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The decline of Liberty


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Nice chapter, but how is Luis still alive? Wasn't he about 60-something or more in '86? Still good, though.

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Nice chapter, but how is Luis still alive?  Wasn't he about 60-something or more in '86?  Still good, though.

And now, 15 years later, he's like 75-ish, and probably only directs work at the mill rolleyes.gif .


Anyway, good chapter, graet story keep writing.


Against the grain, against the odds, against the world

Forever the underdogs

We are the bastard sons
We are the ones that refuse to grow cold
We are the thorn in your side
We are the thieves in the night
And we're coming to take what's ours

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New chapter!!



user posted image

Family Values



Lobby, Kasen Casino – Torrington, Liberty City – Autumn 2001

Sunday – 9:25 AM


Some Yakuza members and Maria go inside the casino. Shinji and other Yakuza members join them.


Shinji: “Mrs. Speed. We’re sorry to bring you here but there’s a difficult situation right now and we think you’ll be safer in the casino.”


Maria: “What’s happening? Is Claude all right?”


Shinji: “We don’t know. Something happened down in Vice, we don’t know anything about our men or Claude.”


Maria: “What? What happened? I thought you were protecting him!!”


Shinji: “I know Mrs. Speed. I know. Listen, we’re trying to reach Claude as fast as we can but I can assure you he’s perfectly fine. Our men are very professional and they won’t let anything bad to happen to him.”


Maria: “Ok. I trust in your word.”


Shinji: “Thanks. Now, you’re going to stay in the basement. I’ve already made the arrangements to make it as comfortable and pleasant as possible. You won’t notice the difference between there and the hotel. A good team of bodyguards and servants will be taking care of you. Is that all right with you?”


Maria: “Yeah I guess. I just want Claude to be OK. I don’t want to lose him.”


Shinji: “You WON’T lose him. You have my word and my honor on that.”


Maria: “I thought honor didn’t mean anything to you.”


Shinji: “Oh, of course it means something. I won’t lose a personal friend of our organization and I won’t let down a good friend of my cousin Asuka.”


Shinji makes a reverence and orders several Yakuza members to protect Maria at all costs. The Yakuza take Maria downstairs while Shinji and his guards leave the casino.



Outside Kasen Casino – Torrington, Liberty City – Autumn 2001

Sunday – 9:32 AM


A big limo and several Yakuza Stingers are in front of the casino. Shinji and his guards get into the limo and everyone leave the place.


A Yakuza member talks to Shinji...


Yakuza member: “Waka-gashira. I’m confused. Why did you lie to Mrs. Speed?”


Shinji looks at the Yakuza member in the eyes and tells the driver to stop the car. The whole motorcade stops. Shinji orders everyone to get out of the limo and he does as well. All the Yakuza members in the other vehicles get out too.


Shinji (angry): “All right, you want to know why I lied, huh? Do you want to know?? ”


Yakuza member (nervous): “Sorry Waka-gashira... I... I didn’t mean to upset you.”


Shinji walks around in circles and stops.


Shinji (angry): “I lied because incompetent parasites like you can’t handle a simple task. I ordered those pigs to keep their eyes open and protect this guy and they FAILED!! They f*cking FAILED!! We the Yakuza ARE NOT MEANT TO FAIL!!”


Some tears come out from Shinji’s eyes...


Shinji (crying, still angry): “Look at my cousins. They’re dead. THEY FAILED!! I DON’T WANT TO FAIL LIKE THEM!! DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT??!!”


Yakuza member (nervous): “Yes, I understand... I’m... sorry for my incompetence. I hope you can forgive me Waka-gashira.”


The Yakuza member bows down to Shinji and puts his hands in front of his face and then lies on the floor as a sign of shame.


Shinji goes inside the limo. A few seconds later a Yakuza member approaches the one lying in the floor.


Yakuza member 2: “You better stay here in Torrington for your own good.”


Everyone but the ashamed Yakuza go back to their vehicles. The motorcade resumes their route and quickly disappears among the other cars in the busy streets of Staunton Island.



Office, Sex Club Seven – Red Light District, Liberty City – Autumn 2001

Sunday – 9:50 AM


Joey Leone, Toni Cipriani and Luigi Goterelli’s former associate Mickey Hamfists are in the office along with several Mafia bodyguards. Joey is sitting on a chair, worried, while Toni is talking to his mom on the phone. Mick is looking at the window listening to the conversation between the bodyguards.


Joey: “I can’t believe Luigi is gone.”


Mick: “We lose the Don and now Luigi. What am I gonna do? I can’t run this place alone, I’m no businessman!”


Joey: “Oh shut up, Mick! No one expected you to run this place anyway! You were only Luigi’s lap dog for f*cks sake!”


Mick (angry): “You have no idea what you’re talking about you moron!”


Toni excuses himself with his mother and hangs up, and then takes out a gun and puts it on Mick’s forehead.


Toni (angry): “Listen little sh*t! Joey is the Don now. You better respect him or else I’m gonna make myself some pizza with your guts. Is that clear??!!”


Toni punches Mick in the face.


Toni (angry): “IS THAT CLEAR??!!”


Mick’s nose starts bleeding.


Mick (weak voice): “Yes, I understand completely.”


Mick starts coughing. Toni puts the gun back in his pocket.


Toni: “Now apologize to the Don! DO IT!!”


Mick (weak voice): “I’m deeply sorry (cough) boss.”


Mick keeps coughing. His mouth and nose are covered with blood.


Joey: “Ok guys; take him to the hospital while I stay here. Don’t worry, the guards outside will take care of anyone that comes near.”


Mafia bodyguard: “Ok boss.”


Two of the men take Mick outside. Three other men follow them while another one stays in the door.


Joey: “Leave us alone, would you?”


The remaining guard nods and leaves the office, closing the door on his way out.


Joey sits down again and tells Toni to do so as well.


Joey: “Well, who’s gonna take care of the club?”


Toni: “I’ll be honest with you Joey, I was thinking that Mick was the right man to do the job but now I just think he’s an asshole. He’s lucky I’m not making meat balls with his skin right now”


Joey: “Nah, I really don’t think Mick could do a good job. He was just Luigi’s bodyguard.”


Toni: “Well, a few years ago he wasn’t just Luigi’s bodyguard and you know that. He protected your father while your grand-uncle ‘visited’ us. Luigi hired him because of his loyalty to the Leone family.”


Joey: “He might be loyal, Toni. But I don’t think he’s ready to take Luigi’s place.”


Toni stands up and goes to the window to look outside. There seems to be an army of Mafia members all over Red Light District and Hepburn Heights. Some Mafia men are having a fight with a few Triads, but it’s something irrelevant.


Joey: “What are you thinking?”


Toni: “I was just thinking about Don Salvatore. He was murdered just in front of this building.”


Joey: “I know, I know.”


Joey grabs a piece of paper and starts tearing it apart.


Joey (angry): “Speed MUST PAY!!”




Read Chapter 7
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This chapter is excelent. So much drama, you can feel the anger, you can feel the pain, and all of the emotion. Though no physical action happened, it had a lot of action. Keep it up, I'm dying to know what happens next.

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Sorry Prezkiller, i've been busy and havent caught up on your chapters, but i'll read them tomorrow and let you know. I think im 2 or 3 behind.

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Sorry Prezkiller, i've been busy and havent caught up on your chapters, but i'll read them tomorrow and let you know. I think im 2 or 3 behind.

And 3 days later... here comes Chapter 7!!


