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****** comp

king razer

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right heres the deal.


my comp aint been workin right lately.i came on and things had been added to my favorites (i didnt put them there) and i cant delete them and i keep gettin pop ups.sometimes they disappear and then a couple days later they come back.


any idea whats doin this

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tommy vercetti guy

Becuase you went to a pr0n site and all the sh*t like viruses, spyware, etc got only your computer.

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you need to buy it on there (as far as i can see) .can you not get it for free


EDIT:got it fixed

Edited by king razer
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mad.gif there back again.i really need help here guys.that download up above didnt work right.i did get rid of them but they came crawling back.ive tried deleting stuff but it says it dont "exist" when i can see it and use it.anyone help me please cry.gif

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Ad-Aware SE Personal

SpyBot S&D

Hijack This!


Download all of those. Start each one and imediately update them. Once all are updated reboot into Safe Mode (press F8 before the Windows loading screen). Run in the order I listed them in.


In Hijack This! make sure you select "Do a System Scan and save a log file". Once all have been run reboot to normal Windows. Take your Hijack This! log here and paste the contents of the log in the big box. It'll tell you what's safe and what's not.

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You have learned much from me, young one. biggrin.gif

Good job



One thing, with the HijackThis (HJT) log, while that analizer at that site and at hijackthis.de are both good the problem that I've seen with both is that in many cases the stuff they don't know what it is is some times bad stuff that can put stuff back.


So if you also want your HJT log analized by a real person that will notice those things and know if they are good or bad, you can also post it here. Be sure to use the board's CODE tag....just use the CODE button above the text box when you post, of course hit it a second time when you're at the end of the HJT log.

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I reccomend posting your HJT this log at http://computercops.biz , they are great experts there and they've helped me out loads.


I started training to be qualified to read HJT logs, but it can be extremly difficult.

I'm already trained. A year or 2 of my training was done right here, plus some RL training

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