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the aristocrats


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i went to see this film last night. it's alright but definitly not worth the hype. it's a documentary of a joke that's been going around with comedians sdince vaudeville days. it got really hyped up with people walking out because they were so offended and people saying the movie would be banned, but i didn't really see what the fuss was about. i suppose the internet has numbed my shock senses.


it only played twice in edinburgh at one cinema so i'm not sure how available it is everywhere else but if you've seen it post what you thought of it.

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It gets played about 8 times a day at the Glasgow UGC.


Its ace by the way. I enjoyed it much.


Quite a few people left during the movie, their disgust is proably funnier than the movie.



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I have heard the joke and heard about this movie. Now I am just waiting for it to be picked up here in NZ. Once I see it I shall tell you what I thought about it.


LOL@People leaving.

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