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(Some of) The truth about Area 51

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I actually wouldn't be too surprised if "aliens" actually looked like humans, or may even BE humans. I have a reason, but its hard to explain.

Try us, I'm interested. I have some 20 minutes to burn. Even if it sounds retarded or too complicated, I'm willing to listen.

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Try us.....or is it too much of a rip-off of an epsiode of Star Trek Next Gen ? lol tounge.gif

Alright, just get the f*ck out of my topic and stop talking about TV shows. This is a educated discussion.



Celltech - Did you catch that thing on FOX about how it was a hoax a few years ago? it was proven. tounge.gif

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if anyone is interested i have the co-ordinate for Area 51, i'll post a pic later.


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I actually wouldn't be too surprised if "aliens" actually looked like humans, or may even BE humans. I have a reason, but its hard to explain.

The Greys spliced their DNA into that of chimps to accelerate our advancement so that we could be used to keep them alive as they are a dying race? They need us to fight against the Reptillians in 2012, aswell. cool.gif

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Yeah, inventions are another thing. I mean, sure, there are some wild minds out there. But you have to ask yourself: what in the f*ck was Benjamin Franklin smoking? I mean, what gave him the inclination to think, "I should fly a kite with a key on it in lightning." What made him think there was anything special about it in the first place?

It was allready known that static electricity causes sparks, and that it can be conducted through metal wire. He must have noted that sparks from static look a lot like lightning, and descide that a good way to test it would be to see if it is conducted through wire. The fact that he had enough wits to use a key to create a shorter path to the ground than through his body was a very clever move, though. Otherwise old Ben would probably be known as "That crazy inventor that got killed by lightning."


In any case, there are a lot of people out there with some crazy ideas. You got to expect some of them to work once in a while.

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Tenacious G
@miffy: You can talk about him about to get slated. Your track record on previous topics hasn't exactly been spectacular. Spectacularly Idiotic, maybe.


I personally believe Aliens are real. How can this planet be the only inhabitted planet in the universe? I think maybe ours is the only one in the Milky Way, but I think there are much more intelligent life throughout the entire universe.

I also think that there are Aliens out there, but even if they're more advanced, they've probably studied us, and even probably studying the way we behave towards each other, and the Alien Lifeforms don't want to be subjected to that sort of experience, as they might be friendly and want to help us, whereas we might give out the wrong inpresion by reacting differently eg. having military vechiles, tanks, and other war vechiles there to greet them on there arrival.


Even if we eventually do make contact with other lifeforms in the vast universe, they would probably turn down our invite, for them to come and visit Earth, as they know that we could try and capture or even kill them for Circus', profit, among other things.

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king razer

what if aliens dont know WE exist. what if some alien accident caused a ripple of some sort that made it impossible for them to see us?



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Serious Dave

ufos? ha more like the usa is trying to complete the Avro car

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I believein aliens. Howelse do you explain crop circles and all these 'crazy' people who claim to have been abducted? They can't all be crazy can they.


Also I saw a program about all these cows that had beem killed in either the Australian outback or the American plains. They had beek killed and disected. The wiered thing was that they had had a perfect circular hole cut into them and all their insides taken out. There was no trace of the insides and NO blood. It was proved that the flesh at the edge of the hole was burned.....as if some kind of laser was used. It was also proved that the animal had not been killed far from where it was found (If it was moved far that would explain why there was no blood) It was proved that it hadnt moved far but i cant remember how mad.gif


Anyway this culd be the 'aliens' seeing what our planet is like and what our food is and how our animals 'work'. There are many unexplainable events which could have extra-terestrial explintions. How exactly did all those heads on easter island get from where they were cut to where they are now?( there is an explination for this but an extra terestrisal one sems plausiable too)


well thats my bit


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If this guy was telling the truth, the site would be shutdown within the hour. I don't believe a word he said, because the government has internet connection and has probably seen every site there is about the government (especially top secret military bases). Obviously the government has seen this as an idiot making up a story and left it there for other idiots to read and believe. It's probably what they want you to believe.

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Andrews Air Force Base is in Maryland. I smell something made up.

It is pure bs.


The person who wrote this made 1 large paragraph with many errors. I doubt this is credible.

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Tom Toole


I like to wonder about space quite a bit.  There's all sorts of mysteries and theories that I think tie in together.  Like the mystery of how some ancient civilizations created such technological masterpieces.  One example, is a map that I found quite a while ago.  Evidently, it dated back to 4000 BC, and outlined the un-ice-covered ice of the Antarctic coastline.  Aswell as that, the longitude and latitude was accurate of the Earth's size to a tolerance within 50 meters. (I sure which I could remember the name of the map to show you guys the Wikipedia article).


In any case, there are a lot of little mysteries of the old-world like this.  There's a lot of stuff missing, aswell.  Just how much knowledge did we possess in the library of Alexandria?  It all makes me seriously wonder...


If we were very smart at one point, maybe we foresaw something.  Maybe we had the technology at one point to travel to distant planets, to colonize.  And because of this, only some were taken to the new location.  The rest were left on Earth, the prior knowledge erased, so that the simpler beings would have to start all over again.  I'm sure a lot of people have heard about the belief that aliens helped build the pyramids, but there's other astounding things like that on the planet.


Now, don't think I'm trying to persuade you into believing this, but just imagine it.  Imagine if there's some colony of humans on some planet that we can't reach, that are smarter than us by leaps and bounds, and have been coming back every once in a while to observe how the simpler class works. 


Wouldn't that be a trip?


I quite like to wonder also, at lots of things, I find histories and mythologies very interesting, nevertheless there are people actively making up stories to produce that same feeling, and as much as we like the romantic notion of santa claus or noah saving all species that exist, truth doesn't seem quite to fit with what would be the most tripp[y].


I would like to offer the following as an example:

Wouldn't it be a trip if _____?


1 "George W Bush died from the impact of a flying cows feces onto his head."

2 "Magic Existed"

3 "Scientology was true"

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