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The decline of Liberty

Recommended Posts


user posted image

The Chase


Outside Kasen Casino – Torrington, Liberty City - Autumn 2001

Monday – 11:58 AM


The casino building keeps burning. Pieces of glass and wood from the interior decoration fall onto the street, which is finally empty after all the riots and destruction of a few hours ago. Several Zaibatsu cars are on the scene. The men from the Zaibatsu Corporation are acting like the local police, keeping rioters away and eliminating the remains of rival gangs. Shinji Kasen is standing in front of the once-glamorous casino front door.


A piece of paper falls from the sky, Shinji notices it and immediately picks it up. It’s an old “Kenji’s Casino” brochure. Tears appear on Shinji’s eyes.


Shinji (crying): “This is just not right!”


A black Stretch stops in front of the casino. The driver comes out and opens one of the back passenger doors, letting Donald Love out, who walks near Shinji.


Donald: “Yes! This is prime development land. I just need to bring some bulldozers to level the terrain and then we can put some nice ‘On Sale’ signs. The price should go up since there aren’t any proper ‘gangs’ in here anymore.”


Shinji turns.


Shinji: “Or maybe I can just rebuild my casino so that everyone can be happy.”


Donald: “I don’t think so, besides, you don’t have the money to do that, and you know it.”


Shinji: “Well, that’s because I didn’t wipe-out thousands of innocent people in 1998 to make room for a crappy office block built with drug money.”


Donald Love laughs.


Donald (laughing): “Oh, please, Mr. Kasen. You crack me up! Those weren’t innocent people… well, at least not all of them. That was Forelli turf, and the scum had to be eradicated somehow. Besides, Fort Staunton was a terrible place to live, the buildings were old and awful, and I really didn’t like opera that much. The new opera building is just perfect and closer to Bedford Point, the Mecca of all the entertainment in Liberty.”


Shinji: “Oh yes, the new opera building! The place where nobody wants to be because it’s haunted! Could that possibly be related to the fact that it was built on top of a graveyard?”


Donald: “Haunted? That’s silly, and that space was being wasted! Dead people are dead for a reason, so they don’t take up any space. That’s why we can use them as an alternate source of food...”


Shinji: “Now, that’s just disgusting... YOU are disgusting, Mr. Love. Have a nice day.”


Shinji quickly walks to the casino’s parking lot.


Donald: “Mr. Kasen, I’m just telling you the truth. And it’ll be good for you if you just respect me a little bit, especially if I’m running for Mayor!”


Shinji (shouting): “Not even in your dreams, Love!”


Donald laughs.


Donald (laughing): “Whatever!”


Donald turns around and just keeps looking at the remains of the casino.


Donald: “This casino was horrible... an Asian theme? Come on! I’ve seen that in Venturas and it sucked even more than this joke. Thank God it’s gone now, I should personally thank Toni for this.”


A big loud noise is heard in the back of the casino.


Donald: “I think that fool just decided to demolish the casino himself. That’s great! I can go back to my office now.”


Donald begins walking when the noise gets louder.


Donald: “Now I really wonder what that noise is...”


A Yakuza Stinger comes from the parking lot ramp at full speed.


Donald: “What the hell?”


Shinji Kasen is driving the vehicle. Donald Love notices it.


Donald: “Oh my God, he’s gone crazy now!”


Donald runs away to his limo and gets in.


Donald: “Driver, get me out of here, quick! Where are the Zaibatsu guys now?”


The Stretch quickly begins moving when the Yakuza Stinger reaches it, hitting it on the side.


Donald: “What the hell? Go away! I’m untouchable! The Zaibatsu are going to rip your heart out for this!”


Shinji keeps chasing Donald’s limo.


Shinji: “I don’t care anymore, Mr. Love!”


Donald: “He’s gone completely insane! DRIVER, LOSE HIM!!”


Driver: “I can’t sir. The Stretch is so slow compared to his car.”


Donald: “Well, at least it’s more durable. I hope we get rid of him before he destroys us. Go back to Portland so the Mafia can take care of him.”


Driver: “Sir, the bridge to Portland Island is closed. There’re tons of wrecked vehicles on it!”


Donald: “Well, take the tunnel then! The Zaibatsu just cleaned it up! Quick!”


Shinji keeps crashing the Stinger against the Stretch, which is heading to the Porter Tunnel entrance in Rockford with difficulty.


Donald: “There’re so many wrecked cars on these streets, I hope we can make it!”


The chase continues along the main avenues of Staunton Island until both cars reach the tunnel.


Donald: “Well, here we go!”


The cars get into the tunnel.



Porter Tunnel – Liberty City - Autumn 2001

Monday – 12:17 PM


Donald: “Bloody Hell, this place is dark!”


Driver: “The power must’ve been cut, sir.”


The driver turns on the lights.


Donald: “Well, at least there’re no other cars right now.”


Shinji turns on his lights too, but only one of them works because of the damage to the car.


Shinji: “sh*t!”


