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My underwater adventure with CJ!


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Ok so i'm not sure if this has happend before tho it prolly has. I was on my way to the boat school in a hydra. As i got over the school i ejected out of my hydra and parachuted down. I missed the landing with the parachute so i ended up in the water. There was no where around to get out of the water quickly so i spawned a Vortex with the GTASA Control Center. Once i got in, I used the "Increase speed by 5%" feature from the control center, allowing me to go at a VERY fast speed. All of a sudden the vortex took off like a plane so I pulled up for a few seconds and then immeadiatly pulled down, resulting in a nose dive towards the water. Once the vortex hit the water, it submerged and fell all the way to the bottom. Once It hit the bottom I started to lose oxygen so i got out to swim to the top of the surface. But instead of floating or anything like that, CJ got out and stood and the oxygen meter went away. SO i was able to have some fun.


Below are photos and video of the "adventure" The videos are low file size and are quick!


Note: This has worked more than once for me. Secondly, if you go to low you will spawn on land.


Have Fun


For the first video, turn up your sound so, the echo of the ak under the water sounds cool

Me shooting ak Under water


This second vid is of me on an NRG just riding around for a couple secs. I had to switch to rapidshare becuz putfile kept giving me error messages


NRG Underwater


The third video is with me an infernus, basically the same thing as above


Infernus underwater


And below are the pix.

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image



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Go here and swim down to the bottom and behind the coral on the south side, your breath meter will disappear and you can walk around like that. If you want a vehicle, just spawn one, or push it into the water before you do the glitch.

user posted image

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hey guys try enabling the flying car cheat while underwtar in a car!!! its cool!!!

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beause i was using the control center and thats just a message that pops up every time u get out of a car or spawn one. its kinda annoying
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