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Last Requests


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  • 11 months later...

Well, in my opinion, Salvatore set the bomb.


Its clear because;


Italians actually does this kind of thing. If you watch Godfather series, they usually sneaking behind the enemy and killing them. For example, in Godfather 1, Tattaglia killed Luca Brasi with no attention. They first make him think they want to work with him, they offered 50k grands, after they killed him like dogs .


Also, after the father shot by Virgil's guys, Santino ordered Clemenza to kill that young boy. But, Clemenza never got front of him. He make that young boy think that he's still part of this family, so they were crusing around New York City to find something else...After, they went to the cityside, and Clemanza get out from the car to take a piss, while he was doing this, another guy in car killed the young boy in one shot.They acted very very good!


Also, in 1992, San Andreas, Salvatore did wrong to Carl Johnson. This means that, Salvatore is not reliable as all italian gang families. If we look at the Maria's words at 2001, in LC, she says " Salvotore is paranoic, he thinks about everyone, he is searching everybody else etc. He is also not İtalian as Toni Cipriani says while introducing him to the Don, its makes suspicious the Claude.


As I know, Diablo's and Mafia are far from friends. As you all know, we are doing jobs for El Diablo by the telephone, most probably, Salvatore knew that fact and wanted to destroy him. Not only by this, because as Maria says, negotiations between Cartel and Mafia resulted as , destroying him. Because, Catalina is fearing from Claude for revenge.


Because of this fair, she does some other things to kill us in Gta 3. For example, last mission of the Yardie's, we are going to pick up a car, but after, we are hearing Maria's voice from the cars radio that telling " Have you witnessed the power of the spank? " after, madmans with tons of bombs are coming to kill us. One of the missions of the Asuka, called "Bait" , Asuka informs us that Catalina settled some squads to kill us.



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My memory might be a bit out of shape, but, in that last mission for the Yardies, isn't that Catalina as well, not Maria?

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Claude Speed.
My memory might be a bit out of shape, but, in that last mission for the Yardies, isn't that Catalina as well, not Maria?


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You know I think it's likely that Sal tried to kill Claude. Really think about it


Claude was working for the Diablos as a previous poster said and the Mafia HATES the Diablos, not only that but it's not as if Claudes that trustworthy of a person. Hell he sold out the Yakuza for Donald Love, and then once Maria told him that her and Claude were having an affair why would he TRUST Claude? He's already parinod and was ripped off by a highly capabile killer in GTA SA, and now this man comes into his home, sleeps with his hoe and works for the emeny? Then Sal wanted to get in on Spank and have peace with the Cartel. The best way would be to kill Claude. If I was Sal, I would of gotten rid of him too...though a gun to the end would of been more effective....

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Proud Fool

Hasen't anyone suspected 8 Ball (RIP), he was the expert in the explosive field afterall.

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Claude Speed.

8 Ball most likely supplied the bomb but I think it was someone else who placed it as a trap.

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My interpretation, and the breakdown:


1) The events of Bomb Da Base occur. Sal is pleased with Claude, wants to make him.


2) Either during or immediately after Bomb Da Base, Maria tells Sal that she and Claude are an item. Sal is furious.


3) Sal realizes that destroying the SPANK factory would bring about open war with the Cartel, something he can't afford since the Triad and Forelli wars have weakened the family.


4) Sal decides to kill two birds with one stone: get rid of Maria's lover and avoid war with the Cartel. He goes to Catalina or another Cartel rep and agrees to kill the guy responsible for the destruction of the SPANK factory in exchange for peace between the factions.


5) Sal commissions 8-Ball to supply the bomb to kill Claude (whether 8-Ball knows he's doing this to kill Claude is not immediately known), then lure him to his death with Last Requests.

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Zedo Mann

It makes sense...more sense than the original story idea now that I think about it in depth.

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  • 2 months later...

