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Gang and Character details


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Okay I'm doing a story basically filling in the blanks between each of the GTA games (Sans one and London) and the story will end where GTA2 begins.


The problem? I've never played GTA2. Yes I know they're offering it for free on rockstar.com but I can't get it to download.


So I impart upon you, could you give me the names of each gang, a sumarizaton of what they stand for and what they look like, then each character with physical characteristics, personality, gang affiliations (if any), and what part they play in the game. Any pictures of gangsters or characters you can include would also be appreciated.


I know this is a LOT to ask for. But if you would do this it would be VERY appreciated. I also will personally credit you once the movie is finished (It's on Fanfaction.net under the name High Crimes)

Edited by Philtheonearmedbandit
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Here we go:



Colors: Dark Blue

Leader: Johnny Zoo

Traits: Famed for their vanity. They want the best weapons, cars, and clothes. Chief crime operations are extortion and drug dealing.



Colors: Green

Leader: Elmo

Traits: They are crazy. No method to their madness, but they do a lot of drugs, and sell a lot of drugs.



Colors: Light Blue

Leader: Billy Bob Bean

Traits: Like blowing things up. Possibly all related due to inbreeding. Major crimes include selling homemade Beany Liquor.


Scientists (SRS)

Colors: Yellow

Leader: Dr. LaBrat

Traits: All clones. Conduct experiments, possibly have Cold Fusion, and advanced artificial intelligence.



Colors: Red

Leader: Jerkov Kovski

Traits: Chief crimes include weapon and organ smuggling, along with drugs.


Hare Krishnas

Colors: Orange

Leader: Sunbeam

Traits: Not a typical gang. They fight all others because they want to destroy all guns and cars, as these are the source of violence, death, and environmental destruction.


Zaibatsu Corporation

Colors: Black/Gray

Leaders: Trey Welsh, Red Valdez, Uno Carb

Traits: The most powerful gang in the city. Masquerading as a legitimate business, but they have their hands deep in armed robbery, arms dealing, murder, and especially drug dealing. They want to kill every other gang out there, and, in turn, all other gangs are after them.


Yutes (only appear in one mission)

Colors: Green

Leader: Unknown name

Traits: They only appear briefly in the game. The weakest gang in the city. They are stealing and crushing Zaibatsu cars. Green uniform possibly connotes an alliance with the Loonies.

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Thanks a ton. Could I possible get you to tell me some things about Trey Welsh, Red Valdez, and Uno Carb (You know personalitites and such)


Also was Jerkov the guy that Claude brought drugs to in the opening movie (The bald guy with the glasses)

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It's been a while since I saw the opening movie, so I really can't say. As for the 3 Z-executives, there isn't much more I can say about them. The characters are barely developed at all compared to the later games in the series. Besides, the Zaibatsu is supposed to be a mysterious, shadowy organization with little known about it anyway.

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  • 2 years later...

Those are not the gang leaders. The Zaibatsu leader is Hollow Kost, the Loony leader is Johnny Rotten, the Yakuza leader is Yonsi Zoo San, the Redneck leader is maybe Jungle Montana, the Scientist leader is Lars Von Bastardson, the Krishna leader is Master Lepus and the Russian leader is Chesti-Kov.


Check this page.

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  • 2 years later...

Zaibatsu Corporation

Color: Black

Gang car: Z-Type

Weapons: Pistol, Dual pistol, Machine gun, Silenced machine gun, Rocket launcher

Radio station: Futuro FM

Territory: Zarelli, Omnitron (Downtown District), The Village, Xenoton, Cayman (Residential District), Sennora, Bayano, Escobar, Lattero (Industrial District)

Logo: user posted image

Leader: Hollow Kost

Deputies: Trey Welsh, Red Valdez, Uno Carb

Other members: Rollo Tomassi, doctor Cubana, Flambo Cortez, Satchmo the Safecracker

The most powerful gang in Anywhere City. Their name comes from zaibatsu, the Japanese word for conglomerate. A seemingly legitimate corporation who manufacture everything from cars and weapons to medication (although they don’t actually have the license to make weapons), they are involved in armed robbery, arms dealing, murder, import of illegal goods from South America, genetic engineering experiments and especially drug dealing. Their power is so big that the local taxi company offers them free taxi rides, as they have a brigade of highly trained assassins headed by Flambo Cortez (before he was killed by Claude Speed, under Redneck orders), as well as six tanks (although all of them were eventually destroyed bu Claude Speed, three under Russian orders and three under Krishna orders). The loss of all of their tanks started a desire to get new ones, as Uno Carb later told Claude Speed to get at least one more for them. Their most important drug is Zoom-Zoom, whose distribution is only threatened by the Rednecks’ illegal Beanie moonshine (that’s why the Zaibatsu hate the Rednecks), and which the government is trying to ban. They keep a big secret over all of his operations (which they call “the Zaibatsu Way”).

