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GOA Arbusto

ROSA: Republik/Revolucion

Recommended Posts


whooo mp5 awsoeme. so m17 as i edited my post above you can releease my escape be cause nothing really happens in that story.

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Arms Race. Here's the only other entry...


Looks like it's between me and Mxy.

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hahah You owned his ass

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nice video m17 but what time did mixie do i dont remenber.

loved the music.

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Episode II: The Secret Weapon


baptiste is released in this vid...he can do what he likes or follow the storyline I've started.

i registered to tga but when i click on youre link it says i have to log in and when i do thevideo gone.

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Your episode 2 was cool MI7, good work using real members instead of made up people.


But, your arms race video came too late, and would be disqualified for leaving the paved roads (see 5:00).


So the Resistance each now have MP5s for their arsenals!! Here's what Mxyz did after the race: short putfile vid

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start So Jamie is now dead. Carl, his brother is also dead, Trevor, poor innocent Trevor was shot in the head and the Triple F have dispersed. All that remains is me. I am the only only one left to carry on the fight against ROSA. Me?! I am not a freedom fighter, I use my brains rather than my braun. I have never fired a gun in my life. Maybe, just maybe there is another group similar to The Triple F around El Quebrados or Bone County....


I wasn't going to wait around, I hopped into my car and started the engine, I'll start with El Quebrados and move towards Los Payasdas. I put my foot down and drove to around El Quebrados.....



After 40 minutes of searching almost all of Bone County I came to the conclusion there was not another Triple F around here. I guess the vendetta against Arbusto is not as strong up here is it is San Fierro. I decided to turn back and call it a night but then suddenly it hit me! Why would a secret organisation against ROSA be in a populated place? If there is a group like the Triple F around here they are bound to be somewhere more....secretive. I decided to take some back roads around the desert. As I drove around I noticed Area 69 to my left. It gave me a shudder as I remembered this is the famous area where Arbusto is hiding for 90% of his time. I turned back and tried not to think of Arbusto and his hideous crimes. Suddenly up ahead of me I noticed a small shack in front of me. Could this be the HQ of my new organisation I was going to be joining. I put my foot down slightly and sped up so that I reached the shack sooner then I got there and I put the brake down....



Once inside the shack it was empty and incredibly cluttered with a load of old crap. Including a radio transceiver, Headset, one of those old machines you input Morse Code on and even a small tape player. Although the most intriguing of all was the poster on the wall. It was a map of San Andreas. There were three points on the map pinpointed. One was in Los Santos, another in South San Fierro and the other was where I was at the moment?! Then I thought back to before GOA Arbusto took the reign of San Andreas. Back when his father was in charge of San Andreas. He used these Radio Shacks back when he thought Iran was a threat to America (which San Andreas was a part of at the time) These were used to relay messages to and from the cities of Fierro, Santos and Venturas which were then sent across to all of the radios in San Andreas to warn people of possible threats to National Security. That's when it hit me....


Radio Resistance! I could use this shack to create a Radio Station which would at first be put out to Las Venturas and Bone County and with time I can spread it to San Fierro, Whetland, Red County and Los Santos. I could spread the message of the Resistance to San Andreas homes and persuade them to join the fight against the Republic!!!


I took some spare tapes from the box on a shelf and the tape player and shoved them into a bag then got back into my car. I will spend my night creating Resistance Propaganda. Once again I was filled with hope for the freedom of San Andreas!


*I would have saved Baptiste but it didn't fit my character*


*Foolish ROSA, it seems that The Resistance has won another battle in gaining the shipment of Guns. Use them Rebels, use them to fight the war against the ROSA Dogs!!!*


*Per Le Personne!*

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startAfter a sleepless night making ounces and ounces of tapes I have finally finished and am ready to set up "Radio Resistance"!


I got into my car and drove on down to the small shack. The shack is out of view from the road so I don't have to fear curious people sticking their noses in and ruining my broadcasts. Once inside I put 5 tapes into the sound deck and pressed play. The first tape loaded up and started playing. I could now hear my first message being said. I also stuck a couple of songs on the tapes as well to spice it up.


I left the shack and put a padlock on the door just in case someone was to find this shack accidently. I got back in my car and turned the radio on. I used the tuner to search for my station......


Got It! 104.2! I drove back home, slowly my Propaganda masterpiece was coming together....



*Rebels, Switch onto 104.2FM to get the latest Rebel news and messages*

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Cool video MI7, I knew our brothers in Bone County would never roll over for Republikan dogs! Please don't compress so much for the next one.



