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The GTA LCS Trivia Topic


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user posted image




Welcome to the LCS trivia topic, as hosted by me Rob_UK. Like many of the other Trivia topics around the forums this is similar, as are the rules. This is a place where people can contend it out to see who has the True Brain of Liberty City Stories.





• You may only ask a qustion after you have successfully answered one.

• The person who asked the question must confirm whther the answer is correct in order for the person to ask a new question. Confirmation must be posted no matter how sure you are.

•The person who can ask the next question can only be the person who first answered the previous quesion with ONE SOLID ANSWER. You cannot go through many possible answers as that is cheating.

• Do not post with many possible replies, this is spam, and it's not allowed

•If no-one confirms a correct answer, it'll be put through Carpetdweller i trust him to confirm a correct answer.

•All questions must be on the theme of LCS, otherwise they are invalid.


So just following these rules like all the other ones we can now have some fun.


Seeing as i'm the starter of this topic i will ask the first question, remember who ever answers this first with a confirmed correct answer will be the next one to ask the question.


Q:What is the factory later to be called where you kill mama's boyfriend?

Edited by Rob_UK
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Vincenzo thanks her and says her name. I'm going out soon, so I'll give it 2 more trys. If no-one gets it I'll ask an easy one.


EDIT: Ok - The answer was Cheryl.


I'll ask one everyone knows the answer to. If you answer it and know you are right you can go ahead and ask the next one.


Q: Complete the name - "Liberty City St_____"

Edited by carpetdweller
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Come on, im waiting for a new question dozingoff.gif

As Jamming is away I'll set a question to keep it moving.


Q: What is the name of the Sindacco Casino/Brothel?

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It's something like "Holy Joe's Flop House" but there is a word I was never able to make out in the middle. looks like "10%" or something.


Edit: Just checked - Holy rev. Joe's Flophouse.

Edited by carpetdweller
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Well I can't hang around so I'll just let someone else take my next question. Whoever posts next can ask the next one.

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Since i didn't get to answer before (sorry) ill ask:


What is salvatores uncle named?

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I don't remember him having a name. I just thought he was "Uncle". I'm interested to know.


I'll guess "Leo".

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Since i didn't get to answer before (sorry) ill ask:


What is salvatores uncle named?

What? Nobody cares if you didn't answer gotta wait your turn...


Also, he didn't have a name.

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@ Jamming - I believe you were right to take that turn as you were owed one and we seem to be having trouble establishing a flow of questions.

What makes you believe his name was John? You might be right.


Although we want people to ask questions it really isn't worth it if they don't check back within 20 minutes to see if anyone's answered. And if you answer then you need to be ready to ask a new question.

These topics are great when they get going. I understand that this will be harder as not as many people have LCS or have finished it yet.


It seems we are without a question again. I'm quite busy today but I'll check in every now and again. Here's another one to start with.


Q: Cedric Futheringay was otherwise known by what name?

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