Both cars keep running through the tunnel. A few minutes later, Shinji finally hits the Stretch so hard that the driver gets hit on the chest with the steering wheel knocking him out.


Donald: “Oh, no, don’t do this! Wake up, come on!”


Donald tries to re-animate the fainted driver.


Donald: “Come on! Damn it!”


Donald tries to take the wheel, but he can’t regain control of the vehicle.


Shinji: “Crash already! Come on!”


More lights are seen in the back of the Stinger. Shinji recognizes the black and yellow striped cars.


Shinji: “f*ck, the Zaibatsu are here!”


All the cars keep running through the tunnel for a few seconds until Donald finally takes control of the wheel.


Donald: “Yes! I did it!”


Everybody keep going through the tunnel until they reach Portland.



Sunset Ave. – Harwood, Liberty City - Autumn 2001

Monday – 12:25 PM


The cars quickly come out of the tunnel. Shinji’s Stinger is beginning to show signs of imminent failure.


Shinji: “sh*t! You better keep going, I can’t lose that bastard!”


Meanwhile, Donald Love struggles with the unconscious driver.


Donald: “Bloody hell! I can’t drive this thing properly! I guess I have to take some extreme measures.”


Donald opens the car’s door and drops the body.


Donald: “Ah, this is much better.”


The driver’s body is lying in the middle of the street. Shinji manages to dodge it.


Shinji: “Damn, that was close!”


However, the Zaibatsu are not so careful and one of them runs the body over, effectively killing the driver.


Donald: “I have to reach Toni, he can help me out.”


The streets of Portland are deserted. Some people are running around while others are breaking store fronts and looting. A few wrecked vehicles can be found, and some of them are on fire.


Donald: “Well, at least this doesn’t look as bad as Staunton.”


Donald turns left in order to reach the Cipriani Restaurant in St. Marks.


Donald: “I have to be quick or I won’t lose him.”


Donald speeds up. The Stretch’s engine starts making weird noises.


Donald: “Holy Rupert, this thing is about to break down!”



Outside Cipriani Restaurant. – St. Marks, Liberty City - Autumn 2001

Monday – 12:31 PM


Donald finally reaches the restaurant and stops the car. He quickly gets down and takes the stairs to the entrance. He knocks the door desperately.


Donald: “Toni, it’s me, Donald. Open the door, quickly!”


An old lady appears in one of the windows...


Old lady (shouting): “Toni is not here, and I don’t know where he is so don’t even ask!”


The lady goes back inside and closes the window.


Donald: “I must get out of here!”


Donald goes down the stairs. He looks at the Stretch and notices that it can’t go any further so he runs away to the upper side of St. Marks.


Shinji arrives at the place where the Stretch is parked. He notices that Donald Love is no longer there.


Shinji: “sh*t, where did he go?”


Shinji stops the car and gets out. He quickly looks around before the Zaibatsu get there and hides immediately behind a fence at Cipriani Restaurant.


The old lady comes out from the window once again and notices Shinji.


Old lady (shouting): “What the f*ck are you doing there?”


Shinji looks at the old lady.


Shinji: “Shut up!”


One of the Zaibatsu cars stops behind Shinji’s Stinger.


Old lady: “So you’re hiding, huh? You look young and promising, so I’ll let you in. Come inside.”


Shinji is reluctant at first, but finally decides to go inside the building.



Cipriani Restaurant. – St. Marks, Liberty City - Autumn 2001

Monday – 12:39 PM


The restaurant is empty. It has some nice Italian decorations and lovely accordion music in the background. The old lady comes out from a door, holding a watering can in her left hand.


Old lady: “So, what brings you here?”


Shinji: “I’m looking for the guy that left a wrecked limo in front of your restaurant.”


Old lady: “Oh, yes, that crazy tycoon only appears when he’s in trouble. My poor son is always cleaning the sh*t left behind by that moron!”


Shinji: “Your son?”


Old lady: “Yes, my little Toni. Even though he’s an idiot and makes me mad sometimes, I still love him dearly. He’s everything I’ve got since his pop died...”


Shinji realizes he’s in dangerous territory. Toni Cipriani must know who he is so he can’t stay longer.


Shinji: “Well, Mrs. Cipriani. I guess I better go now...”


Mrs. Cipriani: “Why? You just got here, don’t you want some of my world-famous pasta?”


Shinji: “I’d be delighted, but I have to go now. Sorry.”


Mrs. Cipriani: “What’s the rush? You need to have something nice to eat and relax a little, you look terrible! Your suit is all ruined! You can have some clothes from the attic if you want.”


Shinji doesn’t know what’s going in there. All the rumors about Ma Cipriani say that she’s a crazy psychotic, even more so than Toni Cipriani himself.


Shinji: “All right, I’ll get a change of clothes.”


Mrs. Cipriani: “Good. Go to the door on the left and take the stairs all the way up.”


Shinji: “Ok. Thanks.”


Shinji leaves the room and takes the stairs. Mrs. Cipriani takes out a walkie-talkie and presses some buttons. After a few seconds, she gets an answer.