Thanks for the comments guys. wink.gif



user posted image

An Unusual Find



Vice City Docks – Vice Port, Vice City - Autumn 2001

Sunday – 10:20 AM


Claude is still looking for Ortega’s cousin around the docks. The weather is getting worse. It starts raining.


Claude: “Oh f*ck! I hate rain so much...”


Claude looks at his watch.


Claude: “Damn it! Where the hell is that guy? I know it’s still early but he should be here by now. This is a serious operation...”


The rain gets worse. The wind is blowing stronger too.


Claude: “sh*t! I think I better get back to the car.”


The weather is so aggressive at this point that it’s impossible for Claude to keep walking.


Claude: “f*ck! I need some cover.”


Claude spots an open door a few feet away from him. He runs there and goes inside. The place seems old and deserted.



Old Warehouse, Vice City Docks – Vice Port, Vice City - Autumn 2001

Sunday – 10:25 AM


Claude: “Damn, this place looks abandoned.”


Some thunders are heard outside, the rain gets worse by the minute. Claude closes the door. The place gets darker.


Claude: “This is like a small warehouse.”


Some noises are heard inside. Somebody seems to be groaning.


Claude (thinking): “sh*t, someone else’s in here!”


Claude re-opens the door. Some light comes in. Claude starts looking around. There’re some piled boxes in a corner. The noise seems to be originating in there. Claude gets his gun and aims at the boxes.


Claude (loud): “Who’s in there? Get out!!”


The groans get louder, but no words are heard.


Claude (loud): “GET OUT!!”


A few boxes are thrown away, someone kicked them. A hobo is in there but he doesn’t look in good shape and keeps groaning.


Claude: “Who are you?”


The hobo keeps groaning but manages to say a word.


Hobo (really weak voice): “Help.”


The hobo faints. Claude gets near him and checks his pulse.


Claude (thinking): “He’s still alive but he needs some medical attention quickly.”


Claude notices that the hobo might probably be something more than just a hobo. His clothes don’t look old or crappy, just dirty. It also seems that he’s been in there for a while. He also has a gun and some money in his jacket.


Claude: “You’re definitely not a hobo.”


The storm is outside. The rain, lighting, thunders, everything is going on at the moment.


Claude (thinking): “This guy needs some medical attention, yet a terrible storm is outside. And I have to look for Ortega’s cousin... Wait a minute!”


Claude thinks the guy in there is probably Ortega’s cousin. Who else could that be? Claude looks for his wallet and finds it.


Claude: “Let’s find out who you are.”


Claude looks at the ID in the wallet. The guy seems to be British and his green card expired a few months ago.


Claude: “You’re in serious trouble, Mr...”


Claude looks at the ID...


Claude: “... Paul Ackart from Kent, England.”


Claude thinks for a minute and then he takes his cell-phone out and calls Ortega...


Claude: “Come on, pick up the damn phone!”


(dialing tones)


Claude: “Pick up the f*cking phone!!!”


Unknown voice: “Yes, who is this?”


Claude: “Hmm… oh.. is Mr. Ortega there?”


Voice: “He’s in a meeting right now. Would you like to leave a message?”


Claude: “Just tell him that Bill called, I need to talk to him.”


Voice: “Ok, I’ll tell him. Good day sir.” (hangs up)


Claude (thinking): “Damn! I can’t find Ortega’s cousin, this guy is dying and Ortega is busy. What else could possibly happen?”


The storm outside is getting worse. The roof starts leaking.


Claude: “I need to get out of here.”


Claude goes to the door and looks around...


Claude: “This doesn’t look good. The car is so far away from here.”


Claude starts looking for something in Ackart’s wallet. He finds an old presentation card from Rosenberg & Co. Offices of Law in Vice City.


Claude: “Well, this is better than nothing.”


Claude dials the number on his cell-phone.


Voice: “The service is not available right now. Please try again later.” (hangs up)


Claude: “Damn! Now the phone is dead!”


Thunders are getting louder and stronger outside.


Claude: “This is REALLY not good.”


The leak increases in size. More water is getting inside the warehouse.


Claude: “f*ck it! I’m going outside to get the car.”


Claude takes a wooden box from the warehouse and takes a knife to make some holes in it. He then proceeds to put the box over his head and shoulders and looks through the holes. He opens the warehouse door completely, goes outside and closes the door. The rain is really aggressive so the box won’t hold for long.



Vice City Docks – Vice Port, Vice City - Autumn 2001

Sunday – 10:58 AM


Claude: “sh*t! This is an ugly storm!”


Claude runs to the other side of the docks where he left the Turismo. Fortunately he parked it under a roof. Claude removes the box and throws it away. He gets in the car and speeds to the warehouse.


Claude: “I could leave him there but I already touched his stuff and the last thing I need now is another problem. Now, if he’s dead, I have to get rid of the body and his belongings.”


Claude arrives to the warehouse. The leak is huge and the place is flooding already but Ackart’s head is still over the surface. Claude takes Ackart’s pulse, it’s really weak. Claude takes Ackart and his stuff to the passenger’s seat. Claude goes inside the car and starts the engine when he notices that the warehouse’s roof collapses.


Claude: “Whew! That was lucky!”


Claude hits the gas and leaves the docks to meet Ray at the other side of Vice Port.



Warehouse 28 – Vice Port, Vice City - Autumn 2001

Sunday – 11:10 AM


Ray is lying down on an old couch watching T.V. and drinking some coffee when Claude gets inside with Ackart’s body on his shoulders.


Ray (shocked): “What happened? What were you doing outside in the storm? Who’s the guy?”


Claude (exhausted): “He’s a guy I found at the docks, in an old warehouse. I thought he was a hobo but his clothes and his belongings proved me wrong. He has some wounds so I think someone smacked the hell out of him and left him there to die.”


Ray (upset): “Don’t you see this is dangerous? The mob or the Cartel probably left him there. You should have gone away and left him! You stupid moron!”


Claude: “Listen, just call this guy...”


Claude gives Ray the presentation card found in Ackart’s wallet.


Claude: “... I found it in his wallet.”


Ray looks at the presentation card.


Ray (still upset): “What am I? A f*cking sitter? You’re nuts kid. Besides, this place doesn’t even exist anymore.”


Claude: “What you mean?”


Ray: “The Harrison Hotel. It’s a condemned building soon to be demolished. This card is probably 20 years old.”


Claude: “Listen, just take care of him. You must know a reliable doctor in town!”


Ray: “I know many people, but no one would get here with this storm!”


Claude: “Just do it! If he has something to do with the Mafia or the Cartel he might be useful. I have to go now, I’m hopefully meeting someone at the docks in a few minutes.”


Ray: “With this storm? That’s impossible. Only crazy lunatics like you hang out in storms. Look at you, all wet and looking like sh*t! And what’s with the uniform? Did you get a job?”


Claude: “That’s what I’m trying to keep. I’ll see you later”


Ray: “Ok kid. I’ll take care of your new boyfriend.”


Claude stares at Ray. He wasn’t pleased with the comment but Ray couldn’t care less. Claude goes back outside. The storm is still going strong. He gets in the car and goes back to the docks.




Read Chapter 8
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Definitely nice, and definitely got me hungerin' for some more. You absolutely HAVE to keep it going with this.



Against the grain, against the odds, against the world

Forever the underdogs

We are the bastard sons
We are the ones that refuse to grow cold
We are the thorn in your side
We are the thieves in the night
And we're coming to take what's ours

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Definitely nice, and definitely got me hungerin' for some more. You absolutely HAVE to keep it going with this.

