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GOA Arbusto

ROSA: Republik/Revolucion

Recommended Posts

Okay now what the hell is a "Brigadier," where is the "Jefferson Safehouse," and why is a "Brigadier" a mechanic?

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Okay now what the hell is a "Brigadier," where is the "Jefferson Safehouse," and why is a "Brigadier" a mechanic?

That's your ranking, but it doesn't really mean anytthing, other than the order you guys joined up.

Jefferson safehouse is in LS by the hospital, and Glen Park.

You are a mechanic because pilot skill was assigned already, so you can work on the planes instead and get trained to fly after becoming buddies with other pilots. cool.gif

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Okay now what the hell is a "Brigadier," where is the "Jefferson Safehouse," and why is a "Brigadier" a mechanic?

That's your ranking, but it doesn't really mean anytthing, other than the order you guys joined up.

Jefferson safehouse is in LS by the hospital, and Glen Park.

You are a mechanic because pilot skill was assigned already, so you can work on the planes instead and get trained to fly after becoming buddies with other pilots. cool.gif

Yeah, that's t3h ghe3yz. Everyone knows I'm the main pilot here...I know more about them than anyone else so far. Most other people need to look at websites for information.

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Satan! You're alive! I saw Arbusto caught you and you are in prison at the LV airport freight depot.... I'm glad you can still communicate though  icon14.gif


I guess you need to write a story escaping from jail, or another Resistance member can make a rescue...

Still got the cell-phone though bored.gif


Lousy ROSA-pigs, missing that huge damn thing! tounge2.gif



Edit: I noticed the news now, to bad my story have to be cut away since Im going to San Fierro:dontgetit:



Edited by SatanOnFire

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My first story.


Thursday, 12.38, KACC Military Fuels


“You dog!” I screamed out “worthless piece of sh*t”


The revolutionary didn’t respond, he just stared at me with evil eyes.


“Fine then, just die” I left the room and closed the door. I let a guard come in and kill the prisoner.


A soldier came running towards me.


“Colonel! Intruders!”


The alarm went off and I ran out. When I came out I was shocked. They had managed to get a big army. I ordered the soldiers to go into defensive position. A big firefight started and we had to retreat longer and longer into the base. I tried my best to block the way with a flamethrower. Suddenly I got hit in the arm. I dropped the flamethrower in pain. I knew I had the escape, but we couldn’t let them take the base as it was filled with hazardous waste. Which they could use against us.


I decided that I would have to escape with the proffesors and workers that handled the hazardous waste, as their knowledge was important to keep. So I left the firefight to get them, I knew the fire would block their way for a little while. I just wasn’t sure for how long. We were going to escape in a cargobob that was located in the back of the base, were the revolutionaries hadn’t camed yet. I had picked up a colt .45 as I was progressing through the hallways on my way to the labaratory.


When I got there I ordered them to pack the most important things and we were on our way. The pain in my arm grew, but I knew I had to continue. When we got out the revolutionaries had breaked through and we got caught up in the middle of the fight. I ordered them, one after one to run to the stairs that led to the helipad. Meanwhile I covered them with the colt I had picked up. There weren’t many of our soldiers left. But enough to hold the revolutionaries back as we escaped.


I had picked of alot of revolutionaries and now it was my turn to run up the stairs. I took one last shot and them I ran. I only looked forward and hoped for the best. I managed to get through and up to the helipad. All the proffessors and workers had taken their place in the heli. Suddenly a rustler flew through the air and fired at us. I threw myself down. The rustler didn’y do much hard to the heli but I knew that in would take it down unless we didn’t take it down. So I told them to leave as I would use the mounted machine gun to take it down.


After alot of doubt the heli left. The rustler came for a second attack but now I was ready. I opened fire and got a good hit on it’s left wing, and it started to smoke. Bullets whined past me as it had opened fire. I got a perfect hit in the cockpit and the plane crashed. Now I had to get out of there myslelf. I ordered through walky talkies to everyone to leave the base. I met up with a few survoivours and we decided to go through the main building. As the revolutionaries didn’t know much about it.


