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The decline of Liberty

Recommended Posts

Cypress Hill

When's the next chapter. Come on, I need a fix!

I think I'm going into withdrawal.

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user posted image

Conspiracy Theories


Room 408, Ocean View Hospital – Washington Beach, Vice City - Autumn 2001

Monday – 4:07 PM


The hospital room has two beds being occupied by Ray and Paul. Paul is sleeping while Dr. Chavez is taking care of Ray’s leg. Claude is sitting in a nearby couch reading a magazine.


Dr. Chavez: “Well Ray, your leg is fine but you have to rest.”


Ray: “Me? Rest? Please Maurice, don’t be so silly. I’m a busy man.”


Dr. Chavez: “You have to rest. Otherwise I’ll have to cut off your leg!”


Ray: “All right, all right, don’t get too extreme on me!”


The doctor walks towards Claude.


Dr. Chavez: “Are you sure you’re fine?”


Claude: “Yes.”


Dr. Chavez: “Well then, I guess I’m leaving. Now you better stay away from trouble Ray, I can’t keep risking my career like this, and that goes for your friends too.”


Ray: “Yes, Maurice. I know.”


Dr. Chavez: “I gave Paul a sedative, he really needed it. He’ll wake up in about 5 hours. After that you should leave the hospital as I don’t want any trouble. In the mean time, the nurse is around so call her if you need something.”


Ray: “All right.”


The doctor leaves the room and closes the door.


Claude: “It’s good to have a doctor as a friend, seriously.”


Ray: “Yeah, but you know how pricey his bills are.”


Claude: “Where did you meet him anyway?”


Ray: “I met him at some restaurant in 1984. He was a radio host at the time.”


Claude: “Really?”


Ray: “Yeah, and I think he was also a clown before. I remember seeing him at some children’s party back in ‘79 dressed in a stupid suit with orange dots all over it. It was awful.”


Claude: “And now he’s a doctor. Unbelievable.”


Ray: “Well, after all the money he got from that Pastor Richards fiasco that ended his career in the radio, well, he was able to afford a good education.”


Claude: “What fiasco?”


Ray: “I guess you were too young at the time. It was all over the media in 1986. Pastor Richards was the head of a shadowy religious organization that planned to build a ‘salvation statue’ upstate. He went berserk on Chavez’s live radio show and shot some guy. He was arrested but his ties with Alex Shrub, who was a congressman at the time, kept him out of prison... until an IRS investigation determined that Richards’ church was fraudulent and was sentenced to 20 years without parole. Shrub couldn’t help him anymore since he lost the election a year later.”


Claude: “And how did Chavez get so much money?”


Ray: “The FCC ordered the station to cancel the show shortly after the incident. Chavez was left without a job and he almost was shot during the incident too, so he sued the station and won. The station went bankrupt almost immediately.”


Claude: “Wow.”


Ray: “Yeah.”


Claude leaves the magazine on the couch, stretches his legs and gets up.


Claude: “All right now, we should talk about the current situation. There’s a huge movement against Vercetti involving the Leones, Luis Ortega, some of Vercetti’s own people, including his consigliere, and possibly the Cartel.”


Ray: “I don’t think we should worry about Vercetti, kid. This is a huge mess and I don’t think it’ll be good for us to get involved.”


Claude: “What are you talking about? We need to gain Vercetti’s trust and there won’t be a better opportunity than this one. We have to get Vercetti’s help, or everything in Liberty City will be lost.”


Ray gets silent and just stares at Claude.


Claude: “What?”


Ray clears his throat.


Ray: “I should be honest with you. Everything in Liberty IS already lost…”


Claude: “What do you mean?”


Ray: “Hang on.”


Ray presses a button in the left side of the bed. A few seconds later, the nurse appears by the door.


Nurse: “Yes, what can I do for you?”


Ray: “Could you bring us today’s paper, please? I’d also like a bottle of brandy with two glasses.”


Nurse: “I can bring the paper sir, but there’s no way I can give you alcohol. This is a hospital and you’re a patient.”