I have always thought that the Mission where you drive the boys (Toni, Joey and Luigi) to Salvatore's Manor was the turning point to how they thought of Claude. They no longer saw him being the Mafia's god send they saw him as a genuine threat. More to the point just look at the missions that Salvatore set Claude he could of so easily of been killed in all of them.


In "Chaperone" the Police Raid has been alerted by Salvatore I'm sure of it


In "Cutting the Grass" Again Claude could of really been killed easily


In "Bomb Da Base" A very easy way to get killed.


And Finally "Last Requests" Salvatore was officially not only pissed but worried that he wasn't dead, so the bomb in a car is the sneakiest.


After Claude had escaped that due to Maria there was no other choice other than to kill him and be done with it, that is the story.

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  • 7 months later...

Sorry for bumping this, but this topic got some real nice theories and I want to save it for later.

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Arsen Vitiuk

Since it's bumped, I'm staying on-topic.


There IS a possibility for this to happen. Maria was only used as a detonator to ignite the bomb named "Claude vs Salvatore". She is a dumb broad, as Salvatore stated, so she could have done it on her own will.


P.S. Off-topic. JustRob, in the future use the "Track this topic" function to be able to find it easily. There was no need in bumping it if that's what you did it for.

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I don't think Salvatore's missions were a way to get Claude killed. All but the last one were missions which had a real objective, I think Salvatore wanted Claude to succeed.

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  • 5 weeks later...
  • 4 months later...

Honestly guys, you need to read this:

Last Requests Script

If you read it, it makes some things clear.

1) Claude and Maria started a relantionship behind Salvatore's back. Maria had said to Sal: "we were an item".

2) That pissed off Salvatore and he figured out an plan

3) After Claude and 8-Ball had took out the boat, Salvatore made a deal with Colombians,but

It dosen't makes sense. One-hand Salvatore wanted to kill Claude and give him to the Colombians.

Anyway he sticked to the car killing.

4) IMPORTANT: 8-BALL PLANTED THE BOMB. Who was the "man you get a lot of bang for your buck?"

5) Salvatore wanted the Claude dead because he had a relationship with Maria. And Salvatore didn't need Claude anymore after the SPANK destruction. 50-50: to kill him or turn him up.


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This is best meaning- Sal had to do something or else would be dead. so he hired 8-balls to kill claude. what do you all think that, in mission chapereno or whatever, did cops already knew that there was a spank party? no, the columbians had informed cops so that their spank business doesn't go down. how will their spank business would go down? they needed the trust of the cops so that their business doesn't get raided. to the point, sal found out that, curly was a rat and sent claude to investigate, when columbians talked with sal. How did they talked with sal? If you hadn't completed all the missions of toni, you can't do sal's mission while they are making a deal while maria heard it. so toni helped (1). afted listening to the deal, maria quickly gone to asuka, meanwhile, you and 8-balls go to the spanked ship, here already the columbians moved all the spank to stountan so they don't care if the ship is destroyed. here catalina and miguel didn't know that claude was alive. how? because the executives had setted everything. why did columbins still were in ship? it was a plan to kill you. and the money which you spent on rifle goes to joey, see carefully. so joey makes the cheetah car and it means he also helped (2). now to the last mission of sal. here sal gets worried that claude is still alive, so he calls and tell 8-balls what had happend, now 8-balls was loyal with sal so held him to kill claude (3). how? he made a bomb in the car. now afterwards, he called luigi (4) that to keep that cheetah near your club so that if the car doesn't explodes it means that something is wrong. now you claude attends the mission and follow the orders. now sal gets relief and goes to bed with maria, when he finds her missing.Otherside you go to red light distict to crush that vehicle in the crusher, when you get a message from maria that its a trap. now its your wish, if you want explode it with guns or not still sal knows that maria is missing so makes himself gaurded as you can see in asuka's first mission. now you go to maria and see new faces and jump into a boat and your another adventure starts. see yourself that 4 mafias helped you to kill so why do you think that mafias didn't betrayed you. they have given a hand to columbians and the have 100% cheated on you.

Edited by john12
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  • 2 months later...

