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The decline of Liberty


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Due to recent events at some other part of these forums, I've come to a decision to leave this place until an undetermined time. If you care about this story, the final version will be posted at some other website and links will be provided in the first post of this topic.


This doesn't mean I won't finish this exciting story, it just means that it won't be part of this place anymore.


Thank you for understanding.


- PK.


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Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, and I was just getting into this story. Why? Why!!!!! Well *talks through sobs* it has been great reading your story. *bursts out into tears* PORQUE??????????


Okay, maybe I was being a bit over dramatic. But seriously, I hope you can start posting the rest of this story as soon as you can. This is a grat story that should not be stopped.

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  • 1 month later...

The wait is almost over. wink.gif


I'll be posting the FINAL version of "The Decline of Liberty" in April, as a handy downloadable PDF file. Stay tuned.


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Well, f*ck whoever made u leave.


I just checked this story yesterday and was literally eating the chapters since the 1st post! wow.gif


I hope u finish this story cuz its cookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gif !

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Oh yes, it's gonna be finished. Don't ever doubt that. wink.gif


In other news, 2 STARS!!!! YAY!!!


Thanks to all the readers for this, I'm glad you like it. smile.gif


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I have to admit, this story is good, although it lacked the "GTA" vibe within the dialogues (the games themselves like Vice City and San Andreas has a whole f*ckton of swearing. Still good though).


As you've said, this is a GTA fanstory. But upon reading the story, i've noticed that there's quite a few things that left me wondering:


- It's said that Fabrizio "took care of the thieves" that took cash from Caligula's... Does this mean that Carl Johnson and his other people involved in the heist died in Fabrizio's hands?


- How did the Leone Family end up being "based" in Los Santos? I thought they were based in Las Venturas? Does this mean that the Grove Street Families, Los Santos Vagos, Ballas, and Varrio Los Aztecas gangs have all been wasted by Fabrizio or the whole Leone Family?.


- Is Toreno still with the CIA?


- Is Claude up for an unlikely alliance with Cipriani? wink.gif


And most importantly, did you voluntarily made tweaks within the GTA series within the development of this story?



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I have to admit, this story is good, although it lacked the "GTA" vibe within the dialogues (the games themselves like Vice City and San Andreas has a whole f*ckton of swearing. Still good though).


As you've said, this is a GTA fanstory. But upon reading the story, i've noticed that there's quite a few things that left me wondering:


- It's said that Fabrizio "took care of the thieves" that took cash from Caligula's... Does this mean that Carl Johnson and his other people involved in the heist died in Fabrizio's hands?


- How did the Leone Family end up being "based" in Los Santos? I thought they were based in Las Venturas? Does this mean that the Grove Street Families, Los Santos Vagos, Ballas, and Varrio Los Aztecas gangs have all been wasted by Fabrizio or the whole Leone Family?.


- Is Toreno still with the CIA?


- Is Claude up for an unlikely alliance with Cipriani? wink.gif


And most importantly, did you voluntarily made tweaks within the GTA series within the development of this story?



Oh yes, the swearing. Many people have told me that, but hey, I don't want this to be another San Andreas with more swearing than a Tourette's syndrome epidemic. tounge.gif


Now, answering your questions:


Yes, if you didn't figure it out, Fabrizio Leone and the West Coast branch of the Leones wiped out the Grove St. Families, including CJ. The other gangs were already a thing of the past when the Leones took over.


Toreno's current occupation will be discussed in later chapters.


Cipriani and Claude became enemies when Salvatore was murdered, so an alliance between them is unlikely.


I "tweaked" a bit of Vercetti's pre-1970 life and changed Miami for Vice City as the place where Ray Machowski lay low after being chased by the CIA in Liberty City.

Edited by PresidentKiller


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This is definaltly the best GTA fan fiction ive ever read. Ill i have to say is HURRY UP! lol IM GETTING IMPAITENT!