Ray: “Well then bring the damn paper and two cups of coffee, please!”


Nurse: “All right.”


The nurse goes outside and closes the door.


Claude: “What’s going on?”


Ray: “It would be better if you see it yourself.”


After a few minutes, the nurse comes back into the room with the newspaper and the cups of coffee and leaves them in a small table next to Ray’s bed.


Ray: “Thanks.”


The nurse gets out of the room again and closes the door.


Ray: “Take the paper, kid.”


Claude takes the newspaper from the table and takes a look at it.


Claude: “Well, duh!”


Ray: “What? Aren’t you shocked?”


Claude: “Ray, are you all right? We were there, remember?”


Ray: “Let me see that.”


Claude gives the newspaper to Ray. The headline says: “Attack on Shady Acres: Johnny Vercetti injured on the incident.”


Ray: “sh*t, I was referring to other issue. Let me see.”


Ray flicks through the newspaper.


Claude: “Can’t you just tell me what’s going on?”


Ray puts the newspaper away.


Ray: “All right, whatever. Listen... a war broke out in Liberty City. Apparently the Mafia, the Cartel and the Yakuza are all responsible.”


Claude: “That’s impossible!”


Ray: “Oh, believe me, it’s very possible.”


Claude goes near the TV in the room and turns it on. There’s a movie on so he changes the channel repeatedly until he finds what he’s looking for.


TV Presenter: “… are still finding more clues that the Liberty City Mafia family, the Leones, initiated what seems to be the most devastating gang-related incident that has ever taken place in American soil. We are still unable to establish any form of communication....”


Some live footage is shown on TV. Staunton Island is surrounded by very thick smoke and some fires can be seen underneath.


TV Presenter: “... but we do know that many buildings on Staunton Island are on fire. We’ll now go back to Liberty City for an exclusive report with Sarah Nolan. Sarah?”


A woman in a coat appears on the scene. It seems to be raining.


Sarah: “I’m right here at the Cedar Ridge tunnel entrance where the army is blocking all access to the city. Let me remind our viewers that Cedar Ridge is the only place in Liberty that wasn’t affected by the conflicts between the different criminal organizations thanks to the maintenance works being done on the tunnels. The army has now announced that Shoreside Vale can be accessed by a group of crime scene investigators and special counter-terrorism teams that will comb the area looking for clues and possible suspects.”


TV Presenter: “Sarah, does the army know anything about the Mayor of Liberty City, Miles O’Donovan?”


Sarah: “Well, despite the rumors of his death, Mayor O’Donovan is safe at Fort Winston, in nearby Carcer City, with the rest of the few people that have fled the scene. We haven’t had the opportunity to talk to him since the army won’t allow it, but we’ll keep trying.”


TV Presenter: “Are there any news about the official death toll?”


Sarah: “There’s nothing official as of now, but some rumors began circulating about the possibility of hundreds of thousands of deaths, which is terrible, of course.”


TV Presenter: “Well, thank you for your report.”


Sarah: “Yeah, I’ll keep you informed.”


TV Presenter: “In the local news, the police are still investigating the explosion that took place earlier today at the North Point Mall...”


Claude turns off the TV.


Claude: “I just can’t believe it. Liberty City has been destroyed?”


Ray: “Yes.”


Claude: “But why didn’t you tell me about this before?”


Ray: “I thought it wasn’t appropriate.”


Claude: “Maria and Shinji must be in great danger, we should go back!”


Ray: “Well, I’m sorry but I’m staying here. Besides, you’re just one man and I bet the Mafia got bigger and stronger by now. What are you gonna do in Liberty on your own? You can live nicely in here... of course, you need to take Ortega down first.”


Claude: “f*ck that sh*t. I’d rather go back to Liberty and try to rescue Maria than stay here and keep losing my time with Vercetti’s sh*t.”


Ray: “Wow, what made you change your mind?”


Claude: “I just realized Vercetti is a lost cause, and new more important problems just arose.”


Ray: “Vercetti is a pretty strong and influential man. He knows how to return a favor, if you know what I mean.”


