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Crash when changing resolution


Recommended Posts

1) PC

2) Vice City 1.0

3) 2.21GHz

4) 2GB PC3200 DDR

5) ATI Radeon AIW 9800 PRO

6) Windows XP SP2

7) 9.0c

8) Audigy 2 Platinum

9) No mods, fresh install.


I am having a problem. My old GF4200 used to run the game just fine. I Haven't played since I got the new card. I installed the game and tried to up the resolution to 1280x1024x32 (native for my LCD) and it crashes. Does the same thing with GTAIII, however it works fine in SA. Any help would be appreciated.



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Funny thing is, you went to the trouble of reading and following the instructions in the pinned Read Before You Ask Questions topic, but omitted the two probably most convenient to us if we are to help you.


Now I've got that off my chest, deleting the 'My Documents\GTA Vice City User Files\gta_vc.set' file should fix your problem nicely.

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Thank you for the reply, although I didn't see 10 and 11 maybe they were added after?


It is a fresh install so I have no files in the gta user files directory in my documents. Still not sure what the problem is.



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  • 2 weeks later...

Sorry it took me so long to reply, I've been on a business trip in England. I tried setting compatibility mode to windows 98 and the problem still exists, do you have any other suggestions?



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I have the exact same problem, just installed GTA3 and I can't change resolution. I tried deleting the .set file and it still makes no difference. 98 Compatibility also doesn't work.


Could this be due to the new nVIDIA drivers?

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@poedgirl- This isn't entirely related to your particular problem, but I upgraded my Nvidia drivers a couple of weeks back and it totally screwed my GTA2; rolled back to a release from a few months back and 'twas good as new, so it's worth a shot. It took me a while to find the correct ones as I didn't take a note of my last upgrade, but at least I learned something from this exercise. tounge2.gif


@sowelie- Did you use the card straight out of the box, or have you tried using the latest drivers? Try contacting ATI or have a poke around their website, your problems may be a documented issue.


Good luck with it. smile.gif

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  • 3 weeks later...

This is why if it ain't broke, don't fix it. I'm using vid drivers from... I don't know, 2 years ago? Hey, they work! So I'm not sending my buddies into epileptic seizures with that extra frame per second. My ego will live.


I guess the question is did it work before? This goes to you both. If so, roll back at once. Otherwise, your best bet is to make sure your Direct X is updated and that you have proper vidcard drivers AND monitor drivers. It could just be a matter of something about your PC not realizing that such and such a resolution is okay.

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I have the latest drivers for everything and DX9.0C, every other game I play works...on 1280x1024 it is just GTA III and Vice City that are giving me trouble. Even San Andreas works!

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  • 4 weeks later...

guys...i installed a new video card...ATI RADEON 9250 256MB....and i tried playin Vice City...it worked just fine on my 32mb video card....but now i have the 256 it doesn't....i tried to re-install but still nothing...what should i do?...hope you can help me.... i need it

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Yep. When I went from a GeForce 2 to a GeForce 4, I only needed to delete the specialized textures (txd.img and txd.dir). Probably only that since it was the same family of GPU. When I went from GeForce 4 to Radeon 9700 Pro however, I had to delete the SET file and completely reinstall the game. Otherwise, it wanted to "create textures specific to your video card" every single time I launched it.
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