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New GameSpy Screens & Preview!


Recommended Posts

whats up with that convertible? that red car ROCKS!

The convertible is a manna biggrin.gif I guess rockstar are trying to get people to like it

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I hope the Manna isn't the one in the Auto Shop(or w/e) instead of the Banshee... Very impressive screens, good draw distance too
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I know it says that the convertible is a Manana on that site, but it looks more like a Kuruma to me.

yea i thought it was a Kuruma when i first looked at it, i think maybe IGN made a mistake.

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I think it's a Manana... keep in mind where the folded up roof is and what it would look like with the roof up

also I'm pretty sure there have been screens with the LCS kuruma...looks different enough to meeeee

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f*ckING AMAZING new screens. Shame the draw distance doesn't seem too good from them pictures, but all the new cars and such will make up for it. I just hope it doesn't affect gameplay too much.

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Yes that's the Portland Docks. I imagine that that's where the Ferry is supposed to leave from. At the beginning of the game you are stuck on the first island because the bridge is incomplete and the Ferry workers are striking.

I asume something resolves their dispute so that the ferries start running once Stanton Island opens.


I still think it's more likely to be a Kuruma than a Manana.


user posted image

New car


user posted image



user posted image


[-alright it's an FBI car, but they use the same model and this pic was better-]


[last 2 images from: link

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IRT Carpetdweller,


More comparing? Lol. Anyway, it does look a lot more like the Kuruma looking at the pics. It is possible they've got it wrong after all...


IRT AdriaanTGP,



Edited by DeAnO_GTA~MaStEr
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