They handed my an M5 and we started walking. We encountered many enemies but they got surprised as they thought no more were alive so we took that advantage and sneaked up on them. As we got out on the parking lot we took a patriot that was parked there. But them they already spotted us and opened fire. I drove like carzy against the gates and we crashed right through them. We flew out on the highway and into safety.


I was ordered to report to the Ministry of Defense as we had to take back the base as fast as possible.


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I got 3 words to say: Viva la RESISTANCE!

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*Last Text-message*


The cop is out of the room, they are beating me like crap,

help me out of here!

I think I am in the LV airport freight depot..........


*sent 4am*


Ps.The truck with me in is leaving at 12pm tounge.gif

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GOA Arbusto


-From The Desk Of Arbusto-
I am pleased to announce...


Our first BONUS TASK.



Arms Race


The Story

You get word that there is a shipment of weapons arriving at Ocean Docks. You must get to the freighter at Ocean Docks from your starting position in the shortest time possible.



-ANY NUMBER of members from either side can compete in this race, the fastest out of all the entrants wins the award for his side.

-The winning side will receive an MP5 for every member of the team.

-You can use ANY ROUTE you want to get to Ocean Docks from your starting position, however you MUST stick to roads, no cutting across countryside. Using alleyways, the sidewalk or occasional or accidental shortcuts are acceptable.

-The HUD must be on at all times to see time.

-The Radar must be off at all times.

-You are not allowed to cut your movie or edit it in any way other than adding titles etc.

-NO CHEATS can be used at any time during, before or after the race (with the exception of raising your wanted level if you are a rebel).

-You can start in ANY GROUND vehicle you like (except the Vortex).

-You are allowed to change vehicles, but only to a ground vehicle.

-Do not argue with the judges (MI7 and Mxyzptlk).


Special ROSA Rules

-Map:user posted image

-You start at the RED DOT.

-You must reach the ORANGE DOT in the fastest time.


Special Rebel Rules

-Due to your activities, you will receive a 4 star wanted level as soon as you begin.

-Map: user posted image

-You start at the GREEN DOT.

-You must reach the ORANGE DOT in the fastest time.


Good luck, people! Please post your race videos below.

-Long Live The Republik!-
Edited by GOA Arbusto

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Nice...sorry about yellin' at ya before MI7, but thanks for the airfield.

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sean "sweet" johnson
im participating in the race on the PS2 version.

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You have requested the file missionRosa.wmv (49350974 Bytes). This file has been downloaded 2 times already.

IMPORTANT: Download-accelerators are only supported with a PREMIUM-Account!


You have downloaded 25694 KB in one hour. Want to download more?

Get your PREMIUM-Account now! Many advantages! Instant access!


HOT: Just pay anonymously via telephone and become a Premium-user instantly!


wont let me download...


Could you TGA it please? smile.gif

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dont really like races but heres another story


i had had a rought night after me stealing that buffalo but at least now i have a car and a nice car. i ws ready to make my stand and take over a teritory. but i needed some more weaponery. i remenvered a guy i worked with in the past. he was good with finding some weoponery. i decided to go see what he was up to. his name was everen i think.


i got my buffalo out of the garage and i remenbered we had worked together in the los santos docks when importin some guns and ammo. i doubt he wouls still work there but it was my only lead so headed there.i left all wepon behind as i needed no need for them right now. thought i always kept the kinife hidden somewhere on me and even when i passsed right in front of the police theyy never noticed it.


so im driving and driving tll i arrive to the docks. i pam my car and goi to the main desk. there i ask a few questions about everen. the worker said that he had never heard of him. desperate i turned around

and another worker caught my hand and told me he remenbered everen and he said he left. i asked if he knew where and he told m he did not known altho he had this strange fantasy to go live in palamino creek in aslittle shack he bought but his facts were vague and he was not sure of himself so i was as desperate as before. i thanked him and headed to palamino creek. i arrived there and to my suprised there was alittlke shack with someone in it. i knocked he answered. he seemed old and fat. i asked him his name........binco......his name was everen.


i reminded him who i was and we started talking again. we talked about the years and i told him i was in the resistance. lucky for me and suprising me he w<as also in the resistance as an arms dealer.

i was happy and told hm i neede some wassault weopenry. he said hel see what he can do and hel call me to keep me uptaded.i thanked him and walked outside. it was dark and i doubt the police would like me drivibg this late. I asked everen if i could stay at his shack for the night.