Firstly I believe it was Sal, who wanted to kill Claude. But I´ll return to this a bit later.


It just makes me laugh when I watch how the two betrayal missions (Last Requests and Kingdom Come) are given.


Salvatore L.: Firstly looking after his girl Maria, secondly killing Curly Bob, then sinking the container ship and then all of a suddenly the last mission, where it is said that you have to take a car to the crusher (A man who is one of the two, who sinks a big ship, while killing many Columbians and then after that he is being sent on a last mission to drive a car to the crusher, lol?). "I´ve got just one little job for you before we can all celebrate" - THEIR celebration if Claude would´ve got killed by the bomb.


King Courtney: Firstly a race, then killing 10 rival gang members (who will be hostile to Claude afterwards) and thirdly gathering some gang cars, that was a pointless time-consuming mission. God sakes, it seems that the Yardies and their posse have listened too much Scientist. Finally their last (betrayal) mission. A three-sentence long intro from the boss to introduce the mission, just doesn´t mean anything good. Why oh why wasn´t there a mission to kill King "Coward" Courtney? For such a betrayal it would´ve been logical wink.gif


I would not make things more complicated by the Last Requests. Years and years ago, in real life, when killing rate was quite high, it was typical that a "client" paid a hitman, to cap someone. When the act was done, the same "client" paid some other hitman, to cap the hitman, he had paid for the first time, etc etc...

For me it was most likely that Sal didn´t need Claude any more and maybe Maria and the "topic going on" provoked him more to do it. I wouldn´t blame 8-Ball, because it would be quite easy for Sal to ask 8-Ball to plant a bomb on to the Cheetah to "eliminate an enemy, who needs to be taken care of once and for all" - this is the part for the guys, who want to make the topic more complicated - where did the Cheetah come from? You could not go to Staunton Island before this mission. Maybe from the guy, who drove a Cheetah in the mission Chaperone?

Edited by Kalev4ever
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  • 3 years later...

I'm bumping this topic because it's always intrigued me.


I've been doing another 100% run of GTA3 lately, and every time I get close to finishing the Portland missions, I always weigh the competing theories here against each other for fun, and I can see merit in each of them. According to the game's plot, somewhere between "Chaperone" and "Last Requests" Maria tells Salvatore that her and Claude are an item, maybe to make him jealous or to play some petty game, as she's portrayed as being kind of a ditz. Salvatore, paranoid enough already (which goes back to events that took place in San Andreas), becomes furious enough to want to have Claude killed...but not Maria, strangely enough? She doesn't mention anything in "Last Requests" when they meet at Callahan Point about how she is in any danger, only that she's desperate to escape the violence she's seen while staying with Salvatore. So, that's one thing that bugs me about accepting the implicit canon of the game.


But on this particular playthrough, one thing stuck out to me...at that meeting at Callahan Point, Maria says "you're a marked man on Mafia turf"...before completing "Sayonara Salvatore", have a drive through Saint Mark's. You'll see that it's as pleasant as a Sunday drive through the countryside. No shots ringing out, no angry mobsters running to waste you...nothing. For all intents and purposes, it's the same as it ever was before you were told the Don was gunning for you. Isn't there something wrong with this picture? If Salvatore truly sold you out to the Cartel, and then tried to get you killed when that plan failed, why would he just allow you to stroll back into Mafia territory like everything's great? And with Maria as well...he's not angry that his girl of the past eight years (going by San Andreas) has run off with the very person he tried to sell out? No...none of this adds up.


Riffraff's explanation is good, but it requires some tweaking with this in mind. So instead, how about this: The Don sees so much potential in Claude (as seen in the cutscene for "Salvatore's Called A Meeting"), and the fact that he's such an effective henchman for him over the course of the following missions means he feels he's an invaluable asset to the Leones, what with the war with the Triads and the coming war with the Cartel. Because of this, he sends Claude and 8-Ball to take out the Colombian's SPANK boat, fully confident they can get the job done. They do, he's immensely proud, and all he needs is one little job done before they celebrate. In this theory, the story he gives Claude is totally legit, and Salvatore just needs him to tie up a loose end before they can move on and take back the influence they've lost in Liberty City. As far as Salvatore is concerned, he's happy and the future is bright.


