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The decline of Liberty


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This fan-fiction story is intended to happen right after the final mission in Grand Theft Auto III. It gives a final conclusion to the whole GTA III-era storyline.


Written since March 2005, this story became one of the most popular at GTAForums.com, however, due to various personal problems and other issues in my life, the project was abandoned and left unfinished in chapter 38, published around 4 years ago. Even though it may seem pointless now, there's people that are interested in knowing the end of the story, and it's my intention to finish it.


Keep in mind this is the second story in the English language that I've written so far, so please excuse the grammatical errors and other weird things you might encounter while reading it.




- PresidentKiller




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April 26th, 2010 - Topic officially re-opened. New chapters and "e-book" will be posted soon.


April 27th, 2010 - Look and feel updated. Chapters 39 and 40 posted.


May 4th, 2010 - "Volume I" e-book now available. Check the "e-books" section below.


May 8th, 2010 - Chapter 41 posted.


May 26th, 2010 - Chapter 42 posted.


June 12th, 2010 - Chapter 43 posted.


June 22th, 2010 - Chapter 44 posted.


July 10th, 2010 - Chapter 45 posted.


July 29th, 2010 - Chapter 46 posted.


August 22nd, 2010 - Chapter 47 posted.


September 12th, 2010 - Chapter 48 posted.


October 21st, 2010 - Chapter 49 posted.


November 16th, 2010 - Chapter 50 posted.


January 7th, 2011 - Chapter 51 posted and Happy New Year!


March 13th, 2011 - Chapter 52 posted. Writer's Block has been defeated!


March 26th, 2011 - Chapter 53 posted.


July 8th, 2011 - Chapter 54 posted. I'm really sorry for the long-ass delay!


October 18th, 2011 - Chapter 55 posted after a long hiatus. Sorry about that!


November 21th, 2011 - Chapter 56 posted.


December 21th, 2011 - Chapter 57 posted.



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VOLUME I - Get the first 40 chapters for your reading pleasure! Click Here!!





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The Consequences of Killing a Don



Lounge, Leone Mansion – St. Marks, Liberty City - Autumn 2001

Saturday - 11:45 AM


Joey Leone is playing what seems to be the “Godfather” theme in the piano. Some Mafia thugs are in the place drinking and chatting with Toni Cipriani and Luigi Goterelli about their businesses and the war against the Forellis and the Triads. All of them just returned from the Don’s funeral.


Salvatore Leone, head of the Leone Family Mafia, got killed by Claude Speed, a former Mafia associate, just a few weeks ago outside Sex Club 7 in the Red Light District. Joey Leone, the Don’s son, was following every single piece of evidence to take down Speed, but he wasn’t successful at all. He knew he was still in Liberty, but the Yakuza, a Japanese gang of businessmen, were protecting him.


After a few minutes, the phone rings and a Mafia thug answers it for a few seconds and hangs up.


Mafia thug: “Joey, Joey, come here!!”


Joey stops playing the piano and goes to see what the problem is...


Joey Leone: “What’s the problem? Don’t you see I’m trying to play pop’s favorite piece of music?”


Mafia thug: “I’m really sorry Joey, but it’s Fabio, he says we need to turn on the T.V., there’s something important on the news…”


Joey: “Ok, ok”.


Joey grabs the remote and turns on the TV...


TV News Reporter: “… as we said before commercials, we’ve just got new information about the terrible shootings that took place a few minutes ago at the Cochrane Dam in Shoreside Vale. Witnesses told the police about a guy whose description matches the identity of Claude Speed, a felon that a few months ago was presumed to be death as the result of the Callahan Bridge bombing. The authorities then found out that he and other 2 convicts were really alive and on the loose. Police detectives are now…”


Joey turns off the TV…


Joey (mad): “That cocksucker is in Shoreside Vale, we need to get him before anything else happens!!”


Mafia thug: “Ok Joey, I’m calling the guys. Let’s go.”


The Mafia thugs leave the room while Luigi approaches Joey…


Luigi Goterelli: “Don’t you think it’s a bit dangerous to get this guy?? I mean, he just annihilated most of the Colombian Cartel…”


Joey (still mad): “I don’t care! That bastard is going to pay!! Let’s get him!!”


Joey, Luigi and Toni leave the room for the mansion’s garage.



Garage, Leone Mansion – St. Marks, Liberty City - Autumn 2001

Saturday - 11:52 AM


Joey, Toni and Luigi are talking near Salvatore’s Stretch and two Mafia Sentinels.


Joey: “Ok, listen carefully. Luigi...?”


Luigi: “Yes, Joey?”


Joey: “Get back to the club and grab anything you’ve got in there, Toni will pick you up later, ok?”


Luigi: “Ok.”


Joey: “… and tell Misty that I’ll be away for a while…”


Luigi: “Sure Joey, I’ll tell her.”


Luigi takes a Mafia Sentinel and leaves…


Joey: “Now, Toni, you were pop’s capo, his very right hand. Now, I’m going to need you as much as my dad did. I’m counting on you, you hear?”


Toni: “Of course Joey, the Leone family can trust me for the rest of my life, don’t worry.”


Joey: “Good, now go to my garage, these are the keys...”


Joey gives the keys to Toni.


Joey: “Take the Patriot, it’s bulletproof and we’re gonna need it. Then go to Luigi’s and pick him up. Meet me at the AMCO garage in Pike Creek in 30 minutes, ok?”


Toni: “Fine, Joey, I’ll see you there.”


Toni also takes a Mafia Sentinel and leaves. Joey goes outside where several cars and Mafia members are waiting for him; he gets into a car and all of them leave the place immediately.


Meanwhile, at Wichita Gardens in Shoreside Vale…



Apartment 1260, Tower 2 – Wichita Gardens, Liberty City - Autumn 2001

Saturday - 11:58 AM


This is Claude Speed’s apartment. There’re lots of beer cans in the floor and an old-fashion Candy Suxx poster in the wall, along with a picture of Catalina with darts all over her face. There’re also a TV and a pile of newspapers. Maria Leone is sitting in a chair crying while Claude is in his bed cleaning his shotgun and staring at Maria.


Maria (crying): “I still can’t believe you blew off a Cartel member’s head in front of me with your damn shotgun! What an insensitive lunatic asshole you are!!…”


Claude’s attitude is the usual “silent type” and just keeps staring at Maria…


Maria: “Would you say something? You know I don’t like your usual “badass” attitude!”


Claude clears his throat, gets up from the bed and replies…


Claude: “What do you want me to say? ‘I’m sorry’? That f*cking grease ball would have killed us…”


Maria: “Yes, I know, but I was sharing my feelings about you and you just ruined it…”


Claude: “You were talking about your damn haircut…”


Maria: “Yes, I was talking about that too, it’s ruined, just like my dress… it’s covered with blood… oh God!!”


Maria starts crying again. Claude takes his jacket, shotgun and some money and heads to the door…


Claude: “Oh well, whatever… listen, I’m going out, I need to talk to 8-Ball, get a nice cold beer and some smokes… do you want to come with me or what?”