he agreed and i went to sleep on a rusty old bed even worst than the one i had at my house. it was ok it was cool as everen was my firszt friend i ever had in the resistance. i went to sleap peacefully as the police patrols wandered in the streets


here hope you like an ddont forget arbusto i own a buffalo so put it up oin that front page

see yall







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startThe Triple F: Introduction to the Main Members




Leader and Co-Founder of the Triple F. Jamie's father was killed by a policeman operating under Arbusto when Jamie was just 11 years old. His mother died 4 years after he was born. After the death of Jamie's father, Jamie and his brother slept on the streets for 2 years until they decided to rise up against Arbusto after word of other groups doing the same.




The second Co-Founder of the Triple F. He is Jamie's brother and was just 9 when his father was killed. Carl looks after the other members of the gang while Jamie is looking to form alliances with other gangs who believe in the same things as ther Triple F.




A friend of Carl's from the street. Trevor was once a born fighter and was not afraid to use violence if necessary, however since his ebating at the hands of two police officers 2 months ago he has become nervous and weak.




The only female in the Triple F. But she packs a hell of a punch. Lisa has rich backgrounds but comes from an Arbusto supporting family. Lisa ran away from home and once her parents had found out about thei daiughter's links to the Resistance they disowned her and now have nothing to do with her. Lisa's main duties involve recruiting new members however most people are too afraid to join.


General Triple F


The Triple F have 23 members. Their weapons are baseball bats, nitesticks, sticks and hockey sticks. They have NO guns. The Triple F mainly aim to be a nuisance to the Police and cause as much trouble for them as possible. Including vandolism, arson and the odd shop heist or two.

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I will join the rebuplic and fight the resistance till the blood in my body has seeped away!!!! Le resistance este deficient!

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I will join the rebuplic and fight the resistance till the blood in my body has seeped away!!!! Le resistance este deficient!

you worthless peace of scum

you lowliçfe peace of sh*t

you stupid traitor

you will die and the resistance will triuymph oiver you all

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I'm gonna do a story too then. biggrin.gif


As Everen woke up, in the middle of the night, he looked at his weapons. 'Maybe...'

Everen looked at his sawn-off shotgun, then at the Molotov cocktails.

'Yeah...' He got his working tools together, and started upgrading the weapons.


4 hours later, baptiste woke up of loud sounds, then, when he wondered what happened, a loud bang.

It was Everen, who tried out his illegally made Molotov Shotgun.

'Ah, good morning dude.'

Everen shot a police car with the Molotov shotgun. The molotov cocktail crashed through the windshield, setting the police car on fire.

'Bullseye!' Everen shouted.


1 hour later, Everen got a sanchez in front of his home. 'I'm going to visit the LSPD hq. You okay with it?'

Everen suddenly got off the sanchez. He got out his shovel, and started whacking the previous owner of the sanchez with it. When the guy was dead, Everen started digging like mad. He buried the guy, then hopped on the sanchez, and drove to the LSPD hq.


When at the hq, Everen got out his Molotov Shotgun.

Everen shot some cocktails in the windows of the hq.

'Ah, a inside fire's never wrong!' Everen said.

3 officers in law popped up, and started shooting Everen.

Everen hopped on the Sanchez, and drove back.


Somewhere in the countryside, one of the officers shot Everen, and hit him. He got hit in his left leg, and drove further with much trouble...


Around Palamino Creek, Everen hopped off his Sanchez, which had a flat, and tried to walk to his home.

At home again, Everen said: 'Mission completed.'

Everen counted how much molotovs he had left, after he patched up his leg.

Edited by everen

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nice story but i think its against the rules to use another character for a mission

i used you for a small part but i dont think you can use me for a mission


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*Removes the part* ph34r.gif

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*Removes the part* ph34r.gif


next story coming soon

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ok heres my first vid: Its a mission. Mission#1

Good sh*t kert!