Thanks. Here's the new (a bit longer) chapter. smile.gif



user posted image

Keeping a Job


Vice City Docks – Vice Port, Vice City - Autumn 2001

Sunday – 11:35 AM


As Claude is approaching to the docks once again, he gets a call.


Ortega: “Hey Bill. I’ve been told you called me.”


Claude: “That’s right Mr. Ortega. I wanted to know if the meeting with your cousin is still going to take place.”


Ortega: “Of course it is, what are you talking about? Are you freaking out?”


Claude: “No, no. I’m just saying that with this storm, well, it’s kinda difficult”.


Ortega: “Listen, you gotta be tough in this business. Sissies are no use for me. Do you understand?”


Claude: “I do.” (hangs up)


Claude (thinking): “f*cking asshole. I’d rather work for Chonks again, if he was still alive of course.”


Claude parks the car in the same place as before. He notices a black Rancher and three Kurumas, also black, at the other side of the street.


Claude: “Damn, those look like FBI cars.”


Claude grabs his phone and calls Ortega.


Ortega: “Now what?”


Claude: “There’re some black vehicles in the docks. I think it’s the FBI.”


Ortega (laughing): “Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. My cousin is an agent. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine.” (hangs up)


Claude (thinking): “Now this is great. Ortega knows a man that has ties with the Cartel and has a cousin that happens to be a fed. Perfect! Now I suspect of Ortega even more.”


The storm starts to calm down. The wind blows weaker and weaker every second.


Claude: “Finally.”


A little rain is everything that’s left from the fierce storm. The men in the black vehicles get out. Claude looks carefully at them.


Claude: “Well, no familiar faces there. I hope they haven’t investigated me or something.”


Claude prepares himself. He hides a gun in his pants and gets out of the car. He goes near the agents, one of them stops him.


Agent: “Who are you? You can’t go in there, there’s a federal investigation going on.”


Claude: “Listen guys. Luis Ortega sent me. I’m looking for his cousin.”


The agent makes a gesture to another agent, who then proceeds to talk on the radio to someone.


Agent: “While we wait for confirmation, I’ll just leave agent Toreno to keep you company, just in case you’re a rat.”


Agent (yelling): “Hey Toreno, come here! Look at this asshole!”


A tall guy with a deadly look in his eyes and an M-16 in his hands approaches.


Toreno: “And who’s that? Is he looking for trouble?”


Agent: “He says Ortega sent him. We’re getting confirmation.”


Toreno looks at Claude.


Toreno: “I hope you’re telling the truth boy. Otherwise I might have to stick this little baby up your ass.”


The agent with the radio approaches the other agent and tells him something. The other agent nods and goes near Claude and agent Toreno.


Agent: “Ok, Ortega gave us his exact description. Take him to the bridge.”


Toreno: “All right boy, come with me.”



White Line Cargo Ship – Vice Port, Vice City - Autumn 2001

Sunday – 11:52 AM


Both Claude and Toreno go inside a cargo ship that just arrived at the docks. Some FBI agents inside notice Claude and prepare their guns.


Toreno: “Easy guys, he’s coming with me.”


Toreno opens a door. An FBI agent is sitting in a desk writing something.


Agent: “Hey Mike, who’s your company?”


Toreno: “He’s the guy that your cousin has sent.”


The agent looks at Claude.


Agent: “And what’s your name?”


Claude: “I’m Bill.”


Agent: “Just like that, ‘Bill’?”


Claude: “Yes, just like that.”


Agent: “Ok. Listen Mike, leave us alone for a minute, ok?”


Toreno leaves the room and closes the door.


Agent: “Ok Bill. I’m Danny... just like that.”


Danny stands up and goes near Claude.


Danny: “Do you want a drink, Bill?”


Claude: “No thanks.”


Danny: “Ok.”


Danny goes to a mini bar and grabs a bottle of scotch and serves himself a glass.


Danny: “Look Bill, I’ve heard you’ve got good credentials and that you seem trustworthy. I know you had already talked to Luis but I want to make myself clear...”


Danny drinks some scotch.


Danny: “If you screw this up. You and that crooked cop are history. As simple as that.”


Danny drinks some more scotch.


Danny: “If you screw this up. You’re gonna get ass-raped by psychos and degenerates at the state penitentiary and then we’ll kill you if you’re not already dead. As simple as that.”


Danny drinks some more scotch before putting the glass on top of the desk. Stares at Claude for a few seconds and then knocks the door.


Danny (yelling): “Mike, get your ass back here!”


Toreno goes back inside.


Danny: “Take him to the storage rooms. Help him load up the goods in the truck and then let him go.”


Toreno: “All right. Come with me.”


Claude stares at Danny for a moment, then he leaves the room along with Toreno.


Both Claude and Toreno get to the storage rooms. Claude takes a Forklift to pick up the boxes with the textiles while Toreno puts them in the back of the truck. Once they’re done, Toreno opens up the exterior doors and lowers the ramp so the truck can get to the docks.


Claude drives the truck to its final destination, warehouse number 108.



Outside Warehouse 108 – Vice Port, Vice City - Autumn 2001

Sunday – 12:44 PM


Claude is nervous, his uniform is still wet and it seems to have shrunk.


Claude (thinking): “Damn it. This uniform is useless now and I left my dry clothes in the other car.”


Claude is still thinking when he receives a page.


Pager: “Hey kid, where are you? Your boyfriend is at the clinic in Ocean Beach in case you’re wondering. Dr. Chavez is taking care of him. You owe me big! I’ll see you later.”


Claude (thinking): “Ray, you’re such an asshole!”


Claude notices some Securicars in front of the warehouse.


Claude (thinking): “Well, it seems the place is heavily guarded. I better hide the truck in case someone is near.”


Claude takes the truck and parks it behind a Pay ‘n Spray next to the warehouse.


Claude: “Ok, it’s time to hunt some guards, but first I need some dry clothes.”


Claude looks at the street looking for someone, but the storm just ended and most of the people are still at home or in shelters.


Claude: “There’s nobody in here and this shrunk uniform is getting very uncomfortable down there.”


Claude keeps thinking for a while...


Claude: “Aw f*ck it! I’m taking this uniform off.”


Claude proceeds to take his shirt and pants off. He only keeps his shirt, boxers and shoes on for the sake of decency.


Claude takes his gun and looks at the warehouse’s front. Nobody seems to be guarding the door.


Claude (thinking): “The guards must be inside. I have to find a way to sneak in.”


Claude walks around the warehouse looking for an alternate way to get in. Suddenly, a car is heard nearby. Claude runs for cover behind some boxes. A VCPD car appears. Two cops are inside and seem to be looking for something.


Claude (thinking) “They might be on their rounds. They don’t have the siren on.”


The cops stop in front of the Pay ‘n Spray. One of them gets out of the car while talking on the radio.


Cop: “We don’t see anything and the buildings seem to be fine... hey, wait a minute.”


The cop goes near the Pay ‘n Spray entrance.


Cop: “There seems to be water coming from the Pay ‘n Spray in Peterson Street. I think the place is flooded.”


The second cop gets out of the car and begins looking at the door. A big creepy noise is heard. The Pay ‘n Spray door bursts open and waves of water come out from inside the building along with some debris and furniture. The roof collapsed during the storm, flooding the building.


Both cops get hit and trapped by the door. One of the cops is dead and the other one is conscious but bleeding. The cop starts screaming and yelling for help. Claude looks at the freaked-out cop. The cop notices Claude.


Cop (desperate): “Hey you, get me out of here, please!”


Claude keeps looking at the cop. Only his head and right arm are free while the rest of his body is under the debris. The cop starts coughing.


