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Gta: Vice city stories

Recommended Posts

Original GTA Master

well since they wont make a new map on the PSP it has to be the old games since they used LC it would be either VC or SA

and since VC was after LC it would be after LCS now

and i think it will be something like Vice City Stories

it could be like Vice City crime wave

Vice City Tales

Vice City mobsters

and the one that sounds best would be Vice City Stories

the ones i said sounded retarded and Vice City Stories doesnt

and there are a lot of people thinking its Vice City again

all the lines met at Vice City

like all of the theories that i have and others do

the way they had the trilogies lined up

and the fact that Rockstar said a new PSP game is coming out

and that it wont be a new map because Rockstar wouldnt put a new map on the PSP

so there is like a 90% chance it will be Vice City Stories

and dont ask me what the other 10% chance is because i dont know i guessed

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Well LIberty CIty was never used as a title. I mean the GTA set at LC was GTAIII, not GTA Liberty CIty. THats why is probable the name 'Liberty city stories'.


and uh.. forgive me for my ignorance but... where is said that Rockstar won't do a new map for a PSP game? Did i missed that line on the official news or something...?

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Original GTA Master

gmgo i didnt say that they would have an official announcment saying that they would have a new map

but i dont think Rockstar would put a new map on the PSP because its a handheld system

and if it were going to be a new map then it would be most likely the new map from the PS3's GTA and the PSP game is coming out before that

so its most likely going tobe set in Vice City

and i hope its set in the future from 86' because i want ot see what happened to Tommy but they set LCS 3 years before GTA III so they might set VCS back 3 years from VC which would be 1983

but the 80's were cool so i wouldnt mind too much

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Original GTA Master

yeah but my one friend on here said that it was called Liberty City Stories because it was the name of a movie like New York City Stories or something so i was discussing with him and said maybe it could be called Vice City The Rebirth or something like they did with Scarface the Rebirth

but then again Scarface The Rebirth was a re-make meaning that this Vice City game would be a re-make but i dont think Rockstar would go that far

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The Gay Coin Man

Nooo....The Next Game Is Said To Be All New

and rockstar is focusing on the ps3 and psp soo they have alot of there workers working on grand theft auto's









so theres no reason to rehash that city









London is Number 1 icon14.gif

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Original GTA Master

lol wow

why doesnt anyone get this

GTA4 is going to be the new location

the new PSP game isnt GTA4 its justy another one for the PSP

and its going to be Vice City again no questions asked

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The Gay Coin Man

AnyThing Could Happen...Cause There is A large Time Frame Between liberty city stories and the next one for psp....unless there spending the time making new missions for vice on the psp and jacking off they have too much time


soo easily making a new city that will fit in the 1.8 gigabytes the umd has to offer...is very possible



Why is that soo unbelivable...???? take two is losing money...so if they offer a new city and experience on the psp ...they might be able to pay for some of there law suits




COME BACK TO ME AND REMIND ME AFTER IT COMES OUT AND ILL P.M. YOU SAYING "I Told You So" and shove it all in your f*ckin' head


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The Gay Coin Man

For The Big Company RockStar Is Now It Would Be As Hard For Them To Make A New City As Wiping There Ass''


some of you shyt designers make an island as big as a chunk of a city in a day""


Why isnt rockstar capable of making a pretty nice new city in a month and even more assigning a small team to do it??


Why'll they work on My next Grand Theft Auto 4?


They have various teams...please try to understand that..if they send out parts of the game to be done they can scrap up a new game in three weeks'' using all of there offices

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Creating a new city isn't that hard. The hard part is creating whole new storylines and characters, tieing it all together and creating missions, locations and interiors to go with those missions. Then Alpha and beta testing it, plus adding all the side missions and extras. VC came out a year after GTA3 because they used a modified version of GTA3 and were able to flesh it out with the extra time. SA took 2 years because they created a new engine and 3 whole new cities and storylines.


Yes Rockstar has multiple studios and they are working on multiple games. GTA4, a sequel to Red Dead Revolver(likely) and probably Midnight Club 4 are all being worked on right now. R* Leeds is working on the PSP games. Rockstar has said they weren't likely to make any "new cities" for anything except the new GTA4 for PS3. But they also said never say never. We're not saying it's not possible, we're saying it's not likely given the speed of the release schedule and the limitations of the PSP. All you're saying is "I want a new city" so they must be making one. Our arguments are based on details and information we know about Rockstar and the GTA games.


LCS is based on GTA3. The sequel to GTA3 is VC. Thus why we think the next psp GTA will be set in VC. We could be wrong, but odds are, we're not.

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Original GTA Master

well see those are good facts and sh*t and i am on your side about that sh*t like 100%

but see fans wanted LC in another game agian since it was the oldest game of the 3D GTA world and they wanted to have another LC game so they could see what happened before or after to fill some gaps

and now since they brought that back the next game people would want to go back to is Vice City which is the next oldest and if they could fit it SA would be after that

but thats what i think they are going to be doing with the PSP make good re-makes like they did with LCS

and leave the PS3 with the new cities and sh*t

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