Mrs. Cipriani: “There’s a surprise for you in the attic, hurry up!”




Read Chapter 23
Edited by PresidentKiller

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S. Leone

Amazing as always. Keep it coming!!! Start posting a chapter o i say ever 2 days, a week is a bit long if you ask me.

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Wow, very nice PK. This keeps getting better and better. Though it'll be nice when I've played LCS and don't have to keep spoiling the storyline for myself. tounge.gif


Rown rampage_ani.gif

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gta player06

Very good fanfic. I can`t for chapter 23 tounge.gif

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Wow this is great! Can't believe how long it's been going on for! Can't wait for the next chapter smile.gif

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Thanks for the comments, guys. I'm really glad you're liking this so far. smile.gif



user posted image

An early arrival


Vercetti’s Office, Vercetti Estate – Starfish Island, Vice City - Autumn 2001

Monday – 12:57 PM


The office is decorated with exquisite furniture and carpeting. A replica of the “Venus de Milo” is placed next to Vercetti’s desk. Several CCTV monitors are placed on the other side of the room. Each monitor shows a different place inside the mansion and some of the exteriors.


Vercetti is talking to somebody on the phone. Ray and Claude are sitting in a couch in front of Vercetti’s desk while some guards are keeping an eye on them.


Claude: “I should go back to Liberty, there’s no way Vercetti would help us.”


Ray: “I’m sure something will happen soon. The incident at the mall is not a coincidence. Those men were the ones that injured Vercetti’s son and I don’t think he’ll let whoever is the one behind all this to get away with it.”


Claude: “But why should we stay here? We didn’t do anything wrong, yet Vercetti treat us like trash.”


Ray: “I think he’s mad because of the incident with Kelly. They went way back so it’s understandable.”


Vercetti hangs up. He slowly gets up from his desk and stares at Claude and Ray.


Vercetti: “Johnny is still in a very bad shape but at least he’s stable now. I just want to know who the hell is responsible for this!”


Ray gets up. One of the guards tells him to sit down but Ray ignores him.


Ray: “Listen, I’m sorry for Johnny, but I just can’t believe you let your own 15 year-old son run around with guns and act like he’s the next best thing in the city.“


Vercetti just stares at Ray.


Vercetti: “What I do with my son is my business, OK? Now, I don’t know what the hell are you still doing here, so you and your friend should leave. I still have to find my so-called consigliere in order to clear some things up.”


Claude gets up too.


Claude: “We’ll help you with that, but just because we need you to do something for us.”


Vercetti: “Me? Do something for you? Why would I?”


Claude: “Well, first of all, we saved your son. Second, we guarantee you’ll get your consigliere.”


Vercetti laughs.


Vercetti (laughing): “Please, don’t make me laugh. I saved YOUR lives back at the mall, and I’m letting you go right now. You should be more than grateful for that.”


Vercetti drinks some water from a nearby glass.


Vercetti: “And please, get out of here now. I don’t want to see you anymore. Some of my men will take you back to the city.”


The guards in the room take Ray and Claude to a car outside the mansion. One of the guards tells the driver to drop them at the airport and a few minutes later the car leaves the place.



Front entrance – Escobar International Airport, Vice City - Autumn 2001

Monday – 1:22 PM


The car drops Claude and Ray in front of one of the main entrances to the airport and disappears immediately.


Claude: “Oh well, at least we’re fine… for now.”


Ray: “Yeah, but I can’t say the same thing about your friend Paul. I wouldn’t want to know what’s happening to him right now.”


Claude: “Yeah, I can’t stop thinking about that. In the mean time, we should go some place safe.”


Ray nods and both begin walking towards the parking lot. Claude notices a familiar-looking car in the distance.


Claude: “Holy sh*t, I didn’t know it was spring already!”


Ray: “Of course not. It’s not even winter yet, why?”


Claude: “Mafia Sentinels, over there!”


There are many vehicles coming from the airport freight terminal.


Ray: “Didn’t you say they’d get here until next spring?”


Claude: “Yeah, but I don’t know what’s going on now.”


Ray: “Well kid, I guess somebody managed to tell them you were trying to sabotage their deals around here.”


Claude notices an Andromeda in one of the runways. The Mafia Sentinels must’ve come out from there.


Claude: “We should check out that plane.”


Ray: “What? Are you crazy? There are too many guards!”


Claude remembers something.


Claude: “Ortega!! I’m sure that cocksucker is behind all of this! We should find him!”


Ray: “Wait! Look!”


Ray points at the runway. A blue Sentinel arrives to the place where the Andromeda is.


Claude: “That looks like one of Vercetti’s vehicles...”


Ray: “I guess that’s the welcome committee...”


Several armed Mafia men come out from the plane while two men from the blue Sentinel come out and greet them. A bald man comes out from the Sentinel too, joins the greeting and then goes to the back of the car and opens the trunk. One Mafia man checks the stuff inside and nods at his partners. The bald man tells them something afterwards and shakes hands with the Mafia man.