Cop (desperate): “Please!! Help me out!! (cough) I’m begging you!!”


Claude goes near the cop and moves the debris out. The cop’s condition gets worse.


Cop (weak voice): “Help me! (cough) I can’t hold it anymore!”


The cop passes out. Claude checks his pulse. He’s still alive but won’t last long.


Claude: “What is it with the world today? This is the second time I try to save someone!”


Claude finally takes the debris off the cop’s body. The cop is severely wounded. Claude takes the cop’s body back to the police car.


Claude: “Sorry, but you must stay here. I have some business to take care of.”


Claude closes the car’s door. The wind is blowing and is cold as hell.


Claude: “Damn it! I’m freezing my balls off!!”


Claude looks at the other cop’s body lying on the floor. He died instantly as the sharp door beheaded him. The head is nowhere to be found though.


Claude (laughing): “It would be really funny if a little child finds the head in a playground.”


Claude undresses the dead body and puts the uniform on.


Claude: “It fits perfectly and isn’t very wet. This dead guy at least was useful in the afterlife, he he”


Claude starts thinking. The Pay ‘n Spray’s incident sure made a hell of a loud noise. It’s weird that nobody came out from inside the warehouse.


Claude (thinking): “This is really weird.”


Claude looks at the building. It doesn’t have any windows, just like the Pay ‘n Spray.


Claude (thinking): “Is it possible that the warehouse is flooded as well? If it is, then there’s no way I’m trying to get in. Besides, there’s no point as the textiles might be destroyed already.”


Claude keeps thinking for a while.


Claude: “Oh well, f*ck it, I’m going in!”


Claude goes near the warehouse’s main entrance.


Claude: “Water is not coming out from the door so I guess that’s a relief.”


Claude takes a crowbar from the debris in the floor and goes to the staff entrance, at the other side of the warehouse. Water’s not coming out from there either.


Claude takes the crowbar and sticks it in the door’s lock, trying to crack it. Finally, the door opens. It’s very dark inside.


Claude (thinking): “It’s dark so the roof didn’t collapse. Thank goodness.”


Claude looks for a light or something but nothing seems to work.


Claude (thinking): “Damn! Maybe the storm caused a blackout. I need some light, I can’t see anything here!”


Claude goes back outside and looks at the parked Securicars.


Claude: “Well, if they’re security guards I’m certain they should have some kind of flashlight or something.”


Claude goes near one of the Securicars and hears some noises nearby. He hides under the vehicle.


The back doors of the Securicar open. A security guard comes out from it and closes the doors.


Security guard: “Well, that was a relaxing nap after the storm. I better go check on things while the others get in here.”


The security guard goes around the warehouse. He finds the parked police car along with the dead beheaded body of a cop and the debris from the Pay ‘n Spray.


Security guard (shocked): “What the hell happened in here??”


The guard goes near the police car and finds the other cop lying in the back seat.


Security guard: “Are you OK?”


The guard keeps looking at the wounded cop. Claude takes advantage from the situation and hits the guard in the head with the crowbar, killing him.


Claude: “Ha. That was easy!”


Claude hears some sirens. Apparently the cop regained consciousness while Claude was inside the warehouse and requested reinforcements. Claude gets pissed and kills the cop with the crowbar.


Claude (angry): “You stupid f*ck! I should have killed you before!”


Claude takes the guns from the cop and the guard and quickly goes back to the Securicar where the guard was sleeping to hide. Claude finds some heavy weapons and ammo stashed in some boxes, along with a big bag of cocaine.


Claude (surprised): “Holy sh*t! These guys must be from the Cartel!”


Several police vehicles arrive to the place.


Megaphone: “VCPD! The warehouse is surrounded! We know someone’s in there! Get out with your hands on your head or we’re coming in!”


Claude starts thinking.


Claude (thinking): “Damn! This is serious sh*t!”


The cops outside begin to move near the door that Claude opened with the crowbar. Some cops go inside while others keep watching the surroundings.


Claude looks at the outside from a tiny window.


Claude (thinking): “I hope they don’t come closer.”


Claude keeps looking at the outside when suddenly a beeping noise is heard inside the Securicar. Claude quickly looks for the source of the noise and finally finds a small box with a blinking red light.


Claude: “sh*t, the pigs must’ve activated an alarm! I should get the hell out of here!”


Claude remembers that he’s wearing a cop uniform. He goes outside with a gun in his hands. A VCPD cop notices him.


Cop: “Hey! What’re you doing in there?!”


Claude: “I’ve heard a noise inside this van.”


Cop: “You must be new. You should know that these situations are dangerous! Let me see!”


The cop opens the Securicar’s back door and notices the weapons and drugs.


Cop (surprised): “Holy sh*t!!!”


The cop goes inside the van to check the stuff. Claude closes the door and locks it. The cop starts screaming.


Cop (screaming): “Hey! What the f*ck are you doing??!! GET ME OUT OF HERE NOW!!”


The cop starts kicking the door and keeps screaming. Another cop in the area hears the noises and goes near the Securicar. Claude takes a silencer he found inside the van and puts it on his pistol, then he hides at the other side of the van. The cop notices someone moving.


Cop (loud): “VCPD!! Freeze!!”


Claude quickly gets to the other side and shoots the cop in the eye. The cop drops his gun and quickly falls down. He screams in pain for a bit until he dies.


Claude (mad): “You stupid moron!”


Claude hears some cars getting close and quickly goes inside the front of the Securicar with the cop still trapped and kicking the door in the back.


Two Admirals, one Sentinel and one Securicar arrive to the place. Heavily armed guys come out from the vehicles, including Hernandez, the owner of the uniform shop.


Claude (thinking): “That’s Hernandez and probably the Cartel. I should get out of here!”


Claude starts the engine and immediately hits the gas. The armed guys start shooting at the Securicar while Hernandez gets in the Sentinel along with 3 other guys. Claude speeds away and quickly heads to the Vice City Business Complex, at the Industrial District, where Little Haiti once stood. Claude stops near one of the entrances, as there’re security guards at the gate.


Claude: “f*ck! That was close!”


Claude looks at the mirror. The vehicles he saw at the warehouse are quickly heading towards him.


Claude: “sh*t! I talked too soon!!”


Claude hits the gas once again and breaks into the Complex’s entrance, killing one of the guards. The pursuer vehicles followed him in, along with some private security squad cars.



Vice City Business Complex – Industrial District, Vice City - Autumn 2001

Sunday – 1:30 PM


Claude: “This is too extreme!! f*cking sh*t!!”


Claude keeps going in circles around the complex, scaring people off and avoiding shootings from the security guards and the pursuers. As he turns in a small alley, one of the pursuer vehicles crashes in a building.


Claude: “One down, several left!”


The police join the chase at this point. Several cop cars and Enforcers are on Claude’s tail.


Claude: “Oh f*ck!!”


Claude quickly drives to some stairs and goes up. The Securicar gets severely damaged.


Claude: “Damnit! I need a new vehicle!”


Smoke starts coming out from the engine, the situation doesn’t look good. Claude keeps causing mayhem and destroying things on his way when he finally crashes into a wall destroying it and making his way out of the complex. Some of the vehicles behind him crash as well.


Claude: “Sweet Jesus!!!!”


The Securicar is heading to the sea at a high speed and with the engine burning. Claude no longer can control the vehicle so he bails out before it’s too late. Claude gets severely hurt while the van falls into the sea and quickly sinks while the trapped cop’s screams of despair are heard. The Securicar finally disappears.


