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Anyone have

Digïtál £vîl

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Digïtál £vîl

I hate to bring this sh*t up and stuff as a request, but I'm wondering if any fellow forumers have any extra msn messenger invites for msn messenger live 8. Its invite only i guess and I am just trying to find a good way in. smile.gif


If we can get this sh*t started right, we might be able to do the same kinda sh*t like with the gmail invites...

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Sneak into the Windows Live Mail Beta


dwergs says:



Just before the end of 2005, a simple trick was discovered that turns your Hotmail into the Windows Live Mail Beta without the need of an official invitation. The "exploit", which allows almost everyone to actually test and use Microsoft's nextgen e-mail service, has been posted all over the web and has still not been fixed yet. This leaves us with the impression that the company doesn't really mind tens of thousands of extra Beta users. On the other hand, Microsoft could decide to push a few buttons anytime soon and transform all these accounts back to their original state.


At this time we do not recommend applying this trick, but here it is anyway for the daredevils:


1) Log into your Hotmail account.


2) Make sure your country (Options > Personal > Profile) is set to United States and your language (Options > Personal > Language) to English. Save the settings.


3) Right-click here and copy the link.


4) Go to the browser window where you're logged into Hotmail and paste the link in the address bar. Hit enter and go to the URL.


5) Accept the agreement by clicking Join Mail Beta!.


In most cases, you'll be redirected to the brand new Windows Mail Beta interface (or try logging in at mail.live.com). Do not complain if you aren't. It worked for two out of the three accounts I "upgraded". And for your information, I did not take the risk to apply this to my main Hotmail account.


[Reported by: Spooky, XxRebelSeanxX, shawn84, vid_88 & Satyricon]


Dunno if it'll work for you.


Crap, sorry, i missread your post.

Edited by Stefaan
Follower of the cheese.
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Invite sent to the hotmail address in your profile. smile.gif

"You can play faster than Al Di Meola and do it with only one pinky, but if you're not listening to what is going on around you, you might as well just shut up"


isn't your croth suppose to be erecting when you have an orgasm?
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Digïtál £vîl
Thanks a ton man. Now lets see if we can start a list of people who feel like helping out with this stuff. smile.gif Never know, it could become the next gmail list kinda thing.
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I would like one too please. smile.gif


EDITl: There is a virus going around pretending to be the MSN 8 Messenger beta. So just watch out.



Edited by Mr.Stevo
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San Andreas Nut

thanks Knocker oh & thanks Mr.Stevo for the heads up. ~SAN


edit-aww f*ck it needs XP, im running 98 sad.gif

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@Warlord; i sent it to your hotmail. And it seems that i've really-really tounge.gif sent it, because the Autofill thingy popped out your address. Still, i can resend it if it doesnt arrive..try checking your spam folder too.

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Can you send it to my msn address in my profile please.

user posted image
user posted image
R.I.P. Chi Shingi Meiyo


21/09/2005 - 07/03/2007

Andolini Mafia Family


16/08/2008 - Current

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kinda weird that I did'nt ask...but what is new in version 8? Saw the screenshots...it looks pretty good....and thanks for the invite Knocker. smile.gif
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They add much useless sh*t, the only good feature that i like is the Sharing Folder Thingy..


You can establish a sharing folder with a contact, and when you delete/add something all the changes will be made on your mate's PC too.


Search on live.com for the full feature list..


I use myself Messenger 7 tounge.gif WLM seems to be so much bloated..

And i haven't got anymore invites...so everybody else can share their invites.

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Sent & sent.

Thank you smile.gif


I think they also finally added timestamp option. It might have been an option in 7, but i dont recall ph34r.gif

user posted image
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Thank you knocker. For other people - Mozilla can't click the links if you use it alien.gif.

yeah, I had to click forward, because it shows the FWed message's code.


Btw, how can I invite someone else? I have to wait sometime to be given the invitations?


EDIT: @Mayhem, I think you should erase your e-mail address from the post, y'know, to avoid spam robots...


Edited by facugaich
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