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IGN's Multiplayer Preview

Recommended Posts

For those of you who read the IGN Multiplayer Hands On, They say something

about you have to have firmware 2.0 to play Multiplayer, can this be true?

I love my EMUs and this would get me into a conflict (I have 1.5 no update yet).

There is a buffer overflow method that allows homebrew to be executed on 2.0. So far, a good launcher for emulators has not been created using that method, but it has been tested on a homebrew version of Pong. So soon you'll be able to run emulators on 2.0.

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Can you guys please explain to me what you are talking about. Are you talking about updating your psp to version 2.0? Because i read something about it at sony's site.
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Yes. You have to update the PSP's Firmware, which contains PSP's OS and drivers, to version 2.0 to be able to play LCS. The reason why some people don't want do this is because they are running emulators or some other homebrew software, which can currently only be launched on 1.0 and 1.5 versions of firmware.

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bbq.gif I am so happy that LCS is going to have multiplayer. Thanks to R*, boys may never turn in homework assignments ever again. rahkstar2.gif


The more I learn about LCS, the more excited I get about it. I feel like the whole concept and storyline are bringing it all back, full circle. This is GTA.. for the GTA Lover's Soul. Amen.


-Nathan inlove.gif

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The review said that the multiplayer works Ad Hoc, which means that all players must be within WiFi range, which is, I believe, arround 100 feet. Less if the walls interfere. So if not within the same room, you'd have to be in the same building for this to work. There might be a way to simulate Ad Hoc WiFi via Internet using a wireless router. In terms of technology, I do not see what would prevent that, but I am not sure if appropriate software exists.


This is really great news. I only know one other person who'll be getting LCS at this time, but even with 2 players this promisses to be fun.

Xlink supports the PSP right? Its a tunneling software for LAN/Wifi games.Check this out.




- Supports XBox, Playstation2, Gamecube and PSP system-link / LAN enabled games


Thank god rockstar made it wifi compatible, which means we could use xlink to play online with others not in our area!

Thats online multiplayer thing looks hefty, i know im getting that when LCS comes out.

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