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how do I use two guns?

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I got the message that I'm skilled enough with a pistol that I can use two now, and later I got the message that I could use two smg's. But how do I get two? I can't buy another one, just gives me ammo... same if I pick one up.


Am I missing something?

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If you have hitman status, some guns let you hold two. You get two automatically if CJ can use two of that gun at all. Be sure you have the right weapon.


SMG isn't a dual wield weapon, try micro-SMG or Tec-9.

Edited by Mxyzptlk

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maybe it was micro-smg then. I was going by shape not a name I read. But I was told I could use two... I don't think I was hitman status, I think I was gangster status or something (not sure now)...


So maybe did I get the message before I was supposed to, buggish or something? Well, either way, it doesn't really take from my experience and enjoyment of the game... I like pistols best (1 shot kill every time if you're a good aim) and I thought two would be groovy.

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Download this mod and you can double wield most weapons (including the minigun.)



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sargent james

Or if its for ps2, you may try the cheat, sorry I don't know it. dontgetit.gif

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SLUGFly, perhaps you saw the "If you improve you'll be able to wield two weapons" message and just misread it...


Go to your menu and look under WEAPONS...It will tell you your level on each weapon...GOTTA be HITMAN on that particular weapon to dual-wield...


As a rule, you can't dual-wield the best weapon in each class, only the lower ones...Ergo, no on the Desert Eagle/Combat Shotgun...


That goes for the super weapons too (flamethrower/minigun/rocket launchers/sniper rifle, etc)...


That much power would make things too easy...


Hope this helps/NightHawk

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