Now, Maria is obviously unhappy with her relationship with Salvatore. Somehow she knows Asuka, a high-ranking Yakuza member, sister to the Waka-Gashira himself. Asuka would like your services for their war with the Cartel and the Yardies, as well as to increase their influence in the city of course; Maria recommends you to her because you are very good at blindly obeying orders, which is why she's taken to referring to you as "Fido". Meanwhile Maria would like a reason to escape her life with the Leone mob boss she's so tired of. So, they decide to make their move by tricking you into believing you were double-crossed, by making up a story about Salvatore selling you out. They place a bomb on the car they know you're being sent to as an insurance policy in case you don't believe them, in which case you'd die and they'd still go on to Staunton regardless. You buy their story, they take you to Staunton, where they then have you kill Salvatore, just in case the truth ever comes out, rendering you unable to go back. This is obvious in my opinion, because as I said, before you kill Salvatore there has apparently been no kill-on-sight order for you given to their street-level mobsters...which is quite strange, given Salvatore's notorious paranoia and assumed jealousy due to Maria. I don't think Maria even actually told Salvatore that you two were an item, since she knew that would place you in danger due to Salvatore's paranoia, thus jeopardizing her arrangement with Asuka...this is even more clear to me, given once she tells Claude about it she quickly tells him she doesn't have a reason for doing it and immediately changes the subject to their apparent need for escape. Smells like bullsh*t to me. If that's still not enough, consider that despite her saying that she's seen "too much killing, too much blood" in this same scene, Maria gladly assists Asuka in torturing Miguel during the "S.A.M." cutscene...making it seem as if she is not quite as averse to gore and violence as she made it sound.


Finally, Asuka is killed by the Colombians near the end of the game. Maria is rescued from the clutches of Catalina and the game ends....with Maria being a ditz again. Uh, why? Isn't she broken up that her close friend has been murdered? Doesn't seem like it...seems as if Maria is just as much of a heartless sociopath as anyone else in the game, she just hides it better. Maybe this can be used to support a theory about the ambiguous shotgun blast at the end...but that's a completely different kettle of fish.


So basically I'm convinced that story-wise, the alternate theory that everything was cooked up by Asuka and Maria to turn you away from the mob and that you were played like a fiddle makes a lot more sense than what the story seems to provide. Am I thinking about this too much, as GTA3 is almost a decade and a half old? I don't think so, it's fun for me, and I've always been a total nerd for this game. Hopefully some of you find it interesting as well. :^:


I've made a few edits to this by now, to make some things clearer, and also added a few points. :)

Edited by Bartleby
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Salvatore could use his hired goon to take care of Triads, Cartel and Yakuza. Joey and Toni were glad to have a Claude on their side. Toni later tell Salvatore, there is new playa in the city, who take care of Triads and Forellis. Claude could recover Leone influence in Liberty City. Maria was pissed of Salvatore in LCS, but when Toni said that he don't have large account, she return to Sal.


Last Requests:

- Sal give a job, that car is full of blood and messy, so he tasks Claude to destroy Cheetah before cops find it out.

- When we are close to car, Maria send a meesage to visit her at Callahan Point. How she know that car is rigged? In my opinion, she rigged a car, being a tired with Salvatore, she also worried that Sal will find her and kill/torture her. She quickly make a story, that Sal make a deal with Cartel(seriously, Salvatore want a total control of Liberty City by himself) and Claude is marked men in Saint Mark's.

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  • 4 years later...
Anywhere USA

Looks like I’m gonna continue the old tradition of bumping this by throwing my two cents into the ring with an interesting point.


Karma, payback, getting what you deserve, however you phrase it, it shows up in these games aloft.