P.S. Hurry up! This thread lost a star! wow.gif

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P.S. Hurry up! This thread lost a star! wow.gif

Don't worry, it's back. I hope it stays that way. wink.gif


Well, since finishing the story is still going to take a while, I'm posting Chapter 19. Keep in mind that I'm doing this just because of popular demand. wink.gif



user posted image

Dude, where’s my consigliere?


Penthouse, Hyman Condo - Downtown, Vice City - Autumn 2001

Monday – 9:40 AM


Ray and Claude keep waiting at the lounge while Fred is talking to other men in the room. Claude takes his glass of water and drinks some.


Claude: “What are they gonna do with Paul?”


Ray: “I don’t know kid, but let’s hope that nothing painful happens to us.”


A phone rings. Fred picks it up, talks with somebody and hangs up after a few seconds.


Fred: “Mr. Vercetti has arrived. He’ll meet you at his office. Don’t try anything funny in there or we’ll shoot you.”


Claude: “Don’t worry, there’s nothing funny about this.”


Fred opens a door and tells Claude and Ray to get in the room, several men follow them inside.



Vercetti’s Office, Hyman Condo - Downtown, Vice City - Autumn 2001

Monday – 9:44 AM


Vercetti’s office is no different from the rest of the penthouse, the luxury can be seen in any detail and corner in the room. Claude and Ray are ordered to sit down in front of a huge desk with a notebook computer and some papers.


Fred: “You stay in there, Mr. Vercetti will see you now.”


Fred goes to the back of the room where the rest of Vercetti’s men are carefully watching Claude and Ray.


Ray (whispering): “Damn, I need to go to the bathroom.”


Claude (whispering): “Why didn’t you go earlier?”


Ray (whispering): “We were under attack, remember that? A bunch of crazy morons with M16’s are not exactly the kind of people you’d want to find you when you’re taking a dump!”


The door opens, some men with heavy weaponry get in the office, along with a man in a brown suit who’s smoking a cigar and holding a glass of brandy. Claude immediately recognizes him from the video he saw back at the Vercetti Resort.


Claude: “Mr. Vercetti?”


Vercetti: “Well, who else would I be? Yeah, I’m Tommy Vercetti.”


Claude is shocked. The man he tried to reach so bad in the past couple of days is finally there, in front of him.


Vercetti: “Machowski, I’d like to know what brings you and your friend to my presence this time. I was told you were in Liberty City enjoying yourself...”


Claude immediately looks at Ray.


Claude: “You know him?”


Vercetti: “Of course I know him. One of his friends betrayed me and stole millions of dollars worth of weaponry from me. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had something to do with that.”


Ray gets up. The armed men in the room aim their weapons at him.


Ray: “Easy, easy, I won’t do anything. I just want to clear this up.”


Claude interrupts him.


Claude: “Ray, what the hell is going on?”


Ray keeps looking at Vercetti.


Ray: “Listen, Phil Cassidy didn’t do anything wrong. The Colombians set us up. That’s why we left the city, it wasn’t safe.”


Vercetti: “I don’t care. The fact is, I want that money back and I want it now.”


Ray: “Vercetti, please. You know you always had my back when I was in the VCPD, even after the incident with Kelly.”


Vercetti: “Kelly is a good man, Machowski. You should be proud he once was your boss. He greatly helped me in my first years in this business. I don’t think I’ll be nearly as successful as I am without his help.”


Ray: “Oh, come on. He was only in charge of your money laundering and counterfeiting operations.”


Vercetti: “And he was damn good at it! So please, stop talking sh*t about that great man.”


Vercetti sits down in his chair and drinks some more brandy. Ray sits down too and crosses his arms. Claude looks at Vercetti.


Claude: “I want to ask something, though.”


Vercetti: “Go on.”


Claude: “Why did you take Paul?”


Ray looks at Claude.


Ray: “I don’t think this is the right moment for this, kid.”


Claude looks at Ray.


Claude: “Don’t worry, I can handle this.”


Vercetti: “Paul? What Paul?”


Claude: “Your consigliere took Paul Ackart away, a guy that used to work for you.”