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thanks. Hope it helps the Police cool.gif

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startMission: Catching Them in the Game.: Part 1


This was my first real task for the Triple F today. I never really thought of myself as a mission man before. I always thought of myself as experience seeing as I was the oldest in the group. Jamie said he had alot of faith in me and he knew I wouldn't screw up. My job involved using a camera. I had tinkered with the Photography course back in college but it never really suited me. The camera I had in my wardrobe was the one I had 20 years ago and had not been used in 20 years. Luckily for me it actually worked although it was one of those really old ones that had a huge flash on it. So my mission was to take my huge camera and take some photos of policemen beating up pedestrians in the street at night. Jamie volunteered to sacrifice his body so that I could get a good shot of the policemen. This put the pressure on me seeing as how the leader was putting his body on the line for me. I picked up my camera from my desk in my front room and made my way to the San Fierro Shipping yard.


Upon arrival I was met by Jamie. He got into my car


Jamie: OK, let's go.


I drove us both upto a place near the SFPD. We are more likely to find some lowlife police scum walking around there. Jamie got out armed with a graffiti can and started hanging around on the corner.


It didn't take long before three coppers came out and started talking to Jamie. I pulled my camera up from inside the car. Suddenly one of the cops punched Jamie in the face. I immediately started snapping away. I've never seen my finger move so much as I rapidly pressed the button on top of the camera. Jamie was now on the floor and being beaten with a baton. I started getting worried and so put the camera and drove round towards Jamie. When the three cops saw this they started walking away. Once they were round the corner I got out the car and checked Jamie.


Jamie: Please tell me you got that!


Me: I did, trust me I did.

Edited by Pandazoot

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Good story FSX! I guess Arbusto will have to change KACC to green for now on the maps... can you clarify if the Cargobob is still on the roof or did the rebels take off with it?


Arbusto you fool! You never set a time for when the truck will be in Ocean Docks! When is the deadline?


Another good story Baptiste. smile.gif

Bryceroni69: die.gif


Kert, very cool video... but what are you dirty cops up to?? Hmm....


Everen, I think you gave yourself too much power in that one. If you kill a ped you'd have cops like during 4 star level. And then you bombed a police HQ which would get the army after you... One guy wouldn't be able to do that, so save big attacks for when you have more rebels helping. smile.gif


Good straightforward simple story Panda, excellent set up.


Mission 3:


With Prickle Pine secure in my protection (and police clueless about the train collision being fake), I felt safer and more in control than I had in a decade. After making some new license tags, I would cruise LV in my stolen police cruiser; wondering if I should do more.... My conscience said I had a responsibilty, my fear and my memory told me to hide.


"F*ck it," I said, and took the next exit off the freeway. I was headed to the airport, I've got a pilot's license, so now I want a plane.

The guard scrutinized my ID for a long while, each second I'm sure he was going to draw his pistol on me. My heart raced, but I leaned on my cane, acting bored.

"Ok, wait here for a baggage, they can take you to the leasee hangars."

"Whatever," I replied, stifling a yawn.

Another stooge rolled up with the baggage, and I slid in next to him. It was starting to rain.

"Looks like rain, eh?!" he said to me, idiotically. I didn't answer.


We rounded a tall stack of freight containers and I see in front of us an armored car, several guards and one sorry looking prisoner; shrugging his shoulders against the cold hard rain. Immediately my driver slammed the brakes and starts backing up.

"Nevermind them, I made a wrong turn."

"What's going on? Who's that guy?" I ask. He looks nervous and won't answer my questions. Feigning a coughing fit I hunch forward and hack for a second, then suddenly swing up an elbow, catching the dummy in the nose with a satisfying crunch. He was unconscious but alive. As the baggage coasts to a stop, I shoved him out onto the tarmac, walked around the cart and took his sidearm. Hopping back in, I turned around and headed for the securicar; knowing what I wanted to do but with no clue how.


I decide there's no point in being cutesy about it, and ram a guar from the rear. His legs get tangled under the carriage and the others turn to see what's happening. Dumbfounded they stare while I bring up the 9mm and fire into the air.

"Drop your guns assholes! I already killed two guys, and you've got your safeties on."

The ROSA guards in turn look down at their belts, guns fastened in their holsters and realize I'm right. One by one they drop their belts, and the prisoner grabs them up, tossing them away down the rain-slick tarmac. Together we get the 4 guards into the back of the securicar, and the man drives with me in riding shotgun. I tell him to head for the main gate and to act official, while I rest the muzzle of my pistol on the slot into to rear of the truck, eyeing the guards.


