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plz help me

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Hi, i completed GTa-VC a year ago it was very cool, and i couldnt get over it so i reinstalled it recently and i got a huge prob,when i completed the game for the first time i was using 128MB of ram and now i upgraded to 512MB and the prob is: while i ride a car or a bike the envirnment(roads,railings,trees,bridges,etc,) are not loading as quickly as i am moving so there is a huge prob while playing the mission "the driver" my opponent hilary goes faster than me and gets stuck up in a bridge and dies and the mission is not going to complete if hes dead so i am not able to complete the mission.



my system configurations are


512MB of ram and intel 845 chipset


plz help me i am getting desperate suicidal.gif

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Did you also change your video card in that time? Have you reinstalled Windows since using the new RAM? Have you tried a fresh install of the game? We ask that you provide as much info as possible and even have a pinned topic informing you of some of the things we'd like to know.

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Wouldn't have anything to do with the draw distance, would it?


There's an official solution at Take 2 Games.com on the almost exact same topic - "I'm in the car racing mission, and Hilary keeps dying. I actually saw him fall through the bridge!". Link.


[EDIT] Toggle the frame limiter, too.

Edited by Fuzzy Juzzy

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Is there any other way to solve this prob rather than reinstaling all those u said

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Is there any other way to solve this prob rather than reinstaling all those u said

Niether Dem nor I suggested you re-install much.


Demarest was just asking questions - prompting you to answer them so that we can have more of an idea of what went wrong when. He's not telling you to change your video card or re-install Windows, he's asking you if you have.


However, I do suggest you re-install Vice City. As I mentioned previously, have a fiddle with the options in-game, especially the frame limiter (turn it on if it's off, turn it off if it's already on) and the draw distance (experiment with increasing it).


Also have a look at the solution hosted at Take 2 Games' website which I linked to in my previous post.


Last of all, merry Christmas. xmas.gif

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