Maria (sad): “Not really, go ahead, I’ll just wait here…”


Claude leaves the room. Maria looks at Catalina’s picture…


Maria (yelling): “Damn you bitch!! What the hell did you do to him??”


Maria resumes her crying…



AMCO Garage – Pike Creek, Liberty City - Autumn 2001

Saturday - 12:40 PM


Joey and Toni are talking with other 7 Mafia members while Luigi is chatting with Fabio Donato, a friend of the Leone family. There’re Mafia associates all over Pike Creek while numerous police officers and helicopters are patrolling the Cochrane Dam area.


A door in the AMCO building opens and an old oriental man appears. He closes the door and approaches the Mafia guys. Three Mafia thugs block him the way and aim at him with AK-47’s.


Old oriental man: “Hey, hey, calm down! I just want to know what’s going on in here, I’ve got some business in here and seeing a lot of people around the place makes me nervous.”


Joey looks at the oriental man and orders to leave him alone. The Mafia thugs go a few feet away but keep aiming. Joey approaches the oriental man.


Joey: “What can I do for you sir? As you can see, we’re in a middle of something…”


Oriental man: “Nothing really son, it’s just that I’m a little nervous with all these cops around and then you’re in here, in front of the building.”


Joey: “But who are you anyway? And why are you nervous about the cops? Are you hiding something in there, old man?”


Oriental man: “Oh, where are my manners? I’m Satoshi Honatsu. And no… I’m not hiding anything in there…”


Joey: “Well, my name is Joey Leone. Don’t worry sir, we’re leaving soon.”


Oriental man: “Well, the sooner the better. Good day Mr. Leone.”


Satoshi makes a reverence and gets inside the building again. Joey looks confused…


Joey: “What a strange person…”


A Mafia thug appears running towards Joey…


Joey: “What the f*ck is the matter with you?”


Mafia thug: “Joey, the guys saw Speed on the bridge near Cedar Grove.”


Joey: “What? When??”


Mafia thug: “A few minutes ago, they chased him but he got away, luckily they managed to shoot him but we don’t know if he’s hurt though”


Joey: “Good job! All right guys, let’s go to Cedar Grove!! MOVE IT!!”


Everyone gets in their cars and leave the place.



Apartment 1260, Tower 2 – Wichita Gardens, Liberty City - Autumn 2001

Saturday - 1:06 PM


Maria is lying in bed watching TV. She’s holding a gun just in case something happens.


A loud noise is heard on the staircase outside the room. Maria loads the gun, gets up and hides in the bathroom. The sound of a door opening is heard…


Voice (groaning): “Oh, sh*t, sh*t, sh*t!!!”


Maria gets out of the bathroom quickly…


Maria (yelling): “Ok asshole, stay right where you are!!”


Maria then realizes that Claude is lying on the floor groaning.


Maria: “My God!! What the hell happened??”


Claude (groaning): “The f*cking Leones are near; one of them shot me in the shoulder…”


Claude carefully removes his jacket, there’s blood all over him. Maria is shocked.


Claude (groaning): “We need to get out of here, quickly!!”


Maria: “Ok dear, don’t worry, just let me clean you up with some alcohol from the bathroom…”


Claude (groaning): “There’s no f*cking time for that, we gotta get the hell outta here!!”


Claude gets up, puts his jacket on again, grabs two bags in the floor and gets Maria.


Claude: “Let’s go!!”


Claude and Maria get out of the apartment but they hear voices downstairs… Claude takes a look…


Claude: “f*ck!!! The Mafia is here already! Let’s go upstairs!!!”


Maria: “Upstairs? But how…”


Claude gets Maria and both get upstairs quickly until they reach the roof. Claude opens the door and both go outside. Claude shuts the door back and attaches a bomb on the lock. He and Maria go to the other side of the place.



Rooftop, Tower 2 – Wichita Gardens, Liberty City - Autumn 2001

Saturday - 1:11 PM


Maria (worried): “What the hell?? How are we gonna get out of here??!!”


Claude: “Don’t worry, I’ll work something out.”


Claude takes a look down, Joey Leone and a lot of Mafia members are in the building’s front door and the surroundings. Claude opens one of the bags and grabs a radio to turn it on.


Maria: “What are you doing?”


Claude: “I’m trying to get a transmission from them.”


Claude keeps messing with the radio until some voices are finally heard…


Radio voice 1: “There’s nobody in here … (interference)… what do we do? over”


Radio voice 2: “Just look everywhere in the building, Joey says kill everyone… DO IT!! ... (interference)… over”


A few seconds later a lot of gun shots and screams are heard. Maria starts crying…


Maria (crying): “They are killing everyone because of us…”


Claude keeps his cool, he knows that the apartment building is full of hobos and hookers so they ain’t really that important, he’s in pain but he doesn’t care that much. He removes his jacket and shirt and takes out a bottle of scotch from the opened bag, then pours it all over the wound. Maria stops crying then she looks at Claude’s shoulder and removes her sweater.


Maria: “Let me help you.”


Maria cleans Claude’s wound with her sweater, then she rips part of it and rolls it around Claude’s arm and shoulder to cover the wound.


Maria: “There, but we need to get to a doctor.”


Claude: “Thanks. But we can’t get into a hospital, you know…”


Maria: “Oh, I’ve got an idea. Remember Chico? He lives in Pike Creek, he can help us.”


Claude (skeptical): “And how are we gonna get to Pike Creek with all these Italians around?”


Maria starts thinking; gun shots are suddenly heard on the street. Maria and Claude get some cover under a small water tank. Claude takes a brief look…


Claude: “What the hell?”


Hundreds of Yakuza Stingers are coming down the road from Cedar Grove. The Mafia members on the street are trying to shoot at them but the Yakuza just run over them without giving them a chance. Claude and Maria look at the building’s entrance. Joey, Toni and several Mafia members are getting into their cars and leaving the place. The sound of a window breaking is heard a few seconds later with Luigi Goterelli falling to his death. Some more gun shots are heard during a couple of minutes until everything gets silent.


Maria: “What happened?”


Claude: “Who told the Yakuza??”


Some people are knocking at the rooftop’s door…


Voice behind door: “Claude-san, we’re here to take you to the casino, are you ok? Claude-san?”


The knocks continue… Claude gets up and walks to the door.


Claude: “Yes, I’m here, but I can’t open the door, there’s a bomb on it.”


Voice: “Don’t worry Claude-san. A helicopter is heading this way.”


Five minutes later the helicopter arrives. Shinji Kasen greets Maria and Claude. They get into the chopper. A doctor on board quickly takes care of Claude.


Shinji Kasen is the new leader of the Yakuza after the death of Asuka and Kenji Kasen in the past weeks. Shinji is their cousin.


The Yakuza helicopter interiors are quite comfortable and luxurious. Shinji is smoking while Maria is drinking some water. The doctor is taking care of Claude’s wound. Another 3 Yakuza members are in the vehicle, with M16’s in their hands. A few minutes later, the pilot is announcing their arrival to Torrington’s casino.