Vercetti: “That’s impossible. I haven’t seen him in years. He suddenly disappeared without a trace.”


Claude: “You should ask Fred over there, he knows what I’m talking about.”


Vercetti looks at Fred.


Vercetti: “Is it true?”


Fred gets a bit nervous.


Fred (nervous): “Hey, Tommy, Ken just gave us an order. We didn’t know he was a friend of yours.”


Vercetti: “And where is he?”


Fred: “I don’t know. The guys took him into Ken’s chopper.”


Vercetti: “Then he’s probably at Starfish Island.”


Vercetti picks up his phone.


Vercetti (on the phone): “I need to talk to the office at Starfish, please.”


Vercetti sets up the speaker-phone. The phone dials for a few seconds and then somebody answers.


Voice on the phone: “Good morning, Mr. Vercetti. This is Barry, can I help you?”


Vercetti: “Yeah, I’d like to know if Ken’s in there.”


Barry: “No, sir, he’s not here.”


Vercetti: “OK, would you call Ken’s chopper and transfer it to this line?”


Barry: “Sure, hang on.”


Phone dial sounds are heard.


Voice on the phone: “Yeah, this is Vercetti 2, what’s the problem?”


Barry: “The boss wants to talk to you, he’s on the line.”


Vercetti: “Yeah, I’m right here. Where are you going?”


Voice: “Oh, yeah, hello Tommy. We’re going to the mall, Mrs. Rosenberg wanted something.”


Vercetti: “The mall, huh? Then why are you taking the chopper with you, couldn’t you just take a car?”


Voice: “Well… ehmm… no, we didn’t think about that. We’re so used to the chopper that we just don’t like to use the car anymore.”


Vercetti doesn’t look pleased.


Vercetti: “Where’s Ken? I want to talk to him.”


Voice: “He’s already at the mall.”


Vercetti: “Well, then I guess we should get him on his cell-phone. Barry?”


Barry: “Yeah, I’m right here Mr. Vercetti. I’ll communicate you with him in a second.”


Phone dial sounds are heard. Claude and Ray are pretty anxious while Vercetti keeps looking at the phone and drumming on the desk with his fingers...


Vercetti: “What’s taking so long?”


More phone dial sounds are heard for around 30 seconds until Barry interrupts…


Barry: “I don’t think he’ll answer that, sir.”


Vercetti: “Ok, Barry, don’t worry.”


Vercetti hangs up.


Vercetti: “Well, I guess we need to go to the mall.”




Read Chapter 20
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this story is the bomb man, i don't think i could write nayhting more fantasic than that. am currently writing a peice called "Liberty takes over Vice"

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Amazing. Have some cookies cookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gif More suspence and suprises as usaul. Just how everyone likes it. Dont keep the rest from us for to long!!!

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The Mothership

it lives! c'mon man, hurry up!

apparently, i am a complete idiot. and I got banned for it.



Apparently, nah definately... i'm sure you will be missed by the masses. Kindly piss off.

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Thanks for the comments. smile.gif


The story is getting very interesting. You're really gonna love this when it's finally finished. That's all I can tell you right now. wink.gif


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Great to see you back on the forums and continuing your story, PK. A good read. smile.gif



Mar is waiting for the next bit
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Thanks for the comments. wink.gif


Now, another chapter. Enjoy.


NOTE: The story is getting really big and will take a long time to finish (there will be like 50 chapters or more), so I'll just keep updating this place with a new chapter every week. Once the story is finished, the PDF will still be made available for offline reading.



user posted image

Love, money and destruction


AMCO Garage – Pike Creek, Liberty City - Autumn 2001

Monday – 10:17 AM


One of the gates is opening, several black Landstalkers and Sentinels with yellow stripes on their sides come out of the building. They carry heavy-armed men dressed in suits colored in the same fashion as the painting in the cars.


Some AMCO employees remove the black covers from the doors of all the cars as they leave the place, discovering a yellow “Z”. The cars head to the airport area and take the bridge to Staunton Island.