Mxyzptlk tunes to 104.2, and catches Rage against the machine "Freedom"

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soory pepes i have not have the chance to post some stories. il get one up asap. k

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Awesome work on Episode II MI7, I liked that you knew I was missing. I have yet to watch Ep. III, and am tying up my MIA status as we speak.


EDIT: Just watched Ep. III. Awesome! I love that move you pulled at 5:20.


New to the Business Pt. III


When I came too, again, I was looking at a concrete ceiling above, not more than eight feet high. It was dimly lit. I looked around and saw I was in a cell block.




Just as I thought, they had found me without credentials and put me in prison. I tried to lean up, but my stomach was instantly shot with pain. I groaned and slumped back onto my hard cot. A voice came from the cell block over.


"Hey man, you awake? How'd they get you?" a quick, whispered voice asked.

"I'm fine, thanks, and I work for ROSA." I said. I heard the voice on the other side snort.

"Yeah right man. You wearin' the uniform, but you ain't got no credentials. The guards were talking abad it." the voice said. "You's been in here fo' abad an 'owah."

"Where are we?"

"In a cell block you idiot! Whaddya think this is, a circus? I suppose all the animals are caged in that hallway." I imaged him pointing to the corridor beyond my cell bars.

"No you idiot, where are we in relation to location?"

"Heh, that rhymes. You're a smart spy, mate. Anyway, at foist I didn't know where I was, but then yous came in, and them guards says that he -- you -- was found a few blocks away, so I's guessing we's still in San Fierro."


He had a thick Liberty City accent.


"We need to get out of here." I said.

"No sh*t? Damn, maybe you ain't such a smart spy." he said.

"I"M NOT A SPY!" I said firmly. A third voice broke in.

"Hey! Shut up, revolutionist pig!" A guard was sitting at the end of the corridor. For a while it stayed silent, and I thought about things: Mix, what would happen to me, and how to avoid it. Finally, I got an idea.


"Hey, buddy," I whispered over to the revolutionist.

"Call me everen, eh?" He said.

"Everen, you any good at stealing?" I asked.

"Am I!" He exclaimed. I shushed him.

"Any good with pickpocketing?"

"Yeah, yeah. Hung out with some scoundrels before joining the Revolution." He said.

"Great, I don't need to hear your life story, but I got an idea. Just follow my lead." I said. He stayed silent.


Against my stomach's will, I hoisted myself to my knees, then onto the ground. I crawled along the ground, then stuck my hand out of the prison bars nearest to the other cell.


"Help, I need water." I said weakly. This is stupid. That guard isn't gonna buy this. I though.

"Shut up! You get water when the meal comes!" he said loudly.

"My stomach...is infected. I need help, please!" I wiggled my hand.

I heard the guard get up and walk over, his fat shoes clacking on the hard concrete. A shadow dawned over me, and I clutched the dressings on my stomach.

"I'm bleeding, the infection is making me bleed more. Help!" I gazed up a him. He was short and fat with a red face and orange moustache. He wrinkled his forehead.


"Well, I suppose, but...hey!" He shouted and turned around, but it was too late. Everen had taken the keys, opened his door, and slammed it into the guard. He toppled over, out cold. He picked me up, and I stood, facing him, and smiley weakly. The pain was throbbing lightly.


"Thanks pal. Let's lock the guard up, eh?" I said. He laughed and pushed the guard in my now unopened cell. As soon as everen was in, I shut the door. He stopped snickering and smiling and looked at me.


"I told you. I'm not a spy. I'm ROSA." I said. He looked at me hopelessly, then started saying in a lonely, begging voice, Hey now, come on mate, I wouldn't do that to you..." I didn't let him continue. I hobbled up to the steps of the exit, then opened it. Outside the door was a white room with several desks around hap-hazardly. Several officers with papers were working on them. They all turned and looked at me. I need to learn to lie better.


"The guard, he had a heart attack! He let me go to warn you!"


They stared for a moment more, then they all raced to aid the downed officer. Maybe I don't need to learn to lie better.


As the last one passed, I reached around and took his Colt .45 from its holster, then kicked him down the stairs into a pile of bewildered officers. I closed the door and locked it, then moved on.


Cautiously, I moved through an open doorway, into a nicely lit hallway, with oak doors on eith side, and blue carpet. Nice as it was, I had to find a way out. I looked behind me and saw an opening to a larger room, with a door to the outside. More officers were inside, but not facing me. I chose not to head through there. I needed the car park.


