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Vice City Stories

Recommended Posts



CHAPTER 1:Dirty Work


1950's genral cortez and friend ricardo diaz arive to america after serving war in

cuba.Not knowing there records america let them in and they found paradise in vice city.


After a few years ricardo gains power and cortez stay's at his mansion.cortez then works for ricardo to do his "dirty work" and promisis cortez to alittle bit of action for him self.




Cortez: hey ricardo.. how.. is.. uhh busienes...


Ricardo:....good...heh what the hell do you think juan! it sucks!!! i cant get sh*t done!*takes his bat and hits cortezes car* GRRR!!!!!! oh... hey whos uh whos car is this..


Cortez:Ricardo!!! this is my car man my BLISTA COMPACT!!! what the hell DIAZ.


Ricardo: i thought it was one of the pricks who are fixing my mansion..uhh you shouldent be parking here cortez!




Ricardo: dont you uhh worrie about it you can use my limo i got a driver.. hey i got a job for you ok.. listen Theres this prick making yay in a warehouse out nere the light house.. i want you yo burn it to sh*t! here take this flame thrower your going to need it.


Cortez: Why do I need to do this...


Ricardo: Do i have any one to ask??? hmm?? NO do this for me and uhh il get you a new car.


Cortez: ..*HUFF*


Limo driver:*talking on phone to wife?* hey baby this prick diaz is driving me crazy i cant wait to come over and make some sweet lo..


*Cortez enters*


Limo Driver: mr. cortez i will get you to the light house safely dont yo.. you worrie.


*babe? hello babe?????**ass hole.. hangs up*


limo driver:.. sh*t....


Cortez: what?


Limo driver: nothing...


*the limo driver parks nere a beach hotel*


Limo Driver: maybe you should use the lement of surprize? eh...


Cortez: hmm your right...


(cortez then makes his way to the top of the light house and beginns to snipe around 6 men guarding the fortress.He goes to the bodys and collects the 9mm witch was all bloody on the count of there brains being splatterd on to the ground.)


(He then begin's to enter.)


Thug: hey you! you looken for a death wish!

Thug2: hey finally.. some action


Cortez: you drug pushing bastards are going to be cooked!


(Cortez easaly caps the 2 thugs and more idiot's with ease and starts torching the place.)


Cortez: You bastards are going to smell the smell of your own flesh cooking!


(The limo driver knew when to come on the count of the burning cocain and the huge fire out nere the light house.)


Cortez: hurry UP!! lets get out of here before the pigs start coming!


(The limo driver starts driving away and eventualy drives to Ricardo's soon to be mansion safely)


Ricardo: hey... cortez you did it man hmm now i should be the one making the money now hmm? oh and i got one of the pricks to sell there oceanic for err uhh.. one of my el burro movies..(looks at the trunk of his personol car...blood was coming from the trunk)


Cortez: YOU GAVE ME THIS PEACE OF..eh... thanks ricardo.. i ow you one..


Ricardo: hey friend take a break lets go to my "private" side of my house..


Cortez: my friend thank you...


(looking at ricardo's girls)


Ricardo: This is uh one of my girl's say hello to mercedes.


Mercedes: nice to meet you mr uhh.. what did you say it was?

(as there walking to a bedroom)

Cortez: Juan..


*the next day*


(Cortez and mercedes got it on last nite)






Ricardo: stupid pricks keep working or youll end up like this **** right here you dont drink my SHAMPAIGN!!! ERRRR ****ing pricks they all are!!! dam Cortez what do you want..forget what you want its what IIIII want..


Cortez: rome wasent built in a day my friend..


Ricardo: hmm your ****ing right hmmm WORK FASTER YOU PRICKS!


Ricardo: Mercedes what do you want!!! ...slut...


Mercedes: What did you say Ricardo? *slap*


Ricardo:... ooh you b*tch *slap* get out of here!


Mercedes: good im not feeling good.. ass hole...

*mercedes walks out back and you hear puking noises*


Cortez: that is a lady you should treat her with respec..


Ricardo: My boy cortez i have a job for you.


*thinks to him self oh god another job great.*


Cortez: what is this job my friend?


Ricardo: These dam gang banger hations are puting grifite all over my soon to be butieful baby!!! i want you to find out were they hide and exterminate them!


Cortez: what deo i get Ricardo? huh trash master? for the job huh?


Ricardo: hmmm ok deal


Cortez: what the.... urrrrrr argh


(Cortez then takes his oceanic to little hatie and ecounters the hatians playing basket ball.)


Cortez: hey you lil ****'s come here i want to teach you a lesson about public property!