Aerial view of Staunton Island, Liberty City - Autumn 2001

Monday – 10:28 AM


Staunton Island is burning. The tall skyscrapers that just yesterday represented the mighty economy of the United States of America are destroyed, except for two of them. People wearing the suspicious black suits with yellow stripes are gathered around Love Media and the AMCO Headquarters carrying shotguns and machine guns. Some of these men are removing the AMCO and LM signs and replacing them with golden “Z”’s . One man puts new stickers on AMCO’s front door; they read “ZAIBATSU OIL CO.” written in golden gothic letters.



Meeting Room, Zaibatsu Oil Co. Headquarters - Torrington, Liberty City - Autumn 2001

Monday - 10:36 AM


There are several people in the meeting room, all sitting around a big round table with papers and glasses of water on it. Satoshi Honatsu is in front of the room, drinking some water. James Powell is sitting next to him, while Shinji Kasen is at the other side, with two armed men just behind him.


Honatsu: “Well, these are the plans ladies and gentlemen. As you can see, we’re as powerful as ever with our recent acquisitions.”


A man in a gray suit stands up.


Man: “Mr. Honatsu, I can’t help but wonder, what happened with Donald Love? We haven’t seen him in a couple of weeks and the fact that the Zaibatsu are taking over his properties seems pretty strange, if not suspicious to say the least.”


The man sits down again. Satoshi Honatsu drinks some more water and clears his throat.


Honatsu: “Don’t worry Mr. Parker, we all know about your concerns. I’ve read your e-mail two days ago. Mr. Love will be joining us in this meeting shortly.”


Mr. Parker: “Well, it’s good to hear that, Mr. Honatsu. Thank you.”


James Powell stands up.


Powell: “Well, I think this is the right time to announce that Mr. Kasen here has also agreed to join this organization. We all should congratulate him for his wise decision.”


Some of the men in the room stand up and applaud. James Powell raises his glass. Shinji Kasen doesn’t say a word, and just remains in his chair.


Powell: “Well, these are times to celebrate. Liberty City finally belongs to us.”


Everybody but Shinji cheer on. A door opens and some waiters get in, carrying bottles of champagne and glasses.


Powell goes near Shinji.


Powell: “Come on, Mr. Kasen. Cheer up!”


Shinji looks at Powell.


Shinji: “There’s no reason I should be celebrating.”


Powell: “Oh, come on. You agreed on this. You’re part of this organization now and there’s no turning back.”


The door opens again, two armed men get in and stay at both sides of the door. Donald Love appears carrying a suitcase. Satoshi Honatsu greets him.


Honatsu: “Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Love has joined this meeting. Please sit down so we can go back to business.”


Everybody go back to their seats. Love’s bodyguards close the door.


Donald: “Thanks, Satoshi.”


Donald Love goes to the front of the room.


Donald: “Well, ladies and gentlemen. I’m Donald Love and I’m glad to be here. Some of you might be wondering what happened to me, well, let’s say I took a few days off so the Zaibatsu Corporation could go ahead with their expansion plans in the city. I’m happy that we finally agreed to do business together and I believe that’s the best decision I have made in my life.”


Mr. Parker: “Excuse me, Mr. Love.”


Donald: “You can call me Donald, what’s the problem?”


Mr. Parker: “Yeah, my name is Antoine Parker. I’m the President of the Bank of Liberty, I don’t know if you remember me...”


Donald: “Oh, yeah. What is it, Antoine?”


Parker: “Listen, we were very concerned about your sudden disappearance. There were a lot of rumors about you being kidnapped or even murdered. The stock market wasn’t really in a good shape after that. Now, two weeks later, a gang war breaks out in the city, you suddenly appear with additional 30 billion dollars in your bank account and your company turns into Zaibatsu Media. I know this isn’t really something I have the right to ask you, but what the hell is going on?”


Donald laughs.


Donald (laughing): “Antoine, you know how businesses are always unpredictable.”