Helipad, Kasen Casino (formerly known as Kenji’s Casino) – Torrington, Liberty City - Autumn 2001

Saturday - 1:47 PM


The helicopter is landing. Several Yakuza members are guarding the place. Shinji, Maria and Claude get down from the helicopter along with the 3 Yakuza members guarding them. Claude approaches Shinji.


Claude: “Thank you, Mr. Kasen.”


Claude and Maria make a reverence. Shinji makes them stop with a gesture.


Shinji: “Please, don’t do that, that’s so old-fashioned that it’s not even interesting anymore. I know my cousin Kenji was obsessed with all this ‘honor’ stuff but I’m more liberal. And you can call me Shinji.”


Shinji is only 19 years old. Some Yakuza members don’t like him because of his age and “liberalism”, but he’s the only true heir of the Yakuza leadership.


All of them keep walking and get into the casino.





Read Chapter 2
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Granted that there are some grammatical errors that you mentioned may exist, but it's an interesting story. Though I can't say I like the way it's written; I think you should take it into more of a book direction and not as much of a script.


Though I do like the characters. Claude is a difficult hero to write, but I like the idea of an heir to the Yakuza. Killing Luigi off early is an interesting twist as well.


Hope to see the next chapter posted soon. smile.gif

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Thanks for the feedback Bart.


Yeah, I thought at some point that I should write it more like a book and not like a movie script.


I have to think more about that but first I need to improve my grammar skills. tounge.gif


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Good story


To tell you the truth, I kind of like the way you've laid out the story. The story, from what I've read, has a lot of dialouge, so the "movie script" approach is a good way to approach that. Besides the few grammatical errors, it is a good read and I look foward to an update.



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To tell you the truth, I kind of like the way you've laid out the story. The story, from what I've read, has a lot of dialouge, so the "movie script" approach is a good way to approach that. Besides the few grammatical errors, it is a good read and I look foward to an update.

Yeah, 80% of the story is dialogue.


I'm still thinking about that tho. On the next update I'm gonna try and correct all the grammatical errors.


Thanks for the comments. smile.gif


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PK, I salute you..I was actually into it. Interesting story, good plot twists so far, and I enjoyed every bit of it so far. I've read a few GTA3 fanfics that people have written and I have to stop reading it after the first chapter because it gets too ridiculous. I'm sure it will just keep getting better. Can't wait for the next chapter.

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Because of the use of the dialouge, I actually imagined most it as if it was actually in game, great job!

No dough this post will get questions and and maybe even some fighting.

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Thanks for the comments guys. smile.gif


Now, I fixed some grammatical errors. I know there might be more, but I'll keep looking.


Should I keep the "script" style or should I switch to "book" style?


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Yeah, the script style is nice. Makes it easier (for me) to imagine the story taking place in the game.

No dough this post will get questions and and maybe even some fighting.

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Very nice story indeed. I'm also a fan fiction writer and I'm thinking of starting a story again, not confirmed tho. I did GTA Saga, and that was the most popular story on these boards, (cheap plug) But I like the script style, keep to that, and I agree writing in the view of Claude is hard, as I had ot do in the ever popular GTA Saga, (just cant stop with the plugs)

Looking forward to next chapter, release it earlier than a week if you have 10 of them done.

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Looking forward to next chapter, release it earlier than a week if you have 10 of them done.

Yeah, I think I'm gonna post 2 chapters a week.


Thanks for the comments. I'm gonna stick with the "script" mode. tounge.gif


Well, this is chapter 2. Enjoy!




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Going on an Errand



Shinji’s Office, Kasen Casino – Torrington, Liberty City - Autumn 2001

Saturday - 1:52 PM


The room on top of the casino is Shinji’s office. The exquisite furniture once belonged to Kenji Kasen, who had a private garden and an elevator to get there. Both the garden and the elevator are still there, but nobody is allowed to go to those places.


Shinji sits on his desk’s chair, makes a phone call and then stands up to join Claude and Maria who are sitting in the office’s lounge.


Claude: “So Shinji, I want to know... how did you know we were in trouble?”


Shinji starts laughing…


Shinji (laughing): “Come on Claude, don’t you think it’s really stupid to leave you without protection, after half of Liberty hates you??”


Claude and Maria laugh too…


Claude: “Yes, it makes sense…”


Shinji: “There were some Yakuza members in that building keeping an eye on the surroundings. When they noticed you were bleeding, they called me. I bet the Leones weren’t expecting that!”


They keep laughing for a while until Shinji gets serious.


Shinji: “Ok Claude, let’s get to the point of this meeting. You’re pretty f*cked right now. This Mafia assault was stopped but it won’t last forever. Joey Leone and Toni Cipriani are very dangerous, and now that Luigi Goterelli is gone; they’re going to be pretty pissed off…”


Claude: “Yeah, but I guess if we stay here in Torrington we will be safe, isn’t it?”


Shinji stands up and walks around; he gets near a window and just stares at the outside world...


Shinji: “Yes Claude, that is correct. The Yakuza are all over Staunton Island. The remains of the Colombian Cartel and the Yardies are not a threat, but I’m worried about the Mafia. They’re taking over Portland. The Forellis are practically gone, the Chinese are weak since the destruction of their fish business, and the Diablos just left the place. The Mafia don’t have any enemies left in Portland anymore…”


Claude and Maria gulp.


Shinji: “Listen Claude, we don’t want trouble with the Leone family. If you finally leave the city they won’t be messing with us.”


Claude stands up.


Claude: “But you killed Goterelli…”


Shinji: “Yes, we did, but you Claude Speed… you whacked out the Don, Salvatore Leone, the kingpin of the Italian Mafia, and even took his wife with you… that’s like killing 50 thousand Goterellis in a row…”


Shinji walks to a minibar, takes out a bottle of water and drinks it.


Shinji: “Listen, a contact just told us that the Los Santos branch of the Leone family is having an important meeting in Vice City on the next spring. Fabrizio Leone is going to shake hands with Tommy Vercetti, who’s pretty much the owner of the city. Vercetti began to take over back in the 80’s by killing Sonny Forelli and that’s why the Leones admire him, they want to partner with him so they can expand to Vice City and let Vercetti take over businesses in Los Santos and Liberty too…”


Claude interrupts Shinji…


Claude: “Wait Shinji, what does this have to do with Maria and me?”


Maria looks worried. Shinji sits down on his big chair.


Shinji: “Come here Claude, sit down.”


Claude goes to a chair in front of Shinji’s desk and sits down.


Shinji: “Listen Claude, if the Leones get any more power, we lose. They’ll be coming to Liberty to join their relatives and partners in no time and they’re going to take us out. Even if we have Staunton under control we simply don’t have enough power like Vercetti has down in Florida or Fabrizio Leone in Los Santos. We’ve been negotiating with people too and we got deals going with the Zaibatsu Corporation. They’ve been taking over the city since Donald Love disappeared; they already gained control of Love Media and AMCO. They are getting stronger, and that’s what we need.”


The Zaibatsu Corporation is a Japanese holding that owns several companies in the U.S. Their stronger company in Liberty is Zaibatsu Pharmaceuticals, which got big thanks to an anti-depressive called Equanox.