Hatian1:what do you want man? you want to die early? hmm

hatian2: moms this mon is starting some trobble!

mom: hey mon get out of here unless you want trobble? i dont no if you want any now do you?


Cortez: shut up you fat hag ive come to teach these boys a lesson!


Mom: ohh not these boys hun! Boys shoot this cracker!


(Cortez shoots almost a dozen but decides to retreat there was too many)

(but he throws moltovs at the fat hatians house and it burns it looks as if the boys was helping her but cortez was injured he ran. but atleast he knew the leader.)


Cortez: Ricardo! come here!


Ricardo: you take care of thos pricks?


Cortez: uhh no there was too many


Ricardo: GRRR thos pricks!!!!




Cortez: uhh man ig usse il go get rest then


Ricardo: fine.. i see you want the trash master badly here..


Cortez: thanks....


Ricardo: PRICKS hurry up with the work!


Mercedes: Juan come here! we need to talk


Cortez: i do too.. i think i am with love with you..


Mercedes: i am too but...


(cortez shushes her and they kiss)


Mercedes: im pregnate...


Cortez: well uhh... this is too much.. uhh


Mercedes: will you help raise my child with me? jaun?


Cortez: yes.. il ask mr ricardo for a special sweet for us..


Mercedes: juan... i feel very sick


Cortez: i know this is hard i dont know you much but i will.. dont you worrie il have a mansion one day.. hell i hope tom own a yact.


Mercedes: you make it sound wonderful!


Cortez: sorry babe i must talk to Diaz

(cortez walks to the back of the mansion were pools are being installed)


Ricardo: listen i know this man hes a good man you might want to work for him hell help you with you " envestment in your own bussness "


Cortez: what is his name?


Ricardo: Michael RosenBurg



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Chapter 2: Making The Gang


RosenBurg: hey how are you mr cortez come with me...to my ahhh..."club safari" ahh..hey son.. what did i say about being in dady's office?


Ken: Aww....


RosenBurg: hey... well son your going to be a rich and powerful man just like your father.. not worken hard like a dumb Lawyer or a Docter.. your going to be filthy stinking wich the easy way and soon you will find out what it is.. now do your lessons!


ken: ok ok daddy im going..


Cortez: "kids" heh well what is it you need Michael?


RosenBurg: listen theres this cuban gang forming and it will interfear with my and Ricardo's work.. now i keep my son away from him infact he dosent no he exists im bringing my boy rosie to go to liberty city to start out. i used to work for the leones.. there geting big now.. anyway listen these cubans and there so called leader are located in a restuarnt not far from here.. the leader and his fat son own it and are going to go to war with the hatians for a reason i dont know... i want you to go make sure they dont interfear with my bussness selling houses that are nere the new studio that just got built.

ive had some ecounters there with hippy hoodlums. i want tu to clear the area out of any gang or hippy's.


Cortez: i under stand it will be done


(Cortez first goes to ricardo)


Cortez: hey rick is my car finished yet i sold the trash master and the oceanic got into an *accident* so weres my dam blista is it fixed?and before u hit it with the bat why was half of it damaged badly inside? do you think that my Blista was a workers car??


Ricardo: listen my friend dont worrie ok? here take the car its uh not done but it will get you around im busy go do what u need to do.


(Cortez drives a black smoking blista to the coldisack were sevral nice houses are next to the new built studio)


Cortez:a Greaser's cadalack?? what the? Greasers?... blood bath time!


Greaser:hey mr! yeah im talken to you! how much is this ugly place its all rotting!


Cortez: its bucase you hoodlums burnt it and made it condemed!


(thinking: does rosenburg ever check his houses??)


(Cortez blows up 2 cadalacks and caps some Greasers tills theres one left)


Greaser: uhhh please mister we dident mean any harm,,


Cortez: yes you did but anyway.. tell me who runs this dam "greaser gang" or your dead


Greaser: M..M..MMM..Mr burrito he.ee.e makes burrito vans you no the company?


Cortez: yes i know it.. you have 10 seconds to run..1..


Greaser: thh.th...thanks


Cortez: 2...


Greaser: im going im going!


Cortez:3....10!!!! *guns him down*


(Cortez goes and reports to Rosen burg)(Now RB for short)


RB:well done mr cortez..any word on the ahh...hippy's?


Cortez: no just some punk greasers.


RB: Hmmm i c well.. i know some hippys at a beach nerehere i hear the leader's name is "The Truth" or somthing but.. any way go there see what it is and maybe i can help you envest in some money here take this for the job.. (gives 20000)


Cortez: thank you il go take a visit to this "truth's" camp at the beach.


(To Be Continude i GTG bye Ill finish on this post riht here so come back and read later!) confused.gif

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