Their leader, Hollow Kost, never leaves his apartment in the Zaibatsu Headquarters, leaving Welsh, Valdez and Carb to do all the dirty work, although he seems to be more involved in product research. He seems to lack a good health, however, as it’s claimed that he only lives because of unknown Zaibatsu prototypes (it’s said that he’s had extensive surgery on his spinal column).

The Zaibatsu Corporation operates on the Downtown District through Trey Welsh. Welsh seems very interested on car races, and he’s said to drive a prototype Zaibatsy sports car unavailable to public, which he has used to kidnap Krishnas and use them as experiment subjects, injecting them untested drugs. The Downtown District plays a not negligible role in the Zaibatsu’s plans, as they have two important fronts places there, the building where they broadcast Futuro FM and, more importantly, the large complex where their main offices are placed, known as the Zaibatsu Headquarters. Although the latter is obviously more important for them, the former plays also a role in their plans, such as the attempt to mind control the city via the Futuro FM broadcast which was thwarted by the Loonies (who claimed that nobody other than them could make people insane). Their main worries are the Yakuza drugs, which means more competence to theor own Zoom-Zoom (although they don’t worry too much, as the Yakuza drugs seem to be inferior) and the Loonies’ insanity, which makes them unpredictable, leading to throw Zaibatsu drugs to the water with no reason (because of this, they hate the Loonies). Their interest on the Downtown District resides too on the banks there, since apparently they’ve obtained large quantities of money through heists (sometimes even in competition with the Yakuza, as one of their heists was troubled because of Yakuza interference).

The Zaibatsu Corporation operates on the Residential District through Red Valdez. He seems to like nightclubs and bars, as well as prostitutes, and apparently he’s usually found roaming the city continually in his limousine. Apparently he’s using prototype methods of neural preservation to never sleep and continue with his habits as long as he wants. It’s not clear the reason of such a big Zaibatsu presence of the area, considering that their only front there is the dam (this is to say, the H2000 Water Company), where they throw drugs to the water that are lethal to the SRS clones (although it’s unknown whether’s that’s the exact purpose), although supposedlythey want it for the power that an energy source and the control of water gives them. An attack to the dam was perpetrated by the Scientists, most likely to stop the water pollution. It can be argued that the only reason is that it serves as a strategical point on the war aginst the Rednecks and the SRS Scientists. Anyway, they seem to take their presence there very seriously, as they even built a barricade to control the access to some areas of the city (before it was destroyed by the Rednecks). They’ve tried to solve the problem with the Rednecks’ Beany Liquor by negociation, but this attempt was thwarted by the Scientists.

The Zaibatsu Corporation operates on the Industrial District through Uno Carb. He drives a prototype Zaibatsy off roader unavailable to public, but his true affition is guns, what have brought to him the nickname “Uno Gun”. He usually carries lots of guns in his off roader, and he’s said to personally involve on the selling of guns (mainly to pay his heroin addiction), going to gun shops to show the new weaponry. The Zaibatsu have here lots of fronts and bases, having a big presence there. This has brought much hatred, as a full conspiration was planned to kill Uno Carb involving both Russians and small-time gangsters, although the Zaibatsu knew how to manage it. They’re also building a shopping mall in what the Krishnas consider holy land, showing how little respect they have for the Krishnas. They learned it the hard way when the Krishnas entered the construction site and killed the construction manager and all of the guards and destroyed a truck. Major fronts and bases at the Industrial District include the Decon Labs (presumably a key point in the drug production), a gun factory, a power core. Besides, theird rug market here includes some Russians dealer working for them, although their loyalty is much less than the one from actual Zaibatsu members.