Donald Love was the founder and president of Love Media, a company that owns almost every single radio and TV stations in Liberty City and various other cities in the U.S. He mysteriously disappeared a few days ago without a trace.


AMCO is a major gas and petroleum production and distribution company. Both Love Media and Zaibatsu Pharmaceuticals own stock from this important company.


Shinji drinks some more water.


Shinji: “So, Claude, I’m asking you for a favor, you have to get to Vice City and sabotage the meeting between the Leone family and Tommy Vercetti. My cousins really trusted in you so I think I can trust you as well. If you’re worried about Maria, she can stay at the Belleville Hotel, where she’s going to be safe. What do you say?”


Claude stands up, and starts thinking for a while. Maria looks at Claude’s eyes.


Claude: “Maria, will you stay here under the protection of the Yakuza? You’ll be just fine baby.”


Maria starts crying…


Maria (crying): “But what if you get killed or something down at Vice City, you’ve never been in there, do you?”


Claude approaches Maria and hugs her…


Claude: “Listen Maria, if we don’t do this, we and the Yakuza are gonna be doomed. You were Salvatore’s wife so you know the Mafia good enough to foresee our terrible destiny if we don’t do something. You have to stay here and when I come back we can live peacefully together, and I won’t have to blow another head off in front of you ever again…”


Maria keeps crying, but calms down a little…


Maria: “Ok Claude, but take care of yourself. I’ll be waiting for you.”


Shinji stands up and calls for some bodyguards. A few seconds later, the bodyguards arrive to the office.


Shinji: “Ok then, get the future Mrs. Speed down to the Belleville Hotel. Tell Mr. Akio that I’ve sent you. Get more men from the Dojo and keep both eyes all over the place, day and night. Mrs. Speed must be well protected. Do you understand?”


The bodyguards make a reverence. Maria kisses Claude and leaves the room with the bodyguards while crying.


Shinji: “Good, now let’s get to the airport…”


Four Yakuza members get into the room and escort Shinji and Claude to the helipad, where they take the helicopter heading to Francis International.



Kasen Private Hangar – Francis International Airport, Liberty City - Autumn 2001

Saturday - 3:14 PM


The helicopter lands at the helipad next to Shinji’s private hangar where a small jet is ready to take off. Shinji and Claude get into the hangar while 6 Yakuza members are preparing themselves as they’ll be Claude’s protection during the trip.


An airport staff member approaches Shinji…


Airport staff member: “Everything is set, Mr. Kasen. Your people can board the jet now.”


The staff member leaves.


Shinji: “Ok Claude, you better get in the plane now. Take care.”


Claude: “All right Shinji. Please take care of Maria.”


Shinji: “Don’t worry about that. Good luck.”


Shinji and Claude shake hands. Claude gets into the plane, along with his protection. A couple of minutes later, the jet is heading to the runway and takes off. Shinji and a couple of Yakuza members get back to the helicopter and leave.



Arrivals Area – Escobar International Airport, Vice City - Autumn 2001

Saturday - 6:20 PM


Vice City’s airport is bigger and more impressive than Francis International in Liberty. Claude Speed and his protection are waiting for transportation. Two taxis get in the place. Claude notices the words “Vercetti Cabs” on both vehicles’ doors. He and the Yakuza get into the cars.


Taxi driver: “Where are we going to?”


Claude: “We’re looking for a hotel; we’ve been told that the ones in Vice Point are the best ones.”


Taxi driver: “Well, you’ve been misinformed. Those hotels WERE the best ones, but now they’re just ancient history.”


Claude: “Ok then, what do you suggest?”


Taxi driver: “You can stay at the Ocean View hotel in Ocean Beach or at the Vercetti Resort downtown.”


Claude: “Well, you’re driving a Vercetti cab, so take us to the Vercetti hotel.”


Taxi driver (laughing): “Ok señor.”


Both cabs leave the airport area and head Downtown. Vice City has changed a lot in the past 15 years. The place where Little Haiti was is now a commercial and business complex built by Avery Construction Co. in 1989, after Tommy Vercetti and his gang annihilated the Haitians and their leader, Auntie Poulet. The Cubans are Vercetti’s partners and important businessmen since Humberto Robina, head of the Cubans in Florida, won the lottery in 1991 and bought an important bank and some businesses. All of Vercetti’s assets, except The Malibu and the Pole Position Club, changed their name after Vercetti: Kaufman Cabs became Vercetti Cabs; Sunshine Autos is now Vercetti Motors; Cherry Poppers Ice Cream Co. turned into Vercetti Frozen Foods Co.; the Print Works is now Vercetti Printing Co., a subsidiary of Vercetti Publishing House; InterGlobal Films is now Vercetti Film & Television Productions; the Well-stacked Pizza is now Pappa Vercetti’s Pizza and the Moist Palms Hotel became the luxurious Vercetti Resort.


After a few minutes, both cabs arrive to their destination.



Lobby, Vercetti Resort – Downtown, Vice City - Autumn 2001

Saturday - 6:46 PM


The marvelous decoration and fine music at the hotel’s lobby makes Claude a little bit nervous, getting the attention of a nearby Yakuza member.


Yakuza member: “What’s the matter Claude-san?”


Claude (nervous): “Nothing, it’s just that I think this place is a bit pricey and I don’t feel very comfortable in such nice and happy places…”


Yakuza member: “You don’t have to worry Claude-san. We the Yakuza are paying for this.”


Claude (nervous): “Well, that’s really not the problem, but whatever.”


The Yakuza member goes to the reception and gets some keys. Everybody goes to their rooms. Claude gets a suite with a Jacuzzi and a big plasma TV. Two Yakuza members step at Claude’s room door…



Suite 890, Vercetti Resort – Downtown, Vice City - Autumn 2001

Saturday - 6:55 PM


Yakuza member: “We are staying in the corridor.”


Both Yakuza members close the door, Claude locks it and goes to the bathroom to take a shower. After dressing up again, he goes to the balcony and starts thinking…


Claude (thinking): “Damn, this city is so big and that Vercetti dude really owns everything over here. I wonder where he is right now…”


Claude keeps thinking, he turns around and looks at the big TV. Claude walks near the TV and turns it on. A man in a suit with the hotel’s building in the back is talking.


Narrator: “Hi, my name is Tommy Vercetti .Welcome to Vice City and welcome to the Vercetti Resort, the most luxurious hotel in Florida! In this video you’ll see the convenience and privileges of being a Vercetti Resort guest…”


Claude stares at the screen surprised; now he knows who Tommy Vercetti is. Claude wanted to meet him as soon as possible, but he didn’t want the Yakuza getting on his way. Claude changes the channel on the TV and increases the volume, then he goes to the balcony again and looks below…


Claude: “Damn, this is not going to be a piece of cake.”


Claude is at the 8th floor so he had to be very careful.


Claude: “I can just go down and get into an empty room so I can reach the elevator without the Yakuza noticing.”


