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Hidden Package Locations


Recommended Posts

theres a much easier way to get #26 in portland:

-Get an ambulance

-Drive it to the train stop near the police station, the stairs are wide enough to drive up

-Get on the tracks and carefully drive over to where the hidden package is without jumping over to the right side of the track so you dont get hit by the train on the way there

-Once you get there, drive over to the other side and park next to the roof

-Walk up on the middle part, jump up on the ambulance, then to the roof


Amazingly the ambulance never flipped even though I was practically horizontal when trying to drive over the hump in the tracks. Its also probably the only tall car that has enough power to get over the hump


Im sure you could also use a regular car as well, but instead of parking near the roof, park the car on top of the hump and then jump up ontop and wait for the train to come, when the train stops jump from the car and onto the top of the train to reach the roof.

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I need help with the gas station one, I have a PCJ but everytime I try the Car jump in the crash yard, I don't make it on the top only hit the middion(The wall thing) and no higher... Can someone help with a video or something thanks

Best I can tell is you need to start on the cement just a hair back from the downhill ramp. Push forward lightly to get the lean and extra accelleration. I did manage once to hit the roof this way but face planted right over the top of it. So I still don't have it yet. sad.gif

I wanted to add that after about 20 tries with the PCJ, I nailed it in three jumps with the Freeway. Easier to lean for speed and more control.

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Yeah, the pcj can get weird sometimes on that jump, but when I got the package the first time it didn't take too many jumps. It's nice to know the Freeway can manage the jump.


I remember quite recently where I made the jump w/ a pcj. I cleared the roof completely and landed on the short building behind it! I couldn't repeat it though, so who knows...

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Which package numbers are these and/or where can I find these?


user posted image

Edited by Raptomex
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I thought number 21 was the dot next to it on the right. Which number is the dot on the right?

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What number is this package?



33.) Underneath El station across from Marco's Bistro in St. Marks.
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Use the rubble with the ramp nearby.

I mean the one on the roof. I don't see any rubble near there. Only a ramp next to the scaffolding. Or am I not far enough into the game yet? wink.gif

Edited by scalliano
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Raptomex is referring to the "Blow Up Dolls" mission where you destroy the Dolls House brothel/casino, once it's destroyed there's a ramp of sorts among the rubble that will allow you to jump over the el tracks and land on top of the building that's being constructed in hepburn heights. There's an alternative to that, although some people claim it's far more difficult. What I did to get #7 was jump from the el tracks on to the building, on one level of the building there's a gap in a waist high wall that you can jump down from to get the package.

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The ramp should be able to launch you over the train tracks and on to the roof where you can than jump down to the hidden package.


Fletchnuts how do I get this package:


user posted image

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The guy who made this map didn't do a very good job. That packages is not on the roof of the grocery store, it's up the hill underneath the el tracks/station.

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Yeah I got #7 today. i originally thought you meant INSIDE the construction site.


Now all I need to do is suss out how to get on to the roof of the gas station (hint hint) wink.gif

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Scuse the DP, but I have spent the last 2 HOURS of my LIFE trying to get the positively sick joke that is Portland package #1. I've tried the PCJ, the Sanchez and the Manchez and nothing is getting enough air. Any suggestions?

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Ok, this package has to be the most discussed I've ever seen.


This is the final explanation I'm going to make for it.


There is only one known way to reach the roof of the gas station - that I'm aware of -


Get a motorcycle, from what I've heard the PCJ and the Freeway both do very well. Jump from the car crusher area onto the roof of the gas station. There is little I can offer you in advice. Aim for the car resting against the wall, push forward to get enough speed, pull back slightly as you hit the car. If you do this properly you should have no trouble reaching the package.


I know this works! I've had enough air w/ the PCJ to completely clear the gas station roof and land on the small building behind it. Just keep trying and you'll get it!

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I've been using the Staunton Island map, and I'm having problems looking for several packages.

I still need to find 13, 21 and 22. But the map dosen't really seem to have the locations in the area given...


And where is 10 on the map? I can't find the package on any nearby rocks, and I'm sure I havn't even gotten any packages aroud there.

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Ok, it's important to mention that the list that has been compiled here doesn't correspond to the map that chunkubis has created. The numbers for the packages on this list were given more or less in the order with which they were discovered. Chunkubis' map numbers the locations for each island in a North to South manner. In the future I may edit the list on this forum to match Chunkubis', but I can't say for sure.


For your query I'll answer by giving you a table.


Our list ------------ Chunkubis' map


10 ------------ 2

13 ------------ 27

21 ------------ 4

22 ------------ 7


I didn't know if the numbers you were referencing were from the map or from the list, hope these helped.

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I hate that package 7, trying for hours now, and everytime i hit the ramp right i don't have enough speed, and if i have enough speed i fall down when trying to hit the ramp. Is there another way to get it, or someone who can get it for me? suicidal.gif

This is definitly the hardest package, because even with cheats there's no way to get it...

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If you can't make the jump from the demolished doll's house, try gaining access to the roof by jumping from the el tracks. I know it's possible because that's how i got the package. You can time it just right so that if you run and jump you'll just make it onto the roof. Remember to find the point where the tracks and the building are closest. Good luck!

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I didn't know if the numbers you were referencing were from the map or from the list, hope these helped.

Ah, I was using the package map. Sorry for any confusion.

So, I need help to look for packages 10, 13, 21 and 22 on Staunton Island. What locations match with the area of the packages on the map?

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hi ive read a lot about your hidden package locations (just joined the site)!before i found this site i managed to get 95 packages but theres a few i cant find. i have a map so i know where they are meant to be but cant see them angry.gif its bugging me now!!if you go to this link(hope it works!) then its number 8 and 19 and 23. please tell me how to get them if you know how! thankswww.gamefaqs.com

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Alright, found the three packages on Staunton that I needed. One of them could only be found after I finished a certain mission, apprently.


However, what is the 'rock island' that is between Portland and Staunton? The location on the map leads to two rocks, one with grass on it, and a small rock. No package.


What does the rock look like?

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The rock island is just a generic description of what appears to be white/grey/granite rocks that jut out of the water. If you take a boat and head North from Callahan Bridge you'll come across some rocks sticking out of the water. There will be a package on that "rock island".

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