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Supply lines is too easy?


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I just did the Supply Lines mission, and after reading so much posts about how hard it is and how fustrating it is, I thought "Oh crap, this will be impossible".

But, I took off and was thinking "Hmm I'll probaly have to drop bombs, that'll be hard" but noticed it was just shooting the cars/bikes.

Not hard at all.

I swooped down and hit the road with the wheels for 2 seconds and blew up the van, then did the same to the motorbike and the rest of the vechiles. Infact, it was so fun that I decided to fly around for a bit too, so I didn't think I was gonna make it back with any fuel left. biggrin.gif


Did anyone else here find it way too easy and wish it was more of a challenge?

If you found it hard, why?

Easily one of the easiest missions in my opinion.



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Heh, so I'm not the only one that found it incredibly easy? wow.gif


On PS2 it is a lot harder may take 2-3 attempts for me as the fuel runs out faster, but on PC I've still got half a tank left! which woudl leave me with time to go around with the plane if I wanted too.



Easily one of the easiest missions in my opinion.

I won't say it's the easiest mission, but there are harder ones than it too come.

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It is much easier to do the mission on PC than PS2 because the plane doesn't burn fuel if you don't move the plane at all. Most people who complain about this mission are referring to PS2. I did it on my first try too on PC.

- FiJiAn 4 LiFe


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I did it first time. Didnt find it much of a challenge. Although the mission at the begining of the game where you have to defend Grove Street from the balla's (the one with the party) i died twice doing that.


But yeah the last mission was a little too easy.


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My first time through the game, it took me 4 tries to beat "Supply Lines". It got easier after every time. Just a couple months ago..I went through SanAn again and when I got to that mission I was thinking, "Oh joy..here comes this f*cking irritating mission again." But to my surprise..I beat it on my first shot. So it's not a challenge anymore, but new gamers who play SanAn on the console version will almost always have trouble with it.
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Yep. It's all technique. So, just keep practicing and you're done. A tip though, is to land before you fire.

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First time i played it took me about 20 times. barf8bd.gif second time it took me only once tounge.gif yep, It's all about technique.

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this was my first time flying in SA... I use mouse and keyboard so when I started the rc plane and it told me how to use the controls I didn't know that the arrow keys control pitch... I ran the entire mission (took me 2 times) using only wasd, q/e and my mouse. It was tough... very tough... I imagine that if I had known about pitch being on the arrow keys I would have done much better. The following helicopter mission (the final confrontation with Berkely) I ran the mission sideways (turning sideways then tilting sideways to move "forward") then I saw the secondary controls in the options menu saying "up/down" = arrow keys. I then did it and it was a breeze.


sad.gif seems that a lot of the controls on this game have me going all over the place (special running attack = target (right mouse w/ right hand) run forward ("W" w/ left hand) and return (um... tongue?) I've never even seen this move since my mouse isn't on the same surface as my keyboard...


A few tiny oversights aside I'm totally hooked on this game biggrin.gif

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I always, make my own custom controls for flying, rarely use default.


For flying its


up -thrust

down- brake

left - bank lefr

right - band right

num 0 -nose down

num . - nose up

num 1 - rudder left

num 2 -rudder right

num 3 - lock target

num Enter - secondary fire

right Ctrl - primary fire


I also use arrow keys for driving to, i never got into the wasd thing.


anyways Supply lines was Ez won it on second try, first try i failed cause i self destructed the plane on a van. i thought i had mroe planes like in vice city they gave you like 3 plaens for that bombing missions. The best way to win si the land the plane, then shoot while just rolling around on the gournd

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