Claude climbs down to the balcony below. He carefully looks through the window to see if someone’s in there, but it seems to be empty. Claude goes to the door and cracks the lock to get inside. He walks slowly in the darkness until the sound of a trigger freezes him...




Read Chapter 3
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D Jones waits


I love this PK, remember when I bugged you about it a 'while back? Are you just posting chapters, day by day or are you re-wrtiting it a little bit?

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I'll post a couple of chapters each week. I've been rewriting some bits and correcting the grammatical mistakes.


And yeah, I know you "bugged" me about this. tounge.gif


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Very nice. Vercetti is doing well for himself.


Should be another good chapter. Are you going by the story of GTA, as in say Lance Vance is dead, Forellis, etc. Cos there are a few things you could look into before continuing, like stuff that happens in Liberty City Stories.

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da gta master

I dont think Avery Construction would be around or would be called that. Seeing as Donald love made Toni kill him in LCS. But except for that very nice story! Cant wait for next chapter.


EDIT: I tried adding spoiler tags but didnt work

Edited by da gta master
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Are you going by the story of GTA, as in say Lance Vance is dead, Forellis, etc. Cos there are a few things you could look into before continuing, like stuff that happens in Liberty City Stories.


Yes. The events of GTAIII, Vice City, San Andreas and LCS are being considered for this story.



I dont think Avery Construction would be around or would be called that. Seeing as Donald love made Toni kill him in LCS. But except for that very nice story! Cant wait for next chapter.


EDIT: I tried adding spoiler tags but didnt work


And that's why I don't like post wrappers. tounge.gif


Yeah, I know that. But the complex was built in 1989 and LCS is set in 1998. Besides, Avery's company could be lead by someone else. ph34r.gif


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Yeah company's names don't have to change when the founder is Killed and/or retires. If that was the case a lot of big name companies would have their name changed constantly.

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Yeah company's names don't have to change when the founder is Killed and/or retires. If that was the case a lot of big name companies would have their name changed constantly.

Example Disney Land.

Anyway, whens the new chapter up and da gta master, if spoilers dont work, just makes it a very small font size.

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da gta master
Yeah company's names don't have to change when the founder is Killed and/or retires. If that was the case a lot of big name companies would have their name changed constantly.

Example Disney Land.

Anyway, whens the new chapter up and da gta master, if spoilers dont work, just makes it a very small font size.

OK Thanks for telling me

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Come on Prez Killer, wheres the new chapter  biggrin.gif

Right here... tounge.gif



user posted image

Meeting an Old Friend



Suite 788, Vercetti Resort – Downtown, Vice City - Autumn 2001

Saturday – 7:02 PM


Voice: “Gotcha motherf*cker!! What do you want??”


Claude was really nervous but that voice sounded very familiar.


Claude (nervous): “Machowski?”


Voice: “What the f*ck?? How do you know my name?? Who the f*ck are you??”


Ray Machowski is a crooked cop that helped Donald Love and the Yakuza back in Liberty City. He was one of Claude’s bosses until he had to leave the city thanks to a CIA investigation against him.


Ray turned on the lights, he was very surprised.


Ray (surprised): “You!! What the f*ck are you doing here kid?? What’s the matter?? And you finally said something, I’m quite surprised…”


Claude: “Well, I’m also quite surprised that you’re not hiding in a public toilet over here…. he he. Listen, the Mafia is after me in Liberty. Shinji Kasen sent me here so I can sabotage a meeting between the Leone family and Tommy Vercetti. If that meeting does take place, the Mafia will get very powerful and then they’re gonna eliminate the Yakuza and cut my f*cking head off!”


Ray: “How come you’re afraid of some crazy Italians? You just killed the Don, didn’t you?”


Claude: “It’s not me, Machowski. I’m with someone now and I want her to be safe wherever we go…”


Ray: “Just call me Ray. I understand your problem kid, but maybe you should’ve thought about everything you were doing before making half of Liberty hate your guts. Listen carefully, Vercetti has more influence in Vice than the Yakuza and the Leone family together in Liberty. Thomas Vercetti is a drug baron whose empire was built with nothing but drug money. As far as I know he killed Ricardo Diaz, a big shot Venezuelan drug dealer, and took over his properties and businesses. Colonel Juan Cortez, a very powerful man in South America, is Vercetti’s best friend and business partner, he even allowed him to marry his daughter, Mercedes. I guess I don’t need to tell you why Vercetti’s enemies don’t last. If you ever think about killing him, you’ll be sleeping with the fishes in the bottom of the ocean in no time.”


Claude: “Nope, I’m not planning to take him out, I just want to make him change his mind about the meeting with the Leones, but I don’t know how, not even where to find him…”


Ray: “Getting near Vercetti won’t be easy, his mansion in Starfish Island it’s as protected as a military base since his personal vendetta with Sonny Forelli back in ’86.”


Claude: “Yes, and that’s exactly why the Leones want to partner with him…”


Ray: “So, when are the Leones coming to town?”


Claude: “Next spring. They’re coming from Los Santos.”


Ray: “Los Santos? So, is Fabrizio Leone coming?”


Claude: “That’s what Shinji told me.”


Ray: “Damn! Fabrizio Leone is one crazy motherf*cker! He’s Salvatore Leone’s younger brother, but Sal never liked him until he did some favor to the family some time ago.”


Claude: “What favor?”


Ray: “Sal was pretty pissed off about some robbery at Caligula’s casino in Las Venturas back in ‘92. Fabrizio heard about that and took care of the thieves. Sal was very grateful for that so he sent some money and men to Fabrizio and they gained some territory in Los Santos, where the influence of the Leone family is pretty strong nowadays.”


Claude: “The Leones own a casino in Las Venturas?”


Ray: “Yeah, they did. But Sal gave it as a gift to his wife Maria, who then sold it to some Asians and used the money for her drug addiction.”


Claude thinks for a second and then asks something to Ray...


Claude: “And how do you know all of this?”


Ray: “It’s a long story boy. I’m only telling you that I have ways to get to know a lot of people’s dirt.”


Claude: “Yeah, you sure do.”


Ray: “Well, back on the important issue, you’ve got some time before next spring. I know some people that might be able to help you so you can reach Vercetti, but first you need to establish yourself in the city. They won’t talk to an outsider that lives in a hotel, no matter how luxurious it is.”


Claude (skeptical): “Well, if that’s the case, then how come they’ll be talking to someone who likes to hide in public toilets?”


Ray (angry): “Don’t f*ck with me kid! People always listen to me, even if I’m hiding in a stinky public bathroom! If you want my help, good, come back tomorrow morning. If you don’t want it, then enjoy your torture Italian-style!”


Claude keeps looking at Ray in a suspicious way, but he knows Ray is the only one on this strange town that can help him.


Claude: “Ok. I’ll drop by tomorrow morning.”


Claude gets back to the balcony.


Claude (thinking): “I knew about Maria’s addiction... but spending all that money on drugs? Damn!”


Claude climbs up to his room. He’s quite exhausted so he turns off the TV, gets in bed and falls asleep.