Color: Green

Gang car: Dementia

Weapons: Pistol

Radio station: Lithium FM

Territory: Sunnyside, Fruitbat (Downtown District)

Logo: user posted image

Leader: Johnny Rotten

Deputy: Elmo

Other members: Cosmo Trouble, Dodo, Lance

A group of insane patients freed from the Sunnyside Asylum (named after the Mental Institution in Montrose, Scotland, near Dundee, where the game was originally created) by its Governor, Johnny Rotten, to serve as his minions and his bodyguards (as he never leaves the asylum). Rotten himself doesn’t seem to be mentally stable, as his dark past includes all types of violent conducts such as assaulting fellow doctors with a shotgun, and he’s said to sing opera over the asylum public address, uses a self styled inflateable doll, test new drug therapy on himself first, and request the sublime and the ridiculous to help fulfill his unknown masterplan.

The Loonies have no method to their madness, but they do a lot of drugs, and sell a lot of drugs. It’s said they are addicted to the Zaibatsu’s Zoom-Zoom (most likely Governor Johnny Rotten is using it to control them, as it’s said that he uses diverse drug treatments and hypnotherapy for it) as well as Mary jane’s Ice Cream and the Rednecks’ Beany Liquor. It’s believed they kidnap and keep at the asylum anyone who they find annoying, either imprisoned or using them as slaves. Their insanity makes them extremely disliked, especially for the Zaibatsu and the taxi company.

Out of all the criminal gangs that operate at the city, the Loonies are clearly the weakest. So far, their only known base is the asylum where they presumably live, although they own a garage not far from it (which was destroyed by the Zaibatsu) and the Lithium FM broadcasting facility. They’re only able to succesfully control the area most close to their base, as opposed to other gangs which are able to control a much larger area. That’s most likely due to their insanity, which doesn’t allow them to use correctly planned strategies, as evidenced by the fact that they use poorly made explosives to bomb pizza shops for no logic reason (Elmo just said to Claude Speed that they were screwing the food), sending Zaibatsu assassins among them and making incredibly complicated plans to steal a car just because they find a guard “too nice”. They don’t seem to have notable ways to earn money, as they’ve been forced to borrow money from the Yakuzas, which they now ask back (this being the reason why they hate the Yakuzas). A meeting was arranged to give back the Yakuzas’ money, but the Loonies refused to give it, which ended with the destruction of the Loonies’ Happy Gas tanks they had at the asylum.




Color: Dark Blue

Gang car: Miara

Weapons: Pistol

Radio station: Funami FM

Territory: Shiroto, Funabashi, Ukita (Downtown District)

Logo: user posted image

Leader: Yonsi Zoo San

Deputy: Johnny Zoo

Other members: Danny Zoo, Tetsuo, doctor Zitzaki, Hiroshi, Gama Rei, Refried Noodle

Traits: Famed for their vanity. They want the best weapons, cars, and clothes. Chief crime operations are extortion and drug dealing (which they produce at the so-called J-Lab, one of their strongest "industries”). They hate the Zaibatsu because the Zaibatsu’s Zoom-Zoom is threatening the Yakuza drug market (apparently the Zaibatsu’s drugs are better, the latter treating the Yakuza drugs as “cheap merchandise”). They seem to be a bit involved in gambling, as their high menber Danny Zoo (most likely a relative of Johnny Zoo) specializes on it. They’re very good at torturing people, as they have extremely good torturers working for them, such as Refried Noodle and Tetsuo, (the latter being considered as Tokyo police’s 5th most wanted), although the Zaibatsu killed some torturers to stop doctor Cubana, who had been kidnapped and kept under torture, of revealing Zaibatsu secrets. The second in command, Johnny Zoo, has a dark past in Tokyo, and seems to be a cocaine addict. He can be considered the true leader, as the theorical leader, Yonsi Zoo San, is very old and is kept in a vegetative state by his henchmen through Zaibatsu narcotics.

The Yakuza control the Japanese neighbourhoods of the city, where they own several fronts and bases. Their main front is the building where they broadcast Funami FM, and their most important base is the J-Lab, where they make their drugs. Apparently its location was changed short time before the start of GTA 2, as Claude Speed was told at the beginning of GTA 2 to escort doctor Zitzaki (presumably the man behind all of the Yakuza’s drug production) to the new location, since the old one was menaced by the Zaibatsu. However, the new location was eventually destroyed later by the Loonies, in a massive explosion thay most likely (although not surely) killed doctor Zitzaki as well. If that’s the case, it’s unknown if the Yakuzas will still be able to make drugs, with their drug factories destroyed or menaced and the man mainly involver killed, and if they can’t they will be irrevocably weakened because of the loss of their major business. Their interest on the Downtown District resides too on the banks there, since apparently they’ve obtained large quantities of money through heists, using inside men, such as Hiroshi, to help. It’s worth noting that, as well as the Zaibatsu, they seem to have free taxi rides, as many of them where driving taxis when the Loonies started their taxi rampage.