Another blue Sentinel arrives at the scene. The three men from the first one get inside and leave. Another Mafia man closes the first Sentinel’s trunk, gets in the front and leaves the place while the others go back to the plane.


Claude: “That is so weird...”


Claude notices that Ray is silent.


Claude: “Well? What’s the matter?”


Ray: “Well, there’s a problem. Who do we follow? The Leones or Vercetti’s goons?”


Claude: “I guess we should follow the guy with the suspicious trunk. Quick!”


Ray: “All right then... we need a car!”


Claude: “There’s a taxi over there!”


Claude points to a nearby taxi that seems to be waiting for someone.


Ray: “Ok, let’s go!”


Claude and Ray go where the taxi is. Claude opens the driver’s door and pulls him out. The driver struggles and attempts to fight back when Ray takes his gun out and shoots him in the knee. The driver falls down and screams in pain while his knee bleeds.


Claude: “You’re crazy!”


Ray: “Hey, he wanted to start some sh*t, I had to stop him!”


Claude: “Well, we better get the f*ck out of here before a cop shows up!”


Claude and Ray get in the taxi. Claude turns on the engine and hits the gas, leaving the airport area. After a few minutes, they manage to spot the blue Sentinel.


Claude: “There it is, he seems to be going to Little Havana...”


Ray: “Little Havana? Italians in Cuban territory? This is going to be interesting...”


The Sentinel turns left. Claude does the same and slowly keeps following the blue Sentinel until they arrive to a junkyard.


Ray: “A junkyard… how exotic...”


Claude: “I think he’s going to get rid of something… or someone…”


Ray: “We should leave the car and keep going on foot, it would be less suspicious that way.”


Claude nods. They both leave the car and slowly sneak into the junkyard.



Junkyard – Little Havana, Vice City - Autumn 2001

Monday – 1:48 PM


As Claude and Ray enter the filthy place, they notice several Mafia Sentinels parked outside a warehouse. The blue Sentinel is in there too.


Ray: “They could’ve chosen a better place to hold a meeting, don’t you think?”


Claude: “Look, that guy over there is taking out the stuff in the trunk.”


The man is clearly having a hard time trying to take out whatever is in the trunk, so he goes inside the warehouse and brings somebody to help him out. The two men take out what seems to be a body covered with a trash bag.


Claude: “It looks like they brought somebody to their party...”


Ray: “We need to get closer.”


Claude: “Yes, but first we need to get better guns. My Uzi won’t do anything against their shotguns!”


Ray notices a guard walking around the parked cars.


Ray: “Well, I think we’ve got our first donor!”


Claude: “We can’t attack him. The ones inside the warehouse will hear.”


Ray: “Don’t worry about that kid, I learnt this in the academy. Wait here.”


Ray quickly sneaks into the back of one of the cars. He takes out a smoke bomb and a knife from his pocket and proceeds to cut out the top of the bomb, carefully.


Claude (thinking): “What is he doing? That thing could blow up!”


Ray places the smoke bomb under the car and covers his head with his jacket. He runs away from the place.


Claude: “What did you do?”


Ray: “Just wait and see.”


Some smoke starts to come out from the car, the guard notices it and opens the hood, trying to find out what the problem with the car is.


Ray: “Here comes the interesting part.”


The smoke cloud around the car becomes very dark and thick. The guard starts coughing until he collapses on the floor, becoming unconscious.


Claude: “Wait a minute! How did that worked so fast and accurately?”


Ray: “If you want to know, you’ll have to join the VCPD!”


Ray laughs.


Claude: “Well, we better get that guy’s guns before the men inside notice something.”


Claude and Ray quickly approach the unconscious guy’s body and strip him off his guns.


Ray: “Holy crap, this guy was armed to the bone!”


Claude: “I think the guys inside will be heavily armed as well…”


Ray: “Well, we could search inside the cars trying to tie some loose ends in the mean time...”


Claude: “That’s a great idea, let’s do it.”


Claude and Ray begin looking inside each of the parked cars.



Read Chapter 24
Edited by PresidentKiller

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He-He get's better with each chapter smile.gif can't wait till next week!

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S. Leone


cookie.gifcookie.gifcatloaf_by_anuj.gifcatloaf_by_anuj.gifmuppetmaster_karma.gifmuppetmaster_karma.gifanuj_cop.gifanuj_cop.gif EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rah.gif

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And the coolness continues. Great chapter as always PK. I'm waiting for the next one.


Rown rampage_ani.gif

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Bow chika bow wow. I love this story. Keep it up, but I bet you have heard that a million times, lol.

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I like the story a lot man, and I didnt even finish San Andreas so all this stuff is completely original to me. Great story, and keep it up mang.

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Vanilla Shake

this is now actually my favorite story ever. i mean, i've read some really good stories before, but this is the best. its very interesting, always leaves you with a cliffhanger, and it has to do with Grand Theft Auto. what's not to like?

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what's not to like?