Parker: “Maybe, but you’re pretty predictable. The same thing happened back in 1998. You lost a fortune in that campaign, then disappeared for a few days, then re-appeared with 5 billion in your pockets, bought some property and finished the construction of your offices. Then you disappeared again after Fort Staunton was destroyed and got back when the Yakuza gained significant presence in the city and kept the Colombians away from the CBD, who then in turn began the construction of the Staunton Plaza on top of Fort Staunton to compete with it. You seem to go away every time something in the city blows up and get back when things sort out by themselves.”


Donald keeps laughing.


Donald (laughing): “Well, Antoine, I’m impressed. You know, we live in a capitalistic society where money and power are the only things that matter. You live in the most powerful nation in the world, you should know that wealth and power don’t come without paying a high price. The history of our nation has always witnessed the prices we had to pay to keep our privileges. World War II, Vietnam, you name it. In the corporate world, it’s just the same thing. Prime development land in this city is expensive and hard to get, so the people of Fort Staunton, well, they just happened to be our currency this time. And don’t bring any morals into this table, please. You work for the biggest bank in the state, for Christ’s sake!”


Parker doesn’t say a word, and just takes his glass of water and drinks it.


Donald: “Well, I have more great news to announce. Zaibatsu Real State has just managed to acquire the Staunton Plaza complex after PanLantic went bankrupt yesterday. We should all thank Mr. Shinji Kasen here for his contributions. He scared off the Colombians, who left PanLantic weak and without any protection.”


Shinji stands up.


Shinji: “I still don’t know how you are going to keep doing business in this city. It’s being destroyed and it’s going to cost billions to re-build.”


Donald: “Oh, don’t worry about that. Now that Mayor O’Donovan left the city, I can finally take over with the promise of a better future for the people of Liberty.”


Shinji: “The few remaining people of Liberty, you mean.”


Donald: “Yeah, whatever. Either way, Liberty City has managed to overcome disasters before, I don’t see what’s going to keep it from recovering this time. Besides, under my government, it’s going to be completely re-born.”


Shinji: “And what are you going to do with the Mafia? They’re pretty strong now that there’s no competition.”


Donald: “The Mafia is not a problem. The Zaibatsu Corporation runs the city now, and I’ve got everything under control.”



Read Chapter 21
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Oh, this story is great as always. It brings joy to me when I see a new chapter posted. biggrin.gif Keep up the tremendous work man.

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Awesome! Dont keep the rest from us for so long. wow 30 more chpts. to go! Cant wait for the climax of this story!!!!! biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif

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Sorry for the late update. I got addicted to a videogame so I was offline for a week. tounge.gif



user posted image

Just Business


Outside North Point Mall – Vice Point, Vice City - Autumn 2001

Monday – 11:08 AM


The North Point Mall looks a lot like it did back in the 80’s. New paint job and better-looking windows have been placed though. The offices of Vercetti Publishing are just across the street from one of the mall’s gates.


A motorcade of several vehicles arrives to the area, they’re carrying Tommy Vercetti, his guards, Claude Speed and Ray Machowski.


Vercetti’s limo stops in front of the gate. Guards come out from the other vehicles and assist Vercetti and company.


Vercetti: “Well, we’re here. This is the North Point Mall. Let’s see where Ken is.”


Everybody get into the mall.



Ground floor, North Point Mall – Vice Point, Vice City - Autumn 2001

Monday – 11:10 AM


Many shops are available for any kind of customer, from those concerned with their looks to those that like to eat junk food, but drink diet cola. The store where a Tarbrush Café once stood is now a Kappa Coffee House owned by the Colombian Cartel. The other stores have managed to survive even after several different ownerships and economical crisis. Vercetti businesses are nowhere to be found inside the mall, however.


Everybody walk to an escalator. One of Vercetti’s assistants goes near him.


Assistant: “Mr. Vercetti, I have never understood why you don’t have any of your businesses in here. This is a good mall and many people like to come here every once in a while.”


Vercetti: “I don’t like malls, besides; we have plenty of businesses already so we don’t need any presence in malls.”