Claude: “That’s bullsh*t! We saved his f*cking son’s life and look! He just told us to f*ck off! And what made YOU change your mind?”


Ray: “This time you’re gonna save his ass. Even Vercetti should know how to reward such a thing. And I’m saying this because you really need his help, and he needs yours.”


Claude: “Well, we’re supposed to find his consigliere, aren’t we?”


Ray: “Well, just as soon as I recover from this… in the meantime, we need a place to lie low since the warehouse must be being watched by Ortega’s men or the Leones by now.”


Claude remains silent. He seems to be thinking about something.


Ray: “What’s wrong kid?”


Claude: “I was just thinking… maybe I should’ve stayed in my home city. I don’t think any of this would’ve happened.”


Ray: “Your city?”


Claude: “Yeah, I lived in San Fierro until I met Catalina back in ‘92.”


Ray: “San Fierro? I’ve heard it’s a pretty cool place.”


Claude: “It is. If somebody had told me the truth about Catalina back at that time, I’d still live there, probably.”


Ray: “Have you always been a criminal?”


Claude takes a few seconds to answer that.


Claude: “I was only into illegal street racing before I met Catalina. She introduced me to the Colombian Cartel when we first arrived to Liberty City. We robbed stores and banks for many years until they betrayed me.”


Ray: “Yeah, life is like that sometimes. Just look at Vercetti. He seems to have everything in the world but for some reason he has many enemies, including some of his own men.”


Claude: “Well, sometimes the enemy is right next to you and you don’t even notice it.”


Ray: “Well, now that Kelly is dead, I wonder what’s going to happen with Vercetti’s influence at the VCPD.”


Claude: “You should go back now that Kelly is gone.”


Ray: “Are you f*cking kidding me? The CIA is on my ass. I’m sure they know I’m in Vice City right now after the incident at the mall. I don’t know about you, but I think I should go to Mexico and hide in there.”


Claude: “Mexico?”


Ray: “Yeah, I’ve heard Hope City is the perfect place to hide.”


Claude: “Hope City? Well, I’ve heard that place was way too dangerous, even for tough guys.”


Ray: “Don’t believe everything you hear.”


Claude: “You should take your own advice.”


Ray: “Whatever. Let’s rest for a while, shall we? I think we deserve it.”




Read Chapter 27
Edited by PresidentKiller

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Vanilla Shake

Maurice Chavez-VCPR.........Great chapter dude! Keep 'em coming!

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it is a great story man keep up the good work

peace out


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Cypress Hill

Wonderful, can't wait for the next chapter.

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hey i have only read until chapter 9 and i must say what a great story rah.gificon14.gif

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Thanks for the comments. I really appreciate it. smile.gif



user posted image



Vercetti’s Office, Vercetti Estate – Starfish Island, Vice City - Autumn 2001

Monday – 4:52 PM


Tommy Vercetti is sitting on his chair, thinking.


Tommy (thinking): “Why does this happen to me? What have I done wrong?”


The phone rings. Tommy presses the speakerphone button to answer.


Tommy: “Yes?”


Voice: “Mr. Vercetti, Johnny is now conscious. He’s doing well right now but I’m still concerned about some of his injuries.”


Tommy gets up.


Tommy: “Thank goodness!”


Tommy cheers up.


Tommy: “Could you bring him here, doctor?”


Doctor: “Well, I think he should be transferred to the medical center.”


Tommy: “There’s no need for that. We’ve got everything ready in here. We even hired some extra nurses. I’ll send the helicopter right away.”


Doctor: “You don’t understand, sir. Johnny needs some rest and to be away from that… how to say it… lifestyle of yours. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to offend you sir, but Johnny is just a teenager! He should be in high school playing pranks on people and cheating on his exams instead of carrying rocket launchers and blowing people up, for Christ’s sake!”


Tommy gets mad.


Tommy (mad): “Listen! That was Johnny’s choice. Whatever he does, it’s his decision. I’m just trying to let him live the way he wants.”


