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[REL|BETA] TXD Workshop 4.0


Recommended Posts

Ah. I don't suppose you want to donate your time to adding support for GTA3Xbox?





...What do you mean, "no"?





Ah, well. Great tool regardless. Its still come in handy many other times.


Thanks, man.

No, as in i have no time or interest in supporting gta3 or any more xbox files confused.gif


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  • 3 months later...
new ver ? ok which bugs fixed ? Because sometimes when i compress my txd all texture become green !!!! cryani.gif

Well, i don't want to sound rude, but if you had this problem for a while, why didn't you like.. tell me about it? it's the first time i hear about such problem.



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yea, those are artifacts caused by the mere act of compressing an image with dxt compression - it has nothing to do with with TXD Workshop specificly. it's not an error he can fix.

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  • 3 weeks later...

ok thx guys i have a question lock tool will be available for next ver ? Because some guys modify my Txds (paint job , restyling) and i'm enough .

something like dff lock without password.



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  • 3 weeks later...
  • 3 months later...

How does this whole alpha thing work..... I want to add white stripes and they just act as the negative color add show everything threw??? Are there directions to how to use this?

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ok i don't think that this is the program i need, how do you make different paint jobs for cars????

You need to edit the carcols.dat file, check out the tutorials section for more info.

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No I figured something out. I used a car with paintjobs all ready and just edited the paint jobs in paint. I got racing stripes that way. Now how do you add paintjobs to cars, like it is an option in transfender. I just added another txd to a car, but i haven't checked out if it worked yet.

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  • 7 months later...

i changed the texture of gta sa in txd workshop. i started the game and when i try to get out of grove street, the game crashes. i didnt compressed the files after changing the texture because when i do the texture that i change get all messed up and funny looking line. help me please.

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this sucks every version sucks. i change the texure correctly but when i change to much texture things, my game starts crashing in random places. wtf do i do wrong. is it because i change to much or wtf. i dont get the error thing. every thing is right. i change walls taggins gangsters. and wtf its. stupid. i cant even play the f game. f all this.

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Changing tags is more than just a texture switch. Alpha transparency is involved.

You are breaking your game, not TXD WS


What is happening is not that this tool sucks, it is that its user does not read.

Not to offend, I assure you.

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  • 2 years later...
  • 2 months later...

Hello all txd download links are broken can you post a new one?


Hola a todos los enlaces de descarga txd se rompen puede publicar uno nuevo?



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  • 1 month later...

Ah, I install Windows 7 and suddenly I'm cursed with the need to ask many questions. Makes sense.


Since I always used G-TXD since it worked easier for me, I'm wondering how to import alphas for textures with this tool? G-TXD doesn't seem to work on my system.


I always thought the idea was to import a texture, click the "Alpha" tab and then click import again to import the alpha. But that just replaces the entire texture. Is what I'm doing wrong or is it just some weird bug?

Edited by Deji
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  • 1 year later...


Epic bump time..


Uploaded version v5.0 build: 290312 (beerbearbee Edition)





+ fixed mass image compression

+ improvements to speed up drag & drop


File hasn't been approved yet on gtagarage, so wait until it's availible..

Glad to know that you're back, dude. BTW, can you add batch add/replace support to TXDW?

Oh, and as for Android/iOS textures, well, the TXD formats do use GPU-specific texture compression depending on the platform. I had some trouble with getting my car mod to work just because of this.


I'm pretty sure you can find some resources for tinkering with them, i.e. the Mali-400 and PowerVR texture tools.

Edited by lpgunit
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Would you be able to make a Batch Import for Textures, so when you Import the Textures not only does it import multiple Files but Names them the same as the file name.


Or are you only doing Bug Fixes in any follow up versions to be released.

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It was awesome if you could manage to make TXD Workshop to generate mipmaps. At least I'm glad that I can view the level of mipmaps.

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TXD WorkShop, starting from version 4.8 has a bug. If you try to replace the alpha channel is replaced the texture and the alpha-layer becomes white. v4.0 don't have this bug xD:

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