That we've got to wait a week for the next chapter smile.gif It's so long to wait for such a good thing lol.

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love the story but umm what happened to maria

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S. Leone
love the story but umm what happened to maria

Agreed, what did happen to her?

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love the story but umm what happened to maria

Agreed, what did happen to her?

Oh, you just wait young padawan. You'll know what's going on with her in future chapters, and if it seems odd to you, it's because you need to pay more attention. ph34r.gif



Anyway, thanks for the comments. About the weekly chapter thing, that's because I don't want to run out of finished chapters like it happened a while ago. It can take me a couple of weeks or even a month to complete a chapter since I've also got other stuff to do. tounge.gif But you're pretty patient, aren't you? wink.gif

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Damn you people make me double post... sneaky2.gif








New chapter. Enjoy.



user posted image

Shady deals


Junkyard – Little Havana, Vice City - Autumn 2001

Monday – 2:06 PM


Ray and Claude keep looking inside the cars. Two men come out from the warehouse and notice them.


Man 1: “Hey, who are you?”


Man 2: “What are you doing?”


Claude takes out his newly acquired shotgun. The two men take out their guns and start shooting at Claude and Ray, who take cover behind one of the cars. Ray takes out a shotgun too.


Claude: “Well, it’s now or never.”


Ray nods. Both of them come out from their hiding place and start shooting back. More men come out from the warehouse and start shooting as well. Ray and Claude take cover behind the cars and shoot back when the opportunity arises, killing some goons. One man shoots at Ray and manages to hit him in the leg, making him fall.


Claude: “Are you all right?”


Ray: “I’m fine, just keep shooting!”


Ray takes back his gun and shoots back, killing his attacker. The battle continues for a few more minutes until Claude takes out a grenade and throws it at the other side. Claude takes Ray to the back of one of the cars before the grenade explodes, killing many of the remaining attackers. The rest of them keep shooting. Claude takes out a Colt, comes out from the back of the car and finally kills them. Claude looks around for a few seconds to make sure there’s nobody left.


Ray: “Damn kid, you never cease to amaze me!”


Claude looks at Ray.


Claude: “We should take you to a doctor.”


Ray: “Yeah, but maybe you should get inside and look for clues, and more weapons. We need them.”


Claude nods and goes inside the warehouse. Paul Ackart is in the floor. He has many injuries and his whole body is covered in blood.


Claude: “Jesus! Man, are you still alive? Paul?”


Paul moves a little and coughs.


Paul (low voice): “Of course I’m alive you silly sod. You’ll need a whole army to take Kent Paul down!”


Sirens are heard nearby.


Claude: “Holy crap, we should get out of here!”


Claude helps Paul getting up. He holds Paul’s arm and helps him to get out of the warehouse. Ray is still laying in the back of one of the cars.


Ray: “Hurry up! I don’t want to spend the rest of my days in prison!”


Claude opens the door of one of the less-damaged cars and helps Paul and Ray to get inside. He finally gets in the driver’s seat and takes the car out of there, seconds before the police raided the place.


Claude: “Damn, I never thought I’d drive a Mafia Sentinel again. I really like this car.”


Ray: “Drive to the Ocean View clinic. We’ll meet Dr. Chavez in there.”


Claude: “Of course.”


Claude looks at Paul through the driving mirror.


Claude: “Paul, I need you to tell me what happened in there. Who were the guys that put you in their trunk?”


Paul coughs and then starts getting mad.


Paul (mad): “I just can’t believe it. I can’t f*cking believe it!”


Claude: “Take it easy, now. Tell us who they were.”


Paul (mad): “It was Rosie! That f*cking bastard! I just can’t believe it!”


Claude: “Your friend?”


Paul (mad): “That f*cking weasel! I can’t believe he did this to me, after all the stuff we went through in the past!”


Claude: “What happened?”


Paul: “Remember the incident at Johnny Vercetti’s apartment?”


Claude: “Yeah. What about it?”


Paul: “Well, he was behind it.”


Claude: “The attack or the fact that you were in there unconscious?”


Paul: “Listen, Rosie told Johnny Vercetti that I was a f*cking traitor. He said that I was leaking information to the CIA...”


Claude: “Yeah, we heard about that, but what does that have to do with this last incident?”


Paul: “Well, Rosie tried to get rid of me, apparently because I’m the only one that can uncover the sh*t he’s been getting into lately!”


Claude: “What?”


Paul: “Yeah, Rosie found out that Johnny spotted me at the hospital and brought me to Shady Acres. Johnny tied me to a chair in his apartment and demanded me to tell him my current business in Vice. I just told him that I was looking for Ken Rosenberg. He then walked around the room for a few minutes, made a phone call inside his bedroom and then came out and started beating the living crap out of me! I became unconscious and then we were being attacked!”


Ray: “Ken Rosenberg?!?!”


Claude: “What is it, Ray?”


Ray: “Hey, Paul, were you forced to get into a chopper back at Vercetti’s condo?”


