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Cheats, tips, hints, walkthroughs and spoilers


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Let's start a topic on cheats, tips, hints, walkthroughs and spoilers. I was stunned to suddenly realize there isn't already one. (Hope this gets pinned too.) So I thought about combining all these in one instead of having a seperate one for each subject.


This isn't finished yet, I will tell you when it is. Just check up on it reguarly, and please be paitent with me. Thank-you.








Cheat Mode:


Press A and B and START at the same time. A pager message should appear saying 'CHEAT MODE ON'. Repeat the code to turn off cheat mode. Cheat mode comes with a running coordinates counter. You can only put in other cheats when Cheat Mode is on.


All Weapons:


Press Left and Right and Up and Down and A and A to receive all the weapons in the game. But this does not mean all the ammo. Repeat the code as many times as you wish to increase your ammo count. One activation of the code will get you:


1 x Fist (Permanant)

1 x Bat

1 x Katana

12 x Dual Pistol or Pistol (Rounds)

8 x Shotgun (Rounds)

30 x Uzi (Rounds)

24 x Assault Rifle (Rounds)

2 x Flame-Thrower (Rounds)

2 x Molotov Cocktails

2 x Grenades

4 x Rocket Launcher (Rounds)

50 x Minigun (Rounds)


Full Health Restoration


Press Left and Right and Up and Down and B and B to receive a full health restoration (the equivalent of a health pickup).


Full Armor Restoration


Press Left and Right and Up and Down and A and L to receive a full armor restoration (the equivalent of an armor pickup).


Raise your Wanted Level

Press Left and Right and Up and Down and R and A to raise your Wanted Level by one star (the equivalent of killing a pedestrian in a cop's view when you've got no Wanted Level).


Lower your Wanted Level

Press Left and Right and Up and Down and A and R to lower your Wanted Level by one star (the equivalent of a Police Bribe).


Gain $15,000

Press Left and Right and Up and Down and L and L to gain $15,000.


Toggle between maximum Wanted Level and erasing any Wanted Level

Press Left and Right and Up and Down and R and R to raise your Wanted Level to the maximum (six-stars). Input the code again to get rid of any Wanted Level at all.


Activate temporary Gang Hostiltity


Press Left and Right and Up and Down and B and R to make any gang members in the vicinity go literally beserk at anything in reach that is vunerable to damage (eg. cars, pedestrians, other gang members, etc).


I've heard of a code to get a level select, but it doesn't seem to work. If anyone has any information about this, please tell me. But I find it hard to believe that a GTA game would have a level select, for numerous reasons.






In mission 7 (Getaway), Vinnie supposedly blows-up in his and Mike's getaway car, setting the scene for most of the game, where Mike tries to find the person who set the car bomb up and take revenge on them.


In mission 33 (Bad Pimpin'), the end cutscene holds a fact that Asuka has fallen in love with Mike and they 'do it', while Mike finds out the bomb-maker's name.


In mission 36 (Truth Revealed), you find out Vinnie betrayed you and faked getting blown to bits in the car bomb. As with any GTA game, you kill him.


In mission 37 (Love of Money), 8-Ball is injured by being burnt, and he is soon arrested as he can't get away from the crime-scene with Mike.


In mission 40 (Assault Joint), you find out that King Courtney has been backstabbing you, and he had a part in the 'Vinnie fakes getting blown-up in car bomb and gets rid of Mike's company' plan. Mike kills him also in this mission.


In mission 41 (Freedom Flies), Mike leaves town at the end Cisco's plane.






Some great walkthroughs and scripts in GameFAQs.com.


I'm writing a walkthrough and a script put together. Everytime I finish a mission with it's script, I will add it to the second post below.




Hints and tips:


Go through the game evenly. Don't rush all the missions so that you're only left with side missions and the like. Do a little of this and a little of that. That's advice coming from a professional.


In Vigilante, when you get up to the criminal's car, stop in front of it, get out, and blow it to bits with a weapon (preferably the Minigun or Shotgun, as they both do monstrous damage to a car quickly). When it's on fire, the criminal should get out. Quickly, get back into your Police Car / SWAT Van / FBI Car / Tank and get away from the flaming car so it's not damaged in the explosion, before running over the criminal. Easy done. And also, if the criminal is on foot to start out with, do your best to judge where he will be when you get onto his part of the screen, and run him over for some quick cash and not much mucking around. Try not to run over any gang members at all during Vigilante, as the gang members will do all the damage to your law enforcement car as they can, and it's not a good thing when you have to switch cars too often.


Don't go too crazy when doing the Taxi Mission. Sure, you have limited time, but that doesn't mean trashing your car as you try to drop off a fare. Take it easy, and I think that it's good that the Taxi is one of the slower vehicles. As your wanted level isn't very prone to going up quickly, drive on the side-walk to bump up the safety of your ride in heavy traffic conditions, and increase your Wasted count. You should be proud of the amount of people you can kill in one GTA day! Anyway, when you get close to the drop-off point, do your best to judge which side of the road the blue square is on. This will save alot of reversing, crashing, braking, etc, all of which lose time and make the Taxi fall apart real quick. You should be able to work it out easily, as the marker on the radar will be on one side of the line representing the road. And whenever you go past the Pay N Spray, repair your car, even if it's only got white smoke. 'Cause you might not get another chance for a while, and your Taxi will get more badly damaged. Also, to reinforce this point, if your Taxi gets to the stage where it's got white and black smoke streaming from the bonnet, you'll be told 'Too much Taxi damage', and then you'll have to go to the Pay N Spray. After the car's been resprayed, your timer will have been reset, so you've only got 3 minutes to get a fare and drop him off. This is a real nuisence if you've been building up time, and have to respray the Taxi (if you respray the Taxi under your initiative, the timer does not reset). DO NOT run over any gang members at all, as they will come after you and do heavy damage to your Taxi. Not good.