Suite 890, Vercetti Resort – Downtown, Vice City - Autumn 2001

Sunday - 5:00 AM


Claude is sleeping. Suddenly the phone rings. It takes a while before Claude answers it…


Claude (sleepy): “Yeah? What?”


Voice on the phone: “Good morning Claude-san, we’re taking breakfast at the dining room in 5 minutes.”


Claude hangs up.


Claude (sleepy): “5 minutes? What time is it?”


Claude looks at his watch; he gets up from the bed…


Claude: “Damn, these guys surely eat early…”


Claude just puts his shoes on and leaves the room. The two Yakuza members that were in the corridor escort him to the dining room.



Dining Room, Vercetti Resort – Downtown, Vice City - Autumn 2001

Sunday - 6:05 AM


Everyone just finished breakfast. Claude stands up and so do the Yakuzas.


Claude (annoyed): “Damn, can’t I just go to the bathroom without you following me? Are you f*cking gonna help me grab my dick or what?”


Yakuza member: “Claude-san, we’ve got orders to protect you. We have to keep an eye on you. However, if you need sexual stimulation you’ll have to look somewhere else.”


Claude is pretty pissed-off. He notices that one of the Yakuza guards has a quite shiny Katana with him.


Claude (annoyed): “I was being sarcastic. Now, how the hell am I supposed to do what Shinji told me to do if you’re with me all over the place?”


Yakuza member: “I don’t know Claude-san, as I said, we’re just following orders.”


Claude: “Listen, I’m just going back to my room so I can go to the f*cking bathroom.”


Yakuza member: “All right, Claude-san. We’re escorting you to your room.”


The Yakuza take Claude back to his room. Claude carefully steals the Katana from the guard who closes the door and stays at the corridor; Claude locks the door and turns on the TV as usual, then he looks at the Katana.


Claude: “This makes for a nice souvenir from these jerks.”


Claude puts the Katana on the back of his pants, then he goes to the bathroom and finally climbs down the balcony to meet Ray.




Read Chapter 4
Edited by PresidentKiller


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Nice chapter, but Spring is when the meet is going down seems a bit unrealistic, it autumn now...Gonna be a long story.

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Nice chapter, but Spring is when the meet is going down seems a bit unrealistic, it autumn now...Gonna be a long story.

It's a long story, but things can change during its course. ph34r.gif


Now, if you like the story please rate this topic good. Any comments are welcome too! wink.gif


Here's the new chapter:




user posted image

Colombians and Katanas



Suite 788, Vercetti Resort – Downtown, Vice City - Autumn 2001

Sunday – 6:14 AM


Ray is watching TV when Claude knocks on the balcony’s door. Ray gets up and lets Claude inside.


Ray: “Well, you woke up early this morning. I see you’re carrying a Katana so I hope you don’t cut my head off... he he”


Claude: “Nope. I just found it. Ray, I need to do something, those Yakuza members won’t leave me alone. I can’t do sh*t if they’re with me all the time.”


Ray: “Why don’t you kill ‘em? After all, you’re a professional in the ‘disposal’ business.”


Claude: “Are you nuts? I can’t kill them, they helped me and if Shinji finds out, he would do something terrible to Maria.”


Ray: “Maria Leone? Are you f*cking Sal’s wife? I know he’s dead, but damn it boy, you could bang any other chick instead of that junkie!”


Claude: “Listen, I just like her. I haven’t f*cked her or anything.”


Ray: “And I’m glad you haven’t. She’s been with almost every ‘made man’ in St. Marks, including Toni Cipriani. I bet she has STD’s or some other weird sh*t.”


Claude: “Cipriani? How come Salvatore never found about that?”


Ray: “I don’t know, but anyway, let’s talk about how to get rid of your Yakuza friends. Donald Love told me once that you killed Kenji Kasen and made it look like the Colombians did it, and that guy was your boss and even paid you well.”


Claude: “Yes, you’re right. But that was easier to accomplish. I need a different strategy now.”


Ray: “Ok, listen. There’re some members of the Colombian Cartel in the city. They got here 10 years ago. Their turf is in Prawn Island, where the Vercetti Films studio is. They hate the Yakuza so if there’s a way to let them know that some Japanese foes are in this hotel, they’ll take care of everything for you. But don’t show up just like that, they know your face and by now they should also know that you killed Catalina.”


Claude: “Ok then, I’ll work something out.”


Claude opens the room’s door. Ray stops him before he leaves and gives him a map of Vice City.


Ray: “This will be useful. Also, if you’re planning to get out of the hotel, you better use the emergency stairs. There’re Yakuzas all over the place, one of them even said ‘hi’ to me when I went downstairs for some coffee.”


Claude nods and leaves the room. He looks in the corridor to avoid any contact with a Yakuza member. When he finally reaches the emergency stairs he runs downstairs and leaves the building. There's a couple of Yakuzas in the parking lot so he must be careful. Once he manages to avoid them, he steals a car, takes out the map from his pocket and heads to Prawn Island.


After driving for a while, Claude stops by the bridge to Prawn Island, he’s getting in dangerous territory so he must be careful. He crosses the bridge without being noticed and parks behind the film studio.



Back of Vercetti Films complex - Prawn Island, Vice City - Autumn 2001

Sunday – 6:40 AM


Prawn Island is very different from what it was 15 years ago. The abandoned houses were demolished and new mansions have been built. The closed businesses are now boutiques, restaurants and coffee shops. The Vercetti Films complex is very modern and amazing; part of it was turned into an amusement park where people feel like if they were in a real movie and play with special effects, props and some other stuff. When Vercetti Films was known as InterGlobal, the porno factory of the 80’s, it gave to the world porn stars such as Candy Suxx and El Burro. Since the Internet became the main source for adult entertainment in the mid-90’s, the studios began to produce low-budget sci-fi and action movies, not all of them very successful but entertaining nonetheless.


The Colombian Cartel established in Vice City in 1991, when they finally decided to expand their usual operations to the city by making a special deal with Tommy Vercetti.


Claude gets out of his car and carefully sneaks up on the street looking for some Cartel members. He sees the familiar Kappa Coffee House sign across the street. Nobody seems to be around so he goes there.


The Kappa Coffee House is a front company the Colombian Cartel uses for drug distribution. Their products range from cocaine to SPANK, which isn’t allowed in the deal with Vercetti, but it’s being sold anyway.


Once Claude gets into the coffee shop, he sees one distracted Cartel member at the counter. Claude carefully approaches him from behind and severs the guy’s head with the Katana. Claude makes sure nobody noticed that and takes out a box of matches from the Vercetti Resort and leaves it on top of the dead guy’s chest along with the blood-spattered Katana, making the perfect set up.


Claude leaves the place immediately, gets into his car and goes back to the hotel.



Suite 788, Vercetti Resort - Downtown, Vice City - Autumn 2001

Sunday – 7:02 AM


Claude gets into the building the same way as he left it earlier and heads to Ray’s room. Ray opens the door and Claude gets quickly in there.


Ray (surprised): “What’s the matter kid? You’re a little agitated.”


Claude tells Ray what he has done. Ray starts thinking, walks around the room and gets back to Claude.