Paul: “Yes, I was very surprised to find Rosie and Vercetti’s gorillas in there. I knew something was very wrong right at that moment and then he told me that I should’ve stayed at home as I was told before. I didn’t say anything and just looked at the window. I was pretty disappointed to find out that he was betraying me after all I’ve done for him. Then we arrived to the airport...”


Paul stops for a moment.


Paul: “Sorry, it’s just that this pain is killing me. Are we at the clinic yet?”


Ray: “You’re not the only one in pain here!”


Ray looks at Claude.


Ray: “Hey kid, you drive like my grandma! Hurry up!”


Claude: “Cut me some slack, can’t you see the traffic?”


Ray and Paul look at the window. There’re many cars on the street and they’re moving slowly.


Ray: “sh*t, I didn’t remember these roads being so congested…”


Claude: “All right, so... Paul, the chopper landed at the airport, then what?”


Paul: “We landed and then I was forced to get into the back seat of a car. I refused and asked Rosie why he was doing that. He just told me that he was ordered to get rid of me and that the previous attempt at Johnny Vercetti’s apartment was a failure, then one of his gorillas beat me, covered my head with a f*cking trash bag that nearly asphyxiated me and dumped me in the trunk. The car moved for like a minute or two, then they opened the trunk and Rosie told to some guy: ‘If this prick is still alive when you get there, kill him’, and then he closed the trunk again. I passed out immediately. A few minutes later I was being beaten to death by the f*cking Leones! I thought Rosie didn’t have anything to do with them anymore!”


Claude: “Yeah, I’m concerned about that. Did you hear the Leones talk about anything in particular?”


Paul: “Are you f*cking insane? They were kicking my balls and hitting my head with a f*cking baseball bat, of course I didn’t listen!”


Claude looks at Ray.


Claude: “I don’t like this. I don’t like it at all!”


Paul: “Do you think I f*cking enjoyed it? I’m going back to England, that’s for sure!”


Ray: “Well, at least we know Ken Rosenberg is Vercetti’s consigliere.”


Paul: “What’s a f*cking consigliere?”


Ray: “It’s an advisor for a crime family or syndicate. A very important person that directly communicates with the head of such organization, gives advice and sometimes even gives orders in the name of the boss.”


Claude: “You know, if the Leones are already here, and apparently Vercetti’s consigliere knows about it, then how come Vercetti himself doesn’t know anything?”


Ray: “And why did the helicopter pilot lied to Vercetti and told him that Rosenberg was at the mall?”


Paul: “Oh, right. I remember something about that. Rosie said something about a guy called Ortega.”


Claude and Ray look at Paul.


Claude: “Ortega?”


Ray: “What did he say about Ortega?”


Paul: “I don’t know, something about a surprise at the mall. I’m not sure. I wasn’t really listening.”


Claude and Ray look at each other for a couple of seconds.


Ray: “sh*t.”


Claude: “This is huge!”


Paul: “What?”


Claude: “I bet that ‘surprise’ also arrived at Johnny’s apartment earlier...”


Ray: “Paul, you better go back to England immediately. You’re in great danger here.”


Paul: “Tell me something I don’t know.”


Claude: “I know we should tell Vercetti something he definitely doesn’t know. And I seriously don’t think he even imagines it.”



Read Chapter 25
Edited by PresidentKiller

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Oh sh*t! This story keeps getting better. See, now you don't have to double post for the next chapter. wink.gif

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Vanilla Shake

Great chapter dude. Now you really got me chomping on the bit for the next chapter. Keep up the great work!!! icon14.gif

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CHEA BOYEEEEEE tounge.gif bring maria bak rah.gif wll hers a cookie cookie.gifcookie.gif

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Thanks for the comments. Really appreciated. smile.gif


As for Maria, she'll be in the next chapter, you better pay attention so you don't end up with a "WTF HAPPENED HERE??" face. sly.gif

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Woops lol. I forgot all about Maria and Toni. I feel stupid now. Lol.

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Top work icon14.gif Keep it up!

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user posted image



Meeting Room, Zaibatsu Oil Co. Headquarters – Torrington, Liberty City - Autumn 2001

Monday – 2:32 PM


The meeting is still going on after a brief lunch break. Several people are starting to get bored, some of them are paying attention to the speaker, Satoshi Honatsu, while others are playing with their cell-phones or other gadgets and office supplies. Antoine Parker stands up and interrupts.


Parker: “Excuse me, Mr. Honatsu. I’m a very busy person and I have a bank to attend, so I should leave now. I’m sorry if Donald Love hasn’t come back yet, but I really have work to do.”


Honatsu: “Don’t worry Parker, we’ll call you later.”


Parker: “Good, thank you. Have a nice day, gentlemen.”


Parker goes to the door and leaves.


Honatsu: “Well, as I was saying, we’re now talking with the Barnes Corporation in Texas. They’re the biggest oil company in that state so...”


Another man stands up and interrupts.


Man: “Excuse me. I’m really sorry, but I’m also wondering what happened to Mr. Love. It’s been more than a couple of hours since he left.”


