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The GTA LCS Trivia Topic


Recommended Posts

What is the drug that Toni gets at the end of the mission "overdose of trouble" to help maria out?

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salvatores limo, a landstalker, a patriot, rhino, ? i dunno others mayb barracks OL?

Edited by GTAVC05
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salvatores limo, landstalker, patriot, rhino( but not grendaed or rocket proof) , and avenger (avenging angel bike) if its correct i pass

Edited by GTAVC05
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forget that pass sooo... Q: after what mission does paulies revue bar become sex club seven?

Driving Mr. Leone?

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It is guns of Leone because the red light district is cleaned of the Sindaccos.


Thus letting the mafia move in.

It's not Guns of Leone. After the end of that mission Paulie's Bar is still called Paulie's Revue Bar, the only difference is there is scaffolding on the outside of the building with a sign saying "Under New Management".


Though to be perfectly honest I'm not sure what mission it changes after. I believe that ArthurP is correct though we will have to wait for the orginal question asker to come and put us all out of our miseries.

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iight nobody is gettin it so im just gonna say it it is a walk in the park the first mission in staunton somebody can ask the next question

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What is the last location you have to go to on 'See the Sight before Your Flight'?

portland beach to see the light house

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