Ray: “Well, that was a clever way to do it, I’m impressed. Now we need to get out of here before the Colombians arrive.”


Noises suddenly are heard in the outside; Claude and Ray take a look at the window. A horde of Cartel Cruisers is all over the place.


Claude (nervous): “sh*t! They got here quickly! What are we gonna do?”


Ray: “Well, Vercetti always has a helicopter handy in each of his properties; we can get to the helipad and take it. Do you know how to pilot one?”


Claude: “Well, choppers are strange to me but if I managed… sometimes… to fly that joke of a plane called Dodo then I guess I can handle them.”


Ray: “Oh yeah, that f*cking thing shouldn’t even be called a plane. Well, we have to leave now. Take this.”


Ray opens a closet door and takes out a case full with guns and ammo and gives it to Claude. They leave the room and take the emergency stairs up to the top. Once there they notice some Vercetti gang members.



Rooftop, Vercetti Resort - Downtown, Vice City - Autumn 2001

Sunday – 7:11AM


Ray: “Oh f*ck! There’re Vercetti’s men all over the place!”


Claude: “Don’t worry, I’ll handle it.”


Claude takes out a sniper rifle from the case and kills each one of Vercetti’s men.


Ray: “Son, you’ve got some serious issues… but I like that, let’s go!!”


Claude and Ray get into the helicopter with a big blue “V” on the side. Claude has some trouble trying to handle the chopper at first but he manages to make it go up and ahead. As they are leaving, they see lots of police cars, SWAT vans and police helicopters arriving to the hotel, while some of the Cartel Cruisers are on the run.



Warehouse 28 – Vice Port, Vice City - Autumn 2001

Sunday – 7:30 AM


The helicopter landed in a big yard behind a warehouse. Claude and Ray get out and walk to the front door that Ray opens with a key he grabbed from his pocket. Both get inside the building and turn on the lights.


Ray: “Well, I’m glad I bought this place a couple of years ago, it’s nice and quiet.”


Claude: “Yeah, it’s just like my old hideout at Staunton Island.”


Ray starts moving some boxes around looking for something…


Ray: “There’s a TV somewhere in here… oh, here it is.”


Ray takes out the TV from the box, plugs it in and turns it on. He starts looking for some news show. He finally finds one.


TV News Reporter: “… this is just in, a massacre took place a few minutes ago at the Vercetti Resort downtown. There’re dead bodies at the hotel’s lobby, parking lot and in some of the rooms. Six of the bodies have been identified as members of the Yakuza, a Japanese criminal organization whose base of operations in the U.S. is located somewhere in Liberty City. The rest of the bodies seem to be members of the Colombian Cartel. The police are looking for witnesses, but none of the guests seem to know anything. The hotel’s administration also reported that a helicopter at the building’s helipad has been stolen. There’s…”


Claude: “Well, so much for being my protection, huh?”


Ray: “I must admit the Cartel react very well to provocations… he he.”


Claude sits down on a box, looks worried. Ray turns off the TV.


Claude (worried): “I wonder what Shinji would think about this, I hope Maria is fine…”




Meanwhile, back at Liberty City…


Lobby, Kasen Casino – Torrington, Liberty City – Autumn 2001

Sunday – 7:38 AM


The casino’s lobby has two big fountains and an artificial waterfall near the main entrance. There’re several Yakuza members watching over the place. Shinji and two guards are greeting some people when a casino employee approaches to them and whispers something to Shinji...


Shinji excuses himself to his guests and leaves the lobby along with the employee. Both head to the restaurant.


Shinji (shocked): “What?? All of them?? What about Claude Speed??”


Employee: “The whereabouts of Mr. Speed are unknown. Our contacts in Vice think he might’ve been kidnapped by the Cartel.”


Shinji (angry): “Those damn Colombians are really going to pay for this!! Listen, call the guys at Belleville Hotel and tell them to bring Mrs. Speed here as soon as possible, we’re hiding her in the basement. I’m taking the guys to Fort Staunton and Cedar Grove to wipe out those f*cking South American dogs once and for all!!”


Both Shinji and the employee leave the place.



Back at Vice Port, Claude is having a conversation with Ray…


Warehouse 28 – Vice Port, Vice City - Autumn 2001

Sunday – 7:43 AM


Claude and Ray are sitting in the boxes. Ray just ordered a pizza from Pappa Vercetti’s, which will take a while to arrive.


Claude: “All right Ray, you told me last night that I need to establish myself in this city, where do I start from?”


Ray: “Well, I know this guy; he owns a textile mill near Little Havana. He’s suffering because of the competition he’s been having lately. He told me he needs a man to do some dirty work for him. Go there and pay him a visit.”


Claude: “Dirty work, huh? All right.”


Claude stands up and leaves the place.


Ray: “You’re leaving already? Oh well, more pizza for me…”



Read Chapter 5
Edited by PresidentKiller


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Not bad. I find myself eagerly awaiting each new chapter. Good job, keep it up, and post the next chapter already!




Against the grain, against the odds, against the world

Forever the underdogs

We are the bastard sons
We are the ones that refuse to grow cold
We are the thorn in your side
We are the thieves in the night
And we're coming to take what's ours

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from what ive read so far this is great, way to go, ive had ideas but i dont think i could write something like this.


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I've found it to be a great read. This seems like it would make good in a video game. Way to imagine how VC would be in 2001. Keep it up, I'd like to print it up and show my friends (of course, giving credit where credit is due)


@ da gta master: Thank you for the spoiler, goddamnit

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from what ive read so far this is great, way to go, ive had ideas but i dont think i could write something like this.

Thanks, but next time try to be a little more creative. confused.gif


Anyway, this is it... CHAPTER 5!! Enjoy. wink.gif



user posted image

Remembering the smell of Dog Food



Outside Warehouse 28 – Vice Port, Vice City - Autumn 2001

Sunday – 7:50 AM


Claude is speeding in a Banshee he stole outside the warehouse. He’s heading to Little Havana...


Claude: “I hope this guy is not anything like Marty Chonks, what an asshole he was!”


Claude is near the mill when suddenly he receives a page…


Pager: “Ray called ahead. I won’t meet you at the mill. Come to The Malibu so we can talk about business.”


Claude (mad): “I guess I talked too soon… damn!”


Claude doesn’t know where the hell the Malibu is so he looks at the map he got from Ray and hits the gas to get to his new destination. A few minutes later, Claude arrives to the Malibu and leaves the car at the valet parking.



The Malibu – Washington Beach, Vice City - Autumn 2001

Sunday – 8:01 AM


The Malibu was the trendy place to be in the 80’s. Every celebrity that visited Vice was very likely to get there just after arriving to town. As time passed, people were losing interest in The Malibu and its “outdated” style so it isn’t as popular as it was.


There’re very few people in the place. Claude notices an old man sitting in front of the bar alone, so he thinks that’s probably the guy. Claude approaches him.


Claude: “Are you the dude from the mill?”


The guy is a little bit nervous, but he nodded.


Man: “Please, take a sit. Do you want a drink?”


Claude: “No thanks, it’s too early.”