I went the opposite way and found a gray metal door that said "Stairs." I opened the door and moved into the sublevels of the compound. I hit the bottom and, slowly, opened the door. Only two cops were in sight, talking around the hood of a police cruiser. I hobbled as fast as possible to the nearest car, and bashed in the window, the cops turned and started running torwards me, shouting "Police! Freeze!"


I brought up my pistol, which they were unaware of. They fumbled for their guns, and I panicked and shot.


Being a mechanic, I'm not much of a shooter, and though I wasn't shooting to kill, it's still hard to hit those moving targets. I fired off my entire clip and managed to hit one in the upper leg and the other in the shoulder. They fell, grabbing their wounds and moaning. I jumped in the car and began to hotwire it. It was only then I noticed it was a yellow Sunrise. Once again, since I was a mechanic, I quickly found the correct wires and hit the ignition.


I began to pull out, then zoomed past amazed cops and busted open the front gate. I had defeated one station, but could I evade the entire force of ROSA?

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start24 hours and Radio Resistance is still going strong on 102.4FM. I decided that I would go back to the shack today and stick a couple more tapes I made in an hour into the deck to put a bit more variety on the Station. However when I reached the shack all was not well....


Upon arriving at the shack I noticed a Police Landstalker outside the shack. My stomach felt ill as I was worried that ROSA had come across my station just a day after I set it up. I looked in the glove compartment for a weapon of some kind in case the worse was to happen, unfortunately the only thing I could find was a cheap old torch which has broken a long time ago but I just didn't have the money to replace it. I stuck the torch into my trousers and got out my car and walked to the shack cautiously. Then suddenly I caught sight of the Policeman studying the Padlock on the door (Thank God I put that there) He immediately noticed me and started walking towards me trying to look tough.


Officer: What the hell do you think you're doing here? This is Private Property.


Pandazoot: Oh yeah? Who does this property belong to?


Officer: Umm, it....it belongs to GOA Arbusto, God Bless Him!


Pandazoot: Oh really and so if you're working under Arbusto I'm sure you can tell me what's inside the shack?


Officer: Umm, inside....inside there is a.....ummm...Hey Wait a Minute! Why should I tell you what's inside?! You're nothing but a peasant. A peasant who's mouth is too big and could land him in trouble!


I noticed the police officer take a grip of his nitestick, I could feel a thin layer of sweat begin to form on my head as I knew what was going to happen next. He was going to hit....


My thoughts were completely wiped as I was struck by the Officer with the nitestick.


Officer: Not so tough are you now eh? You must be one of those rebel types. The ones "Who are going to bring down Arbusto" You know what? I spit on your type and I'm glad that we got those little Rebel punks down in San Fierro the other day!


That was it! That's what set my mind straight, as soon as he mentioned Carl and the Triple F it got my blood pumping through my veins. I felt a rage inside me which I had never experience before in my life. I pulled the torch out slowly as the officer continued to mock me and the rest of the Resistance. Suddenly I snapped!!!!


I leaped up and threw a hard left hander straight into the stomach of the Officer. He sure as hell felt the full force of the hit as he spat out his disgusting ROSA saliva. He bent over because of the hit and I gave him an uppercut directly into his face. The officer's head went back up and he stumbled backwards then forwards again towards me. It was then that I slammed the torch onto the Officer's head. The Cheap plastic cracked over the force of the hit and torch was now in pieces. The Officer fell back and hit the ground with a sickening thud.....


My rage ended and for the first time I noticed what I had done. I checked his pulse...he was gone. I felt my heart drop and I felt sick again. I panicked, I didn't know what to do! I looked at my car and surveyed the size of the trunk....It was big enough for him...



In my car I took a couple of deep breaths. I needed a place suitable enough to bury this police officer I had in the back of my car. It took my 5 minutes of thought before I remembered the small ghost town I past as I was looking for a group of rebels the other day. It was near that huge dam that is a main tourist attraction. I started the engine and headed down to the Ghost town....


Once there it was starting to get dark. I would need to work hard to get this job out of the way. Something about this Ghost town was scaring me...I heaved the body out of the trunk and dropped him onto the floor. I searched around the empty shacks for something I could dig with...Ah Ha! A spade, just the thing I could do with. I started to dig a hole.....