Doctor: “You’re a parent, sir, you should be more responsible. Johnny is a young kid. When we are kids, we learn how to handle things so that we don’t screw up later in life, and we need our parents’ knowledge and wisdom to accomplish that. You’re a decent person, Mr. Vercetti, despite your… occupation… and everything that has happened because of that, but I don’t think Johnny should carry on your legacy at such a young age. He has gunshot wounds on his body! Don’t you think that’s a huge shock for somebody so young?”


Tommy: “You know what? Forget it. I’ll send somebody to pick up my son later!”


Tommy hangs up.


Tommy: “f*cking doctors! What do they know anyway?”


Woman’s voice: “They know more than you do, darling. That’s for sure.”


Tommy turns around. His wife Mercedes is right there. She’s wearing a purple dress and sunglasses and she’s holding a cigarette.


Mercedes: “I can’t believe you let Johnny get into such a thing! My poor little baby!”


Tommy: “He’s fine. This is all part of the business. I got shot many times when I was younger. I almost got killed earlier today!”


Mercedes: “Yeah, I know about that. The thing is…Johnny is just 15!”


Tommy: “That’s what everybody keeps telling me. I know he’s f*cking 15! I was only 17 when I killed my first enemy! I’m actually proud Johnny began two years earlier.”


Mercedes approaches Tommy. She takes off her sunglasses and puts the cigarette in an ashtray on the desk.


Mercedes: “But that was because you had just lost your father, and suddenly you were on your own. Johnny, on the other hand, has his f*cking parents! We are right here!”


Tommy: “Yes, US!”


Tommy gets mad.


Tommy (mad): “You said it! If WE are his parents, maybe you should take care of him more often! You don’t even talk to him anymore!”


Mercedes: “That’s because I don’t see him anymore! He never shows up for dinner, he just hangs around that pizza parlor of yours and that fancy apartment in Shady Acres! He’s no longer our precious son! He’s just a cold-blooded killer, just like his father! Maybe you should’ve named him Tommy Vercetti Jr.!”


Tommy (mad): “Well, at least he’s not a girl that would’ve probably turned into a whore just like his mother!”


Mercedes gets mad and some tears come out from her eyes.


Mercedes (mad): “I don’t know you anymore, Tommy. What happened to you? You were so loving and careful! Now you’re just greedy and full of hate! You don’t even take care of your own son. All you care about is money and your f*cking business!”


Mercedes starts crying.


Mercedes (crying): “I’ll go out for a couple of days. I need to stay away from all of this...”


Mercedes takes her sunglasses and leaves the room. Her cigarette is still on the ashtray, burning slowly.


Tommy puts his hands on his head and sits down.


Tommy: “‘What happened?’ That’s exactly what I’d like to know...”


Time slowly passes away while Tommy is just sitting in there, thinking about Johnny and what Mercedes and the doctor told him.


Two hours later, the room starts getting dark as the sun is hiding on the horizon. Tommy carefully watches it from one of the windows.


Tommy: “I remember when Mercedes and I used to watch the nightfall from the shore. I miss that.”


Tommy keeps thinking. The room doesn’t get completely dark thanks to the CCTV monitors and the lights outside. Tommy takes a look at one of the monitors where he sees Mercedes boarding the limo at the front door.


Tommy takes the phone and presses a button.


Voice: “Yes, Mr. Vercetti?”


Tommy: “Where’s my wife going?”


Voice: “The limo is taking her to the airport, sir. She’s going to stay with Colonel Cortez for a while.”


Tommy: “All right, thanks.”


Tommy hangs up and turns on his desk lamp. He puts his glasses on and takes out a dusty photo album from one of his drawers and opens it. He looks at a really old picture with a happy young couple and a baby sleeping in the mother’s hands.


Tommy sighs.


Tommy: “Oh, father. Why can’t I be more like you? Mom adored you until the end...”


Tommy turns the page. There’s a picture of a much younger Johnny playing with a toy car and enjoying himself.


Tommy: “Maybe they’re right, Johnny. I haven’t been much of a father in the last few years.”