Claude gets up from the ground with some wounds on his arms, face and legs.


Claude: “Poor guy, sucks to be him...”


A big explosion occurs in the water. The Securicar and the cop are history. Some burning debris from the van fall all over the place.


Claude: “It really sucked to be him...”


Some sirens are heard nearby, Claude quickly runs away from the place with some difficulty.



Read Chapter 9
Edited by PresidentKiller


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New chapter!! Please post your comments! smile.gif



user posted image




Outside Business Complex – Industrial District, Vice City - Autumn 2001

Sunday – 1:48 PM


Claude’s face and legs have several wounds which are bleeding. Claude keeps walking on the alleys behind the buildings to avoid being seen.


Claude (agitated): “Damn, I need something to stop the blood flow...”


Claude keeps walking when he receives a page...


Pager: “Where the hell are you? I’m trying to reach you on the phone but you don’t answer it! Don’t dare to f*ck with me kid, you better call me ASAP!!”


Claude (agitated): “sh*t! I must’ve lost the damn phone! What am I gonna tell that asshole??”


Claude sees a Pappa Vercetti’s pizza restaurant in the corner which seems to be quite empty.


Claude: “Well, there must be a phone inside...”



Pappa Vercetti’s Pizza – Industrial District, Vice City - Autumn 2001

Sunday – 1:54 PM


Claude gets into the restaurant. A couple is having a conversation in one of the tables while a young employee is cleaning the counter. The employee notices Claude.


Employee: “Are you OK officer? You’re bleeding...”


Claude remembers he still has the cop uniform. The couple at the table also notices him.


Claude: “I’m fine. There’s been a situation at the Complex, I need to use your phone and your bathroom...”


Employee: “Sure officer. The phones and bathrooms are in that corridor to your left.”


Claude: “Thanks.”


Claude walks towards the corridor when the employee interrupts him...


Employee: “We have a first aid kit right here officer. Take it.”


Claude goes to the counter and takes the first aid kit from the employee.


Claude: “Thanks again.”


Claude once again walks towards the corridor. He grabs the phone receiver, dials Ortega’s number and takes everything with himself into the bathroom.


Claude opens the first aid kit and takes out some bandages and an alcohol bottle and proceeds to heal his wounds while the phone keeps dialing...


Claude (low voice): “Come on! Answer the damn thing already!”


Ortega: “Yeah, who is it?”


Claude (low voice): “It’s me, Bill.”


Ortega: “Bill? Where the hell are you? What happened with that business?”


Claude: “Listen, some weird sh*t happened at the warehouse. Hernandez got there for some reason with heavily armed guards. There were vans full of weapons and coke in there!”




Claude: “I didn’t f*ck up. The f*cking pigs got there first and went inside the warehouse activating an alarm, then Hernandez got there!!”


Ortega: “YOU STUPID LITTLE sh*t!!”


Claude: “Oh shut up already! I didn’t f*ck up! YOU f*ckED UP! Why did you want to steal drugs from your so-called friend, huh?! Answer me!”


Ortega: “I don’t have to explain myself to you! You f*cked up... Danny is so going to stick a shotgun up your ass for this!”


Claude: “f*ck DANNY! You owe me big, f*cktard! You LIED to me! I’VE KILLED LIARS LIKE YOU!!”


Ortega: “Oh yeah... I am the liar, right Claude?”


Claude: “What the hell?”


Ortega: “Yeah, that’s right. You’re Claude Speed from Liberty City. I should have imagined a little rat like you would come down here to hide from the mob, right?”


Claude: “f*ck YOU ORTEGA!!”


Ortega: “It’s really useful to have family on the FBI, you get to know interesting things about pieces of sh*t like you...”


Claude: “Oh yeah? You don’t know a thing, f*cking asshole!!”


Ortega: “Shut up boy. I’m not afraid of you. In fact, you are the one who should be afraid. If the Leone family gets to know your actual whereabouts, you’re history. Now, get back to the warehouse and bring me the stuff. Otherwise I might have to make a phone call to your Italian friends!” (hangs up)


Claude (angry): “f*cking piece of sh*t. I should have known Ortega would be a treacherous swine!”


Claude drops the phone receiver, picks up the first aid kit and proceeds to leave the bathroom. The restaurant’s employee is standing up next to the door.


Employee: “You’re not a cop, are you?”


Claude takes out his gun.


Claude: “No, I’m not. But you better don’t do anything funny or I f*cking blow your head off!”


Employee: “Easy. I might be of some use to you.”


Claude: “Really? You? A pizza boy?”


Employee: “I’m not just a pizza boy you know? Come see me at 6 PM if you want to get things sorted out.”


The employee goes back to the counter. Claude puts the gun back on his belt and makes his way out of the restaurant. Several police cars are patrolling the area near the business complex.



Outside Pappa Vercetti’s – Industrial District, Vice City - Autumn 2001

Sunday – 2:15 PM


Claude: “I should change clothes. I better go back to Ray’s”


A cop car stops on the street. The driver gets out and goes near Claude.


Cop: “What happened to you? You really look like sh*t!”


Claude thinks for a second.


Claude: “Yeah... I’m trying to go back to the precinct, can I have a ride?”


Cop: “Which Precinct?”


Claude thinks for a second once again...


Claude: “Ehh... Downtown...”


Cop: “Downtown? Damn dude, you’re really far away from there. I better take you to the one near the docks, it’s closer from here and there’s a clinic next door”


Claude: “Yeah, whatever. Just take me there.”


Cop: “Ok, hop in.”


Both Claude and the cop get inside the car and make their way out of the Industrial district.


Cop: “I haven’t seen you before. You must be new. What’s your name?”


Claude thinks...


Claude: “Bill... I’m Bill.”


Cop: “Alright Bill, my name’s Patrick. Nice to meet you. What happened to you?”


Claude keeps thinking...


Claude: “I was chasing the van that broke into the complex, I trashed my car when the van made its way out.”


The cop starts laughing...


Patrick (laughing): “You’re new and you’ve trashed a car already? The chief is gonna kick your ass!”


Claude: “Yeah, I guess so.”


The cop keeps driving until they get to Vice Port’s gate. The VCPD/South Medical Center building is in there. It was built a few years ago to provide a faster and more reliable response time in case of emergencies outside the Business Complex and surrounding areas, including the airport.



Outside VCPD/South Medical Center building – Vice Port, Vice City - Autumn 2001

Sunday – 2:23 PM


Patrick: “Well, this is it. I think you should go to the clinic before going inside the precinct. You look really bad. I must get back to the complex. I’ll catch you later. Good luck.”


Claude: “Yeah. Thanks.”


Claude gets out of the car. Patrick waves goodbye and speeds away from the place.


Claude: “sh*t. I can’t go in there. I’m walking down to Ray’s place.”


Claude gets inside Vice Port heading to warehouse 28. A few minutes later he finally arrives and knocks the door. Ray appears and lets Claude inside.



Back to Liberty, Maria is getting worried...


Basement Suite, Kasen Casino – Torrington, Liberty City - Autumn 2001

Sunday – 2:30 PM


Maria is sitting in a chair drinking some tea. She looks really worried.


Maria (worried): “I wonder what’s happening with Claude...”


Maria stands up and goes to the room’s door and opens it. A Yakuza guard immediately appears.


Yakuza: “Sorry Mrs. Speed. You can’t leave this room.”


Maria: “But I’m bored and worried. I want to know what’s going on.”


Yakuza: “I’m really sorry. We’ve got strict orders not to let you go.”


Maria: “Ok, whatever.”


