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Obstacle course

Recommended Posts


Obstacle course one: Grasshopper (level 2)

Difficulty: 2/5


It begins in the north-west of The Village:

user posted image

Then you go up the stairs:

user posted image

Now you go 2x right and jump on teh tree:

user posted image

Then jump on the next tree and the next tree, then jump off and that's the end.



If soemone actually cares about this or thinks its fun I'll make another course. So everyone who views this replies!




-Slurp Slurp, Hmmm... Sprunk!

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Obstacle Course 2: Elvis has left the Building

Difficulty: 4/5

Possible Vehicles: Meteor, HUchachu(?), Furore GT


You begin in the North of the Island on the traintrack:

user posted image

Now you speed up and jump over the fence and stand like this:

user posted image

Then speed up and jump over ANOTHER fence:

user posted image

Now go right and follow the fence down:

user posted image

You'll end up here:

user posted image

Now go up the ramp:

user posted image

Turn left and left again and you'll be here:

user posted image

Go up there and go up the next ramp:

user posted image

Now jump off the roof over the fence watch it that you dont bump into to something:

user posted image

-Slurp Slurp, Hmmm... Sprunk!


That's the end pretty easy right?

Edited by Fireman

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@Fireman: Those screenshots are pretty good and I'm amazed that you've managed to stuck the car on any obstacles but doesn't the car (or any vehicles) explode after it's stuck? Normally vehicles destroy after you try to move it away from the obstacles and you can teleport using trainer to use similar method as yours.

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