Everybody keeps walking around the mall, but Ken is nowhere to be found. Vercetti stops in front of a Rusty Brown’s Ring Donuts store.


Vercetti: “I think I’m getting some of these. It’s been a while since the last time I ate any.”


Vercetti opens the door and gets inside with the rest following him. Ernst Kelly, VCPD’s Commissioner, is in there. He immediately recognizes those that recently arrived.



Rusty Brown’s Ring Donuts, North Point Mall – Vice Point, Vice City - Autumn 2001

Monday – 11:13 AM


Kelly: “Oh my God, Tommy! I haven’t seen you in a while!”


Vercetti shakes hands with Kelly.


Vercetti: “It’s good to see you too, Ernst.”


Kelly: “These things are delicious, I’m sorry I gotta go now, Tommy, my boys are outside waiting for this.”


Vercetti: “It’s all right, I just wanted to ask you something though.”


Kelly: “Go ahead son.”


Vercetti: “Have you seen Ken today? I’m looking for him.”


Kelly: “I’m sorry Tommy, I haven’t seen him in about two months now.”


Vercetti: “Two months? Weren’t you two playing together at the golf course since a long time ago?”


Kelly: “Well, I thought you had him busy with something, so I didn’t ask anything and just looked for a new partner, you know that kid. Avery Carrington Jr., and he isn’t half bad... “


Kelly notices Ray trying to sneak into the bathroom door.


Kelly: “… wait a minute! Machowski! What the hell are you doing here? Liberty City becomes history and suddenly you appear around here?”


Claude and Ray look at Kelly. Claude is confused.


Claude: “History? What do you mean?”


Kelly: “Were you living under a rock, kid? Liberty City is des...”


Ray immediately interrupts.


Ray: “Yes, Kelly, I’m right here, but it’s got nothing to do with what you think.”


Kelly: “Yeah, actually I think it has something to do with that CIA investigation against you. Do you think you can just come back down here, after all the sh*t you have done?”


Claude tries to interrupt.


Claude: “What about Liberty? What happened?”


Ray interrupts once again.


Ray: “Well Kelly, I’ve seen you’re the same son of a bitch as always. I actually discovered the nasty little deal you had with Leon McAffrey at the LCPD, but have you heard the news about him too? He’s dead now, you know?”


Kelly: “You’re such a cockroach, Machowski. You’ve always been!”


Ray: “Oh, shut the f*ck up already!”


Ray takes out a gun from his pocket, everybody in the place gets anxious about that. Some people begin screaming while some women cry. Vercetti’s guards take out their guns too and aim at Ray.


Vercetti: “What the f*ck are you doing, Machowski? Put that away!”


Ray: “I’m so f*cking tired of him!”


Kelly drops his box of donuts and takes out his gun too.


Kelly: “Do you wanna play rough, Machowski? If so, then bring it on! You have no chance with Vercetti’s guards all over the place and the police outside!”


Some people that managed to get near the door escape right away, others keep screaming and lying on the floor.


Claude: “Don’t be a f*cking idiot Ray and put that away!”


The tension is huge. Everybody is sweating and nervous. Ray knows there’s no way out so he slowly begins to put the gun back in his pocket when a loud rumble is heard outside of Rusty Brown’s. Everybody looks outside… a lot of armed people are coming from all directions towards the donut shop.


Vercetti’s assistant: “Who are they? Undercover cops?”


Kelly looks at them.


Kelly: “I have never seen them in my life.”


Machowski takes a brief look at the outside. He notices something weird about those people and immediately goes back where Claude is standing.


Ray (nervous): “Holy f*cking hell, we should get the hell out of here, kid!”


Claude: “What, why?”


Ray (nervous): “They look like the men we encountered back at Johnny’s apartment.”


Claude: “sh*t! Really? Do you think they’d start something with Vercetti in here?”


Ray (nervous): “Well, they outnumber Vercetti’s men right now so this doesn’t look good. Come on, let’s hide in the back!”


Ray takes Claude’s arm and they quickly go to the back of the counter, where a Rusty Brown’s employee is hiding. The employee freaks out.