Color: Light Blue

Gang car: Pickup

Weapons: Pistol, Machine gun, Molotov cocktails

Radio station: Rebel Radio

Territory: RV Mobile Park, Guntersville, Redemption, Tabasco (Residential District)

Logo: user posted image

Leader: Jungle Montana

Deputy: Billy Bob Bean

Other members: Fat Boy Jim, Dirk, Gran’pa

A group of primitive and possibly inbreeding Southerns who like blowing things up and hate everything is different to them (that’s why they hate the Scientists, calling them “book learnin' types” since the formers’ technology constrast with the Rednecks’ style of life). They are rabid fans of Elvis Presley, and specialize in explosives and vehicles. Major crimes include brewing, running and selling homemade Beany Liquor. They show little respect to each other, since Claude Speed was asked to blow up Fat Boy Jim’s trailer, killing him (although it’s not clear whether they had mistakenly believed him out of it). They also like human hunt, especially that of escaped prisoners and Loonies, as well as destroying the cars of enemy gangs, which they see as a sport.

Their only base seems to be the trailer park where they live, although they also seem to control the nearby area. It’s worth noting, though, that several businesses can be found inside the trailer park, such as the Ol’ Banjo, the Elvis-themed park Disgracelands, the Opry car park and the Rebel Radio broadcasting facility. Besides, they may also have as a front the bowling alley south of the trailer park.



SRS Scientists

Color: Yellow

Gang car: Meteor

Weapons: Pistol, Machine gun, Flamethrower

Radio station: Osmosis Radio

Territory: Xanadu, Largo, Stromberg, Dominatrix (Residential District)

Logo: user posted image

Leader: Iars Von Bastsardson

Deputy: Dr. LaBrat

Actually there are only two scientists, Bastardson and LaBrat. The rest are clones obtained through genetic engineering, described as “perfect in every way - looks, brains, biceps..”, although it is believed that colds and flu are mortal to them. Conduct experiments, possibly have Cold Fusion, and advanced artificial intelligence. They are a clandestine research institute involved in slightly questionable practices. Their business is advanced weapon development along with cloning, genetic engineering and robotics. Their leader, the Icelandic professor Iars Von Bastsardson, is a former member of the Zaibatsu Corporation; this, joined to the fact that the clones are very susceptible to the Zoom-Zoom the Zaibatsu have been throwing into the Water Supply, makes the Scientists consider the Zaibatsu their worst enemies (and it’s hinted that the Zaibatsu consider the Scientists their worst enemies as well), and don’t like their large number, with the result of taking extreme measures to keep them on a number they can control. They most likely see the Rednecks in condition of intellectual inferiority, and they seem to consider them few more than guinea pigs, as they’ve used them to test their experiments.

Their base is obviously the large Scrientist Research Center, although they have several bases out of it. The most important one was the Clone Test Center, before it was destroyed by the Zaibatsu in a move falsely attributed to the Rednecks. It’s unknown where the Clone Test Center was a key point in the clone production and blowing it up stopped it, but if that was the case the Scientists surely still have lots of clones on reserve. They also own the Osmosis Radio building, although it’s included inside the Scientist Research Center. Inside the center is also a small test track which serves to test the working of special vehicles. Near the center are the main power generators, which were attacked by the Rednecks at one point. Even though they counted with auxiliary, cold fusion generators inside the center, doctor LaBrat still wanted to save them. It soon proved to be a good decision, as not much later Claude Speed, under Zaibatsu order, infiltrated the Scientist Research center and destroyed the auxiliary generators. Finally, for some reason they show a lot of interest on the shopping mall and lots of the clones can be usually found there, although the’s no apparent reason. However, after the rampage at the mall planned by the Zaibatsu, where one hundred of the clones were killed, it’s unknown if the Scientist will keep the forces displayed at the mall.