Hidden Packages:




I'll use coordinates to describe the location of these:


47 - 92

67 - 20

88 - 94

68 - 74

111 - 29

114 - 142

139 - 41

149 - 113

165 - 208

170 - 42


Game Script:


Information: Found 10 of 100 packages. Pistol awarded at the hideout. Enter the hideout and select the 'Hideout Items' option. Press the +Control Pad left or right to select the item and press the A button to retrieve it.


176 - 223

190 - 106

196 - 180

205 - 146

210 - 191






I'll use coordinates to describe the location of these:


110 - 190

138 - 48

90 - 105






GameFAQs.com: For not going beserk when I used your website name in the Walkthroughs section.





Copyright 2005




Hope you can all contribute something, or tell me of any errors. But once again:




Edited by helegad133
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Jump Start Script:


Cutscene Script:


Vinnie: 'This is our big chance, Mike. We've almost got enough money to leave Liberty City for good. I'm tired of playing errand boy. We need to strike off on our own and lead the good life.'

Mike: 'I've got your back, Vinnie. You got me of the streets and back on my feet.'

Vinnie: 'I knew I could count on you. We don't owe nobody nothing and the police aren't on to us. It's time to make a new start.'


Game Script:


Information: Use the +Control Pad to follow Vinnie up to the car. He has the blue arrow above him.


Cutscene Script:


Vinnie: 'Hey Mike, you drive. I gotta get my head together for this meeting with the Mafia.'

Mike: 'Vinnie, I thought you said we were done with these crooks. Let's just take our chances with the money we've got and make our break.'

Vinnie: 'Hey, you trust me right? I've got information they need. Support me on this, and we'll be a whole lot richer and off this stinkin' island in no time.'


Game Script:


Information: Enter the car with the blue arrow. To enter or exit a car, press the L button.

Vinnie: 'The resturant is in Portland Beach. Should be real easy to spot, too.'

Information: Look at the radar located on the top left of the screen. Your position is marked as a white arrow in the middle of the radar. Drive toward the pink dot.

Information: Press the A button to accelerate.

Information: Press the +Control Pad down to brake.

Information: Press the B button to go in reverse.

Information: Press the R button to use the hand brake.

Information: Press the +Control Pad up and the R button at the same time to sound the horn.

Information: Drive into the blue square to trigger the mission.


Cutscene Script:


Vinnie: 'Check our hideout to make sure it's not being watched. Nothing's wrong but you can never be too sure with these guys. Come back to the resturant and pick me up when you know it's clear.'


Game Script:


Information: Drive to the hideout marked on the radar as a pink house icon.

Mike: Things look good out front. I'd better check inside.

Information: Walk into the blue circle to complete the mission.





Game Script:


Information: You can save your progress at the hideout between missions.

Pager: Come back to the resturant. I need you to track someone down. - Vinnie

Information: Go back to the resturant to meet Vinnie. Head toward the letter 'V' marked on the radar.


Jump Start Directions:


You start out at [52 - 149]. Follow Vinnie, who is at [53 - 149], up to the car, which is at [52 - 141]. After the cutscene, drive to [162 - 105]. After the cutscene, drive to your hideout, which is at [50 - 108]. When you get near it, Mike will get out of the car. Walk into the blue circle to complete the mission.





Dirty Laundry Script:


Cutscene Script:


Vinnie: 'The guys upstairs said they could use a hand with a small-time pusher named Federico. He's been using more of their product than selling it which is bad for business. Take him out and the Mafia will help us.'

Mike: 'Okay, Vinnie. You're the boss. I probably ought to carry some heat.'

Vinnie: 'Yeah, you're right. Here's some dough to purchase a pistol. Head over to Ammu-Nation and tell 'em I sent you - no way you'd pass the background check with your record.'


Game Script:


Information: Drive over to Ammu-Nation and get a piece. It is marked on the radar as a pistol with a green background.

Information: Once inside Ammu-Nation, scroll through the shop items by pressing the +Control Pad left or right, To purchase and item, press the A button.

Information: You can purchase weapons multiple times until you've maxed out the weapon's ammunition or you've run out of money. To exit the shop, press the B button.

Information: The weapon inventory HUD is located on the top right of the screen. To scroll through your weapon inventory, hold select down and press the L button to scroll left and the R button to scroll right through your inventory.

Information: Once a weapon or fist icon is selected in the HUD, press the A button to attack.

Information: You can attack while strafing. You can strafe in any direction by holding the R button down and pressing the +Control Pad. This is useful during tough fights with multiple enemies.

Information: You can sprint for short distances by holding the B button down. After you're tired from sprinting, it takes several seconds before you have the energy to sprint again.

Mike: Here I come Federa... Fido... ahh... Freddy to take you down.

Information: Follow the red dot on the radar. Red dots indicate enemies.

Mike: Mind if I work this street corner for a while?

Frederico: Man, this is my turf. I'm taking you down!

Vinnie: Great job, Mike. This is just the bargaining chip we need.



REWARD: $1,000


Pager: Come back to the resturant, Mike. We need to secure transportation. - Vinnie

Information: If you're interested in earning money between missions, try street racing. Head over to the checkered flag on the radar to get in on the action.


Dirty Laundry Directions:


You start out at [163 - 105]. Get a car and head over to Ammu-Nation which is at [101 - 63] Buy a Pistol / Dual Pistols, then drive over to [122 - 189]. When you get near this place, get out of your car, walk the rest, and an in-game cutscene will kick in. Whack Frederico to complete the mission.



REWARD: $1,000

Edited by helegad133
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