20 minutes later the hole was about 5 or 6 feet deep and enough to bury a body without too much of a worry about anybody finding it. I kicked the body into my new grave and filled the hole back up....


It was done. thank god for that....Hold on a minute! Something caught my eye, it was sticking out of a shack. It looked like some kind of aerial. I walked to the shack and opened the door. Inside I found what looked to be an old Radio Deck! Unbelieveable, I now needed to set this deck to receive the reception from the Shack in North Bone County.........

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Great stories Oddsock and Panda.... looks like Socky got on the bad side of the police... shooting fellow officers... tsk tsk.


I got a new story, it includes Baptiste, Everen, MI7, SatanOnFire and myself; enjoy smile.gif


Rebels United TGA link

Megaupload link

Edited by Mxyzptlk

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GOA Arbusto


-From The Desk Of Arbusto-
Incompetent Buffoons! Why must my police force be so pathetically lethargic?! Because of your insolence, San Fierro is in chaos, the people are rioting! Unless my ROSA Police Corps get's it's act together soon; I will have to make examples of some of you. You've been warned... do not fail me, or the People of the Republik!
-Long Live The Republik!-


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Short story (again...):


Everen saw Mix leave again, still having troubles with his name.

"Was it missy... or wait, Mixy's pathe? Ah heck, i'll keep it with Mix."


It was silent for a while, before Everen started talking random pointless things again.

"That damn ROSA spy... Locked me up after a bit of laughing... He didn't even tell a name..."

SatanOnFire didn't know what to do with someone like Ev.

Edited by everen

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Actually Everen, Baptiste was on his way to Bayside marina when his car was blown up and the body never found.... no one knows where he is now.


Welcome back to the Resistance!

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*Edited again, just like a previous story* ph34r.gif

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heeheheh no one knowns where i am. let me tell you how it happened.


so i was driving away on my banshee while my pursuiers were having a tought time keeping up with me throught all the buildings. i was driving trying to find an escape route. and then i found it. i accelerated and the cops got me out of their sight. i took a pole that i had found in the car and put it down on the accelerator. the banshee sped towards the gant bridge. the heli was back on my tail. i reached the bridge and jumped into the water. no one saw me. the damn cops followed the banshe and blew it up thinking it killed me. i hid for a day and an night under the gang bridge. i finnaly swam back to the pier during the next night. i arrived and stole a couple of pizzas from a closed pizza shop. i ate them and i deciced to find some dry clothe. i wandered in the streets when ifound an open binco. but i had no money. i neede money fast.


right at that time a black admiral stooped at the red light and it was a rich bussinessman. he had a car and was probably full of money. i faked triping in front of the car so he could not move. he honked and finnaly came out of the car. he helped me up and as he did that i slammed my metal bar i had found on th street on his head. no one was around so i took his clothe his money and his car. i droveaway peacefully. no one saw me . i was clean. but now i needed a new house.......


there it is more coming soon.

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RPG biography of Drizz or how it all started before he arrived in ROSA:


Drizzy is a Jamaican boy with a slim physique, he never knew his parents, as he was left alone in the streets of Kingston since he turned 2. Elevated by the big momma of the most notorious criminal family in Jamaica, he got involved in gang problems since he was 10 and began hardcore gangbangin' and selling drugs along with his "brothers" near 13.

Though all the street troubles, he always loved his big momma and his "family".

Before Drizzy turned 18, Mom decided it's time for him and his bro's to move in a bigger business and at his birthday they all banged a bank. But the thing turned bad, because another criminal family planned a robbery this day and the whole thing ended by a rumble between 2 gangs, and everyone died, except him.

After 4 years in jail, he got out and decided to throw a nice busyness in San Andreas, because in Jamaica, people never stopped talking about how San Andreas is great and how you can do big cash in San Fierro, but certainly noone ever been there. So he came to see Big Momma and she approved his decision, because streets of Kingston would lead him nowhere. She gave him 10000$ for his upcoming busyness, plane ticket and everything he'll need to live, kissed him and let him go.



In San Andreas...


Drizzy arrived in San Fierro w/o any trouble, bought a small house in Hashbury and began making his drug busyness.

He saw the war between Republik and Resistance, but it never touched him, so he was dealing his sh*t in peace, making loads of cash, until one of his deals turned very bad.


It was a foggy and rainy day when he got a call for a really big trade, that would give him sooo much f*ckin' money.

He hopped in his black BMW and rolled to Pier 69, - where the deal should take place. He waited for about 30 minutes, but noone was coming...