If RiffRaffs theory is correct, Asuka effectively tricked Claude into thinking the Mafia had betrayed him, so he would betray them in order to further their goals.(increased power)


Just like how Claude effectively tricked Asuka into thinking the cartel had killed her brother, so she would go after them in order to further his goals(killing Catalina)


Itts poetic really. Neither one knows the other played them like a fiddle.

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  • 11 months later...

Sorry for the year-old bump, but I was browsing and reading and I really can't wrap my head around how some people keep sucking the Italian dick. Like Jesus f*cking Christ, you have so much proof to prove that Salvatore betrayed Claude and you still believe it was a lie? Are you kidding me?


Catalina was well aware that Claude survived the shot in the introduction, that's why they are hostile since the beginning. The Colombians and the Leones were dealing drugs with each other in 1998, of course the relationship was on/off, especially after Toni killed many Colombians to protect Donald Love. But they were familiar with each other. In "Chaperone", Salvatore was discussing with his fellas what to do with Claude, who is a dangerous killing machine. I don't really know if the Colombians were the ones to tip off the cops in that raid. It seems they would be fine with their drugs being spread more out. Or they might have indeed done that because the drugs were sold without them getting any cut into the matter. The party seems to be guarded by the Leones, it could be also the Forellis but I find that doubtful. Also mind, the Leones are heavily into drug trafficking as seen in Liberty City Stories. The Cartel is putting a lot of pressure on the Leones, they have grown in power after 2000, the Leones try to deal with them but the destruction of the ship does not help much. Maria tells Sal about the relationship she "has" with Claude, this pisses Sal off but then he comes up with a plan - fearing Claude, who is a total psychopath would betray him like most people he crossed ways with, he figured it could be wise to cover his ass by giving Claude to Catalina and the Cartel. They seal a treaty, Salvatore denied any involvement in the destruction of the SPANK ship, saying it was an attack by Claude on his own, so he offers Claude who works for them as a gift in order to end the gang war. The Cartel plants a bomb in the car (maybe with 8-Ball's help, maybe not), but the plan fails as Maria overheard Sal, she decided it's high-time to escape with her old friend. Asuka figured it would be wise to use Claude against the Leones and other rivals. First things first, Salvatore had to go. He was out of control and too dangerous to keep him alive, his wife ran off, the plan to kill Claude failed, he would cause too much trouble if he was left alive. The Leones had to be pushed away and weakened so they don't bother too much. Mind that the Leones were a decrepit pile of sh*t of a gang. The once powerful Toni was now a laughing stock who runs away from 2 Triads with a baseball bat. Salvatore is a paranoid wreck, his son is a mechanic and not a real criminal (or at least that's what he wants people to think), Luigi is just a pimp. The Leones can't afford a gang war against the Colombians, they are struggling with the war with the Triads and without Claude's assistance they probably wouldn't have won jacksh*t. They became a husk of what they were back in the day. Not only did they use Claude for their dirty work but they also later sold him out with cold blood. The reason why they weren't shooting at Claude before Sayonara Salvatore is probably because Salvatore barely acknowledged that Claude survived the car bomb, he thought he is dead. Or it's just a simple coding oversight, canonically you are expected to probably try Sayonara Salvatore just a few minutes after Last Requests happened.


Also a bit off-topic, the reason why Catalina calls Claude out that she is surprised he is alive in Grand Theft Aero is because canonically you are likely expected to complete Kingdom Come before that mission. Or, alternatively, she might believe that Claude died in the trap the Colombians sat up with the Leones, but that isn't very likely, word probably spread out that Sal got killed.

Edited by Jeansowaty
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I don't mean to sh*tpost, but all I wanted to say is that this is the most impressive necro I've ever seen. A 15 year old thread. Even if the last post was from a year ago. Thanks dude, you made my day.

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1 minute ago, IzzyBlues said:

I don't mean to sh*tpost, but all I wanted to say is that this is the most impressive necro I've ever seen. A 15 year old thread. Even if the last post was from a year ago. Thanks dude, you made my day.

I'm glad I did lmao

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