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Editing GTA:SA radio stations


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I have a question about the SA radio stations. Every radio station has dynamic content; certain things only play at certain times. This is especially true of WCTR whose whole playlist is continually modified based on the point in the storyline. Aditionally, most of the radio songs have more than one intro and outro which seem to be chosen randomly when the song is played. In order to play radio clips in their proper context, the game obviously has to be told somewhere contextual information similar to the following:

  • clip X should only play when it's raining
  • clip Y should only play once the bridges to LV are open
  • clip Z has 3 possible intros and 2 possible outros
I have been going through all the data files I can think of trying to find where this contextual information is defined, and I've run out of places to look. It seems like an awful lot of information to be hardcoded, but I'm really starting to think it has to be hardcoded.


So, the whole point of this post is to ask: Does anyone have any idea where this contextual data for the radio stations could be stored?


As a starting point, here is where I have already looked and come up empty:


I understand enough of the format of the \audio\streams themselves to rule them out as containing any contextual information as the only variable data I don't understand is a 4-byte chunk which contains one of only 4 or 5 possible values. Since there are 1,922 audio tracks in the 16 stream files, this is nowhere near enough variance to be the contextual information.


Additionally, I have a good enough understand of 4 of the 7 \audio\config files to definitively rule them out (StrmPaks.dat, PakFiles.dat, TrakLkup.dat, and BankLkup.dat.) Of the remaining 3, none are at all promising. AudioEventHistory.txt looks to relate to sound effects only. I have no clue on the format of EventVol.dat, but the title and the overall look of the data makes it seem to relate to sound effect volumes. And BankSlot.dat is very similar to the *Lkup.dat files; it breaks up into 45 4820-byte blocks which only differ in 8 bytes from block to block. It seems highly unlikely for the contextual information to be easily mapped into this file.


Outside of the audio directory, I have ruled out \streams.ini, and \data\AudioEvents.txt. None of the other \data\ files look to be likely candidates, nor does anything else outside the directory.


I am left with only two alternatives -- I overlooked a potential location, or it's hardcoded. Hopefully, it's the former; if so, I repeat my question: Does anyone have any idea where this contextual data for the radio stations could be stored?


Edited by pdescobar
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  • 2 weeks later...

Maybe it is in the main.scm look there but i am not a coder so i don't know where it is.

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definatly not in scm unless its something that ive overlooked but probably 90% chance its hardcoded
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What exactly is in the BankLkUp and TrakLkUp files? I figured these would be the places that contained the radio script/code since I can't imagine anything else being there.

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What exactly is in the BankLkUp and TrakLkUp files?  I figured these would be the places that contained the radio script/code since I can't imagine anything else being there.

Traklkup.dat is essentially the table of contents for the audio streams. It countains 12 bytes of information for each of the 1922 audio tracks contained in the stream files. The data looks like this:



NN is the index of the stream file (x00 == AA, x01 == ADVERTS, etc.)

XX XX XX XX is a 4-byte integer storing the offset of the track data block in the stream file (the actual Ogg Vorbis track itself starts 8068 bytes after this offset)

YY YY YY YY is a 4-byte integer storing the length of the Ogg Vorbis track.


The second, third, and fourth bytes are always xCD xCD xCD, and there is no room for any other information for each track. I agree that would have been a great place for it, but it simply isn't there.


The Banklkup.dat file is an extremely similar table of contents for the sound banks within the SFX archives. Once again, it's a 1-byte index, followed by 3 constant filler bytes (this time xCC xCC xCC), followed by a 4-byte offset and then a 4-byte length for every one of the "banks" (which are collections of 1-400 individual raw sounds.) in each of the SFX archives.

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  • 1 year later...

Hi, I read this post the last week. So, any ideas about how editing SA radio Stations?


I think the best for each radio station would be a single wav/mp3 file with approximately an hour of "radio" record, then we loop up that file and that's it. The only thing we have to know is what pdescobar said, where is the file that controls those dynamic things of the stations.


What do you think? bbq.gif

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1. You bumped a three month old topic.


2. You say you read the topic, but your idea proves you haven't because the point of having many small audio files is that you can make the radio station dynamic, different according to your progress in the story, the weather and more. You just want a silly wav or mp3 file looping over and over. Just make one and put in the user radio station, no worries, hakuna matata.


3. You end your post with "What do you think?". So, you bump and old topic and end it with the same question he asked. Point of post being?

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@TNT - easy there tiger. A lot of supporting topics from the Misc section have been moved too Tools; some poeple just may not know about it.


@Alex - The thread you are looking for is here:


SA Audio Tool Thread

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