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Another unhandled exception, plz help


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Every time u i try to load a saved game, in the yes or no window the game just freezes, and i get this:


Unhandled exception: c0000005

At address: 00497316


My compatibility is set to windows 98 or ME, and in a french page i found something about main.scm modifications, what can i do to fix this??

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well, the game has no adds if thats what u mean, no skins, no patches, and i guess no mods cuz i dont even know what that is (im sorry for the ignorance) ive re-installed the game like three times and still doesnt work, thnx for replying

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Pumpkin Zone

It might be your CD, is it scratched in any way?


If it is not, I would consider taking it back to the store you bought it from and ask for a new one. ( Or just buy GTA: San Andreas. )

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( Or just buy GTA: San Andreas. )

What kind of advice is that? For a GTA Vice City forum... turn.gif


@ topic - unhandled exceptions almost always come from modding the game (mainly with main.scm mods, as you mentioned in your opening post). If you're certain your game isn't modded, I'd guess that something is interfering with the game. Kill all unnecessary proccesses, close anything you don't need running (eg. anti-virus) and such. Just make sure to re-enable important stuff before you next go online.


PS: a 'mod' is a modification. Pretty much what you call an 'add'.

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thank you fuzzy youve been really helpful, even thou my game isnt working yet.

According to the (please read before you ask questions):


this is what i know



DirectX 9.0

Microsoft Windows XP Professional

Memory: SDRAM 133MHz 256mb

Intel Pentium 4

Grafic card nVIDIA GeForce2 MX/MX400

Soundmax digital audio


and i also deleted a gta-vc setup the requirements mentioned

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