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GTA: LCS - Getting Around Liberty City

Dome Piece

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Transportation around Liberty City used to be a pleasurable experience back in the late 80’s and early 90’s; whether riding a Faggio scooter through the St. Marks Italian District to pick up some special Sicilian spicy sausage, taking a leisurely drive through the seaside Atlantic Quays or taking one of the cities famed ferries for a tranquil ride to Staunton Island.


All of that has changed now however, in 1998 things are quite different. You can’t step foot outside in Atlantic Quays without the fear of being run over by leather clad bikers, or get your scooter through St. Marks without getting some unwanted extra ventilation from warring family shootouts. In a significant plotline even the once peaceful ferry is in a state of disarray due to striking workers and a massive city transportation overhaul.


GTA: Liberty City Stories: Click for screenshotsSo sit back as we take a look at the various forms of transport on offer to a Liberty City citizen.




Once the main form of transport between the three different islands of Liberty City, the ferries have come under attack for being outdated and due to be replaced by bridges and tunnels throughout the city. Citizens are up in arms over the move, protesting the ferries to be a nostalgic look into the city’s once peaceful past – not to mention the hundreds of workers put out of a job by the new system.


New Bridge Under Construction


GTA: Liberty City Stories: Click for screenshotsThe formation of new bridges and tunnels has led to a city-wide strike against public transport at the request of Union Leader, Jane Hopper. Not that the future of her workers are really any interest to her, she’s simply looking to see how much money she can bankroll from the situation, effectively holding Liberty City to ransom before she’ll let her people get back to work.




Previously the sole domain of biker gangs and young punks, motorcycles have become extremely popular in Liberty City during the late 90’s. You can find everyone from thuggish tattooed types to otherwise straight-laced business men tearing around town on choppers, sport bikes, motocross dirt bikes and even scooters.


Having successfully banned bicycles from Liberty City a few years ago, the American Road Safety for Everybody (ARSE) have been pushing hard to get motorcycles and other two-wheeled vehicles banned from the city – and nicely avoiding a plot-hole in the process!


Elevated Subway


Providing one of the quickest ways to get from A to B on Portland Island; high above the crime and grime of Liberty City, the elevated train offers scenic birds-eye views of a once proud city.


GTA: Liberty City Stories: Click for screenshotsBeing a cheap and effective means of transport comes at a price however, with crime onboard the trains rising sharply in recent years – if you do take the train make sure to be ready for the muggers, gangs and other citizens who are beginning to crack.




Traffic in Liberty City is at an all-time high due to an influx of new ’98 motors and Liberty City citizens who can’t say no. You’ll see everything in Liberty City, from convertible compact Mananas to the extremely slick and sexy Deimos.




GTA: Liberty City Stories: Click for screenshotsTheir budget may have been cut to fund more police officers, however the Mayor’s office has somehow found funds for their brand new fleet of monstrous Trash Master garbage trucks, trolling around the city emptying the refuse… and of course anyone the mob has no further use for.




Boast within Liberty City have become symbolic of the cities ever growing greed. From the docks, Mafioso don’s can be spotted barrelling up and down the river with their buxom trophy girlfriends on expensive speedboats along with underhand politicians using the taxpayers money to fund maintenance for their luxurious fishing boats.



user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image


El Linko - Dome Piece

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