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I've seen a couple of requests for Save Games for this new Mod ...


Would anyone be interested in a set of save games? I'm currently doing Story Line Missions ONLY nothing else not even Gym time.


I'll save before the 1st Mission in every area i.e.


San Fierro

Las Venturas



I've done other Save Games, un-modded with R3 Missions done and Tags but with this Mod it doesn't seem worth it.


Any idea's for other sets / saves? 100% I know has been asked for but IMHO it's ridiculous a Mod like this and 100% wow.gif

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It's taking longer than I anticipated mainly because the Game crashes ... anyway I've Done Los Santos and Countryside working on San Fierro (just crashed there again.)






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Here we go 6 saved games, saved BEFORE the 1st Mission in each new area:






Desert (Driving School - Gold's)


Las Venturas (Driving, Flight, Bike School's - Gold)


Final (Driving, Flight, Bike, Boat School's - Gold)


All Story Line Missions




Save game - added, All Story-line Missions.








Note to Mods: sorry for 2 posts one after the other ...

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GTA N00bmode v2.0 Save Games, 2nd edition



This is based on the Normal install NOT the Opened-up!For GTASA 1.0/1.1 PC versions only!NEW series of Save Games up to and including 100% cool.gif


Starter Game:

Last Mission completed: DRIVE-THRU

  • 100% Stamina
  • 100% Muscle
  • 100% Lung Capacity
  • 100% Cycling skill
  • Busted/Wasted 0/0
  • 100 Tags
  • 50 Oysters
  • Minimum is Gangster on all weapons, Hitman on 6 of 10
  • Vigilante, Firefighter, Paramedic and Taxi mission's completed.
Continuing Saves:
  • 1st in Countryside
  • 1st in San Fierro
  • 1st in Desert (Driving School, All Gold)
  • 1st in Las Venturas (Driving, Flying, Bike, Boat, School's - All Gold)
  • 1st in Final
  • All Story-Line Missions
  • 100%
  • 100%+ (Beat The Cock, 100% Gang Territory etc)

    RapidShare -- GtaGarage (503Kb RAR)




I wanted to do this starting game for the GTA N00bmode Mod because my prior Saved Games had the 'Taxi' glitch... that means you can't do them ! you keep seeing 'No Fares in this area.'


Q. Why Oysters?

A. What better way to get 100% Lung capacity ... plus you get coffee on the 1st date wink.gif


Q. Why the 100 Tags?

A. Great way to get 100% bike skill.


Q. Why the sub-missions?

A. Because they're boring but give some good rewards like money/health/armor/fireproof/NOS.


Q. Why Gangster minimum skill on ALL weapons?

A. So you can move while targeting, and have increased range.


Q. Why do you bother to do all this?

A. Because this Mod. is gr8 and it's worth doing!


Have fun wow.gif



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