Tommy starts thinking for a moment.


Tommy: “Oh Johnny...”


Tommy puts his hand on his head and keeps thinking for a few minutes until the phone rings. Tommy quickly presses the speakerphone button.


Tommy: “Yes?”


Voice: “Claude Speed is at the Eastern gate sir. He wants to talk to you.”


Tommy looks at one of the monitors. Claude is standing at the gate alone.


Tommy: “All right, bring him here.”


Tommy gets up from his chair and goes near the door to turn on the rest of the lights. He then sits down at the lounge in front of the monitors. A few minutes later, one of the guards gets inside the room with Claude.


Tommy: “Leave us alone.”


Guard: “Are you sure sir?”


Tommy: “He doesn’t have a gun, does he?”


Guard: “No sir, he’s clean.”


Tommy: “Ok then, what’s the problem?”


Guard: “All right sir.”


The guard looks at Claude for a second and leaves the room.


Tommy looks at Claude.


Tommy: “Sit down and tell me why you are here again. I think I told you and Machowski to stay away from me.”


Claude sits down. He looks a little nervous.


Claude: “Well, I… I just wanted to tell you how marvelous your house is.”


Tommy looks into Claude’s eyes.


Tommy: “I don’t think you came all the way back here, alone, and without any protection just to tell me that, am I right?”


Claude doesn’t know what to do. He just stays there while Tommy keeps looking at him. A few minutes later, he gets up and goes near the monitors.


Claude: “I have a question for you, Mr. Vercetti.”


Tommy: “All right, ask me.”


Claude: “Do you really think all these monitors watch every single thing that happens around you?”


Tommy: “Well, they have been doing that for the last 15 years. I’ve got everything under control thanks to them.”


Claude: “Oh, really? Do you think Ricardo Diaz saw what he had coming to him through them?”


Tommy gets a bit surprised.


Tommy: “What do you know about that?”


Claude: “Enough to see that you’re here, in this same spot as he was 15 years ago, thinking everything is all right, when in fact things couldn’t be worse.”


Tommy quickly gets up and goes near Claude.


Tommy: “Listen pal, I run this town, all right? And I don’t need another moron from up north to tell me otherwise. The last guy that did that didn’t survive long enough to tell others about it!”


Tommy laughs.


Claude: “Oh yeah, you’ve got everything under control, right?”


Tommy: “Of course I do!”


Claude: “All right then. May I ask you the whereabouts of your consigliere?”


Tommy doesn’t say a word for a few seconds.


Tommy: “Well, we’ve been looking for him all day…. and what do you care anyway? That issue does not concern you at all!”


Claude looks at the monitors. Some of Vercetti’s guards around the house are acting suspiciously.


Claude: “I’ve noticed you have a lovely garden. Do you mind if we go out there for a walk?”


Tommy: “I really don’t have time for this. You better leave now.”


Claude: “Oh, come on, it will take just a few minutes. After that, I swear I’ll leave you alone for good.”


Tommy: “If you don’t leave me alone for good, I’m surely going to make you, don’t worry about that.”


Claude laughs while he looks at the ceiling and the walls around the room. Tommy notices that and looks up there too.


Tommy: “What’s wrong?”


Claude: “Oh, nothing. Don’t worry about me, I’m just looking.”


Claude looks at the monitors again. The guards are now walking around the house as usual.


Tommy: “What are you doing?”


Claude looks around.


Claude: “This is a beautiful replica of the Venus de Milo, is it real marble?”


Tommy: “Of course it is real marble. Now, would you please leave now or should I blow your f*cking head off?”


Tommy takes out a pistol.


Claude: “Hey, hey, don’t worry about that. I’m just looking at the fine works of art you have laying around...”


Tommy: “Well, I don’t like YOU laying around my house. I’m taking you out of here personally.”


Tommy takes Claude out of his office. A guard spots them.


Guard: “What’s the problem, Mr. Vercetti?”


Tommy: “Oh, nothing. I’m just taking Mr. Speed here for a walk outside.”