Employee (nervous): “Please, don’t kill me! I didn’t do anything!”


Ray: “Shh! Shut up! We’re not going to kill you, we just need the keys to the back door.”


Employee (nervous): “There’s no such thing as a back door in here. That’s just a storage room. That door in the front is the only way in and out!”


Ray: “f*ck!”


Claude holds the employee’s hand.


Claude: “Well, in that case, we’re joining you here. You better don’t move!”


The employee becomes even more nervous and just covers his face with his hands. Claude and Ray just barely look at the scene.


The men are slowly arriving to the place.


Vercetti: “They look strangely familiar to me...”


Kelly goes outside.


Kelly: “VCPD! Who are you and why are you all holding guns?”


The men are still walking towards the donut shop.


Kelly: “Answer me, damn it!”


Vercetti: “This doesn’t look good so we better prepare ourselves.”


The men stop just a few feet away from Kelly.


Kelly: “Well?”


The men immediately prepare their weapons and start shooting. Kelly drops dead while the store front is being destroyed. Vercetti’s men immediately take cover behind tables and other furniture. Vercetti himself runs to the back of the counter where Ray, Claude and some other people are hiding.


Vercetti: “What the f*ck is going on?”


Claude: “This is exactly what happened at Johnny’s place!”


The men resume their walking towards the store while shooting, some of Vercetti’s men manage to take out a few of the attackers, but they’re just too many.


Vercetti: “Well, we better get the f*ck out of here!”


Vercetti makes a gesture, his men immediately take cover at the other side of the place.


Claude: “What are you doing?”


Vercetti takes a grenade out of his pocket.


Vercetti: “I’m always prepared for this. Look!”


Vercetti drops the grenade at the center of the room.


Ray: “What? Are you f*cking insane?”


The grenade explodes, but it’s really a custom-made smoke bomb that successfully confuses the attacking horde.


Vercetti: “Let’s go!”


Vercetti takes Claude and Ray to the storage room door.


Claude: “But there’s no way out in there!”


Vercetti: “You bet there is!”


Vercetti takes his gun out and shoots the door’s lock in order to get in, once inside, he shoots a weird-looking box in the ceiling that sounds an alarm and opens a hole in the floor.


Vercetti: “Over here, quickly!”


Vercetti, Claude and Ray quickly get inside some sort of escape tunnel, with Vercetti’s men following them.


Claude: “But the others will just get inside as well!”


Vercetti: “No, they won’t get a chance.”


Everybody runs through the tunnel, once Vercetti and company reached the end, the alarm stops.


Vercetti: “Take cover!”


A few seconds later, an explosion is heard. Some fire manages to escape the tunnel but everybody outside is unharmed.


Vercetti: “Well, I guess that’s the end of ‘em!”


Everybody gets up.


Ray: “Damn, that’s what I call a perfect getaway!”


Vercetti: “Well, we better get out of here. The police will take care of it.”


Vercetti’s assistant: “But what about Kelly? He’s dead now.”


Vercetti stops for a moment.


Vercetti: “Don’t you think I f*cking know that by now? Let’s forget about it, ok?”


Ray can’t help saying something.


Ray: “So much for being your friend, huh?”


Vercetti goes back at Ray.


Vercetti (angry): “This is just business, Machowski. I learnt long ago not to befriend somebody. Kelly was a great man, but he wasn’t my friend. Nobody is, so you better understand that! I don’t care if you helped my son earlier, just be happy you’re still alive and in one piece!”


Ray just looks at Vercetti who just turns around and keeps walking. Claude goes near Ray.


Claude: “What’s up with him?”


Ray: “I don’t know, kid. I just don’t know.”


Vercetti’s assistant goes near Claude and Ray and tells them to follow him. Claude and Ray begin walking towards the street.



Read Chapter 22
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I love this story! It has inspired me to finish mine! This story will, and always will be an inspiration to mine. I will wait patiently until the release of the PDF, or the next chapter to be released. biggrin.gif

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