Honatsu: “We don’t know, Mr. Fleming. As you know there’re no phone lines at the time, so getting in touch with him is difficult. If you have business to take care of, you can leave. Don’t worry about that.”



Cipriani Restaurant – St. Marks, Liberty City - Autumn 2001

Monday – 2:38 PM


Toni Cipriani, Ma Cipriani and Donald Love seem to be looking for something.


Toni: “Well, he definitely is not here, Ma! What’s wrong with you?”


Ma: “Don’t talk to your mother like that, Toni. I’m telling you, he was going to the attic for a change of clothes!”


Toni: “Yeah, I knew that since his old clothes were on the floor... but where the hell is he?”


Donald Love is looking behind a counter.


Toni: “Come on, stop it! He’s not there.”


Donald: “Well, I have to go back to an important meeting. He was at your restaurant so you’re completely responsible if you don’t find him soon. The Zaibatsu will know.”


Toni gets angry.


Toni (angry): “Yeah, as always, I’m the responsible one!”


Donald gets closer to Toni.


Donald: “Don’t forget that nobody knows yet about your role in that little genocide. The government will be after you if they find out!”


Toni gets angrier.


Toni (angry): “Oh yeah, but you’re the one that profited from it! You’re the one that planned it!”


Donald: “Oh, please Toni. I have all the media under my control. I own a lot of people in Congress and the Senate. I could have the president in my pocket if I wanted to! So don’t f*ck with me, because you’ll lose! Do you understand?”


Toni: “Yeah, and then you’ll kill me and eat my rotten corpse, isn’t it? That’s just lovely. You’re just a sick f*ck that nobody loves… pretty ironic if you ask me. You killed your mentor, the one that treated you like a son, and now you’ve got nobody. All the money and power in the world won’t hide the fact that you’re a lonely piece of sh*t, and a f*cking parasite!”


Donald gets pretty mad.


Donald (mad): “You’re dead! And I will eat your corpse just so I can flush it down my marble toilet! The Zaibatsu will hear about this so you can kiss your joke of crime organization good-bye!”


Donald quickly leaves the place. Ma Cipriani approaches Toni.


Ma Cipriani: “You’re a disgrace, Toni. I can’t believe you let him talk to you like that! Get the f*ck out of my sight, I don’t want to see you anymore!”


Ma Cipriani slaps Toni.


Ma Cipriani: “Come on, get the f*ck out!”


Toni finally leaves.



Outside Cipriani Restaurant – St. Marks, Liberty City - Autumn 2001

Monday – 2:50 PM


Toni looks around the street. He spots Donald Love walking away from the area.


Toni (mad): “You’ll pay for this.”


Toni takes out a walkie-talkie. He gets a reply after a couple of seconds.


Voice: “Yes, boss?”


Toni: “Donald Love is leaving the restaurant right now. I want you to keep him in Portland, don’t let him get out or I’ll cut your f*cking head off!”


Voice: “All right boss. Over.”


Toni gets inside his Mafia Sentinel and heads to the Leone mansion.



Outside Leone Mansion – St. Marks, Liberty City - Autumn 2001

Monday – 2:59 PM


Toni parks in front of the mansion and gets out of the car. A couple of men are waiting for him.


Toni: “Yeah, what’s the problem Gino?”


Gino: “Maria is hysterical. She’s wrecking Don Salvatore’s office.”


Toni: “Holy crap, did you let her take drugs?”


Gino: “I swear we didn’t know she had them!”


Toni: “Well, I’ll take care of it later.”


Gino: “Ok. What about the funerals? Mr. Vitelli dropped by the house around 30 minutes ago. He said everything is ready despite the war.”


Toni: “Well, you and Carlo can pick up the bodies from the morgue and take them to Vitelli’s. It’s not such a big deal.”


Gino: “What about the church? It’s not safe to go to Staunton right now.”


Toni: “Let me take care of that, Ok? Now go back to the house and do what I ordered you, let me talk to Francesco here.”


Gino: “All right, Toni.”


Gino takes the steps to the house and gets inside.


Toni: “Well Francesco, what have you got for me?”


Francesco: “Well Toni, the recent events have been very unfortunate for the family. However, we still have Fabrizio who’s currently taking care of some business down in Florida. As soon as he comes to Liberty, we can make the arrangements to appoint him as the new Don. In the mean time, you’re in charge around here.”


Toni: “Hmm… all right.”


Toni walks back to the car.


Francesco: “Hey, Toni, what about Maria? She’s a crazy stoned bitch and we can’t handle her, we might need to call some of the guys to help us with her or just plain shoot her!”


Toni looks at Francesco.


Toni: “You can’t kill her. She’s the only one that knows the whereabouts of Speed... by the way, how’s the investigation going on?”


Francesco: “Well, we can’t link Speed with the deaths of Joey and Mickey. There’s no trace of him in Liberty. All his hideouts are seized and the war in Staunton is just a big problem for anybody!”


Toni: “Are there any other suspects?”