Hare Krishnas

Color: Orange

Gang car: Karma Bus

Weapons: Pistol, Molotov cocktails, Flamethrower

Radio station: Heavenly Radio

Territory: Vedic Temple, Tabernacle, Maharishi, Narayana (Industrial District)

Logo: user posted image

Leader: Grand Master Lepus

Deputy: Sunbeam

Other members: Tortoise, Leo the Locksmith, Nova Bright

The Hare Krishnas are tired of being run over by people (a reference to GTA 1, where they were called the Gourangas) and as a result they hate technology and everything related to it. They consider technology the cause of all evil in the world (violence, death, and environmental destruction) and they think their reason to exist is destroy it. That’s why they hate the Russian mafia, as it represents everything they despise, and at some point they even sent some assassins to kill the high ranking Russian Jerkov, headed by Nova Bright, although they were all killed. Zaibatsu deputy Trey Welsh is known to have kidnapped several Krishna members to use them for drug testing, which is probably the reason to the rivalry between the Zaibatsu Corporation and the Krishnas. Their spiritual head is the Grand Master Lepus, an obese man who never leaves the harem in the centre of the Vedic Temple and has not been seen in public for years, although the leader in actions seems to be Sunbeam, who is responsable for terrorists attacks against polluting places and car crushing. However, rumours of an appearance of the Grand Master are spreading and the Russians even prepared some assassins to kill him. The Krishnas seem to like the kidnapping of potential converted people, the speciality of high member Tortoise (who is thought to have kidnapped a whole stadium).

Their target is everything related to technology, this have included a generator for water towers and a power station, and especially cars. This often brings them problems with the police, buit their asnwer is just destroying police cars so that they have more problems to worry about. They don’t have any fronts or bases apart from their Vedic Temple, where the Heavenly Radio broadcasting building is included, and many houses and garages, as well as the Conversion House and some crane areas, around it. At the end of GTA 2, the Russians made a full assault at the Vedic Temple, killing many Krishnas.



Russian Mafia

Color: Red

Gang car: Bulwark

Weapons: Pistol, Shotgun, Machine gun

Radio station: KGBH

Territory: Lubyanka, Pravda, Krimea, Azeri Heights (Industrial District)

Logo: user posted image

Leader: Chesti-Kov

Deputy: Jerkov Kovski

Other members. Lodov, Kov-Kov, Bilovski, Ziggy Pols, Ivan

Traits: Chief crimes include weapon and organ smuggling, along with drugs, although they specialize in contract-killing and gun running. Their car, the Bulwark, is the most durable gang car in the game, capable of surviving one direct hit from a rocket propelled grenade, hand grenade or Molotov cocktail, if the car is in perfect condition. Their rivalry with the Zaibatsu Corporation is probably a mere consequence of competence, although still Zaibatsu executives are participating in poker tables organized by Jerkov (although it’s very likely that the Russian cheat to steal the Zaibatsu’s money). Although Chesti-Kov is the true mastermind, he leaves all the dirty to work to Jerkov, an extremely violent man, since he’s confined to a wheelchair since he’s had both legs amputed.

The Russian Mafia seems to be the most brutal of all the gangs that operate at the city, even more than the Zaibatsu. That’s made clear when Jerkov ordered Claude Speed the kidnapping of lots of civilians in order to make hot dogs with their meat (hot dogs to feed his own men, to more cruelness, and at least some of them didn’t seem to mind eating human meat). Their fronts include a diner in Tedium (where the mentioned human meat was served), a meat processing planet, the KGBH broadcasting building, the Blind Eye processing plant, the Brown Eye sewage works and a power station, as well as several warehouses near the docks area.

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  • 2 years later...


Yutes (only appear in one mission)

Colors: Green

Leader: Unknown name

Traits: They only appear briefly in the game. The weakest gang in the city. They are stealing and crushing Zaibatsu cars. Green uniform possibly connotes an alliance with the Loonies.

EDIT: Now I understand this gang:


Right Phone - Yutes Must Die!

Payoff - $40,000

A gang called the Yutes has been crushing some Zaibatsu cars

and Trey wants answers. Follow the arrow to go talk to a snitch named Lefty

at the casino. He wonÕt talk so your going to have to punch him a few times

to get him to. After a good beating he tells you that the man behind this is

at the Easy Rider Whore House. Before you go there, go steal one of the

YuteÕs cars at the South Docks which are in the far Southeast corner of the

Downtown Sector. Shoot down the Yute guarding the car and hop in. Now to the

whore house! Honk your horn and the Yute boss will get in your car. Now take

him to the Zaibatsu Headquarters. The Yute boss will get out and talk to the

Zaibatsu men. The boss gets back in the car and you are told to take him to

the car crusher. Once he is crushed up nice and good... Job Complete.

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