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sound help me plz


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hi when im playing gta san andreas the sound gets cracked and just completly goes off.

but when there no sound it runs faster

i want to play with no lag and good sound


my system specs....


sis foxconn dont know which model got it last month


direct x 9.0c


windows xp sp1


ati 9200se


2.4ghz pentium 4


512mb ram


integrated sound


20+ gb space hd






plz post here or e-mail me [email protected]

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Update your PC.


Graphics Drivers

Sound Drivers

Winodws Updates


You should do all of them often to make sure you can avoid these problems.


As for your problem, I'm sure a sound driver update will fix it.

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um...this might be silly bt where do i update driver and gta


my driver is sis something....

so do i just go to www.sis.com ?


and how about gta



oh..and one more problem the pedestrains and like al cut out i can see a bit of it just strip by strip rahkstar2.gif

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No your GFX card drivers which in your case wold be ATI's website since you've got a Radeon 9200, if your sound is intergrated then Windows Update should be able to pick it up so do a Windows update.
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um...where can i update my gta to

like it said on the previous post?


will it make it faster?

GTASA 1.01 Patch


It's supposed to fix some of the audio bugs but it may not make the game run any better, it also fixes the carwash bug.

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Yes, ti will. But it is only seen on detail level MEDIUM and higher. On LOW it stays the same. Also try lowering sound accelaration level in DXDIAG - SOUND.

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