Yakuza: “Lunch will be served in about 20 minutes.”


Maria: “Ok.”


Maria goes back to the room. The Yakuza guard closes the door.


Maria: “Damn! I want to know what’s happening.”


Maria looks around. The room is very comfortable but there’s nothing like a TV or anything that resembles a link to the outside world.


Maria: “They must be hiding something from me. At least they should’ve let me watch TV!”


Maria keeps looking around. She notices an air vent...


Maria: “I can get in there. It surely may lead upstairs.”




Read Chapter 10
Edited by PresidentKiller


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Nicely done, nicely done biggrin.gif The story has me really involved. I like the idea of the story and it has a certain appeal... that is simply compelling me to wait for the next installment.

Although I have a few qualms, I think I'll just send those via PM.


Keep up the good work.


Rown rampage_ani.gif

Thanks Rown, I wish the others would see it too. And yes, send everything via PM if you want, I'll gladly take a look at them. smile.gif


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Another good read. Man, you need to sign up at R* or some sh*t, I don't see why they wouldn't accept you with this story man.




FYI, I made the topic have a star tounge.gif .

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Another good read. Man, you need to sign up at R* or some sh*t, I don't see why they wouldn't accept you with this story man.




FYI, I made the topic have a star tounge.gif .

Thanks for the comments. smile.gif


About the star, it seems it didn't last long. confused.gif


New chapter!!


Spoiler warning: If you haven't played Liberty City Stories and don't want to know any details, don't read this chapter (but please do, it's quite interesting. tounge.gif).



user posted image

Whatever happened to the Good Old Days…?



Warehouse 28 – Vice Port, Vice City - Autumn 2001

Sunday – 2:38 PM


Ray is looking for something in some boxes while Claude is cleaning his wounds with a dirty towel he found lying around. Ray finds a bottle of brandy and some glasses and puts them on top of the table, sits down and stares at Claude.


Claude: “What?”


Ray: “Nothing. It’s just that you’re such a tough guy that you’re cleaning your wounds in such an unhealthy way...”


Claude: “I just use the available resources...”


Ray: “At least pour some alcohol on that nasty thing. It’ll get infected for sure...”


Claude: “Whatever”


Claude grabs the bottle of brandy, pours it on his wounds and serves Ray some in a glass...


Claude: “Cheers.”


Claude drinks the rest of the brandy...


Ray: “Well, that was the last bottle. I have to get some more.”


Claude: “Yeah, that would be good.”


Ray: “Tell me kid, what happened in there? You seriously look like sh*t!”


Claude: “Yeah, I’ve been told so before...”


Ray: “So, what happened? I can’t let you leave this place if each time you go outside you get yourself into deep sh*t. And what’s with the weird cop uniform?”


Claude: “Well, it’s a real cop uniform, I just... ehm... borrowed it...”


Ray: “Yeah, right. I remember when I used one of those VCPD uniforms...”


Claude: “You were a cop in here?”


Ray: “I was born here... well, I’m really from Northern Florida but I got tired of that sh*thole and moved down to Vice when I was 17. I got into the force 3 years later. I was a good cop back then but life teaches you tough lessons and you learn how things really work...”


Claude: “Well, you said it yourself, it’s a bent world!”


Ray: “Yeah, but I really liked my life down here... then I got transferred to Liberty City when Commissioner Kelly didn’t like what I did...”


Claude: “What did you do?”


Ray moves his hands for a while...


Ray: “Well, as I told you, I was being a good cop. I just liked to do my job right. I found out all about the corruption in the system, from the Mayor to the police force, including Kelly, who suspiciously got the job without even being a cop before! Kelly caught me and made himself quite clear; I had two options: work for him and shut the hell up, or get transferred to Liberty City.”


Claude stares at Ray...


Claude: “So you chose Liberty City...?”


Ray gets up and walks around the room...


Ray: “Hell no! I chose to work for him. I learnt everything about how to make ‘shady’ deals and make my way around criminal organizations, crazy businessmen and corrupt politicians. Kelly knows everyone in here, and is also a good friend of Vercetti.”


Claude: “And how did you end up in Liberty?”


Ray: “I got into trouble with the Colombians in here. I had to leave the city. Kelly was pretty pissed-off so he transferred me to Liberty.”


Ray sits down again...


Ray: “Three years ago I arrived to that place. It was much brighter and prosperous than the hellhole it has become. I met Leon McAffrey, that scum you killed a few weeks ago. He made my life even worse than Kelly ever did. He was always hanging out with criminals and mob bosses. When McAffrey got into trouble, I was always the one to blame. A couple of days before you killed him, I found out he was working for Kelly all these years, keeping an eye on me and watching every move I made. I told him I was going to notify Internal Affairs about all his deals, then he told me he had enough to put all the blame on me so it was better if I just behaved nicely. Of course that was the straw that broke the camel's back.”


Ray takes the glass of brandy and drinks it...


Ray: “McAffrey was such a piece of sh*t... he even helped Toni Cipriani and the Leone family to increase their influence in the city. What they didn’t know is that they were in fact helping McAffrey in spreading more crime and corruption around the place so he could get a cut from everyone. New criminal organizations arose, and Liberty’s shiny star began to fade.”


Claude: “Yeah, I know... the Colombian Cartel really hit the Mafia hard with the SPANK business. The Colombians grew pretty quick in such a short time span... I guess I should sell drugs as it’s such a profitable business... he he”


Ray: “The city has gone downhill since then, especially after the Sindaccos disappeared and Fort Staunton was destroyed.”


Claude: “Yeah, that wasn’t pretty. The apartment that bitch Catalina and I had was blown into pieces. Thank goodness we were robbing an electronics store in Pike Creek at the time.”


Ray keeps drinking the brandy...


Claude: “Well, enough chit-chat. Ray, your contact Ortega is a f*cking moron, he set me up and he knows about me and the Leones. He wants his merchandise even after knowing that I found out his sh*t!”


Ray (worried): “Ortega knows??!!”


Claude: “Yeah! His cousin is an FBI agent!! And some silly pizza boy told me he could get things sorted out... yeah, right...”


Ray: “A pizza boy? What’s his name?”


Claude: “I don’t know, but he’s like 16 or something. I guess he’s been playing too many videogames, he thinks he’s a thug or something.”


Ray: “Hey kid, after seeing everything I’ve seen in my life, I really wouldn’t underestimate a 16 year-old if I were you...”


Claude: “Whatever. I’m getting something to eat and then I’m heading to the Ocean View clinic to check on that guy I found. That f*cker Ortega will be lurking around so watch out!”


Claude goes outside the warehouse and ‘grabs’ a nearby PCJ-4500 bike...



Outside Warehouse 28 – Vice Port, Vice City - Autumn 2001

Sunday – 3:00 PM


Claude: “Too bad these things got banned from Liberty. Damn Republicans!”


Claude speeds away from Vice Port.



Read Chapter 11
Edited by PresidentKiller


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Thanks for the comments guys. smile.gif


The new chapter will be posted on Tuesday. Stay tuned!


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Gettin' desperate? sly.gif


New chapter!!



user posted image

You can run but you can’t hide



Basement, Kasen Casino – Torrington, Liberty City - Autumn 2001

Sunday – 3:01 PM


Maria is crawling inside the ventilation shaft. She’s looking for a way to get upstairs...


Maria: “Damn! This is so freaking uncomfortable! I should’ve kept my mouth shut and just dreamed about Claude instead of flirting with him and telling Salvatore about it!”


Maria keeps crawling...