Drizzy walked to the Sprunk machine, to buy himself something to drink.


When he was aboutta press the "sprunk" button, he felt something hitting his shoulder with force. It was something hard, and painful. He screamed and fell on the ground.

The last thing he saw, before loosing conscience, was the Pier 69 full of cops and a fat officer with a huge nightstick, spitting on his face.




Drizz lost ALL he had, even his apartment in Hashbury. He was thrown in jail for 3 years, and when he exited, he was a lost man with nothing left. Nothing but memories. He clearly remembered the cops surrounding him, hitting him and spitting on him.


He now hated the law with a passion! And decided to join the Revolution, thinking he'd find his revenge! devil.gif




sorry im really a noob and I dont know a sh*t in this, so if i wrote something wrong, correct me tounge.gif I wanna join the ROSA story smile.gif - Dri'z Up.

Edited by Drizz

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Hi Drizz! I hope you stick around, but Arbusto may not allow more rebels to join.... there are only 2 active cops right now, the rest are lazy or busy.


I'm sure he'll want more people to join as cops and might not allow rebels at all; so I'll get a decision from him tomorrow; and if you are in he'll pick a place for you to start... smile.gif

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Thnks for welcome, Mxy smile.gif


If I can't join as rebel, bah 2bad... Hopefully I have another story stashed in my blocknote, cuz at first I thought about joining as a cop, wrote a story, then thought about it and decided to join as a rebel... So I can go both tounge.gif - Dri'z Up.

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Time to save Fierro..


And welcome Drizz.



I looked around desperatly. I was tied with my arms and legs to the chair. I tested the rope and it wasn’t the best but I couldn’t get it up without something sharp. I sweeped the area with my eye again. There were a few sharp things in the room. I started jumping with the chair. It went slow but soon I got the hang of it and I came closer to a broken pipe. When I got there I started cut of the rope on my hands. After a while it was gone and I tied up my legs and got up.


My legs were sore and tired but I had to get away from here. But first I needed a weapon. I saw a hammer looking thing and I struck off the sharp part of the pipe. I looked around again and I found a pice of wood, I “hammered” the pipe part into the piece of wood and I had myself a knife. Suddenly I heard noises outside. I didn’t have much confident in my stone age knife but I didn’t have much of a choice. I sneaked next to the door and awaited the person.


He opened the door and I struck as fast as I could. It was the man who had taken me away the first time. I hit his throught and he fell down, dead. My “blade” had gotten stuck in his throught and it was pretty useless now. He had an ak-47 which I picked up. Then I went out.

I put my hand for my eyes as the sunlight was very bright compared to the dark room. As I regain my sight I noticed that it wasn’t the sun, but a flamethrower!


I took aim with my ak and fired a shot. It hit the man who had the flamethrower in the shoulder. He fell down and dropped his weapon. “Riots?” I thought to myself “what’s happening?” I wasn’t very familiar with San Fierro but I knew that I was there. I searched in my mind to the closest ROSA place. The Ministry of Defense was the place I came up with.


I started running down the street. Cars blew up next to me. I stopped and looked around, searching for the biggest threat. Then it felt like evrything was going in slow motion. A RPG was fired on a roof top. I ran to the side and jumped behind some bushes. I scratched my arn as a big explosion came next to me. I wasn’t very much affected by the explosion so I took up my ak and fired like crazy to the roof top. When my clip was out the body and the RPG fell down the roof.


I was close to the Ministry of Defense. ROSA cops were defending the building bravely but they were loosing. But then I came from the back of the revolutionaries. I hit the first in the head, a few others turned around, one in the arm, another in the head, one in the leg. Soon they were all dead. I went over to te entrance. A man bursted out;


“Colonel! And we that thought you were dead..” with a smile.


“Yeah, but I think I will stay in Fierro for a while” I replied.


The let me and and I changed clothes and got something to eat. The riots in the north of San Fierro was stopping.


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Great story FsX! Good to see more member cops contributing again... otherwise us rebels have no ones' asses to kick!

So, should we say the riots are quelched north of Windy Windy road? Maybe the calm can resume slowly south, like a new border every two days....

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Your video kicked ass Mxy!?!? icon14.gificon14.gificon14.gificon14.gificon14.gificon14.gificon14.gif





I'l think about staying at the panopticon but im going to do some fun with Zip-Pizza after Im done with my 1.half exams ph34r.gif


Viva La Resistance!

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