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Laptop wont power up

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So my brother gave me this Toshiba Satellite 1415-S173 about a year ago. I guess it worked, then it didnt, and now its in my hands. Brought it into the computer place, 50 dollers later they said they think it might be the motherboard, and for 500 bucks it would be fixed.


THis was a year ago, when i didnt have a job. Now i have a job, just about payed off my car, and after i pay for my car insurance bill ill have money again. I know ive been posting alot of threads about shoppin for a computer, but im 100% sure that this is what i want to do. This or just buy the same computer on ebay for 500 bucks.


So heres where i ask some more questions.


If the computer wont power up, no matter what, even with ac adaptor, could it be anything other than the motherboard?


How much will a motherboard run me?


How easy is it to remove and install a new one?

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I'm running on a Satellite right now.

The batteries are notorious for being lazy. My suggestion is to remove the battery and put it back in. And in the future, let the power drain down before you charge it. I'm 75% positive it's not the motherboard.


You could also try putting in the ac adaptor and turning on the power while on charge but you've already done that so yeah.

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its not the battery, tried a new battery and it wouldnt work, and its not the ac adaptor, tried a new one and didnt work.


Also, how is your sattellite? What kind is it?

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put the AC adapter in, if it wiggles around, it is likely its little receiver has lost contact with the motherboard. at this point, you have two options



1. hold the power plug in a position that allows it to get power the entire time you are using it

2. open 'er up, and solder the peice back on.




i wouldn't suggest the latter seeing your experience with computers

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