to substitute the Ballas Tornado with a hooker in a Perennial and start you at Binco instead of the cemetery, that would be pretty easy too. Especially if you entered an ARMax code that maxed out your bike skill, or simply switched out the BMX for a Banshee in your mod.


So basically you can create your own "San Andreas For Dummies" mod for the 45-60 year olds who couldn't make Mario jump and shoot a fireball at the same time 20 years ago, let alone make Shang Tsung morph into Kintaro and knock Reptile's upper body across the screen 10 years ago. Now thanks to 21st century technology, they can play San Andreas and actually find their way out of that alley in Jefferson where C.R.A.S.H. dumps CJ.

Edited by Mainland Marauder

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Well done, he's finally figured out that cheating makes things easier. Let's give him a clap... then point at laugh at his idiocy.

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