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GOA Arbusto

ROSA: Republik/Revolucion

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Anyway guys, the reason it's so short is because I had little time on my hands so I just wrote a prologue to give a small introduction.

Your lucky it was exciting and had a plot.

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Since Oddsock's loser ass hasn't been on lately...


Aldea Malvada - Pt. V


"Well, I guess you were right about Aldea Malvada, being cursed and all, yeah? Did you see all those rebels?" brrad0 said, trying to get my to lift my head. We had been walking for hours after narrowly escaping a large group of rebel forces. When I had gotten lost, I pretty much slumped into a ball of terror. A few eternities later brrad0 came back and grabbed me. It took me a few tries to get up and running. My entire body had been paralyzed with fear. Eventually we managed to reach the edge of the literal ghost town and rock-climbed down the cliff face. With every movement I swore either I was going to fall or a rebel would shoot me, but we made it down and ran. Unfortunately, a small amount of desert checkpoints had slowed traffic, making the roads about as empty as Paris Hilton's work ethic. We had been traveling for...three hours. It was 0412, and the sky was just transitioning from a deep blue to light aqua. It was very pretty, but all I saw was the sand, really. brrad0 was helping me walk.


Yes, I was partially exhausted, but the real thing that had rendered me speechless, that made brrad0 look like a poor puppet master, and I the mannequin, was that Mxyzptlk was dead. brrad0 had told me as soon as we were crossing the bridge from Aldea Malvada, and I nearly fell into the water. My nemesis, my enemy, my worst desire, was gone. My anguish, frustration, sadness, fear, and reason was gone. I didn't really know it, but it seemed that my entire life almost revolved around the fantasy that one day I would have him at the throat. But finally it actually WAS over.


Still, something picked at my mind. I guess it was closure. I needed to see him dead, gone, laying in a pool of blood. Moreover, I wanted to see me kill him, not just hear about it from some average Joe agent like brrad0.

Finally, I said something.

"Hey, brrad0, don't you have a radio?" I asked lowly, turning to him. He looked at his side then turned to me sheepishly.

"Oh, yeah...I guess I kinda do." he grinned.

"You're a jerk. Get us outta here, will you?" I asked again, smiling a little. He got it was a joke, and a few minutes later we were airlifted.

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Thanks Bryce. Good story OdDSock. But I will continue on Aldea Mavada. This is the leading up to the "something". So keep activity here because something will happen.

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Yeah nice story Bryce. I believe Sock wrote it?



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Yeah nice story Bryce. I believe Sock wrote it?

Yes he did. But Bryce posted it because OddSock is too inactive.



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Yes, nice story indeed sock.


Joey and I should have a story for us for sure by this weeekend. icon14.gif

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Brrad0’s Death and Brrad’s revenge .



Brrad0 is talking to Bryce on the phone from his angel pine trailer.


Brrad0: Yea, you know I have a son. Named in Brrad instead of Brrad0 jnr .

Bryce: Yea?

Brrad0: Yea, he’s training to be an ROSA cop. He’s 16. He lives in Los Santos with my wife. I thankfully my mission is over. I’m going to see him.

Bryce: Hey, that’s good. So you will be fit when you come back.

Brrad0: Yes I will be.

Bryce: Good, talk to later.

Brrad0: Ok

Put phone down.


Brrad0 gets his suitcase and gets a Admarial and drives to Los Santos.




Los Santos- Santa Maria Beach.


Brrad: Hey honey, you doing tonight…-

Girl: Hmmm I will be doing something tonight now…

Brrad: Yea…

Girl: Yea…

They about to kiss when.

Brrad0: SON!

Brrad pushes the chick back. She storms off while Brrad and Brrad0 are reunited.

Brrad: Dad?

Brrad0: How ya doin son?

Brrad: Im great. Good to see your still alive.

Brrad0: Yea, how’s training coming along?

Brrad: Good I will soon be able to go into the ROSA fitness test and hopefully be a cop just like you. Hey, do you wanna go to the Ten Green Bottles?

Brrad0: Aren’t you young to be drinking?

Brrad: Well, I’m a cop in training. I have rights.

Brrad0: Suppose only a small one though. I don’t want you banging a whore you don’t know.

Brrad: Yea whaever.


They both get into the Admiral and it is about 19:12.


Brrad0: Got your ROSA pass. The training one?

Brrad: Yea.

Brrad0: Lets get drunk. Just don’t tell your mother.


They drink. But they lay of a bit. They have 3 bottles of beer each. Its now 21:41.

As they come out the bar. A car comes around the corner. There’s 3 people in the car. They park in the car park. They slowly come out the car. There in black suits. With sunglasses. They open the boot.


Brrad0: Brrad hide.

Brrad: What is it?

Brrad0: Just do it! There rebels. (Brrad0 hissed)


Brrad goes away but looks on the action. While Brrad0 is still there investigating from across the street.


Rebel 1: Whoa… He wished he didn’t kill Mxy.

Rebel 2: Hell yesss. Shall we go now.

Rebel 3 and 1: Yea.

They load the M4’s.




Brrad0: Sh*t.


Brrad0 runs into a near by ally. He trapped. It’s a dead end. While the 3 rebels carry there M4’s like a tommy gun.


Rebel 2: You cop sh*t.


All 3 M4’s are locked on Brrad0 body.


Rebel 1: Ice him.


Huge blasts of M4’s carried through as round after round was punching through Brrad0’s body. All going through and through as his clothes began to rip. He fell back. With the blood coming out of his own body.