Maria: “Who am I kidding? I needed some loving! ... Yeah, I haven’t even seen Claude’s equipment but I bet it would’ve been much more exciting than what that old senile man had!”


Maria keeps crawling. She still doesn’t find any way out...


Maria: “This is so tiring...”


Maria hears a rumble, then screams and gunshots...


Maria (worried): “I bet the Mafia is already here! I should get out of here!”


Maria finds a ladder and climbs it. Maria reaches the end of the ladder, the shaft continues...


Maria: “Damn shafts! I hate them!”


The rumble and gunshots sound closer and closer. Maria finds a vent and takes a peek at the outside...


Toni Cipriani is shooting at everyone with a shotgun while several Mafia members aren’t letting anyone leave the room.


Toni: “Take this you stupid Japs!!”


Maria (scared): “Damn! This is getting really bad!!”


Maria keeps crawling in the shaft until someone notices her...


Mafia member: “Hey, Toni. I think there’s somebody in that shaft!”


Maria (scared): “f*ck!! f*ck!! f*ck!!”


Maria speeds up her pace.


Toni: “Come here you f*cking moron!”


Toni shoots at the air vent until it comes out, then he takes a look inside the shaft and notices Maria...


Toni: “Maria! You f*cking whore! Stop right there or I’ll blow your f*cking ass off!”


Maria freezes. She starts crying.


Toni: “Come on, do you seriously think that will help you now?”


Toni keeps aiming at Maria with the shotgun.


Toni: “Alfredo, go to the other room and get that bitch!”


Alfredo, one of the many Mafia members in the place, goes to the other room and opens the air vent to get Maria.


Toni: “Where’s your beloved cornuto di merda now, eh?”


Alfredo has a hard time trying to get Maria as she’s hitting him in the face.


Maria: “Let me go you f*cking son of a bitch!”


Alfredo finally has Maria under control. She keeps screaming and kicking Alfredo. Toni grabs her chin.


Toni: “You damn bitch! I should let everyone here rape you in the ass the way you like it so much!”


Maria spits at Toni’s face.


Maria: “f*cking asshole!!”


Toni cleans up his face and slaps Maria.


Toni: “Take her to Hepburn Heights. Let Misty take care of her!”


Alfredo and the rest of the Mafia members hold Maria and leave the room. Maria keeps screaming and moving her arms and legs in despair.


Toni stands alone in the middle of the room, surrounded by the dead bodies of the Yakuza guards, he reloads his shotgun and finally leaves.


As the Mafia is taking Maria out of the casino, she notices that the place is burning down and full of dead bodies. Once they get out of the building, an army of Mafia men can be seen all over the street with their guns. Alfredo puts Maria in the back seat of a Mafia Sentinel where Toni Cipriani is waiting. Maria keeps screaming and hitting the door, but everything is useless now, the Mafia has finally caught her.



Outside Kasen Casino – Torrington, Liberty City - Autumn 2001

Sunday – 3:20 PM


The army of Mafia men are chasing and killing Yakuza members. One of the Mafia goons fires a rocket launcher against a Yakuza Stinger, destroying it.


Screams and gunshots are heard all over the place while some buildings are being consumed by fierce fires. Pedestrians and police officers are nowhere to be found. Hundreds of abandoned or destroyed cars are populating the streets.



Cherry Grove Ave. – Cedar Grove, Liberty City - Autumn 2001

Sunday – 3:25 PM


Shinji Kasen and his bodyguards are hiding behind a concrete fence. A couple of them are injured and the others are shooting at their Cartel enemies. Several Yakuza members scattered all over the street are also firing their guns.


Shinji looks worried, he has a machine gun ready to fire. A Yakuza member carefully approaches him.


Yakuza member: “Waka-gashira, we have no response from the casino!”


Shinji (worried): “What? Where’s Akashi? He’s supposed to be in charge!”


Yakuza member: “I don’t know Waka-gashira. This is not good.”


Shinji starts thinking, he notices a Cartel Cruiser coming from the nearby bridge. Shinji grabs his machine gun and fires at the incoming vehicle, blowing it up.


Shinji (angry): “That’s it! f*cking Colombians!”


Shinji reloads his gun while looking at the Yakuza member.


Shinji: “Listen, take a car and some men and go back to the casino, see what’s going on in there and call me as soon as possible.”


Yakuza member: “Sure Waka-gashira!”


The Yakuza member goes to the back of a house where some men are keeping an eye on vehicles, weapons and ammo. He tells them about Shinji’s orders and they all get in a Yakuza Stinger and leave the place.


Shinji (worried): “I hope everything is all right...”




Read Chapter 12
Edited by PresidentKiller


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Nice! Can't wait to see the next chapter! I recon you could turn this into a small expansion pack with some simple coding! biggrin.gif

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Nice! Can't wait to see the next chapter! I recon you could turn this into a small expansion pack with some simple coding! biggrin.gif

Yeah, if I had the knowledge... tounge.gif


Seriously, I was working in a map and everything, but it's really difficult with the almost non-existent free time I have. I wanted to make the Hope City mod too, but that'll have to wait. sad.gif


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These are extremely interesting!


I hope you got the PM I sent you PresidentKiller. wink.gif

People like you f*cking disgust me. I've seen too many people leave the GTA modding community because of people like you. You can't even model a f*cking square skyscraper yet you can model the Statue of Liberty in that much detail? Utter bollocks... in fact i'm not going to even let you attempt to post WIP shots of the statue I already know its not yours, I only need to go to 3dcafe.com and download the file to prove otherwise. So umm... f*ck off.



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Yeah, I'm sorry for the delay. There was a problem with my Internet connection that just got fixed. confused.gif


I've got an announcement to make:


Killer789 offered himself to make a "Decline of Liberty" movie (yes, a movie), using the VC and LC studios made by ceedj (the creator of popular Machinima series, "PEDS", and also a member of these forums). Let's all thank him and wish him luck on this huge endeavor. smile.gif



user posted image

Music and Crime



Outside Ocean View Hospital – Washington Beach, Vice City - Autumn 2001

Sunday – 3:30 PM


Claude is standing outside the hospital looking at a sign. He’s eating a hot dog he just got at Washington Mall where he bought the shoes, grey cargo pants and blue shirt he’s now wearing.


Claude: “This hospital is huge. I better finish this thing before going inside.”


Claude is done eating the hot dog and goes inside the hospital.



Reception, Ocean View Hospital – Washington Beach, Vice City - Autumn 2001

Sunday – 3:32 PM


Claude goes near one of the nurses at the reception. She’s typing something on a computer.


Claude: “Excuse me, where can I find a patient called...”


Claude takes out a piece of paper from his pocket and reads it...


Claude: “... Paul Ackart? I’ve heard Dr. Chavez is taking care of him.”


Nurse: “Are you a family member?”


Claude thinks for a second...


Claude: “Yes, I’m his... cousin...”


Nurse: “His cousin? And why can’t you remember his name?”


Claude thinks...


Claude: “Well, you know, he lives in England and I’ve never met him... dad sent me here...”


The nurse doesn’t look convinced at all.


Nurse: “Oh well... I’m going to retire soon anyway so I’ll just pretend I’ve believed in your stupid story... just try harder next time, ok? Dr. Chavez wanted to give you something...”


The nurse types something on the computer. A piece of paper comes out from a printer. The nurse grabs the paper and gives it to Claude.


Nurse: “... this is your bill. You can pay right here with a credit card or you can also take one of those blue forms on your left and pay at the Robina Bank in Little Havana.”


Claude takes a look at the bill...