"Prisoner transfer for LV ROSA headquarters," the man tells the guard in the booth.

"OK, have a good one," the sleepy guard says, not taking his eyes off the SF Packers game on the set. Once out on the roads I let the man drive where he wants, not worrying about myself. Until we stop just a few blocks from the frieght depot we just left.

"Here?" I ask, a bit uneasily.

"Yeah, this is where I'll be staying, the Pirates. My name is SatanOnFire, thanks for your help; you know you can count on me to return the favor."

I say, "Yeah... I can. Take this though, in case trouble comes back before I do," and hand him the 9mm from the baggage driver.


As I watch the waters of the Mako Span rise over the roof of the securicar, I feel... determined... driven... to keep going on the path I chose. The path of resistance. I walk back up the enbankment and wait for the 5:00 bus to Prickle Pine.

Edited by Mxyzptlk

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Mxy: I'll underpower myself a bit then. biggrin.gif


After counting his molotovs, Everen saw a weird looking molotov. It looked blueyellow instead of browngreen. While looking at this, he wondered: What kind of molotov is this?! IS this a molotov?


With these thoughts in his mind, Everen put the molotov in his Molotov shotgun, walked outside, and shot the molotov to the ground. The cocktail exploded before it hit the ground, and caught Everen in the boom. He got blasted backwards against the wall of his home, and because a other ped got caught in the blast too, he got ROSA cops on his tail. Half knockout he looked at the cops, then at his body.

"Ugh... ROSA cops? What happened to... my body... it's all... bloody..." Everen passed out, but felt for a bit that he got dragged away in a police car... And driven far, far away...

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startPart 2


Mission: Shop a Crop


Twenty minutes after being beaten to a pulp, Jamie was back in the safety of the rest of the Triple F. Carl was obviously worried seeing his brother bleeding from the head and having bruised skin.


Carl: My God Jamie, are you ok? Please speak to me!


Jamie: Don't worry baby brother. Pandazoot looked after me.


Carl looked at me as if to say thankyou.


Carl: Did you get the photographs?


Pandazoot: Sure, they're all in here.


I gave the camera to Carl.


Carl: Bit of an old camera isn't it?


Pandazoot: It does the job. That's all that matters.


Carl: You're right.


Carl handed the camera to another member of the Triple F.


Carl: I want these developed ready for tomorrow evening, don't lost them!


The Triple F member ran off looking slightly scared but determined not to fail Carl. Carl looked back at me.


Carl: Come on, get in the car. We have to go.


Pandazoot: Where?


Carl: South San Fierro.


I got back into the car and Carl followed he then laid down his plans.


Carl: Ok, so we've got the pictures, nice one! But now we need a way to send these out to the people of San Fierro.


Pandazoot: How do you expect us to do that?


Carl: You know Shaun who's in the Triple F with us? Well he's been scouting about the Badlands looking for a cropduster....


Pandazoot: So we use the cropduster to let out the pictures?


Carl: That's it.


Pandazoot: You're not expecting me to fly a cropduster are you?!


Carl looked at me in a pleading way.


Carl: Shaun told me it's just like driving a car except there's no Clutch, just pedals and a steering wheel.


Pandazoot: This is crazy.......But I'll do it.


Carl: Good now drive.


I stuck the car into first gear and drove south towards South San Fierro. Carl showed me which way to go as we went down. Throughout the journey I was feeling scared as I had never flown a plane in my life. Hell I had hardly ever seen plane!


Once we were at the place with the Cropduster I looked at it with nothing but fear.


Carl: Well here she is.


Pandazoot: Great, now I know where to come when I fly it tomorrow.


Carl: Yeah that's the thing. Shaun told me the guy owns this plane is selling it tomorrow morning. So we kinda need to steal it.


Pandazoot: You want me to steal and fly this plane. No way, when I agreed to help I was not thinknig I would be stealing stuff. That is going over the top. I wanted to stop Arbusto, but not through stealing from innocent people.


