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Mr. Whoopee Issue

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OK so I buy the Ice Cream Factory, go into my nice van, park at Viceport or whatever, and the horn doesn't work. Now I guess that in order to complete 100% precent you have to make this place profitable. The horn works in other vechiles, so I really have no idea what's causing this issue. Any ideas?

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No matter how long you press the key it doesn't work?

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Yep. Is there a WAV or MP3 of the Mr. Whoopee tunes in the audio file?

Do you know what might cause that? PLEASE I NEED HELP!!!

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Maybe I'm remembering wrong but for the Mr. Whoopee-- the horn button turns on the music.... try tapping it real fast to turn the ice cream music on.... its real sensitive.


Distribution will only start if you enter the vehicle at Cherry Poppers.

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Tries that, doesn't work. And I know I enter the Mr. whoopee van in the factory, and my savegame isn't in the factory cause I heard there are troubles there.

Now The Mr. Whoopee music has to be a file in the grand theft auto vice city/audio file right? can you tell what's the name of it? then I could check if I even have it in my audio file, I haven't found it myself

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Are you getting the "distribution" message when you enter the van??


If so just use Dems time vault and skip the mission... you really aren't missing anything....a pretty boring mission.... but I'm still betting its an issue with starting the music, not the file being gone... its a fairly common problem on both PS2 and PC--- you have to tap it fast on both to get it to start.... maybe your keyboard keys are sticky.... I won't ask if they are or not.... tounge.gif or how they got that way... tounge.gif


I play on PS2 so can't help you with the file name... Good luck...

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I've never heard of it being a problem on PC. In fact, I myself have save at Cherry Poppers often enough without issue.


That said, everything else in this thread is spot on. You just need to tap it quickly.

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