Claude (shocked): “FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS??!! WHAT THE HELL??!!”


Nurse: “Your... ehm... ‘cousin’ was in a pretty bad shape.”


Claude: “For Christ’s sake! Fifty grand?!?!”


Nurse: “You can’t put a price on your cousin’s health, can you?”


Claude: “Ok, ok… can I see him?”


Nurse: “Of course, but after seeing your reaction, I hope you don’t kill him...”


Claude: “Don’t worry, he’s not the one I’m going to kill for this...”


Nurse: “Yeah, whatever. Room 502. Take the elevator on the red section and please, don’t do anything stupid... at least not here!”


Claude walks to the red section and takes the elevator to the 5th floor.


Claude (thinking): “sh*t! Ray should pay for this! He brought him here!!”


Claude arrives to his destination. He leaves the elevator, goes to a pay phone nearby and calls Ray, who answers a few seconds later.


Ray: “Yeah, who is it?”


Claude: “It’s me Ray, I can’t believe you brought that guy to such an expensive place! Fifty thousand bucks, come on!!”


Ray: “Listen kid, Dr. Chavez was the only doctor available when you brought your boyfriend here!”


Claude: “Ok, quit it already Ray! I’m gonna talk to that guy to see if he’s of any use and if the 50 grand are worth it. (hangs up)”


Claude: “Damn!”



Room 502, Ocean View Hospital – Washington Beach, Vice City - Autumn 2001

Sunday – 3:40 PM


Claude walks to the designated room where Ackart seems to be sleeping. Claude goes near the bed.


Claude: “Who are you anyway?”


Ackart moves and opens his eyes. He immediately screams in fear.


Ackart (scared): “Please, please, stay away from me!!”


Claude: “Whoa! Calm down dude!”


Ackart (scared): “What in bloody hell do you want?”


Claude: “I found you at that warehouse, someone kicked the sh*t outta you!”


Ackart: “Tell me about it, mate. I should’ve never gotten back here, it’s not even worth it.”


Claude: “What do you mean?”


Ackart: “Forget it, mate. You’d never understand it.”


Claude: “Listen dude, whatever is going on around you is something I’m interested in knowing about. You have two choices: tell me how deep is the sh*t you’re in so I can pay your hospital bill and take you to a safe place, or stay here and wait ‘till the hospital kicks you out and let whoever beat you out do it again!!”


Ackart calms down and thinks for a moment.


Ackart: “All right, bruv. I’m talking...”


Claude: “Go on”


Ackart: “I’m such a failure. I was at the top mate, but I blew it. I was the genius behind big British bands such as Love Fist and The Gurning Chimps. Have you heard about them?”


Claude: “Well yeah, like 10 years ago...”


Ackart: “Well, yes. I know they aren’t that big anymore but I was the best manager they’ve ever got, sunshine!”


Claude: “Ok, and how’s that related to your current situation?”


Ackart: “Let’s say that a long time ago I had the misfortune to meet a maniac by the name of Tommy Vercetti. I helped him numerous times until one of his gorillas beat me up and put me on a flight to Manchester... I’m from Kent, not from bloody Manchester!! I had nothing there!! Anyway, I went to some night club for a drink. I met a wanker, literally, called Maccer who happened to be the lead singer of some band. He told me they were looking for someone in the music industry. Since I wasn’t with Love Fist anymore thanks to Vercetti and I desperately needed a job, I told him I was the right man for the job!”


Claude: “Ok, you became their manager and the band turned into a success, what happened?”


Ackart: “Not quite yet. It turns out some idiot heard our little chat at the club, contacted Maccer the next morning, offered him some money along with a record deal and took him away from me! I had to work in a sh*te bakery for two f*cking years! Me, Kent Paul, IN A BAKERY??!!”


Claude: “If I was a customer of that bakery I would’ve puked right now...”


Ackart: “Ha ha, very funny mate. Anyway, I got a call one day. It was my friend Rosie who was still working for Vercetti. He found out where I was and sent me some money so I could go back to my hometown and re-establish myself in there. I should’ve done what he told me and keep myself away from trouble but I didn’t... I went to London the next day, I made some connections and got a job at some insignificant record label after numerous tries. The fact that I was Love Fist’s manager didn’t seem to care to anyone.”


Claude: “Well Paul, Love Fist really sucked in their last years...”


Ackart: “Hey mate, it wasn’t my fault! The sound equipment was bollocks. I can’t be held responsible for dodgy gear!”


Claude: “Whatever...”


Ackart: “Ok, when I was in London, Maccer and his band, now known as The Gurning Chimps, grew pretty famous. I talked to him at some gig. He wanted a world tour, but his current manager wouldn’t give it to him. I offered him a tour in America and he agreed. Maccer’s manager called me later that day and told me that if I wanted to take the band with me, it would cost me 50 thousand dollars. I couldn’t miss this opportunity so I phoned Rosie, but some mug told me he was on rehab at some small town in San Andreas and hung up. After some meetings, my record label finally agreed to pay and gave me the money to get Maccer’s contract. I set up a gig in Los Santos to see if I could get in touch with Rosie. He finally called me and told me he was now working at a casino in Las Venturas...”


Claude seems desperate and interrupts Paul...


Claude: “Enough Paul! What does everything have to do with you being in an old warehouse here in Vice City?”


Ackart: “Ok, just a moment, mate. The thing is, Rosie was now working for the Leone family.”


Claude interrupts Paul once again...


Claude: “Wait a minute! The Leones??!!”


Ackart: “Yes. He worked for Salvatore Leone for a while until he tried to take us out. Some black guy saved us and we all worked in the West Coast music scene with him, until the mob paid him a visit...”


Claude: “And what happened?”


Ackart: “Well, I kept representing Maccer and The Chimps, and a rapper called Madd Dogg. It was all good until Rosie disappeared and Madd Dogg retired. I kept touring around America with Maccer and the boys until they couldn’t get along anymore. My green card expired and I was broke. I tried to locate Rosie without success until I heard he was back in Vice City. I came here looking for him and all I found was that gorilla that, as you can see, kicked my arse pretty hard once again... thankfully he didn’t send me back to England this time.”


Claude stares at Paul.


Claude: “You’ve certainly had hard times!”


Ackart: “Yes mate. Sometimes I think God just hates me.”


Claude: “Listen, I’ve only got 20 grand. I’ll try to get the rest of the money and you can come with me. You’ll help me reach Vercetti.”


Paul reacts fearfully once again...


Ackart (scared): “Vercetti??!! NO WAY mate. I’m not getting near that psycho ever again!”


Claude: “Relax dude, I just need some directions!”


Ackart (scared): “You’re insane mate! Vercetti’s gonna f*cking kill me as soon as he sees me! I ain’t taking that risk!”


Claude: “Hey, if Vercetti wanted you dead, he’d have killed you by now, don’t you think?”


Paul calms down...


Ackart: “You might be right mate, but I don’t want him or any of his gorillas near me!”


Claude looks at his watch...


Claude: “f*ck! It’s getting late! I gotta go, I’ll see you later!”


Paul gets nervous...


Ackart (nervous): “Wait a minute, mate! You can’t leave me here! It’s not safe!”


Claude: “Nothing is going to happen to you while you’re here. In fact, you’ll be safer here now that some drug dealer is looking for me. I’ll see you later.”


Claude leaves the room.


Ackart: “A drug dealer? Damn it! Can’t I just meet someone who isn’t involved with drugs?”




Read Chapter 13
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This is great PK. Keep up the good work, i'm loving this story.


And good luck with the movie, that is quite a good idea.

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