Carl: You say Innocent. Let me tell you something about Innosence. Do you think Arbusto is innocent?! Do you think Arbusto was innocent when he killed his own father to take control of San Andreas?! Do you think Arbusto was innocent when he turned ROSA into a hell hole?! Do you think Arbusto was innocent when he destroyed so many people's jobs and forced them into the Shipping Business?! Arbusto is an evil son of a b****! Compared to him, what you are doing today is nothing compared to the crimes that B****** must go down for!


Pandazoot: You're.....You're Right. I know how important it is to you and your brother to bring down Arbusto, I'm sorry.


Carl: I'l forgive you if you get in that damn plane and fly it out of here!


Spurred on by Carl's inspirational speech, I jumped into the cockpit of the plane of the CropDuster, I looked at all the buttons and controls and worked out what each thing done. Meanwhile Carl was getting into the second seat behind me. I was now ready. I turned an ignition key and the propellor started turning slowly. I gently applied the right pedal and the propellor sped up and soon the plane was moving forward.


Pandazoot: Hold on Carl.


The plane suddenly started speeding towards the edge of a cliff. I then jerked the steering wheel up and the plane roared up skywards. I felt my stomach spin round like a washing machine as I went almost vertically up.


Carl: Pull it level or something.


I let the steering wheel down and we were now level.


Pandazoot: So uh, where are we going to land this plane?


Carl: You know that ship out in the ocean that you can see from the Triple F HQ?


Pandazoot: You gotta be kidding me!?


Carl: I'm sorry but yes.


I suddenly felt ill and was close to vomiting. I could hear Carl saying something but could not make it out as I was too busy worrying about what I am supposed to be doing in the next 10 minutes or so.


Carl: Pandazoot? Pandazoot? PANDAZOO?


Pandazoot: What?!


Carl: Get ready, we're nearing the boat.


Here we go then. My eyes winced as I started dropping towards the boat. I could now feel my hear pounding. Behind me I could feel Carl gripping my seat with tension.Just as I was about to hit the boat I pulled the Steering Wheel up slightlyand was now parellel with the boat top. The plane slapped onto the boat with authority. The plane slid along the boat with the two metals together making a harrowing noise. Friction kicked in and the plane slowed down. Just as it was reaching the main body of the plane the plane done a sudden kick and it swung around 180 degrees and came to a stop. Somehow, Some way I was alive. Not only that but the plane was fine apart from the loss of paint on the bottom. I turned to Carl and he was fine, the sweat was dripping from his face but otherwise he was fine.


Carl: We did it man, we f****** did it. We both got out of the plane and checked to make sure the space we had on the boat was enough for a decent runway, it should do though. Suddenly Carl looked behind him and could see something on the water in the distance, it was getting closer and it was getting clearer to see. Suddenly I realised it was Trevor in a dinghy! He pulled up to the side of the boat and urged us to jump down into the water. Carl went first and done a perfect swan dive while I just done your average bomb into the water, I got in with Carl and Trevor waiting. ]


Trevor: Come on, you both need your rest. Jamie is doing fine too. He's waiting fur us with the rest of the gang.



Mxy: Thanks, I wanted to keep it simple since I am only a small time rebel right now.

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I awake suddenly, somone had knocked on my front door. Putting on my bathrobe and hefting the shotgun I walk downstairs cautiously. No sounds, no movement. I peek out the curtains and no ones outside. I go to the back of the house, same thing. Well, no point in being scared without reason, so I open the door and step into the backyard. After a quick survey, I'm around front and see what I was waken up for: a manila envelope on my front step.

I poke it with the shotgun, nothing happens so I take it inside and open the parcel. A newspaper clipping falls out, it's just an advert:


Do you ever just throw up your arms and shout "I'll tired of this rat race!"? Well, how about getting away for awhile in a brand new Maibatsu Monostrosity!! Only 1911 for the 2005 model! 1200 for the midnight package! If I don't make this sale the boss throws me in the ocean and docks my pay!


"What the f*ck is this?" I ask myself. I flip the ad over, but nothing on the back. I look in the envelope again, and a sheet of blank paper falls out, the same size as the advert. It feels weird to the touch, not normal paper... so I turn on my desk lamp and hold the sheet close to inspect it. Suddenly, green bars of different lengths appear across the paper at random intervals! This is really strange, two pieces of paper delivered together that don't make sense... wait- delivered together. I put the sheet in front of the advert and hold it to the light again...


arms                                      race                               


                                            1911 2005      1200 midnight

  ocean docks

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Everen woke up, slowly. The large wound in his body was stitched.

