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Katie the Picky date

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Hello All,


I just got the the point where I can actually get to the area she is in to date her (about 17% into the game) and I have gotten her as a girlfriend, but I can NOT find a spot that she likes to have a good date.


I have tried every spot that I can think of to go on the map that is within driving distance and she has hated them all.


I have searched the forums to find spots where she likes to go, but I haven't seen anything. Could someone please tell me where you took this picky date that she actually liked? Name of the place and rough directions would be appreciated.



I listed my progress in the game above incase that there is something I haven't opened up yet with-in the story line.






Ed G

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Katie likes the diner near her house. The one near the bridge. By the museum.


I've never read The Official Girlfriend Guide and was surprised to find that this information is not mentioned in the first post.

Doing asearch for "+katie +eat" within the topic found this post:


Easiest way to please Katie.. take her to the Diner. There's one right behind (and down the hill) from her house, and also one at Pier 69. She likes the Pier 69 area a lot...
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Hello All,


Thanks! I just tried the diner behind her house and even tho she said. "Oh don't stop here!" it still gave a "good date" experiance.







Ed G



ps. sorry for posting this in the wrong forums I had several windows open and didn't realise it was in the wrong one till I went looking for it! doh!

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