The three rebels exited the ally as Brrad looked at them.


Brrad rushed into the ally with crowds of other people gazed at shocked.

He looked at his father. He went down to his knee’s next to his father. He cried. A man emerged from the crowd. It was Bryce.


Bryce: Come here Brrad.

Brrad: How do you know me? W-what do you want?

Bryce: I want you. To take your fathers place. He put his hands on his shoulders. I want you to be called Brrad0. Just like your father. Ok?

Brrad0: Ok…

Bryce: Welcome to the ROSA. Save your anger for the people who mercy.

They both exited the ally…


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Lol your story was bit weird Braddo but I liked it. I guess I don't know why I would have called your son your name, but whatever suits you I guess.


Good work, I liked it.

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So now its Brrad0's Son. Brrad which is now Brrad0 smile.gif


Hope you can keep up.

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So now its Brrad0's Son. Brrad which is now Brrad0 smile.gif


Hope you can keep up.

As long as your son doesn't have a son, then I think we'll be good, son.


I'm working on my story, should have it posted today or tomorrow. icon14.gif

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Ok, Bryce. Don't be late like OdDSoCk bbq.gif


21:00 at least wink.gif

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Chapter 1


"What the...?" I was speechless. I was soaking wet, I didn't know what was the time and I found my brother dead on a speedboat under a bridge in San Fierro. I couldn't help but scream, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" As I screamed, a flock of seagulls flew away as I suddenly entered a dreamy state, like I was falling asleep. Eventually, I plopped down like a bird doing a crap from 100 metres up.


"Is he alright?" the nurse asked as I woke up. I saw white walls, a light and a middle aged man. The man started to speak.

"He was found unconscious on a speedboat under the Gant Bridge. He's been like this for the past week. Oh, he's awake," the doctor realised as I started to realise my sorroundings.


I was in hospital.


Which one I didn't know, as The Gant Bridge is part of Tierra Robada and San Fierro, so it was difficult to realise.

"Where am I?"

"In a hospital," the doctor replied.

"I know, I'm not a dumbarse. But which hospital?"

"San Fierro Medical Centre, Santa Flora."

"Oh thank god." I felt so relived that I fell into the same dreamy state again. I dropped back down on the bed like I just had a heart attack.


Thankfully I didn't.




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Yeah nice story Bryce. I believe Sock wrote it?

Yes he did. But Bryce posted it because OddSock is too inactive.



Yeah, about that.


I didn't post it in here because I was in a rush, but I had to leave at 4:00AM last Saturday to go to Cancun, Mexico, where I stayed without Internet access until last night. That's why I wasn't posting. Yall shoulda seen my PMR thread.

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Explosive Situation Pt. 1


It was a hot and humid night in Las Venturas when I first got the dispatch call on my radio. There was a bomb threat down at one of the LSX. Apparently one of the hangers had been filled with enough kilo's of C4 to blow the sh*t out of LSX and totaly destroy most of the runway.


However, I was pissed. Why hadn't I heard aboutt his first? Arbusto and his team always made sure I was the first to know about any terrorist situation, even moreso now that MI7 is MIA.


I picked up my intercom headset and connected to Arbusto's frequency.


Me: Arbusto what the f*ck is going on? Why was I the last to hear about this bomb threat?

Arbusto: Because we don't need you on this one Bryce.

Me: My ass you don't need me. The last time you sent our "certified" bomb techs out to the seen, they blew up themselves and half of th SFPD Police Station. I'm leaving now.

Arbusto: Fine, but what are you going to do? You know nothing about bomb defusal.

Me: You're right, but Mike_Toreno does.


I threw my gear in the back seat and so did Mike_Toreno. Recently he had been staying at some girl's house. I don't know what the situation was between them, nor did I care.


Mike: Hey how's it going?

Me: We've got a terrorist situation. Some asshole loaded up one of the hangers at LSX with a sh*tload of C4.

Mike: Sounds fun. Have we accessed the situation yet? How much time? Blueprints of the hanger?

Me: We have nothing yet, I called everyone off and I wanted you to be the first person near it.

Mike: Sounds good.


(Location: ROSA Command Post at the east end of the landing strip)


Me: So what do we have guys?

Bomb Tech: Well as you can see the door is closed, which makes sh*t a bit more hairy. There are no windows on the whole building, no skilights. However, the roof does open up through remote control, but we don't want to be triggering anything with a radio signal near that hanger, for obvious reasonsl.

Me: Good. Mike you ready?

Mike: Yeah, lets do it. Hey you two BT's, come with me.


We got within 20 feet of the hanger and stopped. Mike took out his IR goggles and scanned all around the building. Nothing that looked like it might set off the bomb was on the ground, we were ok for now.


We got up right next to the building but didn't touch anything. Mike took out his mirror device. The mirror itself was about the size of a plate and attacehed to it was a mechanical arm that could extend to 10 feet. Mike hoisted it up and peered through the windows at the top of the hanger door.


Mike: Holy sh*t, there isn't anything that resmebles C4 in here, but there is enough barrels with an RNX looking solvent in them, to level all of the airport. This place is packed.


Me: Mike can you see a timer or a triggering device?


Mike:Not that I can see, but I need to be able to get inside to know for sure. If we can manually open that hanger door on top, I could probably be lowered inside and do my work.


Me: Alright, lets see what we can do.


....To be continued.





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Closed on request. icon14.gif

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