"Where... Where am i?" He slowly mumbled.

"San Fierro prison. You were a bad boy. BAD."

"Wha?" Everen said.

"HELLO?! EARTH TO PRISONER?! You are in San Fierro, in the prison!" A guard said.

"Prison?" Everen said. "Whaddidido?"

"You bombed a guy with a molotov. You shot the molotov out of a gun i never saw before. Still, it was a great idea of the army to put a molotov on your doorstep." The guard said.

"You... You... *BEEP!*" Everen shouted.

"No need to thank us." The guard replied.

"Just wait..." Everen said.

He put a hand in his pocket, but all his weapons were gone.

"What the?!"

"You really think we let a weapon designer have all his weapons?" The guard shouted.

The guard bursted out in laughing, closing his eyes during the process.


Checking out that detail, Ev got a file (Or whatever the dutch 'vijl' is in english) out of one sleeve, and started breaking the keyhole of the jaildoor. This caused quite a bit sound, and the guard opened his eyes again.

"THE HELL ARE YA DOING?!" The guard got a 9mm, and shot Everen in the head. Well, nearly. It went just through his hair, causing a little little bald spot. Everen acted like he was dead though.



"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!" A police chief shouted against the guard.

"But... He tried to break out!"

"Nothing wrong with it! We could have converted him to the ROSE team! You're fired!"


"You're hired! And now, you're fired again!"


This convo went on a while, but lets go back to Everen.


Everen was brought in a coffin to a place, in the countryside.

"We stop here... Lets give em a scare... hehe. What the?! It's locked! Wait a sec... this file might help me."

Everen started breaking open the locks of the coffin, and jumped out of the coffin.

"BOO! I'm from the dead... Ready to eat some fresh flesh... MAHAHAHA!" Everen shouted.

"WAA! It's a zombie!" The one digging Everen ran off.

"HMph... it's a long way home from here." Everen growled.


Back in his place, Everen walked to his door.

"Yep. The other molotovs and my other sawnoff shotgun still are here. Lets start over again..." Everen got his plans of the molotov shotgun again, and started designing a new one...

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Im Free!? tounge.gif


Thanks Mxy!


*writes new story*

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Empty hands, nothing left


As of being free finally, I gave Mxy my well-stashed but small amount of arbs, I hid them well if you catch my drift and walked to Pirates, Inside the coal-chamber I found Ligo smashed to to a small piece of human-flesh, I where lost and cried out in anger!?


They must have seen me and my Clover I thought, While sitting and thinking I noticed something shiny in the stash of coal by the oven, it was a brass-knuckle, I put it on as it was my only defence and noticed the inscription:"6699". This probably had something to do with who killed Ligo and I swore Revenge to who-ever 6699 was and walked out thinking I should check the train-yard.


I Found my self a Previon In the empty street, that was weird, I later Heard that some attack of some bas was going down and everyone where ordered to stay inside and cops had to go there, good for me, I smashed trough the window and played around with the wires and started the car!


I got to the train-yard since my place was already discovered, and as I expected I found the money had been digged up and the Clover Flipped and incinerated to a hot metal-thing with three wheels.

The Clover


I were struck by sadness because off the loss of Ligo and...everything again,

I felt crushed by ROSA and felt for a short moment that I should just give up, but the the feelings flipped! I were instead struck with hate and anger for ROSA and swore to LIGO and San Andreas that I would crush Arbusto and be a true, burning part of the freeing of San Andreas!


After some time calming down I decided that I had to find a new place to crash as curfew was coming up, I found an old store[Zip Pizza] with closed windows and a garage and I parked behind the building, the place was closed down for good I saw on poster so I broke in the back using a metal-bar I found on the backside, I got the door open and closed it from the inside with the bar.

The place was filled with cartboxes and random stuff from the time it was running, it had been closed for a long time.

I found a tired sofa and crashed on it, my sleeping pill for the night was the ever growing hate for the ROSA.

The New Crib, or the old shop.




New soon!

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