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Red Cars


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I've installed GTA-VC many times and i've never come across this glitch. All the cars are red. It's kinda neat seeing the typical VCPD green and white cop cars all red but, gets droll after awhile.


No cheats or trainers are used. I've recalibrated my monitor 3 times just to be sure. No mods. The colors are all correct for everything else in the game. I tried installing 3 times as well. No luck. blink.gif


System specs are:

XP pro sp2

directx 9.0c

via ac97 / soundmax audio

1ghz amd athlon

384 megs pc133 ram

LG cdrom drive

40gig western digital drive

80gig samsung drive

Asus N6200 nvidia 256meg graphics card

17" flat panel daytek


I think that covers all the specs.


Here's just a couple of screenshots to show what i mean:


user posted image


user posted image


Edited by lokanetra
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Looks cool. tounge.gif


Read Before You Ask Questions. You posted your system specs but none of the necessary answers to the questions in that topic. Without answers, we won't be able to easily help you.


Although do try deleting the 'My Documents\GTA Vice City User Files\gta_vc.set' file. Then fire up the game and see how it goes.

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Hmmm, not sure what else I missed other than it's the PC Version 1.0 and I've deleted the gta_vc.set -- oh and the drivers are all up-to-date.


I'm just wondering why the models of the vehicles are red and how I can maybe fix it. Previous installs worked great. The game is playable without any other glitches and it appears that the surrounding buildings and pedestrians are the correct colors.


So my question is, how do I correct the colors for the vehicle models?


I'm stumped. dontgetit.gif


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You're now moving into the area known as modding the game. This isn't really the best approach, unless you've modded the game beforehand and this is a likely cause of the bug.


Purposefully altering the game to force it to display the correct car colours isn't a good option. In the off chance that it does work, there will more than likely be a better, quicker alternative way around the bug.


My fairly limited knowledge of modding the game will let me down here, but as far as I know there's more than one way of changing the colours of the cars. The first is through mission scripting (mods which alter the main.scm file). I've managed to change the colour of spawned cars through this file, but not random ped cars. I do assume it's possible though. I highly doubt this is the reason your cars are red, though.


The other (or another) method is via editing the carcols.dat file through Notepad. I'm a bit shoddy on the details here, but I'm sure another friendly soul will be able to help you out if need be. The file itself is rather self-explanatory.


Just to reiterate what I said before, it's not a good idea to attempt to force the game to display the colours correctly by means of modding. Unless you've used mods at all in the past, this is not the source of the problem. I do not advise you attempt to mod the game at all. Try to think back to what's changed on your PC around the time of the problem. You could also try to roll-back any visual drivers.

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Ya, the unfortunate thing here is, I haven't done any mods to the game at all and I must've installed it like a dozen times or more. Never had a problem.


I install it this time around and the vehicles are mostly red. I've tried new drivers, older drivers, hacked/modified drivers. No joy.


The only thing that I have noticed just now is that the 2nd disc seems to have a read failure when accessed through windows explorer yet when I did the install, no problems.


Would a physical disc glitch cause the red vehicle models? I'm just surprised that I didn't get a crc or other error during the install.


Weird confused.gif

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Nope. The play disc is needed solely for audio. And it's needed to allow the game to run - that is, it's needed to be in a disc drive at all times during gameplay. It's got no link to car colours.
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That doesn't look like the carcols or SCM or off, all the cars are tinted red, not actually red, they all have their original colours with a red light shone on (which can produce wierd colours if you know about light).


I have seen this problem to an extent during night when the cars lights are on and the rear lights affect how the car appears but never during the day. I've also never seen that many cars at once at that point of prawn island, but thats a different matter.


I *think* lighting effects are handled in particles.cfg, or something like that, go ask in the modding->misc section about it.

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I think maybe what I'll do is wait 2-3 weeks until I get my new motherboard, ram and semperon and then see if I'm still getting that reddish tint after reinstalling XP.


I've tried just about everything I can think of and, in some cases, I've managed to get-rid-of some of the red tint but it's mostly still there.


I appreciate the help, y'all. If any of you come across other ideas, let me know and i'll see what I can do on my end.


- mucho gracias



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  • 2 months later...

I too have this problem now. It's looks exactly like the Video Shots. The only change I made was to install a new Video Card. I upgraded from a Geforce 3 200 to a Geforce 6200. I tried different versions of the drivers and Deleting the .set files. No improvement. Any other suggestions?





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You didn't type in the hairdressorcar cheat did you? devil.gif

I thought of something else, See if you can go into the advanced options....wait that wouldn't work, i'll tell you anyways..... of your video card and attempt to lower the red values, cause it is adding a red value to it. Also try installing on another pc to see if it comes up w/the same thing. I hope I helped at least 2% catloaf_by_anuj.gif

Edited by masterchief1517
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I too have this problem now. It's looks exactly like the Video Shots. The only change I made was to install a new Video Card. I upgraded from a Geforce 3 200 to a Geforce 6200. I tried different versions of the drivers and Deleting the .set files. No improvement. Any other suggestions?



Try uninstalling as well as deleting the SET file (and then installing again, obviously). The two generally go hand-in-hand, and there's always the chance that you've modded the game to a degree in the past. Plus, re-installs are often magic. Wonderful things. inlove.gif


Also, "different versions of the drivers"? I suggest rolling back/testing older drivers if you've not done so. I only mention it because most people test different updated drivers rather than older ones that have proven to work previously. I know Dem will vouch for me here. Gotta love proven performance over an extra FPS to induce seizures and explode eyeballs. tounge.gif

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Thanks for the Replies. I"ll try to reinstall the game. I have tried older versions of the drivers, the latest and the one that came on the CD. No Dice either way. No mods either. WIll let you know how the reinstall goes.



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