Man: “Ok, let’s get to business. My name is Luis Ortega.”


Claude: “I’m...”


Claude thinks for a moment. He knows he’s in dangerous territory right now so he must be careful with his identity.


Claude: “… I’m Bill”


Luis: “Ok Bill, I’ll brief you. There are 6 clothing factories in Vice City that are annihilating my business. They were my best costumers once, but now they get textiles from China just because they’re cheaper. My life is my mill. I wouldn’t know what to do if I lose it.”


Claude: “So, what do you want?”


Luis (low voice): “I bought some really sh*tty textiles that will be arriving at the docks in 4 hours. They look and feel just like the good stuff but are way less durable and tend to become discolored after a few weeks. The good ones are at Warehouse 108 near the docks. You must replace them with the fakes and bring them to my mill.”


Claude: “Ok, but I need some cash in advance.”


Luis: “Sure, but I hope you understand that if you f*ck this up you’ll be as good as dead.”


Luis gives some money to Claude, who then puts it on his pocket.


Luis: “You must be careful; there’ll be several security guards at the warehouse.”


Claude nods.


Luis: “Oh, I forgot. I must be in touch with you at any time. Take this.”


Luis gives a cell-phone to Claude.


Luis: “DON’T LOSE IT! I’ll call you later.”


Claude nods again and leaves The Malibu.



Outside The Malibu – Washington Beach, Vice City - Autumn 2001

Sunday – 8:18 AM


As Claude is leaving the building, the valet asks him if he wants his car back.


Claude: “No thanks, I’m bored of that car, you can keep it.”


Valet: “What?! Are you sure, sir?”


Claude nods and leaves. As he’s walking away, he receives a phone call.


Voice on the phone: “Bill, if you disguise yourself as a security guard, your task will be much easier. There’s a uniform shop down the street in Ocean Drive. Tell the owner I’ve sent you. Remember, DON’T f*ck THIS UP!” (hangs up)


Claude goes to the Malibu’s parking lot. He spots a shiny new Turismo and steals it.


Claude: “This is THE car! We should get more of these in Liberty!”


Claude speeds away to the store. The place seems to be closed. Claude parks the car and walks to the back of the building; as soon as he turns around he sees a couple of men walking around the area. He immediately hides behind a column.



Alley – Ocean Beach, Vice City - Autumn 2001

Sunday – 8:26 AM


Claude (thinking): “Damn! Those are Cartel thugs. I hope they didn’t see me”


Claude sneaks behind some plants. The Cartel members are still patrolling the area, one of them has a shotgun and the other one seems to be unarmed.


Claude (thinking): “What are they doing here?”


A door opens. A big Hispanic man in a white and expensive-looking suit appears. One of the Cartel thugs tells him something while the other one keeps walking around.


Claude (thinking): “Who’s that guy?”


Claude hears a truck nearby. The truck gets into the alley and stops near the opened door. The guy in the white suit takes a wad of money from his jacket and gives it to the driver. The driver gets out of the truck and walks away from the alley. A Cartel member takes his place while the other one gets in the back. The man in the white suit gives some instructions to the Cartel member in the front before he drives away. The man goes back inside the building and closes the door.


Claude (thinking): “This is weird.”


There’s nobody left in the alley. Claude goes back to Ocean Drive. He notices the store is now open and the guy in the white suit is inside.


Claude: “Well, I gotta get in there.”


Claude goes inside the store.



United Uniforms Co. Store – Ocean Beach, Vice City - Autumn 2001

Sunday – 8:40 AM


The store is really big. It seems to have every single kind of uniform, from a cleaning service employee to a cop.


Claude pretends to be looking at a fireman uniform when the man in the white suit notices him.


Man: “Can I help you sir?”


Claude: “Eh? Oh! Oh yes! Good morning good sir, I was wondering if you have a security guard uniform. Mr. Ortega sent me.”


Man: “Ortega? Luis Ortega?”


Claude: “Yes, Luis Ortega. He sent me here to get a uniform.”


Man: “A security guard, eh? About time that old bastard hires some security! Ok, the uniforms are over there, pick one your size.”


Claude: “Thanks sir.”


Claude goes to the corner of the store. He picks up a “Gruppe Sechs” uniform.


Man: “Do you work for Gruppe Sechs? I thought they had uniforms at the office.”


Claude (nervous): “Ehhh, no. They ran out.”


Man: “Oh well, they won’t take long to call me then. The changing room is in the back.”


Claude: “Yeah. Thanks.”


Claude goes to the changing room and changes clothes. He goes outside to look in the mirror when he notices the man in his office making a phone call. The man takes a break when he notices Claude.


Man: “Does it fit?”


Claude: “Yeah, perfectly.”


Man: “Good. You can leave now if you want. Luis will take care of the expenses.”


Claude: “Yeah. Thanks.”


Claude takes his clothes and goes outside. He receives a phone call.



Ocean Drive – Ocean Beach, Vice City - Autumn 2001

Sunday – 9:00 AM


Claude: “Yes, Mr. Ortega?”


Luis: “Hey Bill. I just talked with Mr. Hernandez. He says the uniform fits you well.”


Claude: “Mr. Hernandez?”


Luis: “Yeah, the owner of the store. Nice move there… ‘they ran out of uniforms’… he he”


Claude: “Yeah.”


Luis: “Ok. Just go to the docks now and pick up the cargo. My cousin will be waiting for you.” (hangs up)


Claude goes to his car and puts his regular clothes in the back. He starts the car and leaves to go to the docks.


Claude (thinking): “Hernandez, huh? I wonder what he has to do with the Cartel. Maybe Ortega has something to do with them as well.”



Vice City Docks – Vice Port, Vice City - Autumn 2001

Sunday – 9:15 AM


Claude arrives at the docks. It’s quite a lonely place and it’s starting to get windy.


Claude: “Damn, the weather doesn’t look good. It’s just 9 AM. I guess it’s still too early to pick up the cargo.”


Some rock music is playing on the car’s radio when suddenly the song is interrupted.


Radio voice: “We’re interrupting this show with a message from Vice City Meteorological Center. A terrible storm is heading to the city right now. We advice you to stay indoors and away from windows just in case the situation gets worse. The storm is expected to last between 30 minutes and 2 hours, depending on the wind. The storm is also predicted to reach Northern Florida later in the day so be careful and take the necessary precautions. If you need more information or emergency assistance, call your local Emergency Services unit or 911. We’re now back to our show.”


The rock music resumes playing.


Claude: “sh*t! A storm? Damn it, I need to call Ortega.”


Claude takes the phone out and dials Ortega’s number... but it seems to be busy.


Claude: “sh*t!! Now what? I think I better go look for Ortega’s cousin.”


Claude gets out of the car and takes out a gun from the back.


Claude (thinking): “Better be prepared.”


Claude walks slowly around the complex.


Claude: “Damn. There’s nobody in here, and the weather is getting worse.”


The wind starts blowing stronger and stronger. Some leaves and pieces of paper in the floor are flying all over the place.


Claude: “This is just great!”




Read Chapter 6
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