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help me on install gta londan 1961


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i download gta london 1961 from rockstar game website during the install it say preview version of gta london was not found! and i press ok and i install the file but when i set it up it say the GrandTheftAuto cd is not present.


only joining network game is possible


start GrandTheftAuto aging with the cd present for normal play.



i do have gta and gta london 1969 and gta2 on my computer by buy them from wal mart,try install and restall and unstall with gta and gta london 1969 games cd, plus gta london 1961, and i'm get same thing help me with this read the cds for the mp vol.2 problem for me plz!?sad.gif p.s i have winxp and yes i have the rockstar classics collection edition with gta 1 and gta london 1969 mission pack and gta 2. i just want to know how to install the real version of gta london 1961, not be in the network version of the game and fix this error of be in real version instest of be in network version. ok,

Edited by fatman17
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It's London, not Londan. Did you buy London 1969? Unfortunately it's not a free download.


You could try opening Gta_61.exe in a hex editor and changing the byte at offset 36196 from 74 to EB. That should fix any CD incompatibilities.

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yes i have gta london 1969 on my comuter by buy the the classics collectionfrom

wal mart plus i am use windows xp

Edited by fatman17
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how do this hex editor on gta london 1961 help me :(someone give me some instructions

Edited by fatman17
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