Francesco: “Nope, not at all. The guy that did it was definitely a pro and not just your average killer. He left no trace. Even Speed left several traces after killing Don Salvatore.”


Toni: “Well, I’ll see you later. I have a rat to exterminate.”


Toni gets inside the car and drives away.



Porter Tunnel Entrance – Harwood, Liberty City - Autumn 2001

Monday – 3:18 PM


Donald Love is walking towards the tunnel entrance when some Mafia guys watching over the place stop him.


Mafia guard: “Sorry, you can’t go in there.”


Donald: “Don’t be ridiculous. Do you know me? Get out!”


Mafia guard: “You can’t go in there. Stay away or I’ll shoot you.”


Donald: “Nobody that wants to live long enough shoots Donald Love, do you understand?”


Donald keeps walking inside the tunnel. Several Mafia guys go after him and hold him.


Mafia guard: “Go back. This is the last warning.”


Donald Love struggles. A Mafia Sentinel arrives to the place and Toni Cipriani comes out.


Toni: “Let him go boys.”


The guys leave Donald alone.


Toni: “Donald, I’m really sorry for my behavior. I’m a fool and as such let me take you back to Staunton. It’s the least I can do.”


Donald looks at the Mafia guys.


Donald: “Well, at least your boss is reasonable and admits his errors!”


Donald walks to the passenger door of Toni’s car and gets inside.


Toni: “Hey guys, how’s the tunnel?”


Mafia guard: “Very dark, Toni. You better take the bridge. It’s being cleaned up as we speak.”


Toni: “Good. I’ll see you later.”


Toni gets in the car and drives away.


Donald: “I knew you were a smart guy Toni. I’m sorry for being so mean to you.”


Toni: “Don’t worry, I’m sorry for calling you a sick f*ck anyway. I don’t know what got into me.”


Donald: “Well, once we reach Staunton, let me introduce you to the Zaibatsu. They’re pretty organized people. They didn’t take long to convert and clean everything. I was very impressed with them.”


Toni: “Sure, why not?”


Toni keeps driving until they reach the Callahan Bridge.


Donald: “Oh, there’s the good ol’ bridge. I think this will be the only way to communicate with Staunton Island in the mean time.”


Toni keeps driving over the bridge until he stops the car at the middle.


Donald: “Why did we stop?”


Toni: “Oh, this piece of sh*t did it again. Let me go check the engine.”


Donald: “All right, but don’t take too long. I have very important people waiting for me.”


Toni: “Sure you do....”


Toni gets out of the car. Walks to the front and opens the hood. A few minutes pass until Donald gets out of the car to see what’s going on.


Donald: “Hey Toni, what’s taking so long?”


Toni is looking at the engine. His hand seems to be stuck.


Toni: “My f*cking hand. Would you help me out?”


Donald: “Of course.”


Donald bows under the hood and tries to help Toni.


Donald: “Hey, wait a minute, your hand is not stuck!”


Toni quickly takes his hand out of the engine and smacks Donald’s head with the hood several times until he starts bleeding. Donald’s dead body falls on the concrete. His blood quickly sheds, making a puddle around the car. Toni closes the car’s hood.


Toni: “f*cking idiot. Nobody messes with Toni Cipriani. NOBODY!!”


Toni puts Donald’s body in the trunk. He goes back to the driver seat, starts the engine and drives back to Portland. He stops in front of an abandoned store in Chinatown and takes out Donald’s body covered with a dark quilt.


Toni: “Ahhh, the memories...”



Abandoned Store – Chinatown, Liberty City - Autumn 2001

Monday – 3:36 PM


The store used to be an Italian deli owned by Giovanni Casa. Casa used to spend some of his time with Ma Cipriani a few years ago, earning her respect. Toni was constantly bothered by this and the fact that his Ma believed Casa was a great man, unlike Toni himself. Toni knew Casa was really a sick pervert so he couldn’t stand the situation any longer and took care of him in a very particular way. The deli continued in operation even after Casa’s sudden disappearance, finally shutting down a month later after an investigation led by Liberty City’s Health Dept. found out that the deli was selling products made with Casa’s own meat.


Toni proceeds to strip Donald’s corpse bare and picks up a rusty machete that was on the floor. He then proceeds to slaughter the body, splattering blood all over the place.


Toni: “Well Mr. Love. Now you’ll help me take care of some unfinished business.”


Toni puts the meat in a nearby barrel and leaves the store with it.



Read Chapter 26
Edited by PresidentKiller

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You know what's coming next right smile.gif Great work!!!!

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Donald gets what he deserves. He eats people, now people can eat him. Ohhhh delicious. wink.gif

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Vanilla Shake

Great work to say the least! Can't wait for the next chapter! Keep it up!!! icon14.gificon14.gificon14.gificon14.gif

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One day Im gonna have to read through all of the chapters.

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cookie.gif FREAKIN AWSOME rah.gif

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Thanks for the comments, guys. The story is getting pretty interesting, isn't it? sly.gif

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