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LCS Site Launch & New Moderator - Luke


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I present to you: GTA: Liberty City Stories, the newest addition to the GTANET family. There isn't much to see at the moment, but we'll naturally be adding new sections for weapons, vehicles, and whatnot, so keep checking back for news and info as it develops.


(The current layout is temporary, a new design is being worked on.)





Say hello to our newest moderator: Luke.


I'm sure the name is familiar to those of you who frequent GTANET IRC and/or the modding forums. Luke has been involved in various modding projects including VC:MP and GTAGarage.com, and has contributed tirelessly to the network over the past year. Give him a warm welcome. smile.gif

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Yay, LCS, that's on the PSP or something right?


Luke, mod?... f*ck-a-doodle-doo, f*cking great decision there guys, maybe he can put me off coming here aswell? dozingoff.gif

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Luke is moderator? Great! He's such a great guy. I don't know if you guys know how great he is, but he really is a fantastic fellow. So fantastic, that his greatness cannot be comprehended except with his permission. His bowels deliver uranium, his nail filings are precious jewels! He's so great that even his errors are correct.


This is the greatest day of my life, apart from that one day when they were giving out free wine samples in Marks & Spencer (last Wednesday).



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Luke as mod? you're sh*tting me right?



Sorry I thought I had to do that because I'm in TP.



Seriously though I think my friends here have forgotten that this is a forum about the GRAND THEFT AUTO computer game series, and Lukey boy here just so happens to have done a lot for the network and work on the VC:MP mod, which is part of one of the main reasons people come to this site, for the chance to multiplayer.


Give him a break or shut up. mad.gif

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Maybe it has something to do with the fact that he's only like 9 years old. wow.gif


Luke isn't that bad, really.. I guess we'll just see how he fares at being a moderator.

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Yes, I understand that, but he has zero people skills. Interacting with him is like interacting with horse sh*t.

No that was [O][T]. Congrats Smithers.

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Luke, I am your father.


Sorry, that's the drugs talking.


Anyway, you're like my favorite nine year old on the whole forumses.

Congratulations! Now ban someone. Not me.

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Now isn't that wonderful. Mr. Smithers or whatever your name is. We should speak on MSN once again smile.gif


Congrulations and good show with the LCS Site Launch.

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Congrats on the promotion Luke methinks i'm in trouble now i don't think Luke likes me confused.gif .


Also well done on the LCS site another addition to the network congratulations on it.

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