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GTA2 Installation Data

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Hey guys, my GTA2 has become corrupt or something, so I can't install the patch. I was deleting some installation entries using tuneup 2006, and i deleted gta2 settings by mistake. can someone please tell me the information I need? I'm on dialup so I can't download the installation file again.

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The official patch checks HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\gta2.exe to find your GTA2 installation. That patch requires the CD though, so it won't work with the free version.


I made a patch pack that doesn't require cd. You can get it from http://www.gtamp.com

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Thanks very much smile.gif


What are the changes out of curiosity?

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I'm sure it fixes some minor bugs in singleplayer missions because it replaces some of those files but I haven't found what exactly it fixed. When I played GTA2 on PS1 long ago, I noticed that if I did some missions in a certain order, one of the mission phones stopped ringing that wasn't supposed to, so I had to start again because I didn't want to skip any missions. I think it was the scientist missions. I have no idea if that bug was in the PC version but I assume it's fixed by now and I was able to finish all the scientists missions when I did it in a different order.


9.6 has a grenade/molotov flying glitch that lets you fly from building to building. That was already fixed in the free rockstar version but this fixes it aswell. I included the 9.6.exe if you want to try that glitch.


The rest of the fixes I've noticed are minor multiplayer improvements. It fixes the multiplayer Industrial level script, that had some ambulances spawned floating in the air. If you use the 10.3.exe then it allows typing . and / in your chat messages. It does a better job of reporting the correct missing file names if your opponent has another version. Dialup direct modem play didn't work at all in 9.6, at least according to rockstar, so now it's functional but no one is ever going to use it.

Edited by Sektor

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