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The GTA LCS Trivia Topic


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Ok then well there's been no answer as Mxy said so i'll ask a question to keep this moving, first one to answer gets to answer the next question.


Question: On EC's cheatdevice save, after doing one unique stunt correctly what is your reward?

Isn't it underpants, but it's been asked before and I don't the cheatdevice has anything to do with it? Or does cheatdevice give a different reward...

No it's just that it seems after each first unique jump on that save it's underpants, if you did one jump on a new game you wouldn't ge thte underpants. But anyway you were correct, your turn.

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I'll ask my earlier question that was "somehow" skipped tounge.gif


Finish the sentence


"In many ways, the 'sea cow' is a lot like a..."
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i think you should change the question nobody knows ph34r.gif


It's "crow" from www.crowfest98.com.

Ok mXy stumps us again, he can ask another one seeing as no one got it last.

I'll pass! Someone else please ask. smile.gif

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oh oh me!


ok, when you get the underpants outfit, what are the design(s) on it?

Hearts? Pass if correct.

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I'll just confirm it to keep things going, seeing as he went offline and you're still online.


Yuriy, it's your turn to ask the question.

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