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Save Editor


Recommended Posts

Is there a certain part of the readme you don't understand? blink.gif

Not meaning to be a dick, but that's more than a few times I've seen you post nothing but useless crap in the Vice City forums, Knife. If you have nothing of use to add, don't post.


Skatico, place the GTASF.exe file in the root directory of your Vice City install - by default this will be 'C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto Vice City\'. Once done, double-click it to run it. Go 'File' --> 'Open'.


user posted image


Browse to your saved game directory, which should be something like 'My Documents\GTA Vice City User Files\'. Select your saved game from the ones listed. It'll be named "GTAVCsfX.b'. Where the 'X' is, a number will be. This number corresponds to which saved file slot the game is in.


user posted image


Just select your desired file, and click 'Open'.


Any more questions, just ask. smile.gif

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Not meaning to be a dick,

thats my job....


agree with fuzzy though... its ok to ask if they read it (in the course of giving help) but in this case, its better not to post anything then to just post that....

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The mod seems interesting.I tried to serach it by its name in the search box but couldnt find the file.


Thats why i am posting this message.Where can i find it?


Thanks and Regards.

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  • 11 months later...
where do i get the patrickw's save file thingy i need it 2 install the ferry mod please tell me where i get it please.

The same place you could last year. tounge.gif


I must commend you on searching, though. Well done, and thank you.


Also, I'm curious as to how Pat's save editor will aid modding. If you're after any of his other works, they can be found at his homepage. All future modding talk should be discussed in a new topic in the applicable editing forum.

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well I am a beginner with this so I dont know hot to use PatrickW's GTASF, so if anyone could help me!!!


thanx..... colgate.gif

Search, regard the associated topic, contact the author, research in the MODDING section... Anything but post about it in the VC section. And the Troubleshooting section at that.

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