Guard: “Do you want me to come with you?”


Tommy: “No, it’s all right.”


Tommy takes Claude downstairs and finally through the mansion’s front door.



Read Chapter 28
Edited by PresidentKiller

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pretty good man keep it up man


have a cookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gif

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very kool ,toni cipriano mato a joey y misti o era otra persona?

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Vanilla Shake

This just keeps getting better and better. Keep up the great work!


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Yeah, Toni killed Joey, Misty, and Mickey. Tommy got very angry, very easily, and all Claude was doing was admiring his home. To some people, that can be a weakness...

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when is the movie coming out?

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when is the movie coming out?

what movie

there is a movie

peace out

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There is no movie. The person who was going to make it got banned. So no movie, unless someone else takes over.

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S. Leone

Still awesome writing. Make the chapter date shorter!!!!

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Still awesome writing. Make the chapter date shorter!!!!

I wish I could, but sorry, you have to be patient. wink.gif


About the movie, as Cubanwhip already said, the guy that offered himself to make it got banned (and I didn't hear from him after he made his offer anyway), so, if you have the skill and the time to do such thing, you're welcome to do so. smile.gif

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This is the best GTA fan fiction I have ever read. Although I do think that some of the characters' personalities are a bit off. I know that it's close to impossible to do a dialogue scene where the character doesn't talk so I'm not against that Claude talks. But since he didin't talk durning the whole GTAIII period he talks a bit too much in this story. And he is very often nervous and babbles. I think he should be more calm and confident.


Ray kind of cares too much about the kid, but since they've spend all that time together now it might be alright. When I read Ray lines I imagine what would it sound like when Robert Loggia said those, since I liked how he did it in GTAIII lol.gif


What I like about that story is that the main character is not a friend of Vercetti's. It takes a time to get to the big boss. In many other GTA fan fictions the main character is always friend of Vercetti's or knows him somehow. Basically in most of GTA fan fictions CJ, Vercetti and Claude are all best buds and hang out. I like your story because the plot is build up logically, it makes sense.


This is a very good piece of writing and I'm looking forward to the next chapter and the whole .pdf release.


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yea when i read things like claudie saying sorry....ok.....good morning...etc.is kind of weird

because claude was a SOB in gta3 .but this storyline still gold

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yea when i read things like claudie saying sorry....ok.....good morning...etc.is kind of weird

because claude was a SOB in gta3 .but this storyline still gold


Yeah, I know, however, keep in mind that Claude, as much as a SOB he was in GTA3, has been trapped by a thing known as "love", which has the force to make tough guys weep like little girls once it's gone. This "love" is also what is moving Claude in this story (just like revenge did in GTA3), in case you haven't noticed it. ph34r.gif


Anyway, thanks for the comments. smile.gif



user posted image

Close Call



Garden, Vercetti Estate – Starfish Island, Vice City - Autumn 2001

Monday – 7:25 PM


Tommy quickly takes Claude to the garden. There’re beautiful fountains, plants and a pool, as well as an impressive hedge maze.


Tommy (mad): “All right wise guy, tell me what the hell are you doing here? You’re wasting my time and I don’t like it!”


Claude looks around. No guards seem to be nearby.


Claude: “Listen, you’re in great danger here!”


Tommy: “What are you talking about?”


Claude: “We need to go somewhere safe, follow me.”


Claude begins walking when Tommy stops him.


Tommy: “Wait a minute. What are you doing? I barely know you and I don’t trust you. You’re crazy. Now get the hell outta here before I f*cking kill you!”


Claude gets really angry and punches Tommy in the face so hard that he falls on the ground. Claude quickly grabs him from his jacket.


Claude (angry): “Listen, I’m sick of your f*cking attitude! You think you’re really powerful, that everybody around you is loyal and submitted to you. But guess what? You couldn’t be more wrong! They’re rising against you, right under your f*cking nose. Your consigliere, the Mafia, the Cartel and Ortega are all joining forces against you. Your very own employees are watching you all the time, making sure you don’t suspect anything! Do you want to play rough with me? Fine, bring it on. I don’t care anymore. I don’t know why I’m even here wasting MY time with such an old vain bastard such as you!”


Claude releases Tommy, who falls back to the ground and whose nose is bleeding.


Claude (angry): “I came all the way down here to stop you from doing something stupid such as shaking hands with the Leones! I came all the way down here because I thought you were a reasonable person! But now I realize how wrong I was…”


Claude walks away.


Claude (angry): “f*ck this and f*ck YOU!”


Tommy gets back on his feet and quickly follows Claude.


Tommy: “Stop right there, nobody treats me like that!”


Claude stops and goes back to Tommy.


Claude: “Well, guess what? You should get used to it!”


Claude pushes Tommy, turns around and continues walking on his way out.


Tommy just stares at Claude without saying a word for a couple of seconds until he takes out his gun and aims at him. Tommy is about to say something when a car appears behind him, carrying some of his guards.


Guard: “Sir, do you want us to take you back to the mansion?”


Tommy: “No thanks, I’m fine. I was about to take care of something.”


Guard: “Please sir, I must insist.”


Tommy: “Listen, I’m fine, all right? Besides, shouldn’t you all be concerned about how I just got beaten up by a complete stranger IN my own property?”


Guard: “Oh, well, it doesn’t look so bad... a punch in the face is nothing...”


Tommy looks at the guard.


Tommy: “You saw that? And how come you didn’t do anything to protect me?”


Guard: “Well sir, it’s not like it matters anymore...”


Noises are heard in the surroundings. Tommy doesn’t pay any attention to them.


Tommy: “What are you trying to say?”


Voice (behind Tommy): “THIS!”


Tommy quickly turns around. Luis Ortega is right there and he’s holding a machine gun. Tommy quickly manages to get out of the way before Ortega begins shooting and runs back to the mansion immediately.



Main Hall, Vercetti Estate – Starfish Island, Vice City - Autumn 2001

Monday – 7:36 PM


Tommy gets into the mansion and quickly closes the front door. He tries to reach the stairs when a couple of his guards come out from his office.


Tommy: “Quick! We’re being attacked!”


The guards take aim and start shooting at Tommy. Tommy dodges the bullets and quickly runs away to the other staircase.




The guards chase Tommy through the stairs and hall until he finally reaches his office. He quickly gets inside and locks the door.



Vercetti’s Office, Vercetti Estate – Starfish Island, Vice City - Autumn 2001

Monday – 7:39 PM


Tommy goes behind his desk to grab some weapons, but they’re gone.


Tommy: “sh*t!”


Several shots and screams are heard outside. Tommy quickly takes a look at the CCTV monitors. Claude is killing the guards in the staircase and is quickly heading to the office.


Tommy: “This is so awkward...”


Tommy takes the phone, but the line is dead.


Tommy: “Damn it! I can’t believe that moron was right!”


Claude shoots the door’s lock and kicks the door to get inside. Tommy quickly grabs his pistol and prepares to shoot Claude.


Claude: “Stop with that bullsh*t. Do you believe me now?”


Tommy is a bit nervous.


Tommy: “How do I know you’re not one of them? After all, you knew about this.”


Claude: “Listen, as much as I f*cking hate you right now, I’m on your side. More men are coming this way so we don’t have much time!”


Tommy: “All right. There’s a helicopter in the roof.”


Claude: “All right, let’s go!”


Tommy: “Wait!”


Claude: “Come on!”


Tommy quickly takes the old photo album and a notebook computer from his desk.


Claude: “Come on!!”


More noises are heard outside. Tommy quickly approaches Claude and both get out of there. They reach the staircase but a couple of armed men are coming from downstairs. Claude quickly eliminates them.


Claude: “Ok, it’s clear.”


Claude and Tommy take the stairs all the way to the roof. There seems to be nobody in there and the helicopter is just a few feet away. As they approach the helicopter, a guard quickly appears behind them. Claude notices him and starts shooting.



Heliport, Vercetti Estate – Starfish Island, Vice City - Autumn 2001

Monday – 7:41 PM


The guard manages to dodge the bullets.


Guard: “Please, stop!”


Claude looks at the guard. He seems to be unarmed so he stops shooting.


Claude: “What do you want?”


The guard looks at Tommy.


Guard: “I’m really sorry boss. I had no idea about this.”


Tommy recognizes the guard.


Tommy: “Barry? How do I know you’re not f*cking with me?”


Claude keeps an eye on the surroundings.


Claude: “We better keep moving, there’s no time for this!”


Barry: “Listen Mr. Vercetti, I swear for my mother that I didn’t know. I was on the phone when suddenly the lines were cut and the gunshots began.”


Barry seems to be telling the truth. Tommy carefully approaches him to frisk him, but he finds nothing.


Tommy: “All right, you seem to be clean. Let’s go.”


Claude: “Are you sure he’s being honest?”


Tommy reloads his gun while looking at Barry.


Tommy: “He better be.”


Noises are heard on the staircase.


Claude: “sh*t! Let’s go, NOW!”


The three men quickly get inside the helicopter. Claude takes position as the pilot and starts flying away. Several men come out from the staircase and start shooting at the fleeing helicopter.


Claude: “Damn! That was close!”


Claude looks at Tommy.


Claude: “Well?”


Tommy seems to be in shock.


Claude: “You’re in shock, huh?”


Tommy looks at the window.


Tommy: “Ortega is going to pay for this!”


Claude: “Yeah, yeah, right.”


Tommy looks at Claude.


Tommy: “Don’t you dare to doubt me, boy. I own this town!”


Claude: “Well, it no longer seems that way.”


Tommy: “Take me to the Hyman condo.”


Claude: “No way, I have to pick up some people at the Ocean View clinic. Besides, all your properties must be crawling with enemies by now.”


Tommy gets angry.


Tommy (angry): “TAKE ME TO THE f*ckING CONDO, NOW!”


Claude takes out his shotgun.


Claude: “Listen, you better stop with the attitude now, it’s not going to take you anywhere.”



Read Chapter 29
Edited by PresidentKiller

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this is by far the best chapter i read here keep it up

peace out

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S. Leone

Wow that was intence, first I thought Tommy was goin out like Tony Montana but when Claude showed up, things took an un expected twist! Keep it up, your an awesome writer!!

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I love this story. inlove.gif I always did, and for the millionth time....keep up the good work. lol.

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this is like drugs you cant get enough of it biggrin.gifsuicidal.gif

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Very nice PK! Have you ever thought about sending this to rahkstar2.gif

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yo killer when is the next chapter coming out


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Hey you can't rush his mastery cool.gif


If I've learned anything it's that...


And that he likes stealing ideas out of my mind mad.gif Ixnay on the ----tay.


It's ruining my creative drive to see my pet ideas being partially used.


But hey keep up the great work, this is some pretty awesome stuff.


Rown rampage_ani.gif





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Archaon, Lord of End Times

Great read my friend, but Claude oughta show some respect toward Tommy. Vercetti Family Mafia < my idea, got a good story too, need to post it myself. Bene, it's no merda. Love the story, keep up the molto bene work, my friend.

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Dang this story is awesome, I just started reading it and I went through all 28 chapters. Keep up the good work man. Cookies for you cookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gif

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Thanks for the comments. Once again, I'm glad you're liking this so far.


In other news, some recent... let's say.... "political" issues around here are starting to worry me since my job is in danger, so I'm currently away from my house being very busy trying to solve these issues in some way. Because of this, Chapter 29 will be delayed until I'm able to get to my home computer, which I hope would be within the next 2 days.


DON'T WORRY! The story will keep going, I give you my word on that. icon14.gif


Sorry for the inconvenience, but I'm sure you understand. smile.gif



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biggrin.gif Don't worry PK, I can wait as long as I have to for this story. As my mother used to say, "Patience is a virtue." Of course, I don't know what that means, but